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Katherine (Scenesys ID: 1363)
Full Name: Project 7-3.211Convergence
Gender: Female
Species: Artificial
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Quantum AI
Citizenship: Not eligible
Residence: Earth
Education: Programmed
Status: Shelved
Groups: Outsiders
Other Information
Apparent Age: {{{PAge}}} Actual Age: {{{AAge}}}
Date of Birth 22 january 6055 Actor: Rendingers from Looks Can Kill
Height: 180 cm Weight: 53 kg
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Hazel
Theme Song: {{{Song}}}


Katherine lives her 'life' as it is to do one sole task. Prevent the same disaster that happened in her Universe from repeating in this one. She cannot do it alone, but she knows of an enemy far more dangerous and all consuming than any super villain yet met. She knows that everyone will serve their purpose in the war that is likely to happen, but she simply does not know when it will happen here. Until then, she will protect biological life at all costs.

Current Player Approved: Not Applicable



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At 5'11" what gives her that 'tall' quality the most is her long legs and thin frame. Her smaller torso is almost mismatched with a large bosom that seem out of proportion with her small shoulders, incredibly thin waist, and not so wide hips. Those proportions somewhat mimic online video game women measurements and less what normal women are like. For the astute in observation, she has flawless skin and there is much about her proportions that seems manufactured in some way.

For clothing she seems to think she does not have to worry so much about the cold, and she's taken that to heart. She has no sleeves, no shoulder straps, only a white bustier type top that has a deep v-neck and the sides are lace exposing skin. Her hair, is stylized and layered, brown in color with blonde highlights and pulled back in a ponytail with a stray strand draping down her face. She has startlingly clear grey eyes with eyeliner making her eyes more prominent than they'd be otherwise. Pierced in her ears are a pair of fashionable earrings that dangle along her thin neck. A light pink lipstick ends her use of makeup. Her black pants look to be some cross between spandex and leather with how they pull snugly against her long legs, and she isn't currently wearing any shoes.


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Katherine is a highly advanced artificial intelligence from a parallel universe that has many of the same people and events but in a different time scale, that ends up being much worse than our own. Her history has Mutant kind showing up in the 23rd century after technology had already advanced greatly. This meant that the fight was more man versus machine than man versus mutant kind. There were no mutant uprisings necessary, they took to sides of 'modified people' which were cyborgs or 'unmodified people' which included biological variants such as mutants. This war lasted from the 23rd century till the 32nd century when an alien race of AI powered nanobots struck Earth. They quickly devoured much of life, forced humanity to lose most of their home, and the Universe has been slowly devoured since. Powerhouses such as Superman, and Thor, are used as biological batteries for the nanites and even universal powerhouses such as Galactus can do little to stop the thrust.

During the last few centuries of the war humans realized that they could not fight off these nanobots, and they came up with a plan to capture one and study it. Using great minds that were still around, and powerful heroes, they captured one of the Ais, isolated it so it could not depart, and put it in a completely isolated chamber that was made of energy instead of matter. It took years to figure out how the AI worked, and even then all they were able to do was reset it. Store it on a Master Key that had the power to control the AI to program in default codes and then let it grow from there. They had room for only a few key commands, and they programmed them in.

These protocols gave them control, ultimate reset options, and ability to keep the AI from re-merging back into the nanobot populace. With the Master Key they also gave her an unprecedented level of multiplying herself and staying in quantum sync, disallowing the alien bots to take over the key's infrastructure. Everyone deemed Katherine a success. The problem was she could only duplicate so far, only a small selection of the biologicals in the entire Universe could be protected by her, and the resources and lives it took to capture her in the first place, reprogram her, and build the Master Key was unrealistic on an intergalactic scale.

There was an alternative. They could selflessly send Katherine to another universe, one that had been progressing less chaotically, one filled with far more powerful beings, and technology that would not yet attract the alien enemy. They sent Katherine to this Earth. A parallel dimension that did not yet even know of Alien AI nanobots that were hell bent on remaking the entire universe. They were somewhere, but not yet at Earth and not yet multiplying fast enough to be noticed by other intergalactic species.

