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|Citizenship=United States of America
|Citizenship=United States of America

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Havok (Scenesys ID: 210)
Full Name: Alexander Summers
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Teacher
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Rockman's Apartments (Bushwick, Brooklyn) and Xavier's School (Breakstone, Westchester County)
Education: Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters (BGeophys)
Status: Approved
Groups: Mutant-OOC, Brotherhood, X-Men, Xavier's School
Other Information
Apparent Age: 29 Actual Age: 29
Date of Birth 3 November 2002 (29* See note) Actor: Alex Pettyfer
Height: 185cm (6'1") Weight: 91kg (200lbs)
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


Alexander Summers was always an outsider. When his parents were lost in the 'plane crash' and he found himself in one foster home after the other, Alex was never able to find a sense of family or stability in his life. Because of this, his personality grew into that of an angry young man. This lead to many troubles and even the surfacing of his abilities. He found focus in rocks, his passion. Then was finally found by the X-Men. This was the family he sought. Though he is still troubled and often combative, Alex has found the happiness he always longed for within the X-Men and alongside his brother.

During the summer, Havok fell down the rabbit hole and disappeared from the school for a period of time. While away, he could not be telepathed, pinged, or located. As if he dropped off the planet or died. In reality (a pun here), he fell into another reality where he had adventures.

Note: Having been in an alternate reality (Earth-1298) for 6 years, Alex has the memories, scars, and training to reflect this. His body did not physically age during that time, but he has the emotional maturity and experience of a man 6 years his senior.

Current Player Approved: July 02, 2019



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Currently Alex is dressed in black boots/pants/long sleeved uniform. The black of the uniform, in the center of his chest, has a glowing circle with circular lines runing around it. He doesn't wear a mask.

The man that makes the outfit stands 6'1" tall with an athletic build, deep blue penetrating eyes and natural blond hair that seems to have no direction or style to its medium length, other than early 90's mess. His posture is normally depected as alert and poised. His facial features are balanced with a normal sized nose, full lips and a strong chin who's jaw is normally tight. His body appears atheletic and details that he works out often, though not a body builder.


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Alex Summers grew up an Air Force brat until a freak plane crash seemingly killed his parents. This orphaned both brothers and separated them into foster homes far removed from one another. Alex was adopted by the Master's family and would then grow up on the sunny coasts of Southern California, Alex would become a gifted student and athlete, winning several amateur surfing competitions and participating in various school based sports.

Alex's life changed dramatically again when his volatile, uncontrolled mutant power manifested. Thankfully, the X-Men sought him out, led by Alex's long-lost brother. Relocating to Westchester, Alex learned more about his abilities, especially how to control them. Taking up the codename Havok, Alex joined the ranks of the X-Men, hoping to help other mutants as he himself was helped. Years would pass while in the Xavier School and he would grow and develop in his education, powers, and his personality. In this, he would become the X-Man he is. Now, he is part of the team as well as part of the school in the capacity as instructor of Powered Tactics.

Havok finds himself out in the city on one fateful day <7.16.2017>. He takes a subway which loses power and comes to a stop. While waiting for the power to come back on, Havok spies a suspicious light down a side tunnel. He exits the subway car to investigate. Moving deeper into the tunnel, Havok finds a group of strange mutants who attack him. He is caught off guard and ends up being mortally wounded. However, at the instant of Havok's death, a Havok from an alternate reality also dies after being shot in the chest by a Sentinel. Havok's spirit finds its way into his counterpart's body and he wakes up in the Mutant X Universe. Here, he is the leader of a mutant team of heroes dubbed The Six (who are altered versions of his friends from Earth-616), the husband of Madelyne Pryor (who looks uncannily like Jean Grey from his reality), and the father of Scotty Summers (named after his late brother, Scott).

Realizing he's in another reality, Havok tries to convince the others of the Six to help him return to his universe, but they all still believe him to be the Havok of their universe and insist that he is lying about coming from another dimension as a way of getting back at Madelyne for some unspecified injury. Havok ultimately gives up and decides to take on his counterpart's place in this universe. Only Scotty, who has precognitive powers, realizes that Havok is telling the truth, and addresses him as "Alex" instead of "Dad". The two quickly form a bond.

