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Mary Jane Watson (Scenesys ID: 8678)
"Face it, Tiger ... you just hit the jackpot!"
Full Name: Mary Jane Watson
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: Marvel (AFC)
Occupation: Model / Actress
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Manhattan, New York
Education: Empire State University (BFA)
Status: Approved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 25 Actual Age: 25
Date of Birth 6 November 2001 Actor: Liana Liberato
Height: 173cm (5'8") Weight: 54kg (120lbs)
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: 'Life on Mars?' - David Bowie

'I Need A Hero' - Bonnie Tyler


The face on the billboard. The redhead smiling up from the magazine ad. She is that face you might recognize but could never put a name to in a million years.

Mary Jane Watson has lived in New York since she was a child, growing up in Queens and going to college at the city's own Empire State University. A model by trade, MJ's true passion lies in acting which she pursues in every way she can. Although yet to make it big, she has a demo reel that includes several print advertisements and even a shampoo commercial. Her more dubious claim to fame is her connection to Spider-Man, with whom she has a habit of crossing paths ...

Current Player Approved: July 11, 2019



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A heart-shaped face, bright green eyes and dark red hair. These are what leap out when looking at Mary Jane Watson. Her hair has been gathered up in a loose braid, hanging down over her left shoulder and run through with paler highlights of blonde. The small amount of make-up she has applied smooths out what is already a clear complexion, a slight darkening around the lids of her green eyes making them pop as the first feature most people notice when looking at her. A pointed chin and full cheeks frame a toothy white smile, her entire face more accustomed to beaming grins than frowns.

On her upper body she wears a white t-shirt that only loosely fits the definition of the word. It hangs loose enough to leave one shoulder exposed, but clings tightly enough to trace the shape of her chest and the flare of her hips. Screen-printed across her chest is a red and black artist's rendering of Spider-Man's mask, worn and faded though it seems it may have been printed that way rather than through wear and tear.

She wears a simple pair of dark grey jeans, tightly fitted to show off the line of her thighs and the curve of her rear. A number of artful rips mar the denim at her thighs, frayed white to reveal slices of pale skin beneath. On her feet are pair of Chucks, obviously a limited edition, sewn from red canvas with gold-coloured rubber soles and toes and pale blue laces. A stencilled white image of Iron Man's faceplate decorates the outer side of each shoe. A small band across the rear of the left shoe reads 'IRON' while the right reads 'MAN'.


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Mary Jane Watson - MJ to her friends - was born in Montoursville, Pennsylvania to Philip and Madeline Watson. Her father was a teacher but never able to hold down a permanent job, prompting the family to frequently pick up stakes and move from place to place. As a result, Mary Jane became quite good at making friends and self-sufficient enough that it never bothered her too much to lose them. The trials of this vagabond lifestyle took their toll on Philip and Madeline's relationship, and before her tenth birthday MJ's parents had divorced and she had gone to live with her mother. They stayed with a number of different relatives before taking up permanent residence with MJ's Aunt Anna in Forest Hills, Queens. MJ spent her teenage years growing up in a cozy little house with a couple of nice neighbours, May and Ben Parker, and their nephew whom she always seemed to miss out on meeting.

MJ was the popular girl in high school, friends with everyone regardless of their place in the social strata even though she sat firmly at the top of it. She enjoyed drama class and dreamt of being an actress, playing a number of roles such as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet and Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire. Shortly after she graduated high school, Madline grew sick and died. MJ resolved never to sacrifice her dreams for the sake of others and moved out of her Aunt's house, determined to make something of herself as an actress.

While studying acting at Empire State University, MJ happened to pick up a job as a model when she failed to get a part in a commercial but the casting director liked her look. This quickly turned into another job and yet another. Before long, MJ was making good money as a model despite being able to land any of the acting roles she truly wanted. When she graduated she continued on as a model, landing minor roles in commercials and on television here and there but never able to find her big break.


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MJ moves to the beat of her own drum. As a child she moved frequently from place to place, never staying long enough to get to know anyone too well, so she learned to make friends quickly and easily but to always rely on herself first and foremost. No matter who she is talking to, MJ is naturally bubbly and effusive to the point that almost anyone is naturally drawn to her and she tends to make friends with the greatest of ease. But while she can turn this gregariousness on like a faucet, she can just as easily turn it off and come across as detached, cool and aloof depending on her mood. For the most part, though, MJ is the sort of person everybody wants to know. Her tastes can be eclectic and avant garde, making her more of a trendsetter than a trend follower.

MJ has no real desire to bend to trends and fads. While she often gets paid to showcase the newest fashions, she prefers to make her own style. She has no need for validation from anyone else, as happy to spend her time alone as she is with a group. When she's not in the mood for people, she has no problem just getting her things and going somewhere to be alone. This is one of her greatest personal strengths - the ability to be just as happy alone as she is in a crowd.