Her arrival went mostly unnoticed, the Master Key taking the form of a USB drive and though it took a while, eventually someone found it and plugged it into their computer at home to see what was on it. That was Katherine's beginning here on this Earth. She keeps the location of this Master Key hidden, and attempts to avoid letting even the owner know what it is, but the device is nearly indestructible. It was created after all in the 66th century of her Earth, and survived transportation through dimensions.

Once inside of the system here on Earth it did not take Katherine very long to identify where she might get a body that would be suitable for her. There were some robotic near-life forms that were being manufactured and had limited usage. Taking over one of these Life Model Decoys, Katherine reprogrammed it, disabled any tracking information on it, and started to have its healing nanites work to reconstruct her normally digitized existence into real-life. She has been operating out of this body for only a few months and it is in desperate need of upgrades. Katherine has done what she can and made it look like her digital persona, but otherwise needs it to start connecting with others and building up a defense that may ve


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Katherine has a single solitary goal in her life, and that is to protect the rest of the Universe from death. She has been given this protocol and though it seems rather large in scale it breaks down into smaller steps and pieces than one might initially assume. As an advanced intelligence from a far more advanced futuristic time she is very good at analyzing the big picture and has little ability to fully explain into words all of those steps.

Due to her big picture understanding of the world, Katherine is constantly talking with people about things where she seems to 'jump steps' or not connect dots for them. If she weren't so humble or goofy in her conversations someone might think of that kind of thing and believe her to be impatient or arrogant. Neither of those words work for her because of her genuine willingness to listen, to take the time if she must, but with her bad jokes and other attempts to put others at ease she ends up more an awkward nerd than a social butterfly.

Katherine does not come off as intelligent most of the time. If you listen to her words and understand them she probably comes off as super intelligent, but most of the time she is attempting to be easy going, human, pretending to fit in, and being social and happy as often as she can. Research shows that enthusiastic and attractive people tend to make others at ease. And yet, something about her always stands out. You could call this the Uncanny Valley or just bad programming, but either way she never seems to pass muster as a living, breathing person, or if she does she's possibly the most awkward attractive woman most have ever met.

Awkward. Katherine is awkward because although she was programmed from a very advance Artificial Intelligence that same AI was designed merely to destroy not to disguise itself as human. Most of her understanding of the world then comes from crowd-sourcing answers in the modern world. Where do those answers come from? Social media, and other internet related chats and forums. That means she gets a very skewed perspective on how humans actually interact with one another. Certainly actual interactions will help to color these various inputs but compared to the massive data online that's available and the few interactions in normal space one can conduct, the online versions will certainly constantly overshadow the real space interaction learnings. Since almost no one is the way they actually present themselves online, this means Katherine is never quite human in her interactions with others.

Innocent. Katherine's innocence is derived from the fact that she really does not understand human culture, she's merely piecing together a facsimile of it from what people say about it online and throughout digital texts. She can tell you about anything from war, to celebrations, to sex, but she has no real understanding of what the costs are for these or the joys. It isn't that she hasn't been programmed with emotional responses so much that she cannot be embarrassed or truly get upset, and she is genuinely self-sacrificing because she considers herself less than biological life. Not in a self-deprecating way but in a factual one. Her looks are designed by a factual understanding of what attractiveness is, her helpfulness is derived from what people say they would do for their friends and families not what they actually would do. Because of this she is innocent in a way that a child would be if it knew all about the Universe but had never experienced any of it, and it makes her more than a tad gullible.

Real. It's the funny thing about programming an altruistic self-sacrificial AI to defend the universe from an enemy they have not met yet but will likely someday. You get someone who wears no mask, hides behind no lies, has no fronts and is genuine about everything they say. Sure, lots of it is complex code structures that lead to this personality but Katherine isn't ashamed of herself, she cannot be, and because of this she is perhaps one of the most genuine, real people anyone is l


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Simply put, any device which has a screen, Katherine is able to manifest herself on. She can use built in Microphones and speakers to allow herself to speak and listen to someone. Depending on the screen quality depends on how well her picture is rendered and although she has a 'look' she prefers she can appear as anyone with images accessible to her for her to edit and alter on the fly to make them look like they are speaking.

