Knightfall: Ascent to the House of Wayne

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Knightfall: Ascent to the House of Wayne
Date of Cutscene: 16 October 2019
Location: Gotham City
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Robin (Wayne)
Tinyplot: Knightfall

A black limousine arrived at Wayne Tower this morning, a shining bastion amongst the Gotham Skyline. Instead of the usual parking garage job, the limo stopped at the edge of the building's entrance. The Wayne Enterprises Board of Directors quarterly meeting was this week, to review Q3 and to plan for Q4 and beyond.

Exiting the lavish car was probably the least expected person of the Wayne Family, the scion: Damian Wayne. His hair was meticulously styled, slicked back in a very business-first way. He was dressed much like any executive would be, a fully tailored suit(bespoke, of course), a green tie, and black dress shoes, that had been polished to a mirror shine.

"Tell Mr. Fox that I am here, I would like to meet with him in the chairman's office." The youngest Wayne commanded softly to his father's secretary. "I want to be briefed on everything Bruce knew in the company. Ongoing projects, sales projections, problem areas, the works." He added, stepping fast towards the entrance.

By now some paparazzi that had been assigned to Wayne Tower had caught a glimpse of Damian, and started to snap full pictures of the young man. "Damian, what are you at Wayne Enterprises for?" Amongst a score of other questions being asked of the teen, and most about Bruce. To which, at the top of the stairs into the building, Damian turns and replies. "We will have a press conference later today, all questions will be answered then." He comments before waving and turning back to enter Wayne Tower.

The midday Gotham news reports that for the first time since the Battle of Metropolis, Damian Wayne, son of the injured Wayne Enterprises chairman Bruce Wayne, made an appearance at Wayne Tower. A press conference to be held later today.