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|Citizenship=Gorilla City
|Citizenship=Gorilla City
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|Profile=Malcolm 'Kid' IronWood has been many things...or so appears. he has been a mobster, a biker, a cop and so forth. But the truth is, he is just a teen gorilla trying to find his place in the world. Trying to balance out his need to hunt for psychic energy, with his warped sense or morality, and desire to do good....in spite of the bad. Angry, determined and perhaps a bit naive, kid is none the less ready to take on any challenge that comes his way.
|Profile=Malcolm 'Kid' IronWood has been many things...or so appears. he has been a mobster, a biker, a cop and so forth. But the truth is, he is just a teen gorilla trying to find his place in the world. Trying to balance out his need to hunt for psychic energy, with his warped sense or morality, and desire to do good....in spite of the bad. Angry, determined and perhaps a bit naive, kid is none the less ready to take on any challenge that comes his way.
===Current Player Approved: November 05, 2019===
===Current Player Approved: Not Applicable===
<span style="color:#4040bf">'''Description:'''</span>
<span style="color:#4040bf">'''Description:'''</span>

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Kid (Scenesys ID: 1558)
"Fight for Life, always."
Full Name: Jua Mandla
Gender: Male
Species: Gorilla
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Adventuer/Mechanic
Citizenship: Gorilla City
Residence: None
Education: Self Taught (mostly)
Status: Shelved
Groups: Outsiders
Other Information
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 8 June 2009 Actor: Dave Bautista (voice)
Height: 194 cm (6'4") Weight: 266 kg (585 lb)
Hair Color: Bluish Black Eye Color: Storm Grey
Theme Song: "Believer"


Malcolm 'Kid' IronWood has been many things...or so appears. he has been a mobster, a biker, a cop and so forth. But the truth is, he is just a teen gorilla trying to find his place in the world. Trying to balance out his need to hunt for psychic energy, with his warped sense or morality, and desire to do good....in spite of the bad. Angry, determined and perhaps a bit naive, kid is none the less ready to take on any challenge that comes his way.

Current Player Approved: Not Applicable



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This is a very large gorilla at 6'6" when standing upright. Bluish-black fur covers him from head to foot, leaving only his hands, face and chest bare. And he was no beanpole, between a barrel-like chest and tree-trunk like arms and legs that dwarf any human he must have had at least 600 pounds of muscles on him. But he also carries unusual features. Instead of the typical black or grey skin Gorillas have, he instead has greenish sage green skin. His canines are larger and sharper than the average gorilla, with one tusk jutting upward out of his mouth. Areas of light silver & gold fur are beginning to appear on his back. Two gold bands adorn one ear, and a single gold band adorns his jutting canine. His has storm grey eyes.


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Jua Mandla, aka Malcolm 'Kid' IronWood, was born to Gorillas from Gorilla City. However, Kid himself knows little to nothing about Gorilla city, since after a few months, his mother had decided to leave the city with Kid in tow. Unfortunately, as she traveled through the jungles, a research group seeking 'special' young gorillas found her and killed her. Kid was taken in hopes he was one such gorilla.

Transported to a facility, Kid spent his first few weeks there with regular wild gorillas. He understood he was different, but not completely sure how. After several tests and experiments to 'awaken' the gorillas, Kid was the only successful subject to awaken telepathy. The others were killed and he was able to feel their pain as they died.

For the next few years of his life, Kid was largely confined to a tiny cage. He was mostly only let out for experiments, and medical care. Senior Juan was Kid's caretaker, and the only one to really show Kid kindness. Juan even went as far as to make sure Kid got time outside his cage to exercise and even play! Juan acted as a sort of educator and friend as well. He taught Kid sign-language, built him toys, even told him where he was suspected to come from. Juan went so far as to teach him about mechanics and technology when he saw Kid had a knack for it. And could even be credited with helping Kid foster his initial abilities as the Gorilla was...resistant to the scientists that experimented on him, but not to Jaun.

