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|Residence=New York
|Residence=New York
|Quote="More and more I find myself wondering if it's all worth fighting for. For a future without fear... Yeah, it's worth it."
|Quote="More and more I find myself wondering if it's all worth fighting for. For a future without fear... Yeah, it's worth it."
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Chris Redfield (Scenesys ID: 309)
"More and more I find myself wondering if it's all worth fighting for. For a future without fear... Yeah, it's worth it."
Full Name: Chris Redfield
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: Other (TPC)
Occupation: Agent
Citizenship: United States
Residence: New York
Education: College
Status: Dropped
Other Information
Apparent Age: 32 Actual Age: 32
Date of Birth 22 September 1995 Actor: Bradd Pitt
Height: 185 cm (6'1") Weight: 100 kg (220 lb)
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: Chris Redfield Theme


Since escaping Antarctica with his sister Claire, Chris Redfield has been serving as an active-duty S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent. He's a common fixture on both bases and helicarriers, known to work with ground forces and pilot air and spacecraft. It's so rare to catch him out of his field gear or flight suit that the running joke in the agency is that if you tell him to take a leave, Redfield says he's still recovering from his -last- vacation.

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Clocking in at just over 6' makes this brown haired and brown-eyed man above average, but nothing special on the modern day streets unless you don't get out much or watch the news. He's muscular but it's lean, athletic muscle from honest work, not bulk from hours a day pushing weights around in a gym. His hair is cut short, just longer than military regulation but not long enough that he could ever have a bad hair day.


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Chris Redfield grew up in an active-lifestyle family where camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting were treated as no less important life skills than reading, writing, and arithmetic. His father, a former military man himself, saw to it that Chris was a member of a dozen scouting programs though notably not the Boy Scouts themselves because to quote his father, "You don't learn jack or shit from collecting merit badges." Doing well scholastically was emphasized too, with extracurricular sports and music downplayed in favor of volunteering and community-service oriented activities. Regular calisthenics and physical self-defense training was conducted at home as well as in formal classes, public dojos and the like. Both Chris and his sister Claire were treated the same way, with no responsibilities or expectations given or witheld on the basis of age or gender.

Outside the home, Chris took it on himself to be something of an overprotective big brother in spite of the fact that his little sister Claire was as capable of kicking butt in his age and weight class as he was in hers. To him it wasn't a matter of whether she could take care of herself physically, it was all about protecting her from making mistakes and suffering emotional traumas he'd gone through at her age. To her it was an unwelcome annoyance, but one she put up with because she loved her brother and knew he only had her best interest at heart. When Chris went off to enlist with the Air Force after high school, he made a point of bringing his hand-to-hand and melee combat training home during leave and imparting all he could to his sister so she could take care of herself that much better without him.

Being his father's son had prepared him for military service in ways he'd never believed until he lived it. Chris actually expected it to be hard-going, something to adjust to, a challenge, and he's honest enough with himself to admit that even when he signed up at age 17 he knew that if he'd enlisted with another branch it might have been. The worst he had to deal with from the Air Force was the rigors of physical preparation for supersonic flight; he was already accustomed to an always-on schedule, he was prepared to qualify in small arms and hand-to-hand combat tests on day one, and he never had the problem most recruits deal with of having to adjust to taking orders (Chris Redfield already knew that when they say, "Jump," you damn well don't ask, "How high?" you just jump as goddamn high as you can and pray to God it's high enough to count for something).

He received high marks throughout training and in service, racking up accolades not just from superiors but also from the men and women he served alongside. Trouble started where orders began to conflict too much with his most deeply ingrained and firmest beliefs, the core precepts that he felt made serving worthwhile, and the trouble wasn't really with his superiors but with who his superiors were taking their orders from and both Redfield and the men he was clashing with knew that all too well.

