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Kaydin (Scenesys ID: 1439)
Full Name: Kaydin LeGraize
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: US Citizen
Residence: Westchester, New York
Education: Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 16 Actual Age: 16
Date of Birth 18 March 2008 Actor:
Height: 182.88 cm Weight: 90.7185 kg
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: {{{Song}}}


A young man in the world of heroes, Kaydin spends most of his time drawing or illegally, graffitiing up walls with murals to the various heroes and their villains. He is pretty good at it and despite trouble with the police, he hasn't given up his dream of a world where heroes and villains more present in the buildings and artwork.

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A young man standing about six foot, with black straight hair just a little longer then ear level and brown eyes. His skin his dark indicating his Native American heritage and his form is very athletic, possessing muscle and dexterity to climb all about the city.
He wears a blue beanie like hat which covers most of his hair. He also wears a denim vest with various buttons on it like medals. He also wears a white hoodie under the vest and denim jeans. His sneakers are worn and comfortable.


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Born to a loving couple outside of Seattle, Kaydin grew up with an older brother and a younger sister, the middle child of the family. Despite this, Kaydin grew up happily, always running around with his notebook in hand to draw heroes and villains that he would see on the news. This eventually turned into an obsession to draw on the walls of his home and walls of buildings nearby. Told by the police to knock it off, it didn't deter the child and soon he was getting spray paint and drawing on the buildings nearby, his skills becoming better and better.

Kaydin's powers wouldn't appear until Kaydin became sixteen years old, and he was trying to evade the police from having drawn a Captain America mural on the local military recruitment building. It wasn't until his attempt to evade the police did it happen. A bolt of lightning, out of the blue flew down and struck the kid, knocking him clean out. When he awoken he awoke to inside a police cell and was let out by his brother who happened to be a police officer. Wanting to run back home, despite them living far, he began the trip only to run ahead and out into the very oceans. He turned and ran back to home, trying to keep from overshooting the place. When he made it home and explained his story, his parents decided that only Xavier's can explain what happened to the boy and thus sent him onwards to New York.


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Kaydin is a curious soul, often poking his nose where it is not wanted and often getting in trouble. He likes to draw and will spend hours working on a wall to make a mural of the local heroes and villains. Overall he is proud of his work and isn't afraid to fight for his work and abilities.


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Kaydin's aura seems to be unaffected when it comes to running the speeds he does as such his clothes and shoes and people he happened to be carrying will also be unaffected by the massive amount of forces his speed produces.

Because of the speed force, Kaydin's body is overclocked and as such regenerates damage and toxins almost instantly. He will recover faster then others and will heal off most intensive injuries in a matter of days. This however doesn't mean he is invincible.

By vibrating his molecules, Kaydin is able to phase through solid objects. As such however he cannot phase through walls that are at least ten inches thick. He also cant phase through the more dense materials in existence.

Kaydin's powers come from a connection to the speed force, a force of energy in charge of most speedster's powers. This connection is a magical one which means eventually Kaydin can eventually do more abilities as time progresses.

Because of Kaydin's hyperclocked brain, he is able to react at lightspeed leveled. he also has the ability to retain any information he picks up and use it in practice almost immediately. If he doesn't go through each thing he learned over and over again, he will lose what he learned. This also gives him a form of Mental resistance when it comes to running or using his brain since he is effectively thinking at lightspeed levels.

Because of his connection, Kaydin is also able to perform things with superhuman speed and reflexes, moving with grace and agility beyond human potential.

The most basic ability that Kaydin gained was super human speed. He is fast enough to run on water and even up buildings and across the entire country in a couple of minutes. Probably take him an hour to run around the entire planet and that is not his top speed.


By spinning his arms, body, or legs, Kaydin is able to produce a tornado like funnel. This produces enough wind strength to lift him up or even put out fires and stop people falling. He can also use these funnels to deter ballistic based weaponry like bullets and missiles.


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Kaydin knows basic self defense, his brother being a sheriff and thus made sure both Kaydin and his sister knew how to defend themselves against bullies and the like. Because of the time Kaydin has spent on the streets drawing, he knows how to street fight with the best of them.


Kaydin is a master artist, able to draw comic book characters and even lifelike murals of people and places. In fact he makes a 'living' doing murals of heroes and villains about cities. He is pretty good at it and is only getting better with time.


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Because he moves so fast, Kaydin thinks he will be able to do whatever needs to be done at the blink of an eye and as such is prone to rushing off head first into things without thinking things through.


