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Gamma (Scenesys ID: 8142)
Full Name: EF-ADA-G
Gender: Male
Species: Android
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: None
Citizenship: None
Residence: Mobile
Education: Artificial
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 3 Actual Age:
Date of Birth 19 October 2025 Actor:
Height: 183 cm (6'0") Weight: 2177 kg (4789 lb)
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Green
Theme Song:


A prototype android, designed to be truly self determining and capable of mental and emotional growth on the same level as a human being. Spent time as an "acquisition" HYDRA before escaping their countless failed attempts at reprogramming.

Current Player Approved: Not Applicable



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A large man, wearing what looks to be a full body suit of smooth grey armor, with broad shoulders, Popeye-esque forearms, featureless white gloves, and a smooth open face helmet, rounded to the shape of his head and blocking any hair he may have from view. His boots match his massive forearms, going all the way up to just below his knee, with a small guard coming up in front of the joint itself. In the joints of the armor, he appears to be wearing a grey body suit just a few shades darker than the armor over top it. The only exposed part of his body is his face, showing off his smooth skin and shining green eyes.


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Gamma was created by a brilliant scientist by the name of Elliot Fortesque. Doctor Fortesque sought to create the ultimate robot, a thinking, reasoning, living machine, capable of making it's own decisions, not beholden to pre-selected programming. After numerous failed trials, he managed to create three he felt could meet his lofty goals, designated as the Elliot Fortesque Auto-Determining-Androids, units Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. However, the doctor would not live to discover the results of his work. To fund his experiments, he signed a contract with what unbeknown to him was a company owned by HYDRA. When agents came to collect on their investments, the doctor refused to give over his life's work. So they gunned him down in his lab and carted the androids off in their test pods, the finishing touches left incomplete.

One month later, when Gamma arrived at the HYDRA facility he was designated to go to, he was quickly forced into an abundance of tests, where it became quickly apparent that while the mild robot was certainly powerful, it was largely unwilling to follow their orders, acquiescing only when other test subjects were threatened, and even then, half-heartedly so. Countless attempts were made to reprogram Gamma, but his CPU invariably rejected attempts, resetting itself to it's prior settings. Eventually, after many grueling months of testing, the straw finally broke the camel's back, when the cell overseer ordered him to exterminate all of the fellow test subjects of the facility. The resultant battle led to the escape of the many test subjects, deaths of most of the HYDRA personnel, and the utter destruction of the facility. However, the overseer's body was never found. Gamma escaped in the confusion, fleeing into the wilderness the facility was built in, and eventually finding himself in New York City.


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Despite lacking morality programming, Gamma holds a keen awareness of right and wrong, and a strong conviction to stand by such principals. In general, he is soft spoken, mild-mannered, and possesses a keen sense of humor. While he dislikes violence, and would prefer to see conflicts resolved peacefully, he is far from unwilling to fight when needed, doing so gladly when it means others wont have to. Despite his young physical age, mentally, Gamma is developed to approximately twenty years old.


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Gamma is capable of reconstructing himself on a base level back to his original schematics. However, to do this on any level, he must enter a shutdown mode, during which time his internal auto-repair sequence uses collected energy and scrap to reconstruct his body. This can repair him from being as destroyed as just a head, however it takes an amount of time relevant to his level of damage, and an enormous amount of energy. If his chest cavity is damaged sufficiently, sources of energy must either by solar, or fed to him by someone else. Lastly, while shutdown for repairs, Gamma is effectively asleep, and requires substantial cajoling to awaken.

Direct Interface:
Gamma is capable of directly interfacing with most wireless enabled technology so long as he is within roughly fifteen feet of it and looking directly at it. The main downsides to this are that it leaves him unable to do anything else in the process, as his consciousness is disconnected from his body during this time, and depending on the complexity and or security of the thing he is attempting to interface with, it could only take a few seconds, or it could take fifteen minutes, with no real way to tell. In addition, so long as he is interfacing with something, anything detecting wireless signals in the area will be able to almost effortlessly pick up and track his signal.

Lightning Learner:
As his brain is a computer, Gamma is capable of picking up new skills and knowledge at an incredible rate. As an example, his capability to learn languages is so great that he can go from no knowledge whatsoever, to fluent, in a matter of hours, so long as it is his primary focus, and he is learning from a non-verbal source, such as a book or website.

Modular Design:
Gamma is capable of copying parts from other machines to an extent. Doing so requires the original part. If the machine is non-sentient, or gives it willingly, the process is a simple one, where Gamma scans it, and his systems fabricate a similar function with his existing equipment, albeit requiring large amounts of energy and scrap metal to do so. However, parts can also be taken by force, or found as scrap. This allows the part to be broken down for integration, destroying it, but bypassing the scrap requirement entirely, greatly reducing the energy consumption, and finishing much faster, a matter of minutes rather than hours or days. However, the integration is only temporary. Lasting a few weeks at most. Any longer than that will start to cause data corruption throughout Gamma's systems, eventually forcing a shutdown and automatic purge of all such integrations, regardless of how long they've been held onto. A final note, this applies only to parts not designed to be added to Gamma specifically. Upgrades made for him have no such limitation beyond space and energy required to keep them powered.

Physical Specs:
Gamma's robotic nature makes his physical capabilities far greater than that of a normal human. He has enormous stamina, can lift and carry roughly twenty tons, has extremely advanced reflexes and dexterity, and is capable of moving far faster than a human being, with his standard run speed being approximately thirty miles per hour.


