Cutscene: Stranger Things

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Cutscene: Stranger Things
Date of Cutscene: 18 June 2018
Location: Offices of Cranston Multinational Shipping
Synopsis: Strange ocean currents are discovered, and a plans to investigate them are made
Cast of Characters: Doctor Strange, Wong
Tinyplot: Stranger Tides

" and no." exclaimed Wong as he began to walk away from Stephen.

A soft smirk escapes the man as he tsks softly, "Come were not this stubborn when I needed guidance. The world is changing, and the tides are shifting. Wiccan is only the beginning. He will say yes...and then I will turn my eye to the others. They need guidance, safety, and to be around others of their own kind."

Wong stops and turns on his heel, "This is the Sanctum Santorum, not Xavier's School for the Gifted. I will not let you turn it into some school for a bunch of magical misfits would could bring Dormammu, Blackheart or even worse...what if one of them lets Mordo in here. I will not allow your need to fix the world warp what the Ancient One's legacy." Wong crosses his arms in protest.

With a slight raised eyebrow, Stephen's voice grows as cold as ice, "Let me? I am the Sorcerer Supreme now Wong. This will happen...and you will get on board or I can set you on guard duty for the Nexus for the next 100 years." His features soften slightly, "Yet...I would much rather have you here. I will need your guidance because I am not the teenage type. That influx of hormones will most likely grate my nerves and I will want to turn them all into frogs. I will need...I want you to keep me grounded. If anything..."

Wong snorts like canvas ripping, "You want me to be a glorified babysitter."

Stephen smirks, "You were mine at one time."

Wong rolls his eyes and says, "Fine. I will get the wing ready but how many of them are you going to allow here?"

Stephen shrugs as he touches the Eye around his next, "As many as we can handle and prepare for what is coming."

Wong turns as he closes the door and whispers a few words and it glows. As he reopens the door, it reveals a large hallway filled with doors on either side, "The wards will be put into place, and the rooms set. You will need to handle the relics roo, and the Nexus wards until we know the skills of those we allow in...and you will need to make keys for them. The Sanctum will evicit them without it."

Stephen nods as he turns with a florish and begins to walk to his study and pauses, "What shall we call these little group...they will need a the Avengers...or the X-Men."

"I personally like the "Sentinels of Magic." Wong says as he walks into the first room and start his work.

Stephen chuckles softly as he floats up to the second floor, "A bit...pretentious but...I like it."