As the experiments continued, Kid developed several beneficial changes in the scientist's eyes. The experiments caused Kid to grow faster and larger than most Gorillas his age. Kid could also derive nourishment from a much wider array of food, which made feeding him easier. And of course, the genetic tampering made Kid more susceptible to drugs and their own experimental serums and formulas. While this was helpful...the scientists wished to see if they could enhance Kid's telepathic abilities.

And they succeeded..albeit temporarily, in increasing Kid's abilities to greater levels, before it fizzled out. Further testing and several incidents later, it was discovered Kid now needed to sustain himself off psychic energy in addition to normal food. Wanting to push the limits of Kid's psychic feeding and how it played into his abilities, they began starving him of psychic energy. Kid's powers over a period of time disappeared after a short-lived spike, and he degenerated into a mindless beast. They fed him Juan to see the effects. When he came to his senses he lashed out in pure rage and puppeted several of his jailers to kill each other. Kid was eventually subdued and kept on an even tighter leash as he was considered too valuable to kill.

More time went on...and eventually, a chance at freedom arose. It was during the Darkseid siege on earth. The facility he was at was attacked. The systems and locks that kept him trapped went haywire and he was able to escape at long last. In the time since then, Kid has had to learn to quickly adapt to a world he never truly knew. He has had to learn to hone his abilities and train skills to help him in both hunting and in blending in, in order to survive. It was the best thing that could have happened, as Kid even if he has to hide can experience all the world has to offer. Both the good and the bad. The only thing left...is for him to find a place where he can belong.


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Kid is an emotional being at heart. He has a short temper and a brutish attitude. Though once he gets comfortable with someone, he can actually be a fairly caring and kind individual. Unfortunately, his traumatic past and naivety about the world does lend him a warped sense of morality.

For instance, he does generally believe in being kind and not killing unless necessary. He will even share with others if given the chance. But...he has little use for laws and regulations. He doesn't hold ill will toward authority per say. However, in his eyes, there is nothing wrong or contradictory about stealing a cart of ice cream to pass out the treats to share.

But Kid is also an opportunistic hunter when hungry. Young or old, civilian, hero, or criminal, he needs psychic energy to sustain himself and all of them are valid targets. And depending on how long it been since his last meal, Kid can be pretty savage. As such he prefers to keep full and keep folks alive than to kill someone in a rage-induced hunger attack. But this fact, combined with his past guilt and outwardly brutish persona more often than not make him feel as if he will be trapped in a life of crime, which only further fuels his short temper as he hates the feeling of not being able to escape.


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Altered Gorilla:
Kid is a Gorilla from Gorilla City who has been experimented on genetically. As such, despite not actually being full grown, he has the look, dexterity, stamina, acrobatic ability and speed (when on all fours) of one. He is also extremely strong as he is able to bench press a loaded pickup truck with effort. In addition, he has larger than average, sharp canines as well as prehensile feet. He can potentially grow bigger and stronger than other gorillas, but it is unknown if he will at this time. The genetic alterations have expanded his dietary capabilities, allowing him to eat more kinds of plants and even meat allowing him to have an omnivorous diet if he so chooses.

Gaining Light:
Kid is able to 'Gain light', aka, drain other beings psychic energy into himself. He, unfortunately, has to in order to stay alive. In order to drain a person's energy, he must be touching them. Depending on how much he drains, a person can experience confusion, memory loss, drowsiness, fall asleep, enter a coma or even die.

When Kid takes psychic energy from a being, he is granted insight into the use of their skills and knowledge (but not abilities! ie: he would not be able to fly like Superman, but he might gain knowledge on how to write articles). However, if that being is also a psychically inclined being, Kid /also/ gains enhancement to his psychic and telepathic abilities as well as their knowledge and skills. Their psychic energy gives him an added 'boost' to his own. This gain of skills, knowledge and his boosted abilities only last about 3 hours per a full feeding before fading. The gain in knowledge/skills can aid in learning new skills and studying but is not a substitute for doing the actual work.