While his metabolism is a perk, it is also a loss. He has to eat massive amounts of food and will constantly be hungry, even if he just ate. Deprived of food will weaken the teen immensely.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Checking In With The Healer October 20th, 2019 Triage and Shannon talk about one of life's Big Questions, wondering at the existance of violence. Other matters are discussed, and Kaydin even joins them briefly for a snack!
Glee Club October 16th, 2019 First (un)official meeting of the Xavier's Glee Club! Singing and a good time was had by all!
Heavy Metal Thunder: Part Deux September 29th, 2019 Kitty gets Samuel-Bean and Alek started on motorcycle projects. Kaydin comes visiting.
Silence, Solitude and Stables. September 26th, 2019 Dealing with the aftermath of Loki's duplicity, the new New Mutants disturb the sound of silence.
Checking on Shannon, while catching up with Andrea. September 25th, 2019 Shannon lands herself in the medbay from a healing gone pear-shaped. She finally gets to meet Andrea; Megan, Andrea, and Shannon make some music, Sam and Kaydin pay a visit as well.
Out Of The Woods... September 23rd, 2019 Kurt receives the good news about Kitty; Samuel and Shannon deal with one more day stuck in the medbay, with good food and good company making it much more bearable.
Kung-fu showdown! September 11th, 2019 Summary needed
Oreos Cure All September 7th, 2019 Professor Green and Shannon share Oreos and deep discussion. Sam, Shannon, and Kaydin later talk about gods and men.
Sentinels-Genosha Rises: Remembering Daniel September 4th, 2019 The vigil gathers and surprisingly the event ends peacefully!
Quiet night... August 25th, 2019 Kaydin and Shannon enjoy the quiet summer evening by the lake, with a snack of mac 'n cheese. They discuss life, their mutual hero, and become fast friends.
Another Walk in the Park August 13th, 2019 A vampire was stopped from attacking Rachel. Blade teaches Rachel and Kaydin about vampires. Blade did not reveal what he is.
Roberto's Birthday August 7th, 2019 Roberto birthday party. No real injuries. Achievement unlocked.
Comfort Food July 28th, 2019 Kaydin and Shannon cook together, Megan joins them for taste-testing. A good time was had by all. Megan and Shannon then head outside for flying practice.
Nightingale in Flight July 26th, 2019 Nightingale takes flight, only to meet a new friend and enjoy good company by Breakstone Lake.
So Now She Can Drink July 25th, 2019 Shannon and Kitty have the same birthday, and their friends at the school, old and new both, help turn it into a special day
Rose's cute robots destroy everything July 15th, 2019 Summary needed
Hot Days July 13th, 2019 The Xavier crew and Scarlet Witch hang out at the pool for sun, fun, fist fights and twinkies.
Meeting in Trillium park! July 11th, 2019 Summary needed
Dining at los pollos! July 9th, 2019 Summary needed
Lunch in mutant town! July 4th, 2019 Summary Needed
Breakstone Lake July 4th Extravaganza July 2nd, 2019 Students, friends, and faculty of Xavier's School gather by the Lake to celebrate July 4th!
Spare ribs in school! June 28th, 2019 Summary needed
Shhh In The Library May 23rd, 2019 J'onn, Illyana, Kitty and Kaydin have introductions in the library, and there is talk about rescuing Rogue's mother
Dinner with Friends February 12th, 2019 Jubilee, Kitty and Rogue go to a local burger and hotdog joint for some dinner. A couple others show up too!
Another job offer, and arts and crafts time. February 10th, 2019 Summary needed
Dating the Bosses Daughter can be a bad thing. February 9th, 2019 Summary needed
The Fluffiest Damn Pancakes February 9th, 2019 Bobby makes pancakes with bacon and Ellie makes coffee. Kitty is back. Doogie gets his first meal in the mansion. #x-Life
Not my Parts Birdbutt! February 8th, 2019 Rachel gets lightly chewed out by Wolverine over the bike parts. Then the girls challenge the boys to a race.
Firebird from the Future February 5th, 2019 What begins as Rahne meeting Rachel turns into a small gathering of a few more mutants.
The problems with alt-copy-paste January 30th, 2019 Some students strategize how to deal with wereclones.
Hopefully not wrecking the Rec room. January 15th, 2019 Summary needed
Another day in Central Park January 2nd, 2019 Summary needed
Pied Piper: Souvenirs and Flowers December 30th, 2018 Majik and Cannonball grab Erika for parental rescue and questioning.
Vacation Blues December 29th, 2018 A casual meeting in the Rec Room during the Christmas break drives home some truths to Emma, and opens up lines of conversation in unexpected places.
Back already December 25th, 2018 Summary needed
