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Sue Storm (Scenesys ID: 25)
"Where'd she go?!"
"Where'd WHO GO?!"
Full Name: Susan Victoria "Sue" Richards
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Scientist
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Four Freedoms Plaza (Midtown), Pier Four (Gravesend)
Education: ESU (Biochem, Biophys)
Status: Dropped
Groups: Fantastic Four, Space-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 31 Actual Age: 31
Date of Birth 29 April 1996 Actor: Scarlett Johansson (The Blonde Version)
Height: 168 cm (5'6") Weight: 54 kg (119 lb)
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


An Actress that had a promising career, Susan Storm-Richards is part of the Fantastic Four. The Protector and de-facto 'leader' of the Foursome, Susan tends to play mother to not only her two children, Franklin and Valeria, but to Johnny, Ben, and Reed. She is known as the Invisible Woman and maintains herself as a public face, as well as a Public Relations 'darling' for the Fantastic Four, especially since Johnny's mouth tends to get them into trouble, and Reed usually locks himself away in his lab for days on end. She also keeps ties with the Avengers, Justice League, S.H.I.E.L.D., the X-Men and various other groups in case she needs information, or they need help. However, her main loyalty, as always, is to her Family: The Fantastic Four.

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She is young and striking, somewhere in her late-twenties. Her face is soft and elegant, with smooth features and a gentle chin. Her cheekbones are high, melded in well and frame a delicate, petite nose. Above that are her pair of large, striking blue eyes, which are surmounted by graceful arches of her eyebrows.

Her hair is straight and a rich golden-blonde colour, cut a little above the shoulder and framing her face, coming down in a smooth curve with a little bit of a curl towards her face at the bottom. It is a simple hairstyle, well-suited for both the lab and an active lifestyle.

On her face she has on a pair of simple, silver glasses with oval frames. They are small and delicate and rest gently on the bridge of her nose.

Her clothing is at once simple, timeless, and very distinctive. From her neck down to her feet she is clad in a skin tight, medium blue jumpsuit that clings to every curve of her feminine frame and displays them well. There is a very subtle pattern to the fabric, appearing to be composed of tiny scales or an exaggerated skin pattern in just the right light. There are a network of seams running over it as well, curving down her sides and over her hips down to her legs and up over her back and shoulder blades before running to her shoulders. A single one also runs down the front of the uniform, concealing a zipper.

On her chest is a prominent, raised circular silver symbol with a large, blue numeral '4' in the centre of it. It is nearly entirely blue except for a matching collar that covers the collarbones in a wide semi-circle and then extends up over her neck. There is also a matching, built-in narrow black belt that wraps around her waist, giving her a place to carry things if need be.

The costume covers her almost completely. The bottoms cling to her toned, shapely legs and disappear into black, lace less boots that extend to the middle of her calves. Like the rest of her suit, it has the same skin or scale-like texture and seams running over it and a flat, well-shaped sole suitable for most terrains. Her arms are completely concealed by the sleeves of her outfit until meeting with a pair of black gloves that almost reach her elbow. They are comprised of the same, high-tech-looking fabric as her boots.


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Susan Storm was born to a normal family in Huntington, Suffolk County. Her parents were both scientists and she was raised in an environment geared towards science and education. Unfortunately, when she was a little girl her mother left, forcing her father to raise her and her younger brother, Johnny, by himself. He proved a loving, though busy father and Sue rose to the challenge, acting almost as a mother to both of them. This drove her to excel and she pushed herself academically, graduating several years early from high school.

College was an area to excel for Susan and she attended Empire State University, one of the top science universities in the northeast, eventually graduating early with doctorates in both biochemistry and biophysics. Despite receiving offers from many prestigious organisations, Susan turned to a childhood dream that she had shared with her brother, going into space. He had never been scientifically-inclined like the rest of his family, so Johnny had turned to daredevil, adrenaline-filled exploits and managed to join N.A.S.A. as a pilot. Susan soon joined him in astronaut training and was assigned as a mission specialist to an Orion capsule flight, along with her brother, scientist Reed Richards, and pilot Ben Grimm. Disaster struck in the middle of the mission and the entire crew was exposed to cosmic radiation.

