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[[Category:Xavier's School]]

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Jay Guthrie (Scenesys ID: 9046)
"How far I've fallen."
Full Name: Joshua "Jay" Guthrie
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Student and Musician
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Xavier's School, Westchester, NY
Education: High School Student
Status: Approved
Groups: Xavier's School
Other Information
Apparent Age: 17 Actual Age: 17
Date of Birth 1 February 2010 Actor: Brian Balzerini
Height: 175 cm (5'9") Weight: 88 kg (193 lb)
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Hazel
Theme Song: "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?" by Bryan Adams


Jay is yet another mutant from the Guthrie family, gifted with wings, healing and sonic abilities through singing. He has loved deeply and lost that love tragically, leading to a spiralling depression. Not quite sure what else to do to help him, his mother has decided to send him to Xavier's School. After all, they did good things for his brother.

Current Player Approved: June 9, 2020



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This young man is in his late teens. He stands at 5'9" with an athletic build, zero body fat on his muscular frame. He has red hair, which match the color of the wings that grow from his back should they be visible. His eyes are hazel, sometimes looking green and others blue. He tends to dress casually, often in baggy clothing so he can hide his large wings beneath the clothes. When he isn't trying to hide his wings, he is often in jeans and a tank top.


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Joshua "Jay" Guthrie was born in Cumberland, Kentucky, the third child in the large family. It was coal mining town and that is the career most of the residents followed, including his father. When his father died in an accident, his brother took over as the bread-winner for the family. His brother eventually left to go to school out of state and that left Jay to look after the family. While he worked in the mines, his first love was music and he supplemented his income with gigs in the local area.

His mutancy appeared in the form of wings growing out of his back. He hid them from his family, learning to conceal them quite well beneath baggy clothing. He also gained powers related to his voice, which he also hid. When he was performing on stage, he would use the wings and his voice as a gimmick, for the show, people thinking they were faked through some other means or costuming.

He fell in love with a young woman named Julia Cabot. Unfortunately, the Guthries and Cabots were enemies, having been feuding for years. The pair spent a summer together but were eventually found out by Julia's father. He donned some power armor that he had found and killed Jay. In her grief, Julia dragged Jay's body with her into the river and drowned herself.

That's when Jay's other power was revealed. His healing brought him back to life and he found himself at the bottom of a river with his love. He took her to shore but she was gone. He tried to take his own life only to learn he would heal. No matter how many times he tried.

His depression was extreme and he attempted suicide multiple times while still supporting his family as best he could. His mother couldn't take it anymore though and has decided to send him to the school that helped his brother Samuel. Against his will, Jay is being shipped off to study at Xavier's School.


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Jay has always been fun loving and happy, for the most part. He is very family oriented and will do anything for them. His friends get the same treatment. He is giving and thoughtful, willing to give his shirt off his back to someone in need. There is a romantic side to him, expressed often through music or poetry. Unfortunately, he has lost the girl he loved and this has led to a spiraling depression he can't seem to get out of, leaving him often quiet and withdrawn instead of the gregarious man he once was. Sometimes there are glimpses of the old Jay and hopefully he will begin healing, with help.


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Jay has a pair of wings that have grown out of his back. They are 20 feet when spread to their full width. His altitude is limited only by the oxygen content in the air, so he can reach around 10K feet comfortably. With an extreme strain on his system, he could reach 29K but only for a few minutes. His top speed is around 186 mph. He can fly up to 12 hours before needing to rest.

Jay is able to heal due a healing factor. He can heal a hundred times faster than a normal person. Minor cuts are gone instantly. Broken bones in a few minutes. Even major wounds that are considered lethal, he can recover from in a couple of hours. He is resistant to all diseases and toxins since his body heals anything they would do to him. He can grow back a limb if it is severed, except for his wings themselves (See Weakness Wings).

Jay's physiology is altered to compensate for his wings and flight. He is more like a bird in some ways, such as his bones being hollow to help reduce weight. His body mass is zero body fat and a greater amount of muscle. He has enhanced eyesight, hearing, durability, flexibility, balance, coordination and strength due to the greater muscle mass. He would be considered peak human physically, able to lift up to 500 lbs. He is resistant to damage, body designed to be resistant to wind resistance when flying at high speeds. He is able to hear outside human ranges, including high and low frequencies.