Havok spends months getting acclimated and up to speed in this new world. He also takes the leadership of the Six quite seriously. It's his first role as a full leader where he's not under his brother's shadow. He also finds his affections for Madelyne becoming true and not just going through the motions. In his quest to make a go of it, Havok embraces this new reality as his own. They make their way together as heroes of the Six and try to make the world a better place. He also learns to better control his abilities and gains new skills <Nothing to be added to character sheet. These new skills will reflect what the character already has approved>. This goes on for two years until things turn foul. Madelyne becomes possessed by a demon that the team was fighting. The team thought they killed the demon. Instead, it took over Madelyne.
Over the next few months, a demon-possessed Madelyne sets plans to take over the world into play. She takes control of all the members of the Six except Havok. Scotty is warned of her doings by his precognitive power, and Havok takes him and his nanny, Elektra, into hiding. For months Madelyne wages war against the rest of the world while trying to open a gateway to allow a full demonic invasion. Scotty finally stops her by exorcising the Goblin Entity from her mind. However, she was not the Madelyne that he once knew. She had been tainted by the entity and felt a deep guilt and emotional turmoil. She was unable to come to grips with all the death and destruction she brought about. Taking her into hiding with Scotty, Havok left Madelyne with Elektra to hopefully find healing and reoperation with their son.

The destruction caused by Madelyne serves as a spark to ignite the seething anti-mutant sentiment in the United States, and new president Graydon Creed tasks terrorist leader Nick Fury with rounding up mutants into prison camps; though the public explanation is that this is for their protection, mutants taken into the camps are immediately killed. Havok has Elektra take Scotty into hiding, while the remaining members of the Six, supplemented by new members Gambit and Captain America, set about rescuing mutants from Nick Fury's troops.

The war against the United States goes on for another two years with Havok and his team striking out to free their compatriots and bring about change to the oppressive forces of the government. The war between the government and the various mutant factions spread across the entire country and spilled into Europe and Asia. Destruction was like wildfire and so many lives lost. Everyone was distracted and never saw the invasion forces approaching. Also, during this time, the Goblin Entity found Madelyne in her weakened state and possessed her again.

The Skrull Empire struck hard and fast. They wanted Earth for its resources and its strategic location between their empire and Kree space. A new war was fought. The Goblin Entity, wishing to destroy the Earth completely, would join the invading force lending it so much more power. Then in an epic battle, almost all the heroes of the Earth died. Havok, discovering that he is the home for the Nexus of Realities, a force of nature that binds all realities (Omniverse), uses it to wield an omniversal level of power to stop the invasion forces, which had gained the upper hand. He then fights with the possessed Maydelyne and harnesses the power of the Nexus of All realities and with a thought eliminates the Goblin Entity throughout the Omniverse. He then teleports Maydelyne to her alternate universe with her son, Scotty. Fearing that somebody would attempt to use the power of the Nexus of All Realities to reshape, destroy, or alter the very Omniverse; he then becomes one with the Nexus of All Realities to prevent anyone from getting this power, except himself.

The power overwhelms Havok and he is lost in its omniversal expanse. Fading from existence, feeling himself die, Alex dreams of his long-lost home and he recalls how his life use to be. That's when he wakes in a hospital coma ward. Where he has been labeled John Doe for the past few weeks.


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Anger Management - Alex needs Anger Management Classes. He has a sharp and brash temper which is set off by the slightest provocation. These issues have often gotten him into more trouble than he would like. Generally, the best way to deal with his anger is to walk away and allow him to cool down a bit.

Rebellious - Alex has always been rebellious in nature. Even in his youth, he would choose conflict over passive behavior. If given a choice between roads to travel, he would take the one less traveled. This normally brings him into odds with his family and his friends. Though he's a caring individual, he chooses himself first over his friends. Further, he doesn't like authority figures.

