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Jessica Cruz (Scenesys ID: 971)
"I almost died fighting alongside the Justice League. I lost one ring... Then I got another. Even though there's already something like four Green Lanterns from Earth. But why?"
Full Name: Jessica Cruz
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Novelist and Space Cop
Citizenship: American
Residence: Greenwich
Education: Bachelor's Degree in Astronomy
Status: Dropped
Groups: Space-OOC, Green Lantern Corps, Justice League
Other Information
Apparent Age: 28 Actual Age: 28
Date of Birth 29 May 1999 Actor: Penelope Cruz
Height: 166 cm (5'5") Weight: 62 kg (136 lb)
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Gunpowder and Lead" by Miranda Lambert


Jessica Cruz is a popular sci-fi author, and enjoyed the outdoors... until one day she saw mobsters burying a body while hunting. Her friends were killed but Jessica got away - and locked herself in her apartment for years, terrified to go outside. Her only solace was her writing.

Then an eerie green ring came to her, and forcibly bound itself to her. Calling itself Volthoom, it manipulated her into doing terrible things. Some superheroes helped her recover her wits and fight her fears - and with the new backbone, she finally overcame her fears for the most part. Volthoom got disgusted and abandoned her, giving one last insult about her uselessless.

However, that was not Jessica's last expereince with talking green jewelry, for shortly afterward, a Green Lantern ring came to her, and she became the latest human Green Lantern. But the anxieties temporarily suppressed fighting Volthoom's influence are still there...

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Before you stands a woman who glows with a green aura. She has long chocolate hair that swirls around her loosely and goes halfway down her back. She has Hispanic features with brown eyes - though around her right eye is a glowing green emblem that looks like a Lantern. She has a petite nose and full lips, often untouched by makeup or lipstick.

Her neck is slender, covered in green fabric. Her top is mostly green and rather skintight, showing an impressive set of abs and a generous but not over-large bust. Perched right on the middle of her chest is the glowing emblem of the Green Lantern Corps (like the symbol around her eye) - sometimes that emblem also appears in the air around her as well. Her arms are slender but muscular, and past the shoulders are covered in black - her uniform has white elbow-length gloves. Perched on her right ring-finger is a glowing green ring that contains the emblem of the Lantern Corps.

Her waist is slender, flaring out to decently wide hips. The green part of the uniform stops at her waist with a belt with a glowing belt buckle - her pants are black, hugging athletic legs. The black stops at white boots with a small heel that goes from halfway down her shins all the way to her feet.


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Jessica started life with an older sister, raised in Portland, Oregon. The two were very close and always encouraged each other. Jessica even as a child loved camping and the great outdoors and was rather a tomboy, spending as much time as she could away from it all. It's also where she got her love for science fiction.

When the two grew up, they went to college in New York and left Portland behind - Jessica went for an astronomy degree, but her heart was more interesetd in writing about the stars than studying them. And then when the Fantastic Four did their famous trip to space and came back with superpowers. She immediately started writing fan fiction about them, and sent in samples of her work to various publishing companies. One accepted and with the proper rights and licenses, she was the official author of the Fantastic Four sci-fi book series, with a bit of basis in fact.

Her life was going good... until one night hunting in the woods with her friends Jeanette, Matteo, and Marc. And... they saw some people. Mobsters, burying a body. They turned and ran - but the mob killed her three friends. And... Jessica's life changed for she locked her door - and never left her home for YEARS. She had a stockpile of food and ordered tons more online, becoming a survivalist and hoarder. She didn't leave. Too scared that the mob would find her - and channeled her energy into her novels - acceleration production and becoming increasingly more creative.

Until one day, an eerie green ring appeared in her living room, floating in midair, dark green in color, inscribed with a bent swollen X-shape. In a malevolent voice, it announced: "Jessica Cruz! You have been chosen to annihilate this world!" Though she blasted it with a shotgun, it bound itself to her - and twisted green constructs of terrible images formed around her as it drove her out of her house and rampaging in her neighborhood - she was terrified and helpless to stop it - until the Justice League intervened and calmed her - helping her to swallow her fears, she finally managed to quiet the evil ring, though it sometimes whispered terrible things to her. It was a constant struggle of wills between her and the entity later known as Volthoom. Sometimes she tamped the ring down into quescience - sometimes it roared up and took control.

Finally, she had enough, and sought mental training - therapy - anyting to control her fears - and after managing to swallow her fears entirely for a time - and performing some selfless acts of a hero, the ring got bored with her. She was too hard to control consistently, and with a final parting shot of "You're useless, stupid cow," it left.