This is true of directly eating brains as well. Brains can serve as an alternative, but with diminishing returns the longer the being that owned the brain has been dead. For this reason and the fact he doesn't want to be a mass murderer, brains are unsustainable for his needs. This ability can work on any entity with some sort of psyche. With more psionically powerful entities being more filling.

Note: At no times does Kid absorb another character's specific abilities.

Mental Overlay:
A sign of Kid's intellect, he has learned to induce illusions on himself to help with hunting at night. Kid can actively overlay portions of his memories of a place has been and is now in, to make nighttime into Day for himself. So long as there is some light, 'misplaced' objects will be outlined in black until they can be identified. However, if it is completely dark, his self-induced illusion cannot outline any inconsistencies, subjecting him to potential accidents. This does not work in places he has never been as he has no frame of reference to work with. If in an unknown environment at night and there is some light, he can alternatively reduce his visual information to layers of solid colors (silhouettes in essence) while he attempts to gain more information.

Enhanced: If someone within his range has been in the area, he can use their memories for the overlay instead of his own. He still must find a starting reference point such as a cabin for instance.

Minor Mind Shield:
After some proper training, Kid has developed the ability to erect a minor mind shield. It stops him from passively sensing the emotions/thoughts of others. The shield can fend off average telepaths, and allow him to sense when many stronger ones attempt too enter his mind.

Kid has yet to fully unlock his potential psionically or intellectually. While he has the capability to quickly and fully grasp, learn and understand even alien concepts within days of studying them, he rarely does so due to either lack of effort or lack of belief in his own abilities. The exception being his like of studying and working on mechanical projects. The same is true of his telepathic abilities, he could potentially learn new telepathic abilities, or how to use and maybe even surpass his Psionically Enhanced abilities without the need to feed on other Psychics. This all amounts to Kid being able to do more if he would apply himself and/or receive proper training and direction.


Kid is considered a mid-level telepath who is jack-of-all-trades type giving him many tricks, but usually less effective than a specialized telepath. However, if he has fed off a psychic individual, as per Gaining Light, his powers become Enhanced, but they will diminish back to normal levels within 3 hours.

In a head to head battle of the psychics, it would take a telepath of equal or greater level or one with more experience/training to try and overpower him. His range is about a city block or approximately 800ft. His abilities can affect both sapient and non-sapient entities that have some form of higher level intellect. Dogs for instance, but not insects or most fish.

Note: Enhanced aspects cannot be used unless he feeds on a psychic in that scene, or all players currently in the scene have agreed to Kid having fed on such an individual priorly. Player permission needed where appropriate.

Empathy: Kid is empathetic, allowing him to feel the emotions of those around him. He does not consciously do this. Due to lack of training, this the emotions of other people can affect his own and his other people when they are powerful enough. He is able to sense and find people using this ability.

Enhanced: Kid can now choose who and when he feels someone's emotions and to what extent. He can now instill specific emotions in others.

Basic Telepathy: Kid can read surface level thoughts, as well as broadcast his own to a single person or multiple people. These thoughts, weather broadcasted or read can be perceived visually and/or audibly. This can allow him and others to share information, feelings, memories, where they are and how to get somewhere for instance. This also allows him to him to understand other people's words regardless of language.

Enhanced: Kid gains Advanced Telepathy. Kid is no longer limited to surface thoughts and can now do deep mind scans, though he still can't reach a person's subconscious. He can now also speak and write, other languages people around him know.

Suggestion: Kid has some degree of mind control & alteration, which he refers to as a forceful 'Suggestion.' He could for instance 'suggest' someone give him food or forget seeing him, but ultimately the effectiveness depends on how inclined the person is towards the suggested action or change in mind.

