Cultural Treasure, Indeed

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Cultural Treasure, Indeed
Date of Cutscene: 07 October 2019
Location: New York City
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Cheetah

In her New York hotel room Barbara-Ann Minerva, cosmetics magnate, former supermodel, and (covertly) the villainous 'Cheetah', lounged in pillow-top splendor while thumbing her way across a copy of the New York Times. No common rag like the Daily Bugle would dare manifest itself in her presence.

As the Culture section drew nearer, Barbara cooed with delight. Surely the impending launch of her new coffee-table book, "The Runway: Beauty, Art, and High Fashion" would be front and center. Long hours spent proof-reading, selecting photos (mostly of herself), and giving interminable interviews to the assorted hoi polloi of the media were about to pay off. No other event could possibly be more important!

"Artifacts." Barbara read the headline of the Culture section's main story aloud. "Amazon. Artifacts." The outer edges of the newspaper where Barbara's hands clutched it started to collapse under the stress of her ever-tightening grip. Her hate-filled eyes flit over the article settling on isolated words in rapid succession: Amazon, priceless, cultural treasure, Wonder Woman.

Barbara's stare fixed on an inset photo of Diana Prince -- Wonder Woman -- in full regalia standing resolutely, hands on hips and flashing that stupid, do-gooding, horse-faced smile at the camera. This really was the last straw! Someone ought to put that Amazonian cow in her proper place. Minerva quirked an eyebrow and read, "... exhibit at the Themysciran Embassy."

Barbara-Ann laid the newspaper on the bed. Wonder Woman's image now stared at the stucco ceiling. With the blood red point of her index finger Barbara followed the graceful lines of Diana's face. "The Themysciran Embassy. Why, that's not far." Finely manicured nails methodically sliced into the paper sclera of Wonder Woman's eyes and the sound of slowly rending newsprint filled the room. "That's not far at all."