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MJ majored in acting at college, and while modeling pays her bills she longs to make a go of it as a professional actress. She has studied a wide variety of acting methods and employed them at different times, at home with the Stansilavski Method, theatre games, and improvisation. She understands stagecraft well and various camera and make up techniques to a point. On top of her knowledge of the craft, she has memorised parts from a number of different plays ranging from Shakespeare to Arthur Miller. This is where her true passion lies, and it shows in the raw talent and breadth of skill she has as an actress.



While far from a master of martial arts, MJ has taken some self-defense classes and even tried her hand at stage fighting. She has enough understanding to know how to throw a punch or deliver a kick without doing herself an injury, and knows how to throw her weight into swinging an impromptu weapon like a baseball bat or a pool cue. One on one against an unarmed, average human she stands a definite fighting chance. That said, she lacks the ability to really mix it up with the tights-and-fights crew and will probably retreat to the sidelines or, at most, risk the occasional blindside attack when her opponent isn't paying attention.



MJ has a natural grace and poise that makes her well-suited to dancing. She took several dance classes as a small child, although her family's constant moving from place to place never let her settle down and truly hone her skills. She has picked up different moves here and there from stage performances or small television projects, and even took a few classes while in college. She is quite capable of maintaining her balance while performing complex moves, and knows how to look good while doing it.



While at university and since graduation, MJ has kept a roof over her head through modeling. She has appeared on billboards here and there, glossy magazines, and posters on the subway. She has even found work as a runway model from time to time, showcasing the latest and most expensive designs for a number of New York-based designers. While it may not seem like much, MJ knows what it takes to look good on camera and exude the kind of demeanor her employers are looking for. Not to mention she is well at home at a photoshoot or fashion show, knowing all the technical terminology one needs to be a professional in that arena.



MJ has had an interest in fashion and design for as long as she can remember. When she couldn't afford the clothes that were most fashionable as a teenager, she learned just how to modify them to make the $25 dollar outlet store pair of jeans look like the pair on sale for triple digits. The ruse wasn't perfect, but she nevertheless developed a talent for mending rips and tears. Her stint as a model and a college minor in fashion design has netted her the skills to sew clothes from whole cloth, and she is not averse to designing and wearing her own creations. It doesn't hurt being able to mend damaged clothes to get a little more out of them, either.


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While not a blockbuster superstar, MJ gets steady work as a model. Enough to keep a roof over her head, pay her bills, and keep her in moderately expensive clothes from time to time. She will not be flying around in her own private jet or even booking first class tickets, but she can eat out at a nice restaurant occasionally and keep relatively up to date with the latest technology without breaking the bank entirely. Of course, the downside is that all of this trades on her looks and if she fails to get a job for a few months she will quickly find herself plunging into a lower socioeconomic bracket.



MJ has a relatively (by New York standards) spacious apartment in New York City. There's very little that is special about it save that it is a private space of her own and somewhere she can go when she needs to hide out. She managed to pay for it outright with a few lucrative modeling contracts and the savings from all her teenage and student jobs. It's no penthouse suite or Manhattan townhouse, but actually owning your home in the Greatest City in the World is nothing to sneeze at.

Minor Celebrity


MJ is not a household name. Most people who know her face don't even have a name to put to it. But her face has been seen on billboards, posters, and the sides of busses around town. On rare occasions, she can trade on her minor celebrity status to get into a club that is ?full' or a table at a restaurant that is otherwise booked solid. It doesn't always work, and people are more likely to just look at her and wonder where they know her from, but it does happen enough to be a useful arrow in her quiver.



MJ knows Peter Parker, who just happens to be Spider-Man and one of the most well-known superheroes in New York. She isn't the sort to have a special watch that summons him or anything of that sort, but should she end up in trouble he is more likely to actively seek her out and rescue her once he finds out. While Spider-Man tries to save everyone, of course, it doesn't hurt to be of particular interest to him. It's like having her own personal insurance policy against the depredations of super villains.


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Although not readily recognisable as a household name, MJ's celebrity status does have a darker side. From time to time, certain people see her face and become obsessed with her. While any stalkers she has had so far have been generally tame and easily scared off by restraining orders, it seems only a matter of time before one takes things too far. For someone as frequently in the public eye as MJ is, this can put her in real danger and, more importantly, the sort of danger she can't always see coming.

Trouble Magnet


Perhaps because of her affiliation with Spider-Man, or maybe just as a result of some great cosmic coincidence, MJ draws trouble to herself much easier than others. If a super villain is going to take a hostage, they would just seem more inclined to pick her over someone else who just happens to be nearby. If the spirit of an ancient warrior is going to possess someone, guess who it's probably going to be? MJ doesn't actively do anything to invite this sort of trouble - it just seems to find her.


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Band Camp July 16th, 2019 Band Practice for the Mary Janes. MJ comes up with a new business idea.


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