Cutscene: At The Stake

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Cutscene: At The Stake
Date of Cutscene: 22 September 2018
Location: Gotham City
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Rorschach

(CW: Gore, Gritty, Dark)

Gotham City in fall's first rain. The gutters along the streets run coppery with rust-soaked rain. Like blood.

Rorschach looked up at the body dangling above him. For once, he did not put it there. She was middle aged, with grey streaks in long hair. She'd worn a long dress in life, now slit up the middle and soaked in blood along her belly. The entrails spilling out of her wound all the way to the ground, making a wet pile that had already begun to attract flies. If left, maggots would ripen and spill out of her remains, fattened on her meat. The stink of her clung to the roof of his mouth.

Around her neck, a sign. Cardboard, makeshift, scrawled in marker, tied with shoestring and looped around her slender neck. Her hair had been pushed back behind, so as not to block the view.


Rorschach grunted to himself. Hiked up the collar against the back of his neck. Beneath the latex smear of his face, a smile curled along an unseen mouth. Something new in the air. Time to hunt.