She locked herself back up in her house immediately - realizing that she put a book out during this time and... it was TERRIBLE. Her reputation and contract was on the ropes for she wrote while under Volthoom's influence and had the Fantastic Four characters fighting each other. She is trying to figure out how to fix this mess when... ANOTHER green ring appeared in her living room. This one glowing bright green, inscried with a small lantern logo.

"Jessica Cruz. You have the ability to overcome great fear. You have been chosen," announces this ring in a much more pleasant and artificial tone. She stares at it, and realizes it wasn't going to attach itself to her forcibly. She had to choose it. She heard about the Green Lanterns of late - there's even a few in the Justice League, and one had helped calm Volthoom. She finally agreed and slipped it on her finger, and with the final announcement, "Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps." Her life changed again - for the better... she hopes.

Since becoming an _actual_ Green Lantern, she has tried her best to be a hero - though her willpower, always shaky, causes her construcst to fail. Though she did have some successes - and some training by Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner did help. Eventually, she was recalled to Oa for more thorough training, by Kilowogg. Now, she's coming home.


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A one-word summary of Jessica is 'anxious'. She hates crowds. Doesn't like interacting with people much. Sighs when she hears her sister's voice. Grumbles when her publisher sends her an email with an update about the next book (especially when the last one was a disappointment). And... most of all, is terrified that the Ring of Volthoom will come back to finish what it started. She can't wear tank tops or anything anymore - her right arm is covered in scars from that damned evil ring, from her ring finger all the way up to her neck.

Her only true solace is solitude and her writing (when her publisher isn't nagging her). The stories she writes about the Fantastic Four are her life's passion. She does hope, one day, to meet the four intrepid heroes who captured the hearts and souls of the world when they returned to space after a long hiatus and were changed into superheroes. She wishes she could be strong and brave like them.

Now - she has another talking green ring - this one not a otherworldly monstrosity but the badge of a space cop. She has a new crop of anxieties - that the ring will one day decide she's unworthy, or that the other Green Lanterns will treat her as less because of her lack of expereince and her occasional inability to perform. Her biggest fear of all, however, is the Sinestro Corps. More than other Lanterns, she has reason to fear the yellow light - her fears are always close to the surface.


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A Lantern ring can create hard-light constructs, glowing green, of anything that the Green Lantern can imagine that she can will into being. The constructs are literally the manifestation of the willpower of the Lantern, existing while the Lantern continues using their willpower to focus on it. They are not indestructible - they can be damaged or destroyed. If the Lantern loses willpower their constructs can dissipate.

Jessica Cruz's constructs tend towards elegant curves and vine or tentacle-like shapes - when she gets into it, she can create a LOT of constructs in a very short time covering a wide area. She is often making bird-like forms, and tends to like making rifle or bow constructs for offensive purposes.

Energy Blasts:
The ring can fire emerald blasts of energy as a simple offense - this can be charged into a more powerful shot. This can be combined with constructs to amplify the effect. This doesn't require as much willpower as a full-on construct, but like with most Green Lantern abilities if a Lantern?s will breaks, this becomes hard or impossible to use. The blasts can be set to 'stun' to knock a person unconscious - or be more deadly.

Jessica's marksmanship does help her to have pinpoint accuracy on these blasts. If she's pointing a glowing ring at you, don't count on her missing.

The ring can create various forcefields for various uses. A life-support aura coupled with a skintight forcefield is deployed automatically when entering hazardous environment such as deep underwater or outer space, but is always active at low power while wielding the ring - it can also deflect against debris like space dust or bullets. This field can be extended to others in immediate proximity to also protect them. While moving, space dust and air friction are nonissues.

Green Lantern Ring:
The Lantern Ring has other miscellaneous abilities that are not used as often as other skills.

Energy Twin - A Lantern can create an energy twin of themselves out of green light. They can send these as probes to survey distant environments - and can be unnoticed except by other ring wielders or the Guardians (unless they want the twin seen). While using this, the Lantern's entire concentration is in the twin - their body is vulnerable.

Holograms - The ring can create holographic environments of people or places in its memory. This is one of the few means in which the ring isn't just green. This is not an interactive holodeck - just a playback of prior events.

Invisibility - With focus, a Lantern can make herself invisible. This is a tricky ability to pull off, but takes a lot of power so little else can be done while active other than traveling and forcefields. Sometimes a Lantern can use this to make their ring invisible when not in uniform. Once hearing of this, Jessica spent much time perfecting this ability what better way to hide from people than to ensure that they cant find you?