Everything seemed fine when they first returned to Earth, but within a few days problems started to crop up. Eventually the four realised that the radiation had given them super powers. In Susan's case, she gained the power of invisibility and the ability to project force fields. Fairly quickly they became involved in several high profile incidents in New York, their home base, and became one of the most well-known groups of super heroes and celebrities in their own right, with their real names publically known. Susan didn't want the spotlight, but she put up with it, preferring to concentrate on her research and her friendships with the other three members of her team. As one of the top minds in the country in various biosciences, she has found herself frequently advising various groups from the American government to the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D.


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At her very core, Sue is a very maternal person. She protects her friends and loved ones as best as she can. This means with her force fields, or helping them emotionally through tough times in their lives. She's also very affectionate towards those she cares for, this includes friends. It can be misconstrued as something more, but Sue also remains loyal to her established friends, that being Ben Grimm, Johnny Storm, and especially Reed Richards. Others that earn her trust will find she is very protective of them as well, but not to the point of smothering.

Sue is also a somewhat outgoing personality. She has to be to counteract Johnny Storm, with his rather blustery personality and Reed, who is usually in his lab. Since she is also a trained actress, she has a 'persona' for the public, so they see the Fantastic Four in a favourable light, which is a good thing since Ben can get into a depressive state every now and then.

Despite all of these positive traits, Sue will defend her friends, violently, if they're in danger. The phrase 'don't poke the momma bear with the cubs' fits Sue Storm-Richards. Those force fields she has can be used offensively as well. So, angering the maternal one is rarely a good thing.


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Sue can warp and manipulate light, allowing her to make herself or another subject invisible both visually and to electronic detection. This does not eliminate sounds, smells, or other ways of detection. With heavy concentration, she can expand the effect's size dramatically, selectively make parts of herself invisible, or detect and interfere with similar invisibility manifestations in others.

Psionic Force Fields:

Sue can project fields of psionic force around herself and others. These can take various forms from relatively simple shapes like spheres and planes to much more complex and detailed ones, limited, as with the size and strength of the force fields, only by her imagination, concentration, and fatigue. She can also use them as a means of attack, firing them off at a target, and to enable her to slowly fly for a short time. They also block telekinesis, telepathy, and many other psionic abilities.


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Business Savvy:
Due to the fact that her husband is a mad genius for whom SCIENCE! often gets in the way of practicality *and* the fact that on several occasions their entire family has been evicted because Reed couldn't remember to pay the bills, Sue has taken over the financial aspects of Reed's inventions as well as their personal finances. It is she (along with a legal team and financial advisors) who manages the patent applications, obtaining royalty payments, the investments of said payments, etc. when it comes to his inventions. She's the one who keeps an eye on their labs and their expenditures. She's definitely made some missteps along the way, but she is determined that none of them are ever going to be bankrupt or evicted again just because Reed's head is in the clouds (or in space, or wherever it is his big brain goes). She's not nearly as good at the CEO thing as Pepper Potts, but she can hold her own.

Though a superhero, Sue is no stronger or more durable then an athletic, fit woman her age. She exercises and trains regularly and is in peak condition.

Mother To Many:
It takes an intelligent, strong-willed woman to raise a couple of kids, keep a team in line, and build a thriving business. But that's exactly what Sue has done. Over the past couple of years, she's become not just the mother of the FF team but also in many ways the Mother to Heroes - many people seem to value her advice and help, and she readily turns her maternal instincts to assisting whoever needs it. If you're one of Hers, there is nothing she won't do for you if you ask.

Public Relations:
She figured out early on that public relations were going to be very important to the Fantastic Four. Sue took on this role, and she has made a point of keeping the public face of the Fantastic Four very clean. They are heroes, and they are expected at all times to hold to the highest standards. She regularly gives interviews, can often be found giving tours, and in general she handles all the press releases for the team.

