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Alan Scott (Scenesys ID: 7432)
"And I shall shed my light over dark evil, for the dark things cannot stand the light of Green Lantern!"
Full Name: Alan Scott
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: DC ()
Occupation: Railroad Engineer
Citizenship: American
Residence: Gotham
Education: American Railway Association
Status: Dropped
Groups: Gotham-OOC, Green Lantern Corps, Justice Society
Other Information
Apparent Age: 68 Actual Age: 107
Date of Birth 4 7 1920 Actor: Liam Neeson
Height: 183 cm (6') Weight: 91 kg (200 lbs.)
Hair Color: Greying blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


Unlike others who bear the name "Green Lantern," Alan Scott's power does not come from the Guardians of the Universe, but from the Starheart, a magical entity once imprisoned by the Guardians. Active during the 1940's through the 70's he has faded into history, many thinking him to have been an Corp member visiting earth.

Alan Scott is the majority stock holder, and CEO emeritus of Scott Broadcasting and Communications born in the early 1900's and becoming a Railroad engineer before buying two of the three radio stations in Gotham City in the mid 50's. Since then, SBC has remained a small, but still valid telecommunications, and radio broadcasting company expanded to 5 different frequencies in Gotham as well as entering into Satellite Radio. Alan Scott retired from running the company 30 years ago, retreating out of the public eye to his manor house on the edge of Gotham City, many who don't know the reclusive millionaire thinking him to have surely died by this point.

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Alan Scott, is a tall distinguished looking gentleman, looking to be in his late 60's but with a build of one that has lived a healthy and active lifestyle, his blonde hair mostly a silver gray that blends with the golden colors. Wearing black slacks and a button up long sleeved shirt, patent leather shoes completing the ensemble the only ornamentation that the man wears is a silver and gold wrist watch, and what looks to be a broad cigar band styled ring of hunter green metal, the broad front of the ring engraved with an old fashioned railroad lantern.

As Green Lantern, Alan wears a long high collard cloak of dark purple with a deep green lining, a matching green domino mask covering his face. The billowy, almost swashbuckler-Esq shirt a bright crimson red with a dark gold circle holding a green lantern in it's center, a wide leather belt and green jeans covering his legs and ending in black lumberjack boots.


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Alan Scott was born in 1920 to two loving parents, able to go to school while others had to work and get what education they could. They instilled in Alan a firm work ethic, the young man feeling it was his job and duty to excel well in his schooling and excel he did. Finishing at the private school where he was educated, Alan found in his time there a love for working on mechanical devices of all sorts, and upon completing his education at the age of 17 entered into becoming a railroad engineer. He might have very well have lived his entire life happy working on the railroads, but shortly after his 20th birthday, while inspecting the rails and supports of a collapsed bridge Alan Scott was attracted to an emerald glow coming from a near by cave.

In the cave Alan found a glowing emerald lamp of oriental design, and when it's rays fell upon him, the lantern spoke to him, guiding him to craft a ring out of it, reforging and reshaping the lantern into a more modern railroad lantern design. With this one life altering event The Green Lantern was born.

With the ring and lantern, Alan Scott found that he could create magical constructs their shape limited only by his imagination, their strength limited by his will. Able to fly, survive in space and many other superhuman feats he decided to fight for justice, battling villains like Baron Gestapo, Black Barax, Thorn, and many others along side other heroes of the time.

It was during the many decades that he fought staying mostly out of the spotlight with only the occasional headline giving him a name that Alan found his aging was being slowed, and as the decades moved on the aging continued to slow. Retiring from the public and handing management of his company to someone he trusted at the age of 75, Alan Scott has been somewhat of a recluse for the last 30 years, a footnote in history, though even now, at times, the emerald light of an old ring might flash in the shadows of the night, a mugger stopped in his tracks and knocked out cold, a murder or gangland violence stopped without an explanation.


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Alan Scott is a jovial sort of man, easy to smile, hard to anger, but when that anger is awoken it is as fierce as any mythological dragon. He has lived a very long life, and with that life has come patience. Willing to help, he's the first to join in a fight, and the last to leave feeling that it is everybody's duty to help their fellow man.


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Green Lantern is surrounded by an aura of Starheart energy, this aura protects him and is strong enough to be able to resist the heat and pressures at the center of a 25 kiloton nuclear explosion but an for short periods of time reach the levels of beings such as Black Adam. It is also able to protect him from various forms of radiation, toxins, as well as the cold vacuum of the void if he is in space. While sheathed in this aura Green Lantern doesn't need to breath.