Phasing - With intense willpower, a Lantern can phase through solid objects - though this is an ability not often seen for it's not easy to focus it - especially with Jessica's spotty record on willpower manipulation.

Regeneration - A Lantern is capable of limited cellular regeneration which serves as a minor healing factor for themselves or other. It's not much, but can keep one alive until proper medication attention can arrive.

Uniform - The Lantern's uniform is not fabric - but another hard-light construct of sorts and replaces the normal clothes of the Lantern. Oan regulations mandate that the uniform has to be majority green with some white or black highlights and the Green Lantern symbol located prominently on the uniform. Some use a mask, some don't. The green parts of the uniform are hot to the touch, the white parts normal temperature, and the black parts cold. It tends to generate Lantern emblems in the air like a police siren when facing a foe. While bearing the evil Ring of Volthoom, it put its emblem around her right eye. Thus, when she became a proper Green, her uniform has a glowing Lantern emblem around her right eye, as a symbolic form of atonement.

Remote Control - A Lantern can telepathically control their ring even if it's a short distance away, though its effectiveness is greatly diminsihed compared to actually wearing it.


The Lantern Ring allows its bearer to be able to travel at incredible speeds because normally it's a single Lantern for a huge sector of space. In atmosphere, safety protocols keep flight to a max of Mach 10 - more would cause damage to the surroundings - but in space, their speed is basically unlimited, with superfast travel and the ability to use wormholes for galactic travel, including one that can quickly get to the central world of Oa.


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Jessica is very knowledgeable about many kinds of firearms, and is an excellent shot with them. It's one of her main hobbies. She was a hunter and an outdoors enthusiast until her self-imposed exile. She has also studied archery and bows, and is a good shot with them as well. This accuracy has extended to Lantern ring energy blasts, where she is just as accurate as with a physical weapon. She sometimes makes bow or rifle constructs to channel the ring blasts for style points. While on Oa, she also studied alien and high-tech weaponry and quickly took to them as well. If it shoots something, Jessica's good with it.

Jessica is a science fiction author, and one of the primary authors writing stories about the Fantastic Four, the intrepid heroes who captured the hearts of humanity eight years prior. She started with some fan fiction, but her talent was quickly realized when she got a contract to write the officially-licensed novels. Her books have been very popular, even though most of them are fiction. There is a spice of 'reality' in them as she watches the interviews and what mission reports aren't classified she is a huge fan of the F4, almost to the point of obsession. These books are the primary means that she used to support herself when playing hermit for several years.

However, the last book bombed badly - under the influence of Volthoom, she had the characters go at each other and almost break the group up. She is figuring out how to save her license and the series, deciding how to write herself out of a dark and fear-filled corner. Her new perspective as a Green Lantern gives her hope for new inspirations and means to fix her series. One of her main hopes is to one day meet her heroes in the flesh once she learns how to be a hero herself.

Survival Training:

Until her self-imposed exile, Jessica practiced survival training all the time. Camping in the woods with some friends, hiking, mountain climbing - often with a tent and supplies. She got good inspiration for her books out in the woods or slopes. Though she never left her home for years, she still practiced and read up on the latest techniques online. Now.... she has found these skills to be useful in her various adventures as a Green Lantern, especially those that take her off Earth to alien environments.


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Fortress of Solitude:
The house that Jessica lives in became her fortress of solitude for years after the mob spotted her. She hadnt left it in all this time. She had her novels for financial support, and the ability to order anything off the Internet. Over the last few years, she has changed this seeming-normal house into a virtual fortress, lining all the interior walls with soundproofing and bullet-resistant materials, hoarding literally tons of supplies including nonperishable food and generators, and other such things. Anyone who stepped inside her home would think her to be one of those nutty "doomsday preppers" but she never accepts visitors. The exterior of the house looks rather shabby for little maintenance having been done of late... the only time she has left since the mob incident is when talking jewelry forced her to. Perhaps this will change in time, but old habits die hard.

Green Lantern Corps:
Jessica is one of the newest members of the Green Lantern Corps, a universe-spanning organization of peacekeepers. She may, in an emergency, call upon other Lanterns to come help her - either those nearby, in adjacent sectors, or in a cataclysmic emergency, the entire Corps - though of course summons for help are not easily sent or well-received if used frivolously.

Power Battery:
A Green Lantern ring must be recharged regularly - general use is a slow drain but stuff like flying and constructs consumes charge. The lantern is a power battery for the ring, and connects it to the Central Green Power Battery back on Oa. The Lantern can summon their lantern wherever they are, and recites the Oath as a ritual to recharge the ring.

"In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil's might,
Beware my power... Green Lantern's Light!"

