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|Residence=Xavier's School
|Residence=Xavier's School
|Education=11th grade
|Education=11th grade
|Groups=[[Xavier's School]]
|Groups=[[Xavier's School]], [[New Mutants]]
|Quote="And I want a moment to be real, Wanna touch things I don't feel."
|Quote="And I want a moment to be real, Wanna touch things I don't feel."
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[[Category:Xavier's School]]
[[Category:Xavier's School]] [[Category:New Mutants]]

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Adam Walden (Scenesys ID: 9655)
"And I want a moment to be real, Wanna touch things I don't feel."
Full Name: Adam Walden
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: American
Residence: Xavier's School
Education: 11th grade
Status: Approved
Groups: Xavier's School, New Mutants
Other Information
Apparent Age: 16 Actual Age: 16
Date of Birth 11 November 2011 Actor: Jacob Young
Height: 173 cm (5'8) Weight: 59 kg (130 lb)
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Animal I have Become" by Three Days Grace


Adam is a pretty typical teen, except for the whole, he can turn into a bear thing. He loves music, basketball and food.

Current Player Approved: July 14, 2020



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Adam is a slightly below average height for his age with a lanky body type, although exercise has given him noticeable definition of his muscles. His face has a youthful charm, a square, set jaw and slender nose. Easily his most attractive feature are his eyes; Grey-blue in color they can turn his expression from icy and calculated, to warm and full of laughter within a blink. His hair is thick and dirty blonde. It's cut is a 'messy' style that looks like he did it himself, and more likely than not, he did. His complexion is fair but warm hued from spending a good amount of time out-of-doors.


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Adam is the middle son of the Walden boys, three tightly knit brothers who have managed to keep their family together despite the actions of their parents. The other siblings are the oldest, at 21, Brad and the youngest Jack, who is 13. It has always been the brothers against the world and the boys created a pact as youngsters, the Brothers Code, that says they will always be there for one another, always protect one another, above anything else.

Growing up, Brad protected Adam against the violence in their house. Their father, with the same savage temper that was passed down to the boys and completely unchecked, often took his rage out on them and it was Brad that took most of it, being the oldest. Adam worshiped his older brother as a hero. And when Jack was little, Adam took the protector role for him, doing for the youngest boy what Brad had done for him.

Their mother was little help either, she was too self involved in her own world to care what her husband did to the boys. She was involved in a large drug ring, which meant their home was often visited by the lowest form of degenerates and criminals. Eventually, the boys got old enough to fight back. At 18, Brad left home, leaving his brothers, but promising to return to help rescue them. This was a hard time for Adam. He was just 14 at the time and he not only had to deal with taking on the brunt of his father's rage, but he was also going through a more dramatic change. His mutant powers had begun to develop. It started slowly, with his hair growing wildly and he just felt lazy. He fell back in school, grades suffering and he withdrew from life and friends, not wanting to do anything but sleep and eat. And his appetite grew incredibly, but the amount of food available didn't. By the time he changed to bear form for the first time, he was sickly thin.

The youngest son Jack had been caught stealing food from school, food for Adam, and was in the midst of bad beating when Adam came home from school. The sight of blood on his brother's face triggered a rage unlike anything Adam had felt before. He doesn't remember much about the time during the attack, but he had shifted into the form a bear and savagely mauled his father and meanwhile destroying a great deal of the house. He was lucky to not have hurt his brother in the rampage.

This certainly changed the dynamic in the house from then on. Their father was rather distant after getting out of the hospital, which primarily left them with their mother and she was still intent on ignoring the fact that she had children at all. Adam took care of himself and Jack, but it was not easy. He had to get a job and his school work suffered even more so he had to stay back a year. A growing resentment built up against Brad, who had not yet come back, even for a visit and he was constantly moody from hunger and stress.

Adam's life was going no where fast. He spent all of his time taking care of his brothers and working so that school became an after-thought and he had all but dropped out. He was dealing the best he could with his power as well, struggling against mood swings and where he could spend time in bear form in the middle of a city, feeling like he would burst if he didn't.