It started when Redfield was assigned to special operations, overseen by a civilian intelligence agency. Redfield didn't object when they threw away the rules of engagement, he didn't complain when they de-escalated the priority of known arms stockpiles in favor of civilian residential areas suspected of harboring terrorist cells. Redfield did have a shouting match and nearly came to blows with his own direct superior the very first time he was ordered to retreat from a live combat zone when the enemy had no anti aircraft artillery or air support of their own, leaving American ground forces without air support, when that withdrawal meant American deaths and a single strafing run could have saved their lives. That insubordination never made it into Redfield's official record mainly because his direct superior agreed with him and would have put a bullet in the intelligence agent who called the shots if he knew who the guy was or how to find him. As Redfield's security clearance grew and his involvement in those types of missions grew more frequent, he grew more and more detached until his peers and superior officers advised him to put in for a transfer out of combat or take retirement.

Redfield opted for early retirement at the age of 24.

For the next couple of years, Redfield wasn't much interested in rejoining the human race. He drifted across the U.S. taking odd jobs, auto mechancing here and doing building maintenance there, never staying anywhere long enough to make friends. His only contact during that time was with his sister Claire, who was fielding concerned calls from Chris' old service buddies while he was busy pretending the rest of the world didn't exist. Hard to say exactly why Chris decided to return a call to Barry Burton, whose only message had come with a job offer, but he did and a couple of months later Chris Redfield was working with the Raccoon City Police Department in an elite anti-terrorism task force.

Comprised of other ex-military personnel, the Special Tactics and Rescue Service gave Redfield a fresh chance to serve in an environment where he felt comfortable that he could trust he was doing the right thing and in the right way. Redfield's outstanding military service record got him a spot on the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team, headed by Albert Wesker, where he served as Point Man and co-pilot.

During his time with Alpha Team Redfield was so frequently assigned to partner with agent Jill Valentine that the two bonded as close personal friends, and while Valentine isn't the only S.T.A.R.S. agent Redfield bonded with that way she's one of the few who came out of Raccoon City alive and Redfield holds Albert Wesker personally accountable for each of their deaths.

Content not specified except: Chris and Jill did not separate, so one of them doesn't end up sitting in a holding cell (as in the canon/original Resident Evil game). They worked together throughout the Mansion Incident.

Other S.T.A.R.S. personnel who may have died in canon need not have necessarily died. Frost, Speyer, Aiken, etc, there's no reason these can't be played F.C.s who by hook or by crook somehow survived.

There are plenty of other (as yet unnamed) S.T.A.R.S. personnel who died/could have died who we can all reminisce about and hold against Wesker, that traitorous bastard, for killing!

What is known is that Albert Wesker was an Umbrella operative working inside and against the Raccoon City Police and S.T.A.R.S. unit during their investigation of the viral weapons outbreak in the Arklay mountains and the Raccoon City area, that Albert Wesker had been blackmailing Barry Burton for cooperation by threatening his family for some time, and that Wesker intended to kill each and every member of the elite unit the minute they set foot in the Umbrella mansion facility.

After the way Wesker exploited Barry Burton's family, Chris Redfield cut ties to his own and disappeared for their own protection. Keeping in contact only with his old S.T.A.R.S. unit and, distastefully, regaining contact with his old intelligence contacts from the U.S.A.F., Redfield obtained a false identity and fled to Europe to pursue investigations into Umbrella Corporation activities. It was less than a year before Claire and her contacts in TerraSave turned up information which she passed to Chris through Leon Kennedy, a former Raccoon City Police officer she had contacted during "The Mansion" and "Raccoon City" indcidents.

This contact led Chris Redfield to Umbrella's Antarctic research base where Redfield engaged Wesker for the second time, only to discover that Wesker had become physically enhanced by an engineered strain of Umbrella's viral mutagen. Redfield also learned that his sister was being held hostage at another nearby Umbrella base, and rushed to save her.

Ultimately Wesker escaped, Chris managed to evacuate Claire and activate the base self-destruct. Their return from Antarctica was marked by Chris and Claire Redfield's arrest or abduction (it's difficult to really describe S.H.I.E.L.D. recruitment tactics when they don't intend to take 'no' for an answer).

S.H.I.E.L.D.'s first priority was to ensure that the Redfield siblings were clean of Umbrella's viral mutagens, especially after tracking their airborne escape from two massive hotzones singlehandedly created by one Chris Redfield in Antarctica. That kept Chris at least in quarantine for over a week, and it didn't help that every time biohazard personnel tried to take tissue samples Chris tried to take lives while demanding to see his sister and be shown proof of life and health and well-being. Ultimately Chris was physically restrained, S.H.I.E.L.D. got their blood samples, the samples tested clean, and recruitment rather than decontamination procedures began.

