Knightfall: A Dark Knight Rises

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Knightfall: A Dark Knight Rises
Date of Cutscene: 14 October 2019
Location: Gotham City
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: 104 58
Tinyplot: Knightfall

The whole concept of Break in case of emergency is endlessly amusing right now.

After the news came in from the battle in Metropolis, Barbara Gordon sat in the dark staring at a package sitting on the desk of her massive Oracle Array. She had laughed Bruce off when he showed up in the dead of night baring this 'gift', written it off as the over preparedness of a man who was always prepared no matter what the situation or eventuality.

... days ago

Babs sat at her desk, as she had a hundred... a thousand times before. 'Directing traffic' in Gotham for most of the vigilantes that called the city home. Charlie was on patrol and the Clocktower was quiet except the chatter in her headphones, but a shadow loomed behind her. A familiar presence to her, as much as any villain, because she knows her mentor as well as he knows her. "Bruce." She never expects a response and rarely gets one. When Batman comes calling, it's always for a reason.

The sound of his voice was distant, more so than usual, "I'm about to ask more of you than I ever have before." He said those words as he laid a package down on the desk beside Babs' elbow. "I hope that it isn't necessary, but you'll know if it is... open this when you do."

Babs hadn't turned around, she knew he wouldn't be there if she had. She just nod her agreement and furrowed her brow at the cryptic words of the man who always seemed to know everything... the man how was always prepared.

... When the news came in.

Babs tugged at her lip for several more minutes, waiting for the package to leap out at her. When the decision was finally made, however, her movements became determined and purposeful. Out of her chair, she took the package with her on her way down into her apartment, past the case where the original Batgirl costume was displayed like a memory, and into her bedroom.

She knew the armor as soon as she saw it. The hard lines of the blue and gray color segmented plates, the cowl and memory cloth cape attached to it. It took her no time at all to slide it on, he'd designed it for her after all (Batman is always prepared), and as the cowl settled into place upon her red hair coiled into a bun... all she could do is stare at the reflection she saw there.

The Shadowy figure of the Dark Knight stared back at her.