Recently, Adam and Jack had been playing a game of basketball in an abandoned old playground. Adam had often shifted with Jack around who loved to ride on his back and play with the large fuzzy beast. Since the lot seemed completely abandoned and alone, Adam changed there, glad to be able to do so out in the open for once, where he could really stretch his legs. They played together for several minutes, but they had not been as alone as Adam thought.


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Adam can be a very sweet guy and because of his abusive past and being aware of his temper, he tends to make up for that by being consciously very gentle with those he cares about. He also has a tremendous protective streak stemming from his years of protecting his younger brother and the territorial nature of his animal side.

He's not afraid of work and he's pretty open minded about people and ideas. When he's calm and relaxed, he just loves to play and be silly. He does tend to hold grudges. When people upset or wrong him, Adam may forgive but he doesn't forget and will take the other party proving themselves to him again before he trusts them once more.

Unfortunately, there is a dark side to him as well. Years of mental and physical abuse have left him scarred. As the Walden boys grew up, their father decided that he needed to make them into 'men' and he had a way of drilling this into each boy. With Brad it was always his sexuality that was hammed on, with Jack it was his fears and youth that was picked on and with Adam it was physical strength. Adam had always been rather small, and as if it could make him get stronger, his father beat him quite often. He was the most physically abusive with him, out of the three. It worked too, because the first thing Adam does when anger sets in is have the urge to lash out physically and fight.

Adam's temper is explosive but it also tends to fizzle very quickly. A burst of anger is often replaced with regret or remorse quickly after the act. He fears his temper, scared to death that he will become like his father. He tries to fight it, but is not always successful. His biggest triggers for his rage are even the thought of someone thinking he's stupid, any kind of abuse or harm to a child and being attacked or manhandled. On the subject of his intelligence, he has very low self-esteem.


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Grizzly Bear:

When Adam shifts into his Grizzly Bear form, he becomes a 600 pound healthy brown grizzly bear. This is not a were-bear. This is a normal bear with normal natural weaponry. His teeth has a normal 1200 PSI of bite force, thus easily being able to bite through objects such as bones, trees and even heavier metals such as iron. This is his most dangerous weapon. A normal grizzly bear has the strength of three times a normal human, so getting tackled by one or struck by one of his paws would be the same as getting hit by a small car. Adam does not have any regeneration powers. He is literally a normal grizzly bear.


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Adam loves basketball and as it's been his favorite sport since he was little, he is adept at playing as well. He has played on his school teams and has really focused on his tactics as his height was always a bit of a hinderance.

As he started to reach driving age, he also got really interested in cars. Knowing that if he gets a car, it would likely be a junker, he's been studying up on automotive repair, and figuring that if his music pipe dream doesn't work out, grease monkey is an appropriate level job to seek out.


Adam has been playing guitar since he was 11, when he was able to pick up a cheap used acoustic, which he still uses. He learned himself, through playing and a few accessible tutorials.


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Adam doesn't have any resources to speak of. He's a teenager in school and lives off of his family's income/support.


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Adam needs a high calorie diet to offset his ability to shift into such a large animal. He is almost always hungry, but a good diet could help with this.

Adam is pretty severely dyslexic. While he knows how to read, he can't do it very well, especially out loud. Writing, memorizing, and tests are very difficult for him and, at this point, he really doesn't try anymore. He does not know at this time that this is the reason for his struggles.

Adam does not have to hibernate, per se, but he does tend to be slow, especially in the middle of winter. He can sleep long hours if undisturbed, easily 12 hours a day. He doesn't often hurry or hustle on his daily activities and he can seem to be a lazy person. Of course, if motivated he can function on a normal speed, but he tends to use this side effect of his mutant ability as an excuse to continue to be lazy.


His anger can flare up, sometimes on a dime. And now a rush of emotions can trigger his powers to activate and cause him to shift. This often happens when he is physically threatened or is made to feel embarrassed or stupid.


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Jeremy meets the new kid, Adam. July 19th, 2020 Jeremy is terrible at socializing and making friends.
Making Adam into a cool mutant. July 16th, 2020 Friends hit up Club Evolution for some hanging out and food.
Not Your Average Bear July 15th, 2020 Adam Walden reaches out for help through Starlight and meets Andrea and Jean. Welcome to Xavier's!


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