Enhanced: Kid can now issue simple commands/actions such as unlocking a door, walking away, or standing still with relative ease. He can now perform mind wipes (of recent memories) without trouble. More extensive alterations such as changing instead of wiping memories and complex actions such as fighting are still subjected to normal Suggestion.

Illusions: Kid's illusions can affect everyone within his telepathic range. He is able to regularly pull off 2 senses (3 if pushing himself) at once when doing up to two illusions (such as a smelly barking dog and his own personal illusion). Anything beyond the first two illusions is limited to affecting a single sense, typically sight.

Enhanced: Kid's illusions are able to affect all five senses, allowing him to induce real body reactions, such as choking on smoke. However, when trying to affect all 5 senses, he cannot maintain more than 3 such illusions, nor create additional illusions beyond this point due to the effort needed to create and maintain them.


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Kid is skilled in hand to hand combat such as brawling was developed once he was out of the facility due to facing off mostly against street thugs and some low powered beings when hunting. While he is no soldier, his brawling skills would be on par with some wrestlers.

Mechanical Engineer:
Being a Grease Monkey is a compliment in Kid's eyes! Kid even in the facility always had a knack for technology and spent quite a bit of time studying, tinkering and playing with anything he can get his hands on. As such Kid is capable of repairing and even hijacking cars, planes, boats, etc., at various technological levels. Even some fairly advanced ones. He is even capable of creating mechanically sound objects. Though how effective or powerful they are is resource dependent.

Kid's preferred hunting grounds are parks, run down areas and alleyways with little security and often many obstacles. Many of these places have ledges, trees and other obstacles a person can use. As such kid has some trained acrobatic ability that concentrates on efficiency rather than flashiness. Such as scaling a building using the ledges of a fire escape instead of the stairs for instance and knowing how to fall to reduce though not completely negate injury.

Sign Language:
While being raised at the facility, Kid was initially taught sign language as a form of communication. Since then he has mastered all forms of earth-based sign language of his own accord.

Within reason, Kid is a rather stealthy individual as far as Gorillas go. At night time when his blackish fur helps him blend in, he can often move quickly and silently across rooftops, and in places that are not crowded, and can move quietly enough to sneak up on most people. He developed this skill out of necessity as a method of hunting for psychic energy.

Urban Survival:

Kid has developed basic survival skills for living in the streets. This includes how to treat dirty water, what he needs to do to stay warm in winter, how to pick good food from bad in a dumpster when he needs to, etc. Kid is also skilled in finding spare parts, and noticing what might otherwise be obscure passageways due to his innate intellect and curiosity.


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Malcolm 'kid' Ironwood:
This is a very specific illusion Kid has practiced and can bring up without a hitch. It is, in essence, his disguise to walk amongst humans and have a readily identifiable...well identity! He has gone as far as even getting fake IDs made of this illusion. While Kid is a teen, his Malcolm persona usually appears as an adult, often in a mobster or biker style outfit. This illusion sometimes appears in a wheelchair, as Kid does still take to walking on his knuckles when the mood strikes him, making him much shorter. He mixes his own real features with the illusion, so Malcolm is more often than not, pinged as a relatively human looking mutant.

Street Home:
Kid knows several abandon buildings that he utilizes as homes to stay in. And is sometimes sharing such places with other homeless folks, of which he has gotten well acquainted with. He often stays in building close to parks, his preferred hunting grounds.

The Watch:
The Watch was developed at the same facility Kid was raised in. And he swiped it upon his escape. The watch primary function is to translate sign-language into audible sound in various languages. Though Kid is capable of speech both verbally and telepathically, he seems to prefer to use the watch. The watch's only other (known) capability is to act as a GPS.


What's a mechanic without tools? Kid carries a tool belt and box with him...and a backpack just in case he needs to put them away. He has a normal and sledge-hammer, various screwdrivers, wrenches, crowbar, flashlight, lighter even carving tools....he really likes his tools. No power tools or blow torches though.