Outsider - Alex has always been an outsider looking in. Ever since the plane crash and the subsequent foster homes, he's never had a true family. And though he finally settled with the Masters name, he's never really felt like one. He desires a true family and hopes one day that he can find one.

Loyal - When needed, Alex will always come running to the aid of his friends and family regardless of how much it hurts him inside to be around them, or how much he's hurt them in the past.

Self Doubt - Regardless of how successful Alex can be, he will always doubt himself and compare himself to Scott and Xavier. For example, even though he successfully planned the entire rebellion against his brother Vulcan and the Shi'ar empire, he still doubted whether or not it would work. That if Scott or Xavier were doing the planning, it would surely work. He's a natural leader, yet, the self-doubt always gets in the way.

Been There Done That - Havok has been around for years upon years. He's been a member of the X-Men and has had experiences well beyond his years. There's very little that surprises him and in this, he's familiar on how to deal with varied situations.

Cry Havoc - Alex has significant power. Such that it can get out of hand. He's considered one of the more powerful of the X-types and often the most volatile. With this in mind, he's surely going to do damage to something, if not the target, the surrounding area.

Something to Prove - Alex is in constant turmoil between success and self-doubt. He's always trying to out-shine his brother and make a name for himself. In this he goes above and beyond the standard operating procedure to ensure that it is successful - however he doubts himself the whole way.


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Cosmic Energy Conversion
Alex's mutant ability is to absorb Cosmic Radiation and convert it to fiery plasma to be projected at whatever target he desires. Cosmic Radiation is defined as Starlight, Cosmic Waves, Microwave Radiation, Alpha/Beta/Gamma Radiation, Nuclear Radiation, X-Radiation, and similar cosmic energies found intra or extra planetary which bombard the Earth on a daily basis. His body acts as a battery in this absorption and from a complete drain, he's able to recharge himself within 20 hours to reach a peak load. As with any battery, he must discharge this gained and converted energy within every 32 hour period otherwise he will have gained enough energy in his body to produce an uncontrolled spontaneous discharge of this energy in the form of a globe of plasma that would surround his body and completely drain him for another 20 hours leaving him weakened and with a headache. Alex normally tries to expel enough energy every 24 hours so as to prevent this from happening. In special circumstances he's able to absorb any radiation ambient or projected into him and subsequently convert it into his fiery plasma. This has been demonstrated when he had to absorb the radiation of a nuclear reactor. He could also be tossed into a star and survive (IE: Marvel Comics, Vulcan threw Havok into a star.)

Special note: The Earth is shielded from most Cosmic Radiation by the Van Allen Radiation Belts and the atmosphere. If Alex was removed from the Earth, and taken out of a shielded environment (space ship/station, other planetary body with atmosphere and natural shielding), he would be exposed to more Cosmic Radiation at a higher level and thus need to expel or discharge his energy stores more frequently.
Havok possesses a super-suit that channels his plasma in various directions allowing him to fly at speeds upward of 100mph. He can do this for approximately an hour before he must rest and recharge.
Due to his genetic makeup, Alex is immune to his brother's optiblast. This blast does not affect him what-so-ever except for the concussive force it generates. The feeling is mutual as his attacks do not affect Scott. Havok is also immune to his own power.
Plasma Projection
Havok's ability to absorb cosmic radiation (starlight, microwaves, gamma rays...) allows him to convert this energy into white hot fiery plasma. These blasts are directed down both of his arms and focused toward whatever target he deems fit. He is also able to direct these blasts in two separate directions if he parts his arms. Thus allowing for a spread/area or multiple target attacks.

His blasts have no concussive force. However, in its projection, the air molecules that are being atomized in the path of the blast along with the atoms that the blast impacts with are atomized and create a force associated with an explosion as those atoms are projected outward during the atomization phase (knockback). Havok is able to project this energy with such intensity that it can destroy most known materials.

Havok does not have fine manipulation of his power. He cannot narrow the beam down to some fine laser and cut items like a torch would.


