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Enchantress (Scenesys ID: 7935)
Full Name: June Moone
Gender: Female
Species: Magician
Theme: DC (VFC)
Occupation: Graphic Artist; Magician; Archaeologist; Parapsychologist
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Washington, DC
Education: Masters Degree in Graphic Design/Art, Harvard University
Status: Dropped
Groups: Suicide Squad, Mystic Arts
Other Information
Apparent Age: 27 Actual Age: 27
Date of Birth 31 October 1999 Actor: Amber Heard
Height: 177 cm (5'10") Weight: 59 kg (130 lb)
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: "Bring Me to Life" by Evanescence
"Vanquish - Enchantress" by Two Steps From Hell
"Waking the Witch" by Kate Bush


June Moone is a normal young woman who is a brilliant graphic design artist and amateur Archaeologist. Unbeknownst to most of the world, June shares her body and spirit with a demonic being known as the Enchantress. Combined, they are amongst the most powerful magical beings in the United Heroes Universe. When June says the word "Enchantress", she becomes the Enchantress, a being that can be good or evil, depending on the situation, alignment of the moon, or whim.

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Tall, slender, beautiful, graceful, and confident describe this Caucasian woman. Her face is pale, and her lips are dark red, almost ruby in colour. Her green eyes are bright and pierce you with a thoughtful gaze. Her long, curly, dark red hair is luxurious and seems to blow in the wind, even if there is no wind. Her finger nails are painted a blood-red, crimson color. An aura of power seems to exude from her, and within, a cold darkness.

June is currently wearing a emerald green ensemble. A green hat, like a "wizard" hat of old adorns her head, while a green cloak billows about her, suffering from the same wind as her hair. Around her neck is an amulet, ending at a gemstone between her full breasts of the exact same blood-red, crimson color as her fingernails.

Dark-emerald, metallic, adamantine "Atlantean" bracers on each forearm exude power. A skin-tight green leather tunic and a pair of dark green emerald pants to match wrap around her lithe form. A gold belt wraps tightly around her waist, with a "half moon" sigil fastening the belt at her front. Her "thigh high" dark green, almost black, leather boots finish the outfit with a flourish.


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June Moone was a normal young woman, getting her post secondary education at Harvard University, when she visited the "Terror Castle". Discovering a secret passage to an ancient mystical "tomb", she uncovered a mystical being named Dzamor. Tempting her with dreams of becoming a great mystical being of justice and order, she agreed to share her being with this "succubus" and with the utterance of the word "Enchantress", became a being of near infinite mystical might and power.

Over the course of the next several years, June discovered it was not as easy as just saying you were going to be a great paragon of justice. Driven a little mad by the process, she tried to do good, but the "demonic" being she shared her body with was also a little "insane". This chaos was the basis for most of her mystical might, and she became good and bad, depending on the situation. This "chaos" in the way she went about her "heroic" persona brought her into conflict with members of the Justice League, several "heroes" of the Mystic Community, Shadowpact and "Justice League Dark".

Trying to do good, many times, she ended up doing more bad than good. Finding herself captured by Argus and SHIELD, she found herself controlled by the United States government, and became a founding member of an organization of assassins, murderers, criminals, thieves, psychopaths, vigilantes, and miscreants known only as the Suicide Squad.


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June Moone is a normal young woman with a near genius level IQ. She is kind, considerate, warm, funny, friendly, creative, and willing to do good in an otherwise dark and chaotic world. That is, until she became bonded with a demonic entity known as the "succubus" or "Enchantress".

That fateful night, she became bonded with an entity of near limitless mystical power. Problem is? She also inherited the psychotic, unbalanced psyche that came with it. This being promised she would be able to do good, and become a great hero for justice, like the super heroes she looked up to.

June is normally stable in her human guise. She is able to control the baser instincts of the being she shares a body and spirit with. However, when she is tempted to let that being out, she becomes slightly off kilter. A touch crazy, and can be, often, slightly psychotic and mad. This means she will destroy, maim, and even kill if necessary.

The Enchantress is a demonic being of near limitless power. The only real limit on her power is the human body she is now in, and the limits imposed on her by June. This being is maddeningly straight forward, blunt, and can be irritating as hell. Together, both of them are incredibly brilliant, imaginative, with a flare for the dramatic.


