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Welcome to United Heroes, a brand new superhero MUSH set in the year 2025. Rather than base our game on any one source, we've chosen to weave all the disparate realities into our own coherent theme. On Earth-1999, our little part of the multiverse, Agatha Harkness cast the "Spell of Humility" over the Gargoyle race, causing their garments to turn to stone during the day, Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa at the behest of Vandal Savage, the Chernobyl disaster caused many mutants to be born, and Matthew Murdock was blinded by the same ooze that mutated four baby turtles.

While we count Marvel and DC as our primary sources, we've added other sources to truly bring our world alive. You can enjoy your Soder Cola with Big Belly Burger, or maybe you'd prefer a Zesti Cola and some chicken from Los Pollos Hermanos. Why not read about the day's events in a copy of the Daily Bugle, or maybe you get all your news from LexTV.

We've strived to blend reality with the familiar aspects of the comics. The Hudson River is all that separates Old Gotham in New Jersey from the economic powerhouse that is Manhattan. Further up the coast, you'll find Metropolis, the city of Tomorrow, in Connecticut. Maybe you prefer the suburban life on Long Island, New York. And there's always Blüdhaven, though be careful out there. They seem to have a lot of spontaneous neck ruptures.

It's not just about allowing these other concepts. We've integrated them. Buffy Summers might team up with some of the McCall Pack to investigate the disappearance of John Constantine. Victor von Doom can enjoy a delightful brunch with Ambassador Diana. At United Heroes, imagination comes alive. What will we think up next? Join us and find out.

TCP/IP Address:
Port Number: 1999
Suggested Client: MushClient
Players: 250+
Unique IPs during peak hours: 65+