Ring Encyclopedia:
Jessica's power ring is also a supercomputer with an advanced AI. It has all the knowledge of the Book of Oa in it, as well as other information resources like the ability to scan any local computer networks like the Internet. Its AI is responsive to questions and will provide quick answers.

It is capable of translating almost every language known, back and forth, including the written word, to facilitate communications with a diverse group of aliens. One of the few exceptions is the language of the Indigo Tribe, which defies translation.

Jessica's ring was one of the first seven ever made. It has been with many Lanterns over several billion years and its AI is very adaptive - Jessica's constant talking to it while alone in her house has caused it to pick up on her inflections and sound more like a person than just a computer AI.

Sara Cruz:

Jessica's sister Sara is a constant motivator and seeks to be a kick in the butt to get her moving. Sara tried for years to get Jessica out of her house when she exiled herself, and helped her to recover her wits when the evil Ring of Volthoom was driving her insane. Now, Sara helps Jessica try to readjust to a normal life and encourages her to be the best Lantern she can be.


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Jessica always had some anxieties about crowds. The trauma of having her three best friends shot as they ran from the mob gave her some serious PTSD, and she locked herself in her home for years. The additional trauma of being bonded with the Ring of Volthoom and forced to do terrible things only made this worse. She does _not_ like crowds; she tends to panic in them, and trying to get her to give a speech or sing in front of a crowd will cause a full-bore panic attack. Even going to Oa for training - there's a lot of diverse people on Oa and though she can maintain her willpower most of the time now - sometimes flashbacks to the murders of her friends or the terrors of Volthoom can cause her to freeze up, to want to flee.

Jessica has some hoarding issues - when living as a hermit, she bought thousands of dollars of nonperishable food, water, guns, ammo, computer equipment, paper, etc. She tends to keep these things. She worried about her house while gone, and is glad to be back among her possessions. Not very Green-Lantern-like, but at least she legitimately earned them. She is more comfortable around things than people.

Low On Totem Pole:
Jessica is a novice Lantern. Barely worthy of wearing the emblem of the Corps. She has little respect from the other Lanterns - for her anxiety issues make her constructs fail sometimes and not work well at other times. She has enough problems without the rest of the Corps looking down on her too. She is determined, however, to earn the respect of her fellow Lanterns - especially the ones from her homeworld.

Scars of Volthoom:
Jessica was the unwilling bearer of the Ring of Volthoom for a while. It was a prototype power ring corrupted by a great evil long ago that fed on the fears of its bearer until it killed them... but sometimes like in Jessica's case, the host became uninteresting or too strong-willed so the ring leaves without killing. It was similar to a normal Lantern Ring in powerset, able to make terrifying constructs as well - and even needed charging in a psychological damaging manner.

Being the bearer of this ring left physical and emotional scars on Jessica. Her right arm is riddled with vein-like scars that go from her ring finger to partway up her neck - Volthoom's ring bound itself to her literally and extended into her mind. Though the evil ring is gone now, the physical marks of its presence are still there and resist healing; her right arm is covered in vein-like scars, from her ring finger all the way up her arm and stopping at the base of her neck. But there are emotional scars as well. Jessica is more susceptible to fears even with all her training to resist - things that can expose her fears will be of great effect to her, for the fear center of the brain was made much larger. Also, sometimes she has nightmares or hears whispers - she's not sure if she's hallucinating or having traumatic flashbacks, or if the evil ring still has a tentative connection to her even far across the stars...

The Mob:
It's possible that there's a hit out on Jessica from four years ago. She saw the mob burying a body in the woods while hunting. She successfully fled from the scene, though her friends Jeanette, Matteo, and Marc were gunned down - and she locked herself in her house for years. She didn't so much as see another person's face for years until magic talking jewelry started appearing before her on a regular basis. Now she's out and about, but still is worried that they're going to come after her - not even a magic space ring makes one invulnerable - for she has to sleep sometime.

Her two main worries about this are that she doesn't quite know who they are - she never saw their faces, and she fears for her sister's safety - if they find out who she is, they could find her family; adding to her already heavy anxiety burdens.


Long ago, when Parallax, the emotional entity of the yellow light of fear, was imprisoned in the Central Green Power Battery, Green Lantern rings were useless against anything yellow. With Parallaxs removal, the Corps-wide vulnerability is gone. However, echoes of it remain. A Lantern who does not face their fears can find their ring less effective against yellow things. Jessicas fears are always close to the surface; thus the color yellow might be more effective against her than against a more seasoned Lantern. This also makes her particularly susceptible to the yellow light of fear harnessed by Yellow Lanterns.


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