Voice: Jay's voice is enhanced as well, allowing for sonic manipulations of various types. He can use hs voice to create an exact copy of any sound he has ever heard or can imagine. He can sound like multiple voices, becoming a full chorus all by himself if he wishes. He can match the voices of other people precisely, to the point he can fool voice recognition software. His voice can be modified to high and low frequencies humans normally cannot hear, though he can due to his modified physiology. Through the use of these sonic alternations, he has been able to hypnotize people in the past although he can only effect one or two at a time. This hypnosis is not mind control and he cannot make anyone do anything against their nature, instead it being more suggestion. . (OOC Note: Consent based on hypnosis.)


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Jay was born and raised in a coal mining town in Kentucky. His father was a miner and, once he passed, Samuel took the spot. When Sam went off to school, that left Jay as the "man" of the family and he too went to the mines. As such, he knows how to coal mine, proper techniques and so forth. Not tha the likes it. Or ever wants to do it again.

Jay is a skilled musician. He has trained with several instruments including piano and guitar. He can also play the violin/fiddle. Most stringed instruments he would likely be able to play passingly well, even if he just picked them up. He has an excellent singing voice, even without using his powers. He was the lead singer and guitarist in his own band back home. He can read music and also writes his own.

In addition to being a musician, Jay is a fan of music of all types. He has a vast array of knowledge in this area, including music from long before he was even born. His tastes are very eclectic including rock, country, classical, R&B and pretty much everything out there.

Living in the wilds of Kentucky, the family would supplement their food supply by hunting. Jay is skilled in this area, able to track down prey, kill it, prepare it for cooking and even doing the cooking itself, be it in the kitchen or on an open fire. He has a lot of survival skills that are based on camping and hiking, able to be left in the woods with minimal resources and survive.


Jay was one of the three eldest out of a huge family, living in an extremely rural setting. He had to help his mother in any ways necessary. As such, he has experience with babysitting his siblings, cooking, sewing, animal husbandry, fixing electrical issues in the house, repairing washing machines and a wide range of 'handy man' skills that have served him through his life.


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Jay is part of a large family and they support him in all things. Although they don't have much to give other than their love, he could call on them in a time of need. Sam Guthrie, aka Cannonball, is his brother and can also be accessed for help should the need arise. Jay would do the same for him or any of his family. His band back home he considers family as well, although he had to leave them behind to come to the new school.

Material Goods:
Jay doesn't have a lot. He has some money in his pockets from his work as a musician back home. He prefers to work gigs to take care of his own money, knowing the family needs it more, so he tries to avoid accepting what the family has to give. He has some clothes, his phone and MP3 player, as well as three guitars (one electric, two acoustic).

Xavier's School:

Jay is a new student at Xavier's School. He has access to the school facilities and is getting his education there.


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Jay suffers from depression, to the point of self-harm. He has attempted suicide multiple times. Due to his healing factor, he recovers from everything he does. Having one of her children trying to take his own life has proven too much for his mother. It is for this reason his mother sent him to Xavier's, as she wasn't sure how to deal with it anymore. While he isn't suicidal at every moment, he is clinically depressed though he can hide it well when he wants to.

Love Lost:
People talk about the story of Romeo and Juliet as though it is something to want out of their own lives. Jay has lived that story. He loved deeply and completely but the girl was from the wrong family and everything went horribly wrong. In the end, he lost her yet he remains here due to his healing factor. Having already been with his one true love, he has a long, lonely life ahead of him from his point of view.

Power Limitations:

Jay's wings are the source of his flight and healing. Were his wings to be removed, his regeneration would be stopped. He cannot grow back his wings. Additionally, his voice is only useful if it can be heard. If he is in a location where sound is blocked, he would not be able to use that power.