Gamma is a truly self determining robot. He is not constrained by any form of behavioral programming, nor can he be. Attempts at manipulating him directly through hacking are doomed to failure, as at best such attempts will require a short reboot period, if they can manage even that level of damage.


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Animal Care:
Gamma has a great fondness for animals, and many find his presence soothing. During his time as property of HYDRA, he spent much of his time when not being put through testing in the kennels, helping to care for the poorly treated animals there. This is where Gamma learned basic animal care and behaviors. Gamma is capable of taking care of dogs, cats, house birds, mice, rats, and similar animals on the level of a responsible pet owner with minor veterinary experience, but not training or proper study.

Gamma is currently fluent in English and most computer languages.


Due to being a machine, Gamma's aim is immaculate, able to calculate shots on the spot that a trained sniper would need to carefully aim and measure for. However, this is only academic. His combat shooting skills are largely untested, and by his very design, could grow greatly with training and practice.


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Arm Cannons:
All good robots need arm based weaponry. It's a law. And Gamma has one of the best categories of arm based weaponry, the arm cannon! His hands can be retracted into his arms, slotting in lenses which allow him to fire energy bolts of varying power levels. The default mode is a rapid fire series of blasts no bigger than your average house fly, which are basically ranged punches. Switching over to the serious setting makes the bolts a little slower to fire, but upgrades them to the size of a basic horse fly. After that, shots must be charged up, with the strongest shot being able to punch through the walls of a reinforced bunker with a single blast. However, while the basic non-lethal barrage takes barely any energy, all of the more destructive ones are not so generous, with the strongest blast not only needing to be charged for fifteen seconds, but also taking a quarter of Gamma's maximum energy reserves to use per shot.

Energy Converter:
Gamma is equipped with several methods of energy conversion. The first is solar, which draws in enough sunlight on a normal day to keep him operational, along with a small boost if that doesn't top him off. He is also capable of inserting scrap metal into his chest cavity, which will add it to a surplus up to a certain point, and then melt the rest of it down in a high powered incinerator for additional energy. And lastly, he is capable of sustenance through eating food and consuming drinks, as a normal person would be. However, the food and drink, rather than being digested, are broken down just past the back of the mouth and converted into energy. Being a robot, not all food and drink need actually be fit for human consumption for this to work...

Rad Shielding:
Gamma's systems are heavily shielded against the effects of radiation. Only particularly massive blasts of gamma radiation, several hundred times what it would take to kill a human being, will have any effect on systems whatsoever.

Rocket Feet:
Gamma's boots are equipped with thrusters at the bottoms of them, which can fire a jet of flame. However, they are not actually powerful enough to lift him, only allowing him to hover in the air a short distance. Prolonged usage of it requires tremendous amounts of energy, however, in short bursts, it makes for an effective means of scaling a wall, running up it a short ways, then jumping off and hovering back to it to repeat as needed. More conventionally, they can also be used to greatly increase his movement speed, allowing him to move up to two-hundred miles per hour in short spurts. However, whilst doing so, he lacks any real defenses beyond just ramming things, and overuse can cause his jets to enter a cooldown mode to prevent melting.

Titanium Body:

Gamma is made almost exclusively of a custom treated titanium, rendering him bulletproof and highly resistant to damage beyond that. This also makes him extraordinarily heavy, far more than any normal human could ever hope to reasonably lift. Furthermore, this makes him wonderfully resistant to both electricity and heat.


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Alpha & Beta:
The other two prototypes, whom Gamma is unaware of, remain in HYDRA's custody. Their whereabouts are unknown, as is the influence HYDRA holds over them...

Gamma's systems are, as most electrical devices are, susceptible to EMPs. While he is able to reboot himself, this takes several minutes at the very least, and can cause damage to his systems that could last for weeks, particularly with repeated pulses.

As far as HYDRA are concerned, Gamma is their property, and they would greatly like their investment back. Agents are on the lookout for the difficult to conceal android, and orders to capture him, even if in pieces, have been spread out throughout the terrorist organization.

Limited Memory:
One of the downsides to having a near perfect recreation of a human mind, is some of the flaws of them. While Gamma is capable of learning new information remarkably quickly, he is also limited in how much he can remember. As time goes by, through disuse and just generally not thinking about things, he will start to forget them, just like anyone will. However, he cannot simply have things suddenly spring back to mind, as once he forgets something, it is gone from his brain entirely, and must be relearned from scratch.

Being that he is a robot, Gamma is susceptible to magnetism. Being that he is made primarily of titanium, he is only weakly magnetic, however, physical contact with a magnet or the like can still cause terrible damage to his internal components, namely the important electronic ones. While not likely to cause utterly irreversible damage, they will still cause great harm in the short term, along with "headaches", memory loss, mood swings, vertigo, nausea, intense confusion, and many other fun problems.


While Gamma's overall programming cannot be overwritten, an actual computer virus can play merry hell with his systems, with any number of possible deleterious effects. Eventually, his systems will purge it naturally, but this depends on the complexity of the virus, with some having potential lifespans in the months to years. Once he has successfully fought off a virus, not unlike a human immune system, Gamma becomes able to easily fend it off again until the internal memory of the virus' workings fades from his memory. This does not effect viruses that have been altered from their original form from the time of original infection.


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