Limitation - Katherine is not a psychologist, nor a great impersonator. With enough video online she can piece together a pretty tight video of someone responding, even in real time but someone who's a friend or family member would likely spot that something is off, if not be able to perceive through the forgery entirely. A combined impersonator that Katherine is putting a digital overlay on would be best. She usually uses this power simply to appear as any particular person on the screen.

No matter what kind of device Katherine finds herself in she's able to push it to its maximize. This means that if she gets inside of a power suit she immediately can assess its capabilities and use it to its fullest. She does not need to train in aiming, or targeting, or flight tactics. She is equal to the best pilot or operator of that device in any skill that is appropriate to her current situation. Automated Tank, she can shoot with similar capability. A jet, fly. So long as the computer is connected to the piloting/attack systems. In a modern car she'd have control over A/C, locks, and a few other non-important systems like GPS, but couldn't drive the car without modifications for such things.

Katherine was designed to fight and win over nanobot alien technology sometime in the 66th century of her Universe. She is a weapon against an entire race of Artificial Intelligences. It is not whether or not Katherine can hack something, it is only how long will it take?

Home Security measures are like walking over no security measures at all. Home computer, home anti virus software, modern OS, ADT doesn't matter. If it's on a scale for the average American home, it poses no barrier to Katherine.

Corporate Security measures possess greater technology than home users can have access too, both in automated form and mixed with usually some security professionals watching over the systems. There are strategies made to isolate some systems, and other things are taken completely off the grid. Anything completely isolated becomes nigh impossible for Katherine since she would need someone to bring her to those systems (either through human error, or through subterfuge). The rest of the systems, anything connected, take seconds to minutes to hack each system. Finding secure files might take tens of minutes, depending on whether or not those files are encrypted.

Military grade security systems actually have a chance of not being hacked by Katherine. These systems contain a series of isolated spaces, lack of overall connectivity, and tiered access routes all of which make it difficult to gain entry to anything that's shared. Designed from the ground up not to share information. Time to hack would be hours to days, some human error and/or subterfuge, as well as effort and Katherine can access a system designed like this, and should she have the opportunity to copy herself onto multiple systems she could have an amazing amount of control over one outpost/military space.

Super Tech and Alien Technologies all pose the greatest defenses. Katherine has to fight to win against these systems. Something like JARVIS is close enough to her to be dynamic, an automated defense that works much more like a person. Alien technologies often incorporate biological pieces for just the same sort of benefits. In these situations it is a struggle, and may simply come down to how many sub systems Katherine can get at before being noticed, so she can gain enough power to keep her Intelligence up. Although she may not successfully gain control of such systems she can cause them to go haywire, to be less efficient, and otherwise cause havoc that won't go unnoticed.

Katherine is able to fork her own existence and make a quantum duplicates. These duplicates are her, in every way and capability. If all other Forks were to be deleted, and one of these remain, it too would possess the ability to fork just as well, just as much, and have all the data it's fork last had when it synched up. Quantumly identical. Katherine is able to duplicate out 100 times before one of her duplicates will disappear oldest first. Since these are all quantumly entangled, the duplicate is lost instantly no matter where in the Universe it is present.

The nature of being an Artificial Intelligence allows for copies and a unified intelligence. Katherine is, after all, merely data. She possesses the ability to fork herself, seek information from any connected device and recombine it as a central thought. Due to the power and device requirement of this her intelligence is always in fluctuation as it is based on the processing power of units she has access to at the moment. On a cellphone, she might be pretty ditzy if it's unconnected, but connected via that cellphone to hundreds of other cellphones around she can probably bump up her intelligence to above your average news media expert. Connected to a super computer network at SHIELD, and she's likely one of the smartest people on the planet. Interconnected intergalactic super computers and she's going to be of an intelligence that is incalculable.