For Chris, recruitment came in the form of unimposing Phil Coulson visiting his containment cell to release him from his restraints, feed him his first non-intraveinous meal in a week (even though it was standard cafeteria food), and explain to him that because of what he knew and what he'd done his choices were to stay in a containment cell for the rest of his life or have his U.S.A.F. status re-activated. Once re-activated he would be transferred to active duty with S.H.I.E.L.D., where he could serve and protect and be protected in return from Umbrella. Either choice would be a lifetime commitment and the food, he was assured, would be the same in either case.

Redfield elected to join with S.H.I.E.L.D. on the condition that his parents and sister Claire be given the same protection from Umbrella whichever choice they made. His reunion with his former partner, Jill Valentine, occurred shortly after.


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Chris Redfield is a grim, businesslike man who reserves his softer side for dealing with real crisis situations - a panicked sister, a crying child, or a desperate civilian who he needs to calm down and move out of a hot zone. His sense of humor runs dark, so he keeps it to himself unless the situation is tense enough that any levity would help or unless he's among close enough friends that he thinks they'll appreciate it.


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It isn't that Redfield takes the big risks, it's that he gets away with it. Maybe it's clean living, or because his heart's always in the right place, or just plain dumb luck, but when he decides to stick his neck out in a big way because somebody else's is on the line he manages to walk away. Not unscathed, not always, but sometimes it's a plain miracle that he came out alive at all.

Headshot Honcho:
After "the Mansion Incident" and "the Raccoon City Incident" and "Rockfort Island and Antarctica," well, it just became a habit and habits are hard to break. Redfield doesn't even think about it. He doesn't have to aim. He doesn't have to let out a breath. He doesn't have to gently squeeze the trigger. No matter what weapon is in his hand, he snaps it up and goes for the headshot - the clean, fast kill. It's just hand-eye coordination and muscle memory. He doesn't even have to be facing down a zombie, if he has to take a shot he's just going for the headshot and that's how it is.

Peak Physical Conditioning:
Jogging, running, boxing, martial arts, the obstacle course, parkour, sparring with S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and assets who are more than a match for normal humans, these are just a few of the things Chris Redfield does to keep himself in peak physical condition. Cardio, cardio, cardio. Why? Because there's a face and a name burned into his mind - Albert Wesker - and he wants to burn it off the planet. It's more than just wiping out Umbrella, eradicating the T-Virus and its variants, he wants Wesker and Wesker's taken unnatural steps to augment himself. Redfield works hard to keep up.

Redfield can sprint up to 1.25 times the speed of an olympic athlete, and that's when Redfield's carrying a full kit of standard-issue S.H.I.E.L.D. body armor, sidearm, longarm, munition and gear. He can maintain that pace, with that load, for up to two minutes before his hands start to shake, three before he collapses from exertion. He gains a few fractions of a second on that time every day. He can maintain a standard 'double-time' run with that load for up to an hour before he needs water, two before he needs rest.

Redfield can swim up to the speed of an olympic swimmer for up to an hour, but not if he's wearing clothes. Wet clothing and gear will pull him down just like anybody else. Dragging another person (or buoyant gear) in the water he halves his speed. He can hold his breath, underwater or in gas, at peak exertion for up to 14 minutes - at rest he can hold his breath for up to 25, although if he actually comes within a minute or two of these upper limits he will hyperventilate immediately after he starts breathing again.

Redfield can long-jump up to 8 meters with a full-speed running start and full gear, high jump up to 2 at the same speed and load, and 1.5 times those distances at the same speed without the load. From a dead standing start halve the distance.

Perception and Reflexes:
Not only does Redfield possess a lifetime of combat-honed perception and reflexes on his own, and the athletic prowess to make it worth having. So great that even amongst his fellows, he's considered almost precognitive and borderline superhuman, but not quite.