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Beastal Temper:
Due to the cruelty and trauma, he has faced, Kid can at times have a very short temper. When he ahem 'apes out' from losing his cool, he can turn on friend and foe alike attacking them with little regards to what is really going on.

Bestial Temper:
Due to the cruelty and trauma, he has faced, Kid can at times have a very short temper. When he ahem 'apes out' from losing his cool, he can turn on friend and foe alike attacking them with little regards to what is really going on.

Kid really REALLY does not like small spaces. He is fine with crowds and what not, but the actual restriction of movement is another. Whether a small broom closet, a cell, small cars, or even just being tied up. So much is his disdain for this that even closing and then locking a door makes him uneasy. Anything that makes him feel constrained is his enemy and will react accordingly - including lashing out in anger, becoming easily irritated or volatile, and of course trying to get away. In the case where this sensation of entrapment cannot be escaped or destroyed he will freeze, curl up and basically break down.

Emotional Manipulation:
Kid is an emotional being at heart and as such can be easily manipulated. Whether by making him angry at some fake injustice, or guilt-tripping him into doing things he doesn't want too. Due to past trauma of feeling other emotions for his own...he doesn't tend to trust himself to tell the difference between his own emotions and other people. As such if someone has selfish intent when manipulating him, he tends to think he is being selfish instead of understanding it is the other person.

Fading Light:
Kid's Light, or intelligence/psychic ability fades over time. As such, as his intellect dwindles he becomes ever more bestial and savage as he seeks others' psychic energy to absorb. This does mean he can inadvertently kill someone by draining them to feed himself, and may even eat their brain. He will temporarily enter a psionically Enhanced state similar to Gaining light before his powers begin to dwindle to weaker and weaker levels. If he goes long enough without psychic sustenance, he will perish.

Old Foes:
The facility he was held captive had many cruel people, from armed guards to scientists. There are scientists who would very much like to have their prized test subject back. As such Kid can be very distrusting, reserved, paranoid and potentially volatile to anyone he perceives as being similar to these people in some way. Unbeknownst to Kid, he has actually been outfitted with a tracker.

Substance Susceptibility:

Some of the experiment done on him was to increase his susceptibility to mutagenic formulas, medical drugs, and treatment, as well as various, tranquilizes. This weakness makes him easier to take out through the use of various substances, but can also prove troublesome when having to administer medical care to him as he can be overdosed by accident.


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Nuala addresses the UN about the Asgardian Problem July 20th, 2018 The UN hears Nuala's testimony on the current state of galactic politics.
Well, that happened! July 19th, 2018 Summary needed
Germination: Mutant Town cleanup July 17th, 2018 The mushroom threat in Mutant Town is dealt with in spectacular, heroic fashion. Hulk... makes new friends?
Mentoring July 16th, 2018 Summary needed
Not all Hunts end in Blood. July 16th, 2018 Summary needed
Expect the Unexpected July 15th, 2018 Summary needed
Harlem Shake Down July 14th, 2018 Summary needed
Collat. Damage July 12th, 2018 Summary needed
A Frenzied Visitation June 29th, 2018 Summary needed
Make My Garden Grow! June 24th, 2018 Summary needed
Run and Gun Operations. June 24th, 2018 Summary needed
SHIELD Prison Riot! June 23rd, 2018 Summary needed
A (formally) Convient Robbery! June 22nd, 2018 Summary needed
Falafal Time! June 19th, 2018 Summary needed
When the muggers get mugged! June 18th, 2018 A mugging is interrupted by Kid. Who is interrupted by Batgirl.
Perils of Working In Public June 18th, 2018 Summary needed
Apeus Corpus - Busy Busy Busy June 18th, 2018 Summary needed
Fighting through the Pain June 17th, 2018 Summary needed
Strolling Through the town June 17th, 2018 Summary needed
Hunting for a Gorilla Egg June 16th, 2018 Summary needed


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