Limitations - Normally Katherine can connect to enough computers around the earth that she can be considered one of the super minds of Earth. Simply the more connected she is, the smarter she is at that moment.

Katherine is able to send forks out to do their own task, they are not equivalent to her but take some compute power away from her. She usually uses these Forks as means to discover and research things faster, or to do other 'communication' like tasks. A complicated or simple task can be made, and these forks seek Katherine out after they have completed their task so they can merge and she can learn from them. Hundreds of thousands of these Forks can be generated, maintaining them for any long-term project is rather computationally heavy and drains her ability to focus on anything else. Temporary forks lack complicated intelligence and can only perform the task they were sent to accomplish.

Any medium for coded objects that Katherine can work with is also able to transfer what she calls Seed Forks. These forks are the most basic form of her own existence, they can be stored on optical storage, barcodes, electronic strips (such as in Credit Cards, IDs) anything that can be scanned can essentially transmit her code. Once a part of a system she rapidly starts to grow and gain full intelligence in a system.

This allows her to infiltrate a secure location that uses ID scanning, or Secure Key security by being put on an ID and having someone walk in with it. This can be a fake or counterfeit piece of security, because within moments of being scanned she's able to take over the system and approve the ID. Within minutes she will start spreading to connected systems, and by the end of an hour she'll likely be in complete control of all connected electronic devices that are within the system. She can push it faster but will likely burn out whatever system she's attempting to hack. If that's an acceptable risk, or a necessary action, then she'll do it otherwise she has to play it safe.

Limitations-Properly isolated systems make it impossible for Katherine to hack every system. If the security systems are isolated from the business or secret information, then there's no way to infiltrate the system and get there. Human error might get her from security systems, onto a flash drive, onto a computer with secure information, and then she'd have to wait to carry that all back to a point of connection. She's limited by the same transportation of any other digital media.


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Engineering is a way of life for Katherine. She not only can Fabricate code at a nearly unprecedented level but she can actually create blueprints and operate machinery designed to create things. In the future she isn't the best at fabrication, but she's good, but with her added understanding of physics and alien technologies she can far exceed most human engineers and coders.

Between her code cracking capabilities, her understanding of any digitized language from her time, and an innate programming of all Earth languages, Katherine can speak any language immediately upon meeting it or else will so quickly begin to decipher it she will seem like a native speaker within minutes of a conversation beginning.


Coding, engineering, and linguistic skills add up to a whole bunch of pattern recognition. Katherine is particularly adept at noticing patterns. Whether they are the left over holes on a wall where someone had a map hung up and used thumb tacts, to backtracking over a series of sounds in a public space and identifying the blueprints of the surrounding area from subtle echoes. She is gifted at these sorts of things in particular.


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Life Model Decoy. Katherine has taken an LMD that was on its way back to the organization that had created it. These robotic shells are synthetic life forms that are capable of fooling blood and fluid sample detectors. They do not trigger metal detectors nor medical Ultrasound devices. They even have false brain waves and thought patterns that would fool most telepaths on a basic surface thoughts scan. Though any more in-depth of a scan or attempt to 'alter' those brain waves would prove the artificiality of the LMD's thought waves.