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Havok doesn't much care for or want to deal with politics. However in his adventures, he has obtained a minor understanding of the inner workings of politics. Especially in those involving US Senators that try to run oversight on a population. Yet, most of his 'handling of' said persons would just mean 'blast them'.
Havok is skilled in many forms of martial combat. This includes hand to hand, muscle powered weapons, firearms, sci-fi weapons, and is highly skilled in the application of them in regards to a combat theater (tactics).
Havok has a master's degree in Geophysics and is working toward his PhD. He's also had exposure to many other science fields, but none that he understands as well as Geology.
High Tech
Havok has been exposed to many high tech devices over the years he's been with the X-Men. These are sometimes alien in origin and he's able to utilize such tech if need be. This does not mean he can build or repair such tech.
Havok has spent many days/weeks/months camping and spending time in nature. This was mostly in part when he worked as a Geologist for an Archeologist dig site in remote locations. This affords him the ability to know land and how to survive on it with minimal resources in such climes as Jungle, Tropical, Temperate, Mountain, Desert, and Arctic. He's also familiar with flora and fauna of said environs.
If it flies, drives, floats etc, Havok can likely pilot it (and likely crash it - totally not his fault). In all regards, Havok is a skilled and competent pilot able to pilot and drive anything from a dinghy all the way up to an interstellar starship in and out of combat.

Havok has a way with inspiring and leading people. Though he's filled with his own self doubt, he is still a natural born leader. He's able to relate to the common and uncommon man in ways that will bring them to rise against even the most overpowering of enemies. Also, between him and Cyclops, Havok is the hero of the people; The one that seems more /common/ and /relatable/ than overbearing and uptight.


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Over the years, Havok has had exposure to many heroes and villains. In this, he's made friends (in both realms) and thus may be able to call upon these people in time of need.
Havok has access to the X-Men database. This affords him knowledge of things on Earth and beyond.
Havok owns a Jeep.
Super Suit
Havok has been fitted with numerous super suits over the years. Many of them have had power regulators and storage devices fitted into them. The current suit helps him regulate his buildup and also gives him the ability to fly.

Due to his long history with the X-Men and sub teams, he's quite the popular guy and friend to many.


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Havok is required to discharge his energy within every 32 hours or he will suffer a meltdown. This meltdown causes physical and emotional stress as well as it disrupts or destroys his immediate environment due to the sudden explosive release of stored plasma.
Havok has been the victim of many manipulations over the years. Often it's his own fault for believing in people and wanting to see the best in them.
Havok is vulnerable to mutant-specific complications or tech. This includes, but is not limited to: Mutant Hatred/Racial Violence, Mutant Neutralizing Weaponry, Mutant Neutralizing Collars, Mutating Mutations, and Mutant Stigma.
Watched and Hunted