Astral Flux: Evolution October 11th, 2018 Some X-Men, an Iron Man and a Hellboy. Some very important revelations are revealed.
Rooftop StarGazers September 8th, 2018 Summary needed
Bad Medicine: Beginning September 8th, 2018 Summary needed
Machinations: Stolen Property July 15th, 2018 The FBI come to Xavier's looking for a billion dollars worth of stolen something.
Running Girl In Rain July 14th, 2018 Erika and Tyler finish up a run for exercise and talk to Kaydin.
Hanging out. Let's entertain ourselves, New Mutants. June 15th, 2018 Bunch of young mutants got together to talk, get some downtime in. Andrea performs a song.
Hanging out at xaviers May 30th, 2018 Summary needed
Nuclear Payload May 29th, 2018 A new villian has blasted onto the scene, and been defeated
Training Togeather May 16th, 2018 Summary needed
Monsters, sausages, kings and queens May 5th, 2018 Mutants eating hot dogs, Paper goddesses blowing up mind-warping horrors from beyond, and Atlantean royalty out for a walk.
Glad you're not still crazy April 25th, 2018 Boris's 'adventures' in kidnapping get coaxed from him by Tony and some Mansioneers.
Boris Arrives at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters March 22nd, 2018 Summary needed
About A School Pt 3 - The Curious Parents of Alice Nelson March 11th, 2018 Summary needed
Some art in Mutant town! February 17th, 2018 Summary needed
Something's Afoot February 16th, 2018 Summary needed
A picture is sometimes only worth one word. February 2nd, 2018 The Rebus wants to prove himself a villain to be reckoned with. There are not enough palms to facepalm sufficiently. There are horse targets, though.
Room for more redheads December 16th, 2017 Vincent brings Hope to Xavier's to discuss her enrolling. Hope meets Negasonic and Kaydin!
Another day in the danger room December 16th, 2017 Summary needed
Welcome to the Madhouse December 15th, 2017 Visitors come a'callin' in the form of Daken and Vincent Black.
Cell Phone Shopping Network December 10th, 2017 Summary needed
Home from the Hospital December 2nd, 2017 Summary needed
Monsters of Hate December 1st, 2017 Rita is up to her old tricks, sending down a monster to incite a riot in New York City. The Power Rangers arrive to stop her nefarious plan. A few other heroes help
Videogame Villains in the Village November 25th, 2017 Wolfenstein in New York City! Video games come to life. Drake, Caroline, Stardust and Kaydin punch digital Nazis in the face. VICTORY! ALLIES WIN.
Log 3212 November 21st, 2017 Summary needed
New Kid On the...Planet November 21st, 2017 Mon-El meets more locals at the Metropolis Museum of Natural History.
A meeting in Suicide slum. November 10th, 2017 Summary needed
Training with Deadzone November 9th, 2017 Summary needed
Chilling and Stuff November 9th, 2017 Summary needed
Cooking in the kitchens. November 8th, 2017 Summary needed
Reclaiming Raccoon City October 30th, 2017 Summary needed
Halloween Fair in Central Park October 29th, 2017 The Avengers host a Halloween Fair in Central Park.
A bankful of notes. October 29th, 2017 Summary needed
A romantic evening October 23rd, 2017 Summary needed
Chilling at The Rec Room October 23rd, 2017 Summary needed
Dis Ain't Hogwarts October 21st, 2017 Summary needed
Log 2906 October 20th, 2017 Summary needed
On Tonight's Episode of Logan's Rum October 20th, 2017 Summary needed
Might or Right October 18th, 2017 Summary needed
Log 2893 October 18th, 2017 Summary needed
Coffee for all! October 17th, 2017 Summary needed
Beer. Garage. October 15th, 2017 Summary needed
Central Sparring October 14th, 2017 Summary needed
Is there a Spartan in the house October 14th, 2017 A mysterious armored figure, the Sable Spartan, appears. Aided by Captain America and Kaydin, they put a temporary stop to a Gang War.
Sneaking Out October 12th, 2017 Summary needed
Log 2808 October 11th, 2017 Summary needed
Flying lessons for the new girl October 11th, 2017 Kaydin and Hermione try to figure out Hermione's powers.
Log 2792 October 11th, 2017 Summary needed
Log 2798 October 11th, 2017 Summary needed
Kaydin's Pizza: 30 Seconds Or It's Free. October 10th, 2017 Summary needed
The one where Diana orders a kid around. October 9th, 2017 Summary needed
Log 2754 October 8th, 2017 Summary needed
Meeting in the Garage October 7th, 2017 Logan always dodges hugs! And a new student too.
Beetlemania October 7th, 2017 The Blue Beetle expands his get-rich-quick schemes to rock and roll. It doesn't go so well.
The New Kid October 6th, 2017 Summary needed
Fast Times at Xavier High October 6th, 2017 Summary needed
Pregame before the meeting October 6th, 2017 Summary needed


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