Strength and Stamina:

For a human, Chris Redfield is unbelievably strong and resilient. He had to get that way after what he went through, after what he saw Wesker had become, and since Chris wasn't willing to give up his humanity to do it he's doing it the old fashioned way - by torturing himself. Redfield has been doing pushups and situps until his body burns and every muscle twitches and spasms in agony for days, and then he keeps doing them even while those muscles cry out for rest.

So far he is able to punch a normal human, or zombie, so hard that it shatters bone, and he is able to take a hit that would reduce another human to a wreck. He continues his duties to S.H.I.E.L.D. even while putting himself through this, quietly gritting his teeth and trying not to show the pain. He gets stronger every day.


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Armed Melee:
Knives, batons, swords, baseball bats, improvised from broken bottles to chair legs and pool cues, Redfield knows armed melee combat. He can hold his own with martial arts weapons including the sai and the kama, he can show a veteran cop new nightstick tricks and a kung-fu master new tonfa moves and he'll laugh at both of them because it's the same toy. It's offensive and defensive training that's been ingrained in him from childhood and through his adult life.

Redfield likes to drive, and the faster the better. He's great with cars and motorcycles, but not too shabby with light trucks and SUVs. He could figure out a heavy CDL-rated vehicle if he had to, but it'd be rough going.

Electronics and Hacking:
Hand in hand with learning aircraft mechanics came electronics and hacking. Not computer hacking by programming at a keyboard, that's somebody else's department, but hacking consoles and access terminals by rewiring them.

Longarms, shotguns, sidearms, semi and fully automatic, modification and repair - even basic gunsmithing are skillsets Chris Redfield possesses. His dad taught it to him as a basic hunter's skill when he was a kid and the first thing he did when he joined up with the U.S.A.F was study their weapons manuals and schematics and pursue qualification ratings in field and workshop repair for every piece of equipment he expected himself or members of his teams to carry. He did the same thing when he joined up with the Raccoon City Police and S.T.A.R.S. and he did the same thing again when he was recruited into S.H.I.E.L.D.

Just as importantly, Redfield is an excellent marksman. He spends a great deal of his free time in the firing range, keeping up to speed with new firearms and targeting technology and running plenty of live rounds through standard issue and prototype models alike.

When Redfield testfires weapons he not only wants to know exactly how hard a weapon will kick when he pulls the trigger and how much the round is likely to drop toward the horizon at extreme range, it's to stress-test that tool because when a tool breaks down in the field he wants to know that it can and why it will and more importantly he wants to be damn sure he has the right size screwdriver in his utility belt and the right replacement parts on-hand if they're needed.

Hand To Hand:
Whether it's boxing or mixed martial arts, karate to kung-fu to ninjitsu, Chris Redfield knows hand to hand combat. He was raised with it from childhood, trained in military styles by his father and sent to training classes after school, then trained in newer military styles when he joined the Air Force. Trained again in police and SWAT styles when he joined up with S.T.A.R.S., and finally trained in the styles known to and used by S.H.I.E.L.D., Redfield has kept up his old training along with the new.

Just like his father taught him about firearms, his father taught him about engines, and taught him that if you're going to drive it then you ought to know how to keep it running. Redfield carried that with him through the U.S.A.F. and when he started flying he also made a point of going through aircraft maintenance and repair courses at the same time, so he's as handy under the hood of a jet or a chopper as he is under the hood of a car or truck.

He's catching on slowly to the newfangled tech in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s higher-end aeronautical and spacecraft, but he's been working hard to catch up since signing on and he may be able to do more good than harm as long as the problems under the hood of advanced craft aren't too severe.

When you can't actually smash through anything that gets in your way, you have to learn how to get up, over, under, and around it as fast and easy as you can. Especially when you're chasing things that run, jump, and fly faster than you. Chris Redfield didn't actually study or learn parkour in a class or from a group, free running is just something he learned in the field. It goes along with adapting to changing situations, not letting a wall get in your way or a lethal gap between buildings deter you, or a rapidly narrowing gap between a closing garage door and the ground prevent you from sliding through.