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Enchantress has the ability, by concentrating her magic and her mind, to be able to slow and even halt the flow of time for brief periods. This requires a supreme amount of effort, and causes near irreparable damage to her spirit and her mind. Using this, she could slow the Flash until he was almost standing still, or stop a person from falling from a building for enough time to save them, or prevent a punch from connecting just long enough for her to move out of the way.

June Moone is a normal, slightly above average athletic woman in her 20s. When June Moone utters the word "Enchantress" her body is infused with that of an ancient demonic entity that gives her several abilities, including that of a highly-skilled ancient sorceress. In addition to her mystical abilities, she also gains the following:

  • Fast Reflexes - although not equal with such beings as the Flash or Superman, she has lightning fast reflexes, and if she sees an attack coming, can potentially avoid that attack. Her abilities are on par with the world's greatest martial artists, such as Richard Dragon. Daredevil and Danny Rand.
  • Magical Resistance - she is almost invulnerable to mystical spells, damage, bolts, and manipulation, having shrugged off the best that Zatanna has to offer with a maniacal laugh. That isn't to say she cannot be injured, especially if taken off guard or unprepared. If she is surprised, and her defenses are down, she can be hurt by a trained sorcerer.
  • Regeneration - she can heal most minor wounds in seconds, major wounds (such as broken bones) in minutes, and severe wounds (such as amputation or severe trauma to her internal organs) in several minutes to hours, depending on how severe the injury is.
  • Resistance to Injury - she can resist most impact weapons with minor pain (such as bladed weapons), and resist bullets and energy weapons with severe pain. Magical weapons are a clear and present danger to her, and she tends to avoid taking damage from such items if at all possible.
  • Super Strength - she can lift at around Asgardian warrior level, so approximately 30+ tons with little effort, and has punched Shazam and Supergirl and hurt them.

Enchantress has the ability to possess another by using her astral form to take over the body of another. This is TP and Consent only, unless an NPC. As it is now, she currently uses this power to share June Moone's body, and as such, is "locked" into this form. It would require a catastrophic situation, or something extremely dire, for her to vacate June for another's body, as they are inexorably linked.

The Enchantress's greatest powers are her incredible mystical abilities. As a being of indeterminate age and experience, she knows an incredible amount of mystical spells, rituals, chants, mantras, and divinations. As one of the most powerful magical beings of the DC Universe, and so, the United Heroes Universe, her powers know few peers. Her limitations are such, however, that she relies on a mortal body to be able to use these powers, and so, must be forever cognizant of burning out that body by using too much mystical energy. Her abilities she has been shown to use are:

  • Control - she is capable of using another's magic to accomplish her goals by taking over that person's magical abilities (Note: Consent Only and TP Only). This utilizes her telepathic abilities and her control over magic to manipulate the ebb and flow of another's magic with spectacular results.
  • Control Elements - she has shown mastery over the elements, such that she can summon fire to burn her target, water to drown or douse flames, air to buffet an enemy, put out a fire, or allow her to fly, and stone, to use as a bludgeoning weapon or encase someone in a earthly prison.
  • Energy Projection - concentrating, she can utilize her mystical energies to create a blast of mystical energy, capable of hurting even those with mystical immunities, such as Shazam, Archangels, Demons, Devils, Superman, Zatanna, etc. Her powers are incredibly powerful and effective to other mystical and superhuman abilities. This effect does tend to drain her powers significantly, so she rarely uses it at full power.
  • Flight - with her powers, she has been shown to be able to levitate in place, fly at speeds as fast as the speed of sound, or maneuver with precision flying at slow speeds.
  • Illusions - she has discovered she has a knack for creating realistic illusions that will fool all but the most string willed. A person has a hard time distinguishing what is reality and what is illusion.
  • Control Weather - she can also control the weather, from making it rain, to raising or lowering the temperatures to extreme levels, including severe thunderstorms. This also allows her to summon lightning, frigid temperatures, and rain.
  • Mechanokinesis - she can utilize mechanokinesis in order to manipulate technology to a moderate degree, such as freezing cybernetic parts, or speaking to someone through the radio over vast distances.
  • Resurrection & Necromancy- she has been shown to be able to resurrect animals and minor creatures, as well as has powers over death and the dead. For anything non-minor, it would require a TP and consent as this kind of power is extremely dangerous and consumes her power and life force.
  • Sense Magic - she can sense when magic is being used, especially powerful magic, and can hone in on its location. With effort, she can also sense when others are capable if using magic, or have used magic recently, but this requires incredible effort and concentration, especially if that person is blocking her sense. This allows her to track anyone or anything utilizing magic, especially on a cosmic or massive scale, similar to Captain Marvel's "Cosmic Awareness".
  • Sorcery - she can also use her magical abilities to do miscellaneous effects, depending on the situation, and can be a case-by-case basis. This is a kind of "reality manipulation" and "molecular reconstruction" so it would only be used for TP purposes and/or by consent depending on the scene.
  • Teleportation - she has been able to teleport from one place on the planet to another, instantaneously, even without having seen that place before. She can also teleport to near-Earth orbit, or to other dimensions without much problem. It is possible (TP only) that she could even teleport galactic distances with the proper preparation.