During his tenure with the X-Men, Havok has made a long, long list of enemies. Many of these will try to kill him, others watch and wait in the shadows. But in all instances, they are dangerous to him and the ones he loves.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Black on the Outside July 17th, 2019 Lorna shares her attack with Alex.
The House is Already Warm September 16th, 2018 Storm learns why Havok isn't at the school and what he's doing in Mutant Town. Also, Storm drops knowledge on Havok about nefarious things going on right under his nose. There's going to be some FOOMing soon.
Pool time at Xavier's. August 30th, 2018 Summary needed
Was that an earthquake August 6th, 2018 Terra and Havok investigate the 125th street fault line and early morning earthquakes. They discover the cause - a bevy of HYDRA agents had captured an alien with geokinetic powers <Earthquake of the Shi'ar>. They were doing experiments on him. They free the alien, the agents fled, and the heroes also fled then went for pancakes.
The day after fireworks. July 5th, 2018 Andrea meets up with Ororo and Alex to talk a little bit about her feelings.
Coming out, stepping up! June 2nd, 2018 Andrea puts on a charity concert for suicide prevention awareness and gets attacked by the Friends of Humanity. Several heroes step up to protect the park.
Pie! June 1st, 2018 Just a meeting with pie.
STARK Birthday party June 1st, 2018 Tony's yacht party is a hit with a variety of high profile guests!
Lions, Tigers, and Killer Crocs May 16th, 2018 Summary needed
Snikt-Foom! April 17th, 2018 Wolverine and Havok travel to Canada to take down Effex before he can steal Adamantium stuff.
One Flew Over... March 28th, 2018 The Cuckoos are about the property and ran into Alex. Who was confused.
Hiding Out March 27th, 2018 Summary needed
Another Day at Freds March 15th, 2018 Lorna's back, and there's catching up to do.
From the Ice Age to the Dole Age March 2nd, 2018 Nurses need help too.
Just Another Breakfast February 28th, 2018 Summary needed
Another Day in the Diner February 21st, 2018 Ali and Alex decide on a plan to get the teenagers to wake up.
Log 3830 February 8th, 2018 Summary needed
Hello Havok! February 6th, 2018 Summary needed
AtatatatatatatFOOOOM! January 31st, 2018 Zinda shows Alex her aeroplane.
Am I late January 24th, 2018 Catching up between Jean and Alex. Just talking about current events and superhero spectacles.
Dazzling Dimensions of Danger January 3rd, 2018 Dazzler and Havok kick a monster's ass and then catch up on old times.
Mutants in Mutant Town December 14th, 2017 Alex and Ororo talk about the school.
Post Patrol Coffee November 19th, 2017 Summary needed
Drown Your Sorrows At Josie's November 15th, 2017 Josie's is a classy joint, and when you go to a classy joint, you meet classy people.
Rogue makes airplane noises. November 3rd, 2017 Rogue and Havok catch up after a long period of unrest and of course her troubled life. But she's a girl at the buffet table that needs to eat.
Lunch and the Future October 9th, 2017 Summary needed
Mansion Recon and New Friends. October 6th, 2017 Nate Grey does a bit of a fly-by.
Connecting Threads of String October 6th, 2017 Summary needed
Visitation Rights September 25th, 2017 Summary needed
Long Walks on the Beach September 19th, 2017 Economic talking between Havok and Polaris regarding Genoshan economy.
Island Time September 7th, 2017 Summary needed
Cheap Ass Beer September 6th, 2017 Several members of the faculty (and one former student!) spend an evening at Harry's where a game of secrets is played.
A Gracious Host September 2nd, 2017 Havok joins the Brotherhood, Molly meets Mystique-- Steps towards a brighter future.
Magnetic Waves August 30th, 2017 Havok is lacking in his life and looking for other directions.
Practicing for Home Ec. Test August 19th, 2017 Wednesday was practicing for her Home Ec test and Havok happened upon her.
Havok Briefs Cyclops on Alt-Reality Adventures August 8th, 2017 A post dated scene that occured immediately post the return of Havok from the Mutant X reality. Where he goes to be reunited with his brother, whom Havok missed during his travels.
Reorientation July 27th, 2017 Havok looks a bit lost... like he's been gone for years?!?
To TP, or not to TP July 26th, 2017 Tomfollery was had at the Academy of Tomorrow which turned into a rescue and a beatdown of Smile Faces. Key ingredient, Havok is back from the dead. Yippie.
It had to be snakes... July 10th, 2017 Act One of a series which involves discovering an ancient race of snake people ( http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/forgottenrealms/images/7/74/Monster_Manual_5e_-_Yuan-ti_-_p307.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20141116095915 ) beneath the sands of the Sahara desert. Part two will be the expedition into the unknown temple of Set.
Encounters in the Danger Room June 22nd, 2017 A danger room battle scene letting Lorna show off her mad skillz.
Swim Swim Swim June 21st, 2017 Summary needed
Guys in the Garage June 14th, 2017 Just guy talk in the garage while mechanical stuff is going on.
Schoooool's Out, For EVER May 16th, 2017 Poolside shenanigans, ending mostly with Havok ruining everything for everyone.
Crack O'Clock April 29th, 2017 Jono's up at the butt-crack of dawn thanks to nightmares. Havok needs to let off some steam. A brief conversation ensues.


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Title Date Scene Summary
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