M. Bison

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M. Bison (Scenesys ID: 10162)
"You come here prepared to fight a madman, and instead you found, A GOD?!"
Full Name: Master Bison
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Theme: Other (VFC)
Occupation: Shadaloo King
Citizenship: Revoked
Residence: Shadaloo Base, Thailand
Education: Unknown
Status: Approved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 57 Actual Age: 57
Date of Birth 17 April 1973 Actor: Gerald C. Rivers (voice)
Height: 182 cm (5'10") Weight: 112 kg (247 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: White
Theme Song: Street Fighter x Tekken Music Extended


Master Bison is a dictator and megalomaniac with a god complex seeking world domination. He is a master of the evil Psycho Power and King of the Shadaloo Crime Syndicate.

Current Player Approved: May 18, 2022



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Behold! You witness Master Bison in all his glory!

Bison is a menacing figure, built like a powerlifter and with the ego to match. His face looks like it was hewn from granite, his jaw absurdly strong and his mouth almost permanently twisted into a rictus grin. He has neatly cut black hair under his red peaked cap, which he is never seen without. His eyes are a complete ghastly white, and will glow pink when his Psycho Power is active.

His attire consists of a red military uniform with large silver shoulder plates, wrist bands, and shin guards, on his peaked service cap is the skull insignia of his crime syndicate known as Shadaloo.


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M. Bison would have you believe he is descended from heaven to achieve the glorious purpose of uniting the world under his banner. The truth is... not that, but his history is muddled to anyone that isn't him. All that is really known of his past is that he was a young martial artist with overwhelming ambitions. It is suspected he murdered his master before giving into his own evil and embracing his Psycho Power.

Bison sought out many martial artists and demonstrated his true unassailable power by beating them into a pulp and learning their techniques in pursuit of reinforcing his title as the greatest being who ever lived. It is unknown if Bison formed Shadaloo of his own accord or took its crown, but none remember a time when Bison was not its glorious ruler.

NOTE: Any who speculate that Master Bison is from Thailand due to his knowledge of Lerdrit and basing Shadaloo there are mistaken and are to report for execution.


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Master Bison is a polite, gracious host and a champion amongst men.

This is not exactly inaccurate, Bison is capable of extreme politeness and can show respect on occasion. However this takes a dramatic back-step to vast ego and raging god complex. Bison is physically incapable of feeling empathy for others and even takes pleasure in watching people suffer at his hands, never feeling a shred of regret or remorse for the numerous atrocities that he has committed. Bison's malevolence is reflected in his iconic smile, a very wide grin that exposes not just all of the teeth but even the gums as well. Bison often refers to himself in the third person due to his inflated sense of self-importance.

It's not all bad. Bison is capable of displaying humour (though twisted) and is a consummate businessman, focused ever on achieving his goals and not allowing himself to get sidetracked.

In the land of Bison, Bison is king. And everywhere is the land of Bison.


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Psycho Power:

Psycho Power's origins are unknown, but suspected to be an external force that feeds on evil thoughts and actions to make its user stronger. However, the source of this information comes from the only user, Bison himself, and is thus extremely suspect. It is more likely to be self-empowering form of telekinesis, corrupted and warped by Bison's evil and thus locked in the feedback loop of Evil -> Power -> Evil -> Power etc.

Psycho Power can be considered Telekinesis Plus. He can use it for short ranged manipulation, to enhance his own prodigious strength, or to float and fly. The more esoteric uses are limited point-to-point teleportation, temporary intangibility (for a second or two at most), and accelerating his own healing. Finally, the strangest and definitely least-used part of his Psycho Power toolset is the ability to hijack the body of someone else corrupted by Psycho Power, but as Bison is the only user the chance of that happening to anyone other than himself (why would one hijack themselves?) is next to nil.

Psycho Power has two pitfalls. Firstly, there is no 'subtle' use of it, any invocation of the ability results in bright and noisy purple-in-black flames. Secondly, while there doesn't seem to be a ceiling to this power, too much use will burn him out from the inside. The 'burn out' cap is far, far lower than something like the Phoenix Force, so unless he ever does hijack a very powerful body (again, won't happen) he will never get physically stronger than someone like Captain America.

NOTE: Any attempt at possession via Psycho Power /requires/ the consent of the party Bison is targeting.


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Lerdrit is a Thai martial art, used by the Royal Thai Army. Bison is a master of this form and supplements it with Psycho Power to become a lethal combatant.

NOTE: Any correlation between Bison's mastery of Lerdrit and country of origin is purely coincidental, and to speculate in such will result in execution.

Master Bison is, remarkably, a fair and just ruler of his servants. He is adept at ensuring the right person is in the right place to further his goals and will not resort to terminating his subordinates for flimsy reasons.

NOTE: Speculating on Master Bison's origin is not a flimsy reason for termination and doing so will result in summary execution.

The Carrot:

As a recruiter, Master Bison is reasonable and offers only to provide his new recruits what they desire most in order to join Shadaloo. A scientist will get all of the equipment and funding they need, with no red tape or morality. Soldiers get excellent gear, a solid training regimen, and life insurance. General workers get three weeks paid leave! Bison will not resort to recruiting someone forcibly into Shadaloo (the proverbial Stick) until the avenues of politeness have been exhausted.

But make no mistake, if Bison wants you working for him, you will work for him.


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Shadaloo is a upstart paramilitary crime syndicate headquarted out of Thailand. Armed to the teeth with weapons and technology, it punches above its weight in terms of force projection, however as it is competing in the world of Hydra and AIM it works at much smaller scale out of necessity. It has committed many atrocities in pursuit of Bison's goals, such as smuggling weapons and biochemical drugs, brainwashing, assassination, and the massacre of Native American tribes. Bison has plans of turning Shadaloo into his own nation, the stepping stone towards becoming a global superpower and eventually world conqueror. There is nothing Shadaloo will not do, its purpose tied only to the whims of Bison himself.


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There is no world in which Bison is not the greatest being to have ever lived. At least, in his own mind. Arguing this point with Bison or god forbid proving him wrong will send him absolutely berserk.

Master Bison is forced into evil, though he will never admit it. Nor is it a chore. But his Psycho Power feeds off evil and he is pathologically incapable of coming up with an approach that will do good when a perfectly acceptable evil option is available. This of course makes him predictable, in that he will always take the worst approach.

Persona Non Grata:

A being as radiant as Bison has made more than a few enemies, and his public perception does nothing to mitigate how evil he is. Anyone who knows of Bison will know the depths of his madness.


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