City Fall: A Penny Saved

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City Fall: A Penny Saved
Date of Cutscene: 05 April 2019
Location: New York City
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: 7271, Shredder
Tinyplot: City Fall

Leech watches as the world above bustles by. He knows he doesn't belong there. People don't want him. Not when you look like him. His green, clammy skin and orange eyes make him look like a monster out of a horror film. The last time he went topside, he only narrowly escaped with his life. When the morlocks took him in, he thought he had found a home. They never saw the attackers when their sewer was raided. They were scattered and Leech was alone again. He had to go topside, though, he was hungry. He could stand the smell of the sewer, he was used to it, but he couldn't eat anything down here.

A green hand slipped out of the runoff, and the filthy hoody emerged. Was this Mutant Town? No, he came out a block away. Wrong turn. He better hurry, even at night he didn't want to be out for long, maybe especially at night. He started running, making his way to the relative safety of the Mutant Town, but even there, his appearance didn't garner much respect. He was hideous. People might pity him, even believe he was human, but that didn't mean they wanted to be around him.

Half a block.

"Whoa there," a hand caught his hoody, "Where you goin' so fast?"

Leech was pulled off his feet, the young mutant falling on his back as his legs continue forward out from under him."

"Yo man, he's nasty! What is that crap, on him?"

Leech didn't answer, but stared up at the three men standing over him.

"You freaks just can't stay put, can you?" the leader said. "You got "The Family" watchin' out for you in mutieville, but you stepped on the wrong side of the street. They don't check out here for you, though. You just can't help yourself, you got your own part of town, and you gotta come mess in ours."

"Not gonna make that mistake again." A pair of brass knuckles comes out into hand, and another reveals a gun.

"Lost. I was lost," Leech tries to explain. "I will go back."

"No, no you won't." The man with the knuckles throws his fist to the ground, drilling the boy in the stomach. Leech coughs, the wind being knocked out of him. Another kicks him in the head, sending his senses reeling. He scrambles to his feet, trying to burst away, but a simple tap to his foot trips him effortlessly back to the ground before he can even get back up, tearing his hoodie's shoulder. The least of his worries right now.

"One more down," The sound of the pistol cocks behind Leech's head.


A chip of sidewalk hits his flinching face. He missed?

"What the f-" The rest of the phrase is never spoken as something hot and wet pours onto Leech's back. He's too afraid to turn around, staying on his belly. There are a few grunts, a scuffle, and the body of one of his attackers lands next to him, eyes wide in his last expression of shock.

A hand reaches his shoulder, turning him over. A man in black. Black mask, black sleeves, black pants, a red sash around his waist. He flicks blood from the blade, then sheaths the instrument of death. A hand reaches out to Leech. Too stunned to do anything else, he reaches out to take the hand.

"W-who are you?" Leech asks.

"Not here."

A series of turns, and Leech is taken through the alleyway without a word. He doesn't dare speak again until told. The hand of the man is strong, and eventually they come out by a black Cadillac.

"Take off the hoodie," the man in black orders directly. Leech obeys. It's a little brisk, but the t-shirt will have to suffice. The man takes the blood soaked hoody, and stuffs it down into a nearby drain. "That belongs where you came from," he says, revealing his knowledge. "You won't need to go back there again. Get in."

Leech does. He's grateful, but frightened. As he enters the back seat of the Cadillac, the door shuts, muting the outside world. It's crisp and clean inside, rich. He's never sat in a car like this before. The other door opens, and the man gets in.

"Drive." It's only at this point Leech notices another man in the car, hood over the back of his head, gloves visible on the steering wheel.

"Who are you?" Leech asks after several blocks.

The shizoku mask is pulled off his rescuers head. "My name is Oroku Saki. And I have purchased your freedom today."