Enchantress is able to control objects to a certain extent, by hurling up to 1 ton of weight, or by assisting others to fly with her. She also has the ability to use this to form mystical energy fields/shields around herself or others, over a finite distance (a few feet at most). These shields have withstood blows from explosive armour piercing bullets, C4 explosives, ICBMs, the super strength blows from Shazam and Supergirl, and the energy blasts from numerous super heroes and villains. All of this requires concentration and effort to maintain. She can allow anything through this shield, in or out, that she wants.


Enchantress has the ability, by concentrating her magic, to be able to read another person's mind, and plant flash memories by using her mystical illusion abilities. She is also a powerful empath, capable of reading another's emotions, and pushing her emotions onto others. This is a TP and censent based power, and she rarely uses it, because her fragile mind is weakened further by all the emotions she must endure to use this successfully.


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June is, at best, an amateur archaeologist. The Enchantress, however, has been around thousands of years, and knows where to look, what tools to use, and how to get to the "good stuff". A minor in University opened the door to June, and the Enchantress's years of experience has fueled the addiction. June knows how to preserve artifacts, use the right tools for the job, and where all of the "cool" stuff is located in the world, as well as able to identify fakes from the real thing.

Deep down, June Moone is an artist. She is creative, loves to draw, to paint, and to be a designer. She is a truly gifted woman, with a great deal to offer in this field. This also allows her to be quite creative in utilizing her magical gifts when necessary, with an artistic flare.

June is quite knowledgeable at most modern history, and the Enchantress is fluent in ancient history, back to the dawn of time. Both can access each other's memories in order to remember things that have happened in Earth's history.

June herself can speak English and several dialects of Arabic, including Egyptian dialects. The Enchantress can speak several languages, from ancient "dead" languages, to most modern languages, with ease, including ancient Kree, Shi'ar, Atlantean, Eternal, and Deviant.

Although she predominantly relies on her magical abilities, Enchantress has been around along time, and has had many hosts able to teach her a myriad of skills. As such, she has mastered several dozen unarmed martial arts and weapons in her time, and prefers to use a sword, two daggers, or a spear. She is not at the level of Shang Chi, Richard Dragon, or Iron Fist, but she has fought the likes of Deadshot, Rick Flagg, Katana, and Harley Quinn to a standstill. She has no knowledge of modern weapons, and has no proficiency with firearms.

After the event which created the Enchantress, June Moone decided that, for a time, she would delve into investigating supernatural events, beings, entities, etc. She discovered that she was good at it. She understands how the supernatural works, mystic entities, including ghosts, demons, vampires, angels and possession, and could give Constantine a run for his money in knowledge of the occult. So much so, that for a brief time, she was a teacher in this field.

June is actually quite a gifted teacher. She has the ability to teach others, and have them learn the subject very fast, even when the subject is complex or different, such as the occult or supernatural. She can be as specific as necessary or as general to get the point across, and have people understand the topics. This is great for students, or an apprentice, learning the art, like when she taught the Warlock's Apprentice. This is usually connected to those with a genius-level intellect, and June Moone could fill that bill.


Having lived thousands of years, Enchantress has developed a keen tactical sense. She has become an expert tactician, able to plan out her moves, and use her magical abilities where they are most effective. Sometimes her arrogance and belief in her own superiority erode these plans and tactics, but on the whole, she is able to expertly plan events.


