Friends New and Old (Ver 2.0)

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Friends New and Old (Ver 2.0)
Date of Cutscene: 28 August 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed

((Note: this scene takes place before the events of 'Medium Trouble in Little Tokyo':
Cast of Characters: Robin (Wayne)

Damian was once again alone in his room, drawing some sketches while he passed the time. He'd worked on both of his sketchbooks this evening, working on a drawing of Cassandra, her expression simple but yet smiling. He was working off of a memory he had made while she gave Damian his kitten. The other had been one that he wanted to keep for himself. it had been Bruce, with his cowl off, staring pensively to an off-screen monitor. Damian was quite proud to be the progeny of the Wayne family, and in a sense the al Ghuls as well.

Damian continued to sketch. Though this sketchbook was different from the earlier one. He kept this one separate from the other. inside were sketches that inspired grim feelings. Sketches of brutality, swords cleaving through flesh and bone. Desiccated remains, and gruesome imagery. The most prominent is a sketch of Deadlights with his sword impaled in her side.

The former Assassin had kept these things hidden from his family, and his friend. He paused, leaving the drawing as he ran his fingers through his hair.

A hand reaches out to stroke at a calico kitten, a black collar gently around his neck declared his name as 'Abbadon'. "I can't get all of it out of my head." The rare male calico just mews gently, purring as he's stroked. "Fifteen years of training..." He picks up his hands, looking at them, for a brief moment, he sees blood on them, surrounded by fire and bodies. A memory of the Year of Blood he went through at thirteen. He quickly closing his pale green eyes, revealing again his room, and his desk, and the warm soft desk lamp that illuminated his workspace.

Damian eventually wandered to the backyard of Wayne Manor, taking out his skull whistle, putting it to his lips and blowing. <<skreeeeee>> It calls, and in the distance, under the pale glow of the moon, a winged creature extended its wings, diving towards Damian, stopping itself with its massive wingspan. 'SNORFF' Goliath had arrived, taking Damian in his arms and giving the young man a lick to his face. "Ack! You have the worst fish breath, bat." He said, wiping his face with his shirt. "I missed you too, Goliath." he says, petting the bat dragon in between his eyes. "I guess you found food on your own out at sea." 'snorff' Damian chuckled just a little in retort. "Don't take from fishermen. We don't need you on the cover of the Gotham Gazette."

The boy stretches his arms, giving a yawn, and right after that, the bat dragon does as well. "I agree, time to sleep." He says before patting the bat dragon once more, beginning to turn away. 'snorff sssssnoorrff' Damian turns back, looking to Goliath. "Fine, but just tonight." For the first time in years, Damian and Goliath had slept outside and under the stars, the boy leaned up against the red bat's furred trunk. Goliath's leathery wing covering Damian from his stomach, to his feet as they slept.