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Falling In Reverse August 2nd, 2020 Andrea finds some old memories of Jay's and talk a bit. They're sickly in love with each other.
Today is the day! Neon Dreams August 1st, 2020 Andrea springs big news and gets a not so amazing reaction.
Andrea has a panic attack July 28th, 2020 Andrea has a panic attack after meeting The Straw Man. Jay calms her down.
All New Dreams July 21st, 2020 Jay and Andrea share music together and make plans for the future.
Making Adam into a cool mutant. July 16th, 2020 Friends hit up Club Evolution for some hanging out and food.
Button Mashing July 1st, 2020 Friends meet up in the arcade to chat about soundtracks, back breaking combos, and linguistic cheat codes.
Family Matter(s) June 25th, 2020 Jay and Andrea have a heart to heart talk about roommates and music.
At Da Club June 22nd, 2020 Friends gathering at Club Evolution for talks of fashion, music and a family bombshell. Shannon sang the blues, Andrea did some pop-rock, Nevada ate everyone's food.
Flipping the world upside down June 21st, 2020 Andrea and Jay receive a mysterious guest at their condo. World's are turned upside down. A great lie has been exposed.
Shopping for College. Starting from scratch June 20th, 2020 Andrea and Jay go shopping for new clothes for College. Jay meets Fernando.
A Family and Familiar Faces June 13th, 2020 A post-graduation celebration, Andrea, Alexis and Jay Guthrie have a trio performance. Megan and Sam meet someone close to Alexis
Xavier's Graduation 2028 June 11th, 2020 It's graduation day for the latest round of Xavier's students. Party time!
Coming To An End June 11th, 2020 Jay and Andrea talk about graduation tomorrow. Jay is given a scholarship through Andrea's charity. He opts to go to college with her, if he can. He also embraces his true feelings finally, admitting he loves her. Seems she loves him too. Yay!
A little lesson for the teacher. December 1st, 2019 And Andrea and Sam show what the others can learn to do.
Turkey Day part 2 November 30th, 2019 Leftovers are yummy. Andrea feeds Jay some pie. They look cute too.
Baby steps to new beginnings November 26th, 2019 Jay comes to Andrea to talk about his trip home.
Secrets and Second Chances November 25th, 2019 Students gather in the Music Room for some socialization as they chat about teams and bands!
Let's talk about the future. November 25th, 2019 Andrea is back on the New Mutants. Jay is going home to talk to Julia.
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Good Boys in a Park November 21st, 2019 And a wintery wonderland was had by all.
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What is a wolf without a wolf November 19th, 2019 Bandaids can't fix bulletholes.
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Best room Ever November 18th, 2019 Jay gets a roommate, and Andrea stops by to try to be a third!
So. Are we complicated November 17th, 2019 One step forward, two steps back. Opposite of a Paula Abdul song.
Jet Farts and Musical Interludes November 15th, 2019 Brad and Jay chat about mutation and music.
Stranger Things November 12th, 2019 Jay and Andrea discover a mutant teen living on the streets. With permission, they bring him to Xavier's for an overnight stay and to help him see there are people willing to help in the world.
Aftermath of Choices November 11th, 2019 Jay is depressed. Sam to the rescue with comfort food and brotherly advice.
We Need To Talk. Again. November 11th, 2019 Andrea and Jay have a talk about Friday Night and the kiss! Then spend the evening talking, sharing music and generally being sappy.
It's a Living November 9th, 2019 Andrea comes to Club Evolution to see Jay. A good time is had by all with some surprises in the mix. Angst to follow in the future.
Never underestimate the power of soup! November 8th, 2019 Barry volunteers, meets a Guthrie, and they help an old man
a brotherky chat. October 30th, 2019 And Jay gets just the smallest bit of closure, maybe it is a start.
Knock Knock. Who's there October 29th, 2019 Andrea visits Jay to test the waters. The water is still cold.
Lunch..the day after. October 29th, 2019 A nice family dinner, and no one gets stabed with a fork.
Hey, can we talk October 25th, 2019 Jay and Andrea talk a bit about where this 'thing' is going.
Plans for the future. October 25th, 2019 A place for 2, and a girlyfid restroom
Sweet treats and red feathers October 22nd, 2019 Andrea talks with the Guthrie boys. Jay is a bowl of jello around her.
Vi gets her first taste of life at the school. October 20th, 2019 Vi meets the fuzzy elf and the almost zoo crew.
A Walk In The Garden October 18th, 2019 Andrea and Jay have a chat in the gardens, learning more about each other and confronting some personal demons.
No Wins without Costs October 17th, 2019 Andrea discusses a new project with Triage over lunch, and other issues surface.
A Royal Coronation Birthday October 14th, 2019 Lorna's birthday party and coronation ends with Magneto's nightmares coming to life and wrecking everything.
A Brotherly Chat. October 12th, 2019 The Brothers talk the day away.
Backscene: Andrea in the medlab gets a visitor. October 12th, 2019 Jay visits Andrea at the MedLab before she is released. They talk about music.
Red feathers October 10th, 2019 Jay and Andrea meet to talk a bit.
Good Food and Good Friends October 8th, 2019 A group effort for a simple meal of fried chicken turns into a candlelit dinner for Bean and Shannon. Awwwwwww! <3
Guthries Everywhere October 7th, 2019 Jay Guthrie arrives at Xavier's School. Everyone comes to say Hi!


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Title Date Scene Summary
The Family's Reaction November 10th, 2019 TMZ airs information about Jay Guthrie and Andrea Jackson being seen together. The family reacts!


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