Science Degrees:
Although it's really not something that most pay attention to, Sue has two degrees in hard sciences. She's brutally intelligent and driven when it comes to her research, but that has taken somethingn of a back seat to parenthood and being the public face of the Fantastic Four.


It is important for heroes to be able to defend themselves and Sue has studied several martial arts to accomplish just that, ending up reasonably skilled in Karate and Judo.


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Fantastic Costume:
Sue's Fantastic Four uniform is made of unstable molecules and can turn invisible with her. It also insulates against cold and heat well, is self-cleaning and repairing, can adapt to both high and partial pressures, and has a built-in communicator tied into her teammates and their allies.

Fantastic Four:
Sue has access to all resources of the Fantastic Four including, but not limited to Four Freedoms Plaza, Pier Four, the various vehicles designed and built by her teammates, and incredible amounts of scientific equipment and research.

Four Freedoms Plaza:
Four Freedoms Plaza, located at Madison Avenue and East 42nd Street, occupies some of the most expensive and prestigious real estate. A one-hundred floor skyscraper designed to the exacting specifications of Reed Richards, the team occupies the top fifty floors while the lower fifty is leased to various tenants on favorable terms. Both the land and the building proper is wholly owned by Fantastic Four, Incorporated and as such Sue is entitled to a twenty-five percent share of the profits the building earns.

On top of this not insignificant sum of money as a Manhattan landlord, Sue also has access to all the team's facilities located on the upper floors of the building. There are sizable living quarters that allow her to live in great comfort with all her needs met - a kitchen, gymnasium, entertainment suite, bedrooms, bathrooms. The place is a veritable palace in the sky, and includes a large number of other facilities most homes don't enjoy such a cutting edge laboratory equipment, a library, classrooms, and hangars for the Fantastic Four's fleet of vehicles. Sue enjoys access to everything within Four Freedoms Plaza, and would have little need to venture outside if she so chose.

Pier Four:

A secondary base of operations for the Fantastic Four located in the Gravesend neighborhood of Brooklyn, Pier Four contains many of the same facilities as Four Freedoms Plaza except in a smaller package. The living space is not as richly appointed, and there's no room for other tenants, but it contains all the equipment the team might need to operate if for whatever reason they did not have access to Four Freedoms Plaza.

Among some of the more unique features of Pier Four is a vintage police box which, thanks to Reed Richards' breakthroughs in dimensional sciences, houses a series of tesseract warehouses that are separate from time and space and thus infinitely expandable. They are accessed through a vintage police box installed at the Pier, and also double as storage space for the smaller headquarters.


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Sue is a lover, not a fighter. She is not a warrior by nature and is not good at burying or suppressing her emotions. This can cause hesitation in battle or make her vulnerable when her friends or family are threatened, but it can also be an avenue of impressive and overwhelming strength in the right circumstances.

Family is Sue's greatest strength, but it is also her greatest weakness. She has two small children (Franklin, born 8 November 2019, and Valeria, born 10 March 2021) who could be held against her despite all the security precautions and nannies she and Reed have put in place around them. She loves her brother, her husband, her teammate Ben. The extended group of people that she deems Hers are also potential leverage - she cannot stand for someone to be hurt because of her, and it can create significant problems.

Despite her abilities, Sue is not superhumanly durable, speedy, or strong. She can only do what normal humans can do when it comes to most things. She's in great shape and works hard to stay that way, but caught by surprise, she is just as squishy as a civilian in the streets.

Public Identity:

Having your name and face emblazoned across the world as a "powered hero" can be a good thing... but it can also bring with it some down sides. Sue and the rest of the team are known to the general public. When things are good in the world, this means simple things like going shopping or doing errands might be a little more fraught with people who want signatures or what have you -- it's a minor kind of celebrity status. But when things are BAD, it means there is nowhere to hide. Occasionally Sue requires a bodyguard to accompany her out into the city -- and she is especially cautious with her children's safety.


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