Energy Blasts

Green Lantern is able to create and project blasts of energy from his ring, up to a range of a quarter of a mile and powerful enough (If the will is behind it) to level entire city blocks.

Energy Constructs

Much like his OA backed counterparts, Green Lantern is able to create constructs of green energy the size and complexity only hindered by his imagination and will. The amount of will and power that Green Lantern puts behind the construct can make them hit hard enough for a Kryptonian to feel it with the size of the constructs generally limited to nothing larger than a three car train, they /can/ be made much larger at the cost of risking draining his ring and needing to recharge in the middle of combat.


The power of The Starheart gives Alan Scott the ability to fly at near supersonic speeds.


Green Lantern is capable of shifting his body slightly out of sync with the rest of reality, giving him the ability to walk through solid objects. Energy blasts of electricity, magic, magically enchanted weapons, or attacks made of plant matter though can still affect him normally.
Power Duplication

Something that Green Lantern has learned to do with The Green Flame of Life is for short periods of time, (no longer than 5 minutes) he is capable of duplicating the powers of other meta-humans he is initially in close proximity to. This also prevents him from having access to any other powers his ring gives him other than his protective aura and slowed aging...

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Slow Aging

With the power of the Green Flame of Life coursing through his body, Alan Scott's aging has slowed over the years with increasing potency leaving the centenarian looking to be nearly 50 years younger. His overall health has also been supported, leaving him incredibly fit for a man in his mid 30's much less 105.


With the power of the Starheart, when needing to travel longer distances such as across the globe, or through the void of space, with an incredible burst of green light Green Lantern is able to Teleport where he needs to go.


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Arcane Lore

Alan Scott's ring, is not powered via science and tapping into the green energy of the emotional spectrum, but is powered by The Starheart, an immense, semi-sentient mystic power. Over the years he has come to research and investigate the source of his power, and with that has come no small understanding of mystic lore and legend..


As the owner of a large communications company, Alan Scott is familiar with the corporate climate and world, his company has been around for the better part of 60 years and is still going strong.

Alan Scott is a trained Engineer, having worked with the railroad lines for some 30 years before retiring from the career. Throughout that time, Alan continued his education, and even now can be seen at times attending conventions, symposiums, and auditing engineering classes to stay with current technology and trends.

Fighting Prowess

Alan Scott, is both classically trained in pugilism, a throwback to his college days, as well as very... very.. experienced, with close to a century of fighting for justice, and foiling criminal plots. He's no Bruce Lee, but he can handle his own fair share.


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The Green Lantern, and Alan Scott have been around for a good while, and with that time has come a broad and varied number of contacts. He can contact just about anybody with the skills, access, or resources needed to be able to pull any sort of job. It might take time, but if times available, he can probably find it.

Power Battery
Alan Scott, much like other Green Lanterns has a power battery, roughly six inches wide, by six inches long, by eight inches tall, it looks like an antique railroad lantern, with lenses off set from each other on each face and a broad handle on the top. It is unknown if the battery could charge an Oan ring, or if their batteries could charge his..

Alan Scott is the owner, and CEO Emeritus of Gotham Communications, a mid sized telecommunications company. While he doesn't have the wealth of the likes of Tony Stark, or Bruce Wayne, he /is/ a Millionare.


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Long History

Alan Scott has been on this earth for 105 blessed years. In that time he's found love, lost it, and found love again. He's retreated from the spotlight, and as such has been mostly forgotten, but if others were to dig, it might come out just how long he's lived, and how young he looks, and that could cause problems, both from old enemies, as well as their proteges who might still be holding a grudge.


Alan Scott's ring is the source of his powers, if he were to be separated from the ring, with it goes his powers. Furthermore, the ring needs to be recharged by the Starheart every 24 hours or it's powers diminish after 48 hours, the ring is a simple ring.

The Green

The Starheart channels The Green Flame of Life, otherwise shortened to 'The Green' the mystical energy tapped by, and created by all plantlife. This means that beings able to manipulate The Green, if their power is greater than Alan's or their will stronger, they might be able to gain control of his constructs, or bypass the protections his ring gives him, much in the same manner that wood bypasses him.


The Starheart, unlike Oa's Green Lantersn is not vulnerable to the color yellow. But because of it's connection to The Green, and it's mystical nature, Items made of raw wood can penetrate the constructs as if they weren't there. A baseball bat that's had the lacquer sanded off, or a raw tree branch won't be affected by his powers. Other plant matter can have varying degrees of failure or success in being affected by his powers.


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