Fool, Blasted Fool

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Fool, Blasted Fool
Date of Cutscene: 16 June 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Cyberdragon

Having finally left the home of the director of the Smithsionian institute Mr. Alberta, John was feeling down right pissed. The Fool was more concerned with his career and the prestige finding the Archive would bring him, than the danger he was putting people in at the Institute. Despite his best efforts to convince him of the danger. He blew the warnings of his compatriot Cyber off. Claiming that the US could handle any threat.

Cyber warned him that trouble was coming, the danger the gem held. And The Director ignored him dollar signs dancing around in his head.

So the pair had left his home returning to the area around the Smithsonian, just to keep an eye on the area.

No he won't do anything Illegal, but he knew for a fact that the place would be invaded. AS the pair flew off through the air Cyber once more realtered his form from the Phoenix form he used when he was guardian of the gem, back to the Biomechanical dragon that John preferred. Still the pair sighed as they had enough money to last a week or two down here. But still...