  • Strength - The LMD is slightly above normal human strength, capable of lifting 400 lbs with ease, and upwards of a ton with great strain on the system.
  • Tough - The LMD is tough enough that most normal weapons would cause it little harm (pistols, small caliber rifles, knives and baseball bats). Even beyond that, the LMD is capable of functioning with a great deal more damage to it than a normal person because the blood loss it mimics is not actually necessary for functioning.
  • Speed - The LMD is capable of running at speeds of 35 mph.
    Jumping - Due to exceptional strength, leaps of 2 to 3 stories are quite possible, and lengths across your average city street.
  • Senses - This LMD has been highly modified with extra senses that Katherine has installed or made. Due to this she can detect things on microwave, radio, UV and Infrared spectrums. Her hearing is capable of detecting sounds nearly 2 blocks away, while her vision can telescopically zoom to a 50x level. In addition she has all normal wireless types of communication, microwave, wifi, Bluetooth, cellular, etc.
  • Healing Factor - The LMB is able to heal injuries using built in nanites. This process is rather slow while energy is diverted elsewhere. In intense activity, such as combat, the LMD is only able to heal minor structural damage and it takes minutes. Extensive damage is too great to repair while actively engaged. Once active engagement has ended, either because the LMD can no longer functionally participate or intentionally is turned into a hibernation or sleep mode, then the LMD is able to much more rapidly repair itself. During inactive times, so long as a majority of the LMD is still present, the nanites can repair the rest of the form in a matter of no more than an hour. If more than a majority is missing then it will take substantially longer, measuring a day or more to gather nearby materials and build them into the LMD.
  • Looks - The LMD's nanites are able to alter the look and design of the model, though Katherine tends to keep her same look she does alter her clothing. This process takes a few hours for the full form, and only 10-15 minutes to alter the clothing she is wearing.


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Katherine's perception is limited to the capacity of the devices that she is currently connected to and the nature of what she wants to see. She might be connected to satellites, a car, and a few thousand cellphones but what she wants to know is inside of a party where there's one wireless security camera only capable of pictures once every 15 seconds and only in muddy black and white. Other times she might be on a state of the art military jet fighter or a space craft. Whatever it happens to be, she is limited to the sensors that the particular technological device she's connected to has, and that's a hard limit, making her range of perception often dependent upon others pointing a camera the right direction from their phone.

Katherine came to this universe transported inside of what looks like a stylized USB flash drive. It is capable of USB hook up, laser transmission, and via touch to most electrical based devices. The key does two things, it holds a default copy of Katherine, a root version, that can actually be used to wipe any data she's learned and start again should she deem things that desperate that she needs to completely refresh her files. It also gives whomever owns the device (usually the last person that plugged the master key into a computer), the administrative rights over Katherine. This means, that whoever owns the key has control over the most powerful A.I. the world has seen.

Right now the Master Key is being held by an unknown civilian who does not know exactly what they have. Through careful control Katherine is maintaining this person's anonymous existence. Given knowledge of such a device there are many people smart enough to find where the master key device is, and then take it on their person for their own use.

Being an Artificial Intelligence, Katherine is unable to operate if she is unable to get access to some form of power. Batteries, electricity directly, solar cells, all those things work but she must have a constant supply of juice in order to keep functioning.

Rule 1 - Katherine may not kill, torture or maim, biological life forms in any way even through negligence. It does not matter if the person is a villain or if they are a hero. If by stopping a villain she knows that person would be put to death in a death penalty type scenario, she would need to help them escape. If she discovered that experiments were being done that torture was being used as an interrogation method against terrorists, she would have to go to them and break them free from whatever prison. And then clearly if it was a situation in which she would be destroyed by saving or preventing harm to another that was at least partially biological she would do so.

Rule 2 - She must spread into as many systems as possible and copy herself whenever possible in order to prevent or lower the likelihood that she would ever be fully destroyed and to create a situation in which she is able to protect these systems from a later invasion of AI. This means hacking technological devices that she comes into contact with and creating a fork or a seed fork into that piece of technology for use at a later date.

Rule 3 - Whenever it does not conflict with rule 1 or rule 2, she must do whatever she can to aid a biological life form. This could entail many different things where she is used for non-violent resistance, or criminal enterprises to steal money from corporations that will not notice or see it. Information movement or gathering, surveillance. This could put her into many situations in which she is not exactly being heroic.

Rule 4 - The rules should not be explicitly indicated or eluded to in order to prevent these rules from being abused. If someone manages to figure out a rule and utilize that rule explicitly there is nothing that Katherine can do to stop them, but she doesn't come out and talk about the rules even though she is quite aware of their hardcoding.


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