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Duela Dent (Scenesys ID: 1269)
"Welcome to my world of make-believe. You'll see just what I tell you to see, and leave your troubles at the door. I'm a killer, I'm a healer, I'm a miracle medicine man. And if the world should end in an hour, I've got 59 minutes planned. I'm your devil, I'm your angel, I'm your lover, and maybe I'm your whore." ~Randall Shreve (Welcome to the Show)
Full Name: Duela Dent (Maybe)
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Psych Patient / Escapee
Citizenship: Gotham City
Residence: United States of America
Education: High School
Status: Dropped
Groups: Gotham-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth 25 September 2007 Actor: Chloe Grace Moretz
Height: 165 cm (5'5") Weight: 54 kg (120 lb)
Hair Color: Green Eye Color: Violet / Green
Theme Song: "Welcome to the Show" by Randall Shreve
"Impartial (The Battle)" by Clockwork Dolls
"Hysteria" by Muse


I'm the Harlequin. Not to be confused with the Harley Quinn. I'm a joker. Not to be confused with THE Joker. And you can totally believe everything I say, cause I'd never lead you astray. Hey, it's not a lie if I believe it at the time, right?

C'mon, I have something to show ya. It's right down this rabbit hole...

Current Player Approved: Not Applicable



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Duela Dent - also known as The Harlequin - stands about 5'5", and has the lithe build of an aerial acrobat. She is most often seen wearing a cabaret outfit consisting of a corset, garter belt and stockings, with a purple jacket and unnatural, permanently twisted smile reminiscent of the Joker. It's rumoured that the Dollmaker had a hand in the crafting of her facial features. A perfect, delicately upturned nose and wide green eyes are offset by that smile that won't wipe away, no matter how she tries. And she has.

Flourishes on her costume are geared toward Victorian Steampunk - like the green-glass goggles that rest on her violet top hat. Ruffles and lace, and leather, and grace. And that's what the Harlequin is made of.


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Nobody knows the trouble she's seen. Nobody knows her sorrows.

What little is known, believed, or suspected in regard to Duela Dent's past is all fairly recent. Currently going by the alias "The Harlequin," it is believed that she began as a quasi-normal girl, but her previous identity (if any) is unknown. In her late teens, Duela escaped from a mental institution, and encountered many of both Gotham's finest, and its lowest. During this time, she introduced herself as the Joker's Daughter. With her style of dress (and style of combat style) it's easy to see a resemblance. However, in the meantime, she also introduced herself as Catwoman's Daughter, the Riddler's Daughter, Scarecrone the Scarecrow's Daughter, and the daughter of Two-Face (Harvey Dent). And those are just the tip of the iceberg on her list of aliases. However, every single claim to parentage that Duela has made has been disproven.

What /is/ known is that Duela was diagnosed as a delusional schizophrenic when she was institutionalized. But there hasn't been a psych ward built that can contain her. It is believed that a chance encounter with the Dollmaker when Duela was in her late teens resulted in Duela's appearance today. But while that look may be here to stay, her intentions, dispositions, and desires vary like the wind. One day she hopes to do good. Another, she's trying to follow in the footsteps of Gotham's most notorious villains. The only thing that's certain is change.


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Duela has enough personality (or personalities?) to go around. Certifiably insane, she takes on a new persona every time the notion strikes her, and she struggles with her desire to do good, when her instincts always tend to lead her down villainous pathways. She has a definite sense of her identity, and she'll passionately share that with anyone, any given day of the week. Just don't expect any two days to be the same. Duela seems to have a heart of gold beneath all those layers and disguises, but finding the tender, juicy center of Duela is like navigating Pan's Labyrinth. Someday, she hopes that someone can find that heart and help her seize that persona, because until then, she's adrift, lost, and variable as the weather.


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Clown Ingenuity:

Duela has no powers, but she has designed all of her own toys. She loves explosions, overpowering sounds, and flashy lights. Her offensive skillset is a veritable Carnival Midway. Many of her traps and methods of attack are based on clown comedy, tricks, and gaffs. Exploding powder puffs? Flash-Bang drones? Hypnotic lights on a tiara? This girl can't get enough. Never underestimate the power of laughter. The most common theme for all of her toys is one of cogs and gears, because there's a just a certain dependable beauty to clockwork that cannot be paralleled. Duela has an innate and uncanny knack for pulling gadget schemata right out of thin air.


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Ace Detective:
An exceedingly intelligent and observant individual, Duela is someone who can spot deceptions and clues with relative ease. She is a fanastic detective, and she uses her experience as a deceiver to bolster her know-how.

Duela is an acrobatic prodigy. It is suspected that she may at one time have been a member of a sideshow circuit, or the circus. Her training is impeccable. She knows how to do everything from take tumbling fall to aerial acrobatics. She's bendy, bouncy, and flexible, and she uses it to her full advantage when it comes to making her escape.

Escape Artistry:

Houdini has little on this girl. There isn't a psych ward that's been built that can hold her. She is quick, deadly clever, and evasive, once she's on the run. So if you manage to apprehend her, keep a close eye on her. Otherwise, she'll be gone before you know it.


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A Fistful of Dollars:
A handful of big-ticket thefts over the past several years have allowed Duela to amass a sizeable amount of money, which she keeps as cash, stashed in hidey holes where (hopefully) no one but her will ever find it.


Because she has never maintained a long-term alias or allowed anyone to establish her history with any semblance of reliability, Duela has maintained a level of anonymity that keeps her from being easily recognized or pinned down. (So far, at least.) Therefore, Duela can quite often fly under the radar with an obscure alias, or by moving her activities to an area outside of Gotham, where she's relatively unheard-of.


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Duela has crossed a LOT of people in her short history. Because she has not been either reliably good or bad, she has angered everyone from the Joker, to Gotham PD, and many in between. Maybe she should pick a side and stay there. But she seems to lack the capacity for consistency.

Unreliable Narrator:
Duela is certifiably insane. She can tell you every single sorrow that she's experienced. And some of them will even be true! Even Duela herself often can't distinguish the difference between a truth and a lie, because in her mind, they're all mixed up, and they all sound the same. Whatever is most believable at the time is what comes out. Or y'know...whatever serves her purpose. Or whatever she believes at that moment. Or whatever. Why do you care? WHO WANTS TO KNOW?

It's tough to anchor yourself on anything in this world, when the world seems inconstant and false. Duela can sometimes have a very hard time dealing with a fake life in a fake world, with a real heart...somewhere inside.

What Powers?:

In a pool where you can't throw a rock without hitting someone with powers - be they mutants, supers, metahumans, supervillains, or some combination of these - Duela is in the deep end without water wings. She has some fantastic abilities, but nothing superhuman. She's strong, for a human. She's fast, for a human. She's smart, for a human. She's lithe and evasive and devious...for a human. But she's still just human.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Holes August 31st, 2020 Duela and June bump into each other.
Like a What August 4th, 2020 Snake Eyes investigates a shooting and meets Duela
Hook, Line, and Sink Her September 2nd, 2019 Frank meets The Harlequin, and she finally gets an answer. He gets a few answers, too. So maybe the Lady can go back to work.
Undercurrents: Red is Dead. August 14th, 2019 Frank and Elaina descend into the Queens subway, and right on down the rabbit hole.


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