City Fall / Undercurrents: Wrath

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City Fall / Undercurrents: Wrath
Date of Cutscene: 23 July 2019
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Shredder
Tinyplot: City Fall

"You under-estimated them, grandfather," Karai says. "MD12 will be more bold, others might think they can break our control." She is a little annoyed. "If we had just run an infiltra-"SMACK!

"Silence," Shredder's hand finishes the swing. His helmet is off, his dinner before him as he takes his chopsticks casually in his other hand. "Yes. I underestimated them. But they will still serve their purpose. Martial sixty of our Foot. Take the mutant genin and bring them as well. The one that can phase through walls especially."

Karai rubs her cheek. "Yes, grandfather."

The Shredder pulls his first bite to his mouth, chewing deliberately. "I want a simultaneous infiltration on every window on each building at once. Kill them all. I want no reports to be found. Take their children. We will begin training them. Everyone over the age of twelve, kill."

"Why bring back the children? What if they should harbor vengence for their parents?" Karai asks.

The handwave is the response she gets. "Kitsune will see to the rewriting of their memories. It is a simple task at this formative age. Bring Corvo. I want him to see the dead. We will pull the information from him by force if necessary."

Later that night...

"You want me to rewirte that many memories?" Kitsune looks surprised, rounding the couch to sit next to Saki. "Have you gone soft?" she asks. "I do not recall you sparing children of your enemies in the past."

Saki gives a sharp look to his wife, his countenance unchanged. "The world is different thant it was in the past," he comments. "To control the people, we must control their view. We must be the heroes in the eyes of the public," he says simply, picking his tea up from the coffee table. Kitsune narrows her eyes, as if mildly displeased, but she makes no objection. "Of course, my master," she agrees with a slight bow of her head. The next several minutes to by with only the ticking of the clock to identify that time has not stopped.

"When I have Corvo brought in. I want to get all of the information that's in his mind. Every last thing that can lead us to the source of this new drug. They must bow to me, or they will be destroyed. I'm certain we have enough scientists to replicate it. and control the distribution in that manner."

Early the next morning:

By 6am, it was done. Karai stands over the corpses which fill the alley. The smell of blood permeates the air. The weapons and money that were found in the apartments had been collected, paying for the trouble. Corvo, and his arrogant smugness, stands defiantly, his hands bound and his mouth gagged, looking over each of his men, each of their wives and teenage children, all dead. Most of them never saw it coming. Four Foot soldiers fell, their bodies laying to another side. It's quiet, Karai overlooking the procedures with a cool efficiency.

A Foot walks up, and bows before her. "The final building is clear," he says quietly. "The operation is complete. A few hundred bodies in all. "Call the police," she says, "Let them know that MD12 will no longer be cursing the streets. Spread the word through the underworld. If you peddle Hook, and create war in our city, the same will happen to you." She takes a picture, and nods for those guarding Corvo to follow her. Time to return to the warehouse.