Germination: I Spy With My Third Eye

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Germination: I Spy With My Third Eye
Date of Cutscene: 20 July 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed

OOC Warning: Some slightly gross magic stuff ahead.
Cast of Characters: Constantine
Tinyplot: Germination

The Astral Plane was all in a tizzy, John had felt it and he was only mystically attuned, the poor bastards who were psychic got it full bore. Some of them weren't anywhere prepared. Brenda was one of those people. Met her at Mac's pub, tried to set her on the right path, drop on this psychic nonsense and live a life where you didn't have to see what was really out there. None of it stuck.

She'd been deep in the Astral Plane when the Whatever it Was, happened, now she wasn't there any more. Just a shell. Her consciousness cut loose to drift in the Astral Plane forever. She'd deserved better.

John had a pint in her honour, then two, then three, then came home for some whiskey then sometime around two am he chased it down with some ayahuasca, stripped naked, warded himself with lamb's blood and played The Pistols before going astral himself.

Bog stupid idea.

What happened after that was hazy. He remembers being cast adrift on the echoes of the intrusion on the astral plane, awash in chittering commands and the feeling of hunger. He'd followed those sensations down the proverbial rabbit hole through sanity rending mindscapes until at last he'd reached what he was looking for: the source, the place where it all pushed through...

He woke up sometime later covered in smudged and bloody wards, vomit and spilled liquor, and no memory of where he ended up. "No, no, no," he said, each word a desperate curse. He sat up and hit himself in the head.

"C'mon you, remember."

Then he saw it. A single word scrawled drunkenly in lamb's blood on the floor by where he'd passed out. John smiled as it started to come back to him. The word was: Mexico.

Five minutes later John was dressed and out the door.

(OOC: Cutscene approved by Golden.)