Using every part of his body he can propel himself along, slow a descent down a sheer face, even manage to run straight up a dozen feet of vertical wall if there's enough traction between the tread on his footwear and the wall surface - even better if there's enough traction on the surface of his gloves that he can slap-grab-drag some of his weight that way too. He can run straight up a few dozen feet if the wall is kind enough to meet at a corner where he can kick off of opposing faces.

Redfield can double his long-or-high-jump distance by coiling his body and pushing off with both his arms and legs at the same time (see also Peak Physical Conditioning).

While Redfield cut his teeth on Air Force fighter jets and combat helicopters, he's also competent with light propeller-based airplanes, light passenger choppers, and heavier cargo craft of either type. If it can fly, and as long as it isn't alien, he can pilot it.

Squad Tactics:
Redfield is well-trained in the theory and long-experienced in the application of squad-based tactics including Close Quarters Battle, Breach and Clear, and other boots-on-the-ground maneuvers. He's also versed in squadron-based tactics in aerial combat, making him an excellent team member whether he's the lead or a supporting member - he knows every job on the team so he can do it or instruct others how to do it for maximum effect.


Survivalism isn't about stockpiling food and ammunition, it's about actually knowing how to survive with nothing but the clothes on your back and maybe a knife. Chris Redfield's father knew this, and made sure both his children knew it too. Chris is an accomplished hiker, climber, hunter, tracker (and just as importantly as tracking - hiding tracks), scout, camouflage, shelter, fire, clean water, safe food, you name it. On top of what he learned from his father, the U.S.A.F. taught him even more when he started flying missions behind enemy lines.


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Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.:
Chris Redfield is a full-fledged agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., carrying the rank of a level 4. He is most commonly placed in command of squads of five to ten agents deployed for special-forces style activity on the ground, or aerial squadrons of ten to twenty for regular patrols or defensive skirmish actions. He has unrestricted access to the S.H.I.E.L.D. armory, and can procure armed and armored ground or air transports on his own authority if he doesn't mind leaving a paper trail, or light ground and air transports without.

He can always call in official backup forces may be able to call on one or two squad members to back him up unofficially if he wants to get something done off the books.

Intelligence Contacts:

Redfield has C.I.A. and U.S.A.F. Intelligence contacts from his old service days that S.H.I.E.L.D. still doesn't fully know about, and he can use them to obtain fake identities and information that he doesn't want the agency he works for to know he has. Redfield maintains these contacts because he knows that S.H.I.E.L.D. would not approve of, condone, or support his personal vendetta against Albert Wesker, and Chris has no intention of waiting around for operations to stumble him across Wesker's path by accident.


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The family Redfield is still out there somewhere, mom and dad, and Chris worries about them a lot. He has S.H.I.E.L.D. protection on them but it's not the same as if he did it himself, and his duties - which buys them that protection - doesn't leave him a lot of time to keep in touch. Then there's Claire, and even though he knows she can take care of herself and she has the same deal he has he knows she's doing the same job with the same risks.

And Umbrella's still out there, and Wesker too, the son of a bitch.

Lest we forget, Chris Redfield is just a plain old human. He works hard to stay in peak condition, he may have the latest in high-tech weapons and armor, but he's still just human.

Yeah, Chris Redfield's a real hardass. Fighter jock, special ops, shoot the eyes out of a mosquito at a thousand yards, jump off a skyscraper and grab the landing skids on a helicopter to hoist himself aboard and stop the bad guys from getting away... but you put one of his teammates in the line of fire and watch him try to take the bullet. Put a kid in front of a speeding bus and watch him try to throw himself under it just to make it turn and miss. A real hardass, yeah, Chris Redfield. You bet.


Chris Redfield wants revenge, and it isn't the kind where he's willing to work for S.H.I.E.L.D. and take vengeance through achieving their goals - it's the kind where he wants to personally put Albert Wesker on his back and gouge the man's eyes out with his own bare thumbs. It's the kind where he wants blood and brains splattered on the wall. It's the kind where if he gets a tip that Wesker's in the open, he just might hijack a high-tech S.H.I.E.L.D. aeronautic craft armed with a kiloton bomb and go speeding halfway around the world to drop it on him, even though he knows that will land him in a S.H.I.E.L.D. holding cell for the foreseeable future and maybe the rest of his life.


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