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June Moone has a small apartment that she crashes in when she isn't saving the world or trying to destroy the world. It is a small, two bedroom, one bathroom apartment, in a semi-upscale neighbourhood near the University, that allows pets. Not that she would ever have a pet. Maybe a cat.

June Moone is an amateur archaeologist and the Enchantress is an ancient mystical entity. As such, she has begun to accumulate a few ancient mystical artifacts from here and there in her last several years of "work". These items have been concealed in her apartment behind a magical spell of shadow, to look like normal "artsy" type items, such as a vase, or painting, or "knick knack". Many of these items are of unknown power and origin, just waiting to surprise the wielder! Note: This is more for authorized TPs, than a random draw for a scene.

This golden chain, crimson stone amulet was a gift from Madame Xanadu and is something she could not remove for some time. This necklace created a "feedback" loop preventing the Enchantress from using magic for evil as a temporary measure. It took some time, but the Enchantress overcame the powerful binding magic of this ancient artifact of deep magic, and it cost her power for some time. This "pretty bauble" as described by the Enchantress, may have applications and abilities that are, at this time, undiscovered (TP). All that June knows is that it is an ancient Atlantean artifact said to once have been owned by Arion, Lord of Atlantis, himself.

June Moone has no family. Few friends. Little money. Having worked her way through University, she finds herself with very little money. She has a very small inheritance that allows her a few hundred dollars a month to spend after all of the rent, and necessities, and a few clothing purchases have been paid for. She also has materials for art and graphic design, but she finds she doesn't get much time to use them anymore, and has a very small stipend of a few thousand dollars put aside, for a rainy day. It should be noted, however, that with her mystical abilities, if she wanted, she would want for nothing. That is not how June is, however, much to the frustration of the Enchantress.

Now this one is an interesting one. June Moone has been around a long time. Everyone in the mystical community knows who she is, and most of them think she is wacko. And dangerous. So, many would avoid her. There are, however, a select few that she has saved before, and they would help her in a pinch. Although few and far between, she does have a few allies, especially the "do gooder" mystics.

The Enchantress is welcome at the Oblivion Bar, having saved the owner from a fate worse than death at a past mystical conflagration. She doesn't own it, far from the truth, but she always instinctively knows where it is and how to get there, a gift from the owner. This is a place she feels truly comfortable, and can often times be round there if you need to find her.


Enchantress has been/is/was/could be a member of the "elite", government "sanctioned", black ops special task force, known as Task Force X, or as it is commonly known as, the Suicide Squad. As such, while a member of this team, she can call on the very limited resources of that group, and the members of the team she has worked with/is working with/will be working with. She has kept a few of those contacts from former/current members, but it is unlikely they would come to her aid or vice versa. Who knows? Unless it was a big score, than they would be semi-reliable.


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June Moone is, for all intents and purposes, two people. One possessing, the other possessed. However, over time, they have become inexorably linked, and it is unlikely, while one lives, that they can ever be completely removed from each other. This makes for a difficult body/out-of-body experience in most cases, and makes it difficult for each of the beings involved to know exactly when one or the other is in control. This can cause confusion and vulnerability at times, and makes her unpredictable and chaotic.

June Moone is a fine, normal human being, without too many issues psychologically. That is, until she accepted the Enchantress as part of herself. When this happened, the id of two beings taking up one space was enough to fracture her mind. A little at first, but over time, it has become more and more obvious that something is truly wrong with June Moone and the Enchantress. It is like she has "multiple personality disorder" with two very strong wills vying for control. This means that one minute, she can be completely sane, intelligent, observant, and speak normally to you, as per a normal conversation. The next, she can be dark, moody, vindictive, and casually insane. This is also a mental illness that cannot be cured by medicine, or supernatural means. It is just who she is.


June Moone has been/is a member of the Suicide Squad. As a "criminal", "supervillain", "anti-hero", "bad girl", "vigilante", etc. she has been used by the United States government in a program that was "off books". This means that, while a member of this group, she has had to take orders from the government shadow organization, and, as such, has had to do these missions...or have her head explode with a surgically implanted explosive. Now, it is possible that the Enchantress could just use magic to remove it, but for this time, she was a part of it, and strangely enough, enjoying herself...


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