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Maxima (Scenesys ID: 1672)
"Out of my way."
Full Name: Maxima
Gender: Female
Species: Alien
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Space Adventurer
Citizenship: Almerac
Residence: Metropolis
Education: Private School
Status: Dropped
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Other Information
Apparent Age: 29 Actual Age: 29
Date of Birth 6 December 1996 Actor: Charlotte Sullivan
Height: 190 cm Weight: 63 kg
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Brown
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Maxima is the daughter of dictators and conquerors, who rule with an evil fist over an alien world. The ruling Kingdom has set her on a quest, like she's under certain demands and expectations, but she refuses to be pigeon-holed. She has discovered Earth. And kicking ass. And other experiences. Wonderful! Who is this strange alien?



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This tall woman has striking red hair, which is uncontrollably curly, fluffy and wild. It whips and flutters as she moves, bouncing off her shoulders as it's nicely cared for and styled. There's a part in there somewhere, mostly off to the side, creating some wisps of red tendrils, which flutter over her forehead. She has a slender face and classical appearance, with white skin, almost pale like she's been kept inside. She has thick eyelashes and eye-liner to look devious and menacing, not to mention her thin eyebrows to complete the picture. She has crisp brown eyes and this thick lipstick which cannot be a darker shade of red if it tried. She has strong appearance like she can immediately flex her muscles and kick your ass, but still appears feminine enough to wear a dress and kick your ass later.

Currently, she wears a green bodysuit with a deep neckline. She has on a red belt around her slim waist. The bodysuit doesn't cover her legs but she wears yellow leggings instead which cut-off above the knee. The leggings are tight and contain pointed stiletto heels, which are made to step on somebody and kick their ass. She has on green gloves and these power gauntlets around both of her wrists, which seem to have mysterious emblems and symbols.


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Maxima was born Lady Maxima of the Royal House of Trear on the planet of Almerac. The planet established a regal lineage thousands of years old and Maxima's family became leader of the tradition & the government. The planet's conquests became their strength, and the Genetics Division long since weeded out any chance of inferiority from the ruling family. To say Maxima was intimidated and pressured would be an understatement. Not to mention, her huge family found it easy to follow the stupid rules and encourage her to lead the family's next line of successors. They really hated when she dressed in commoner clothes and drove a fuel-guzzling sport cruiser. Later, she was surfing the Intergalactic Net when she saw a holographic advertisement for Warworld, seeing all kinds of captive men and women, even superheroes fighting. Finding an excuse, she traveled there and competed willingly, getting over the mud on her pants and blood on her fist as she kicked ass. The champion Draaga was determined to be a typical man and beat her in combat, but she only rolled her eyes. She was more taken with the underbelly of the place, becoming infatuated with superheroes like SUPERMAN who helped the poor and innocent. Nobody was as selfless and free, what she desired (at least the free part), but her brother was killed in the latest kingly war at home so she was forced to sign a paper sending her on the Quest for the Holy Child, so to speak. She told the Ruling Council she was going to Earth to find her equal, but secretly she was going to find herself!


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Maxima is a confusing mess of contradictions and complications. She has demands on her from her family and she also has ambitions of her own that don't fall in line with "tradition". She is rebellious and often jumps at many opportunities for that reason without sitting back to think things over. She'd rather drive hard and kick ass first, and think about things later, telling people off and not to talk to her that way. She often has a sense of aristocratic jackass about her, entitled to this and that, like she's above others. Sometimes she likes playing that part but other times she's overcome with responsibility and guilt, a noble pride to help and not destroy what's good. Maxima is determined to let Almerac see what a real Queen can do, complete with noble justice, a warrior's pride and honorable determination.


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Maxima's powers are derived from the Eugenics Division's mastery (and obsession) over the body. This gives her strong control over her mind, which facilitates her superpowers. Her genetics are perfect, and she's incapable of getting a human disease, or the sniffles. Maxima has superpowers because of the genetic development of her race, and her strong psionic control gives her strength, invulnerability, flight, and telepathy.

Maxima has a psychic connection to universal energies that make the creation and expelling of energy possible. This is typically through telekinesis, exerting herself on the hidden forces around her, compelling them from their places idling in the air to other work. This takes effort, like punching something and enables her to form beams of energy. The beam itself is like a laser, a form of energy that can be fired or pushed from her eyes or her hands, to strike targets with heat and concussive force. This force can range from a few watts to thousands of megawatts, blasting like many thousands of rockets. She has a range of three hundred to four hundred feet.

Maxima's psionics help her survive. Her control over energy creates a tiny little force field around her to help her survive in space or underwater. Her state of rest is one of a super powered being, impervious to great attack, so this is not something she turns on to go from housewife to superhero, it's a genetic state which can be subtlety controlled by her mind but usually remains constant. She's completely impervious to bullets, small arms and temperature barely phases her. She can take a nuke and get up.

Maxima can fly and move very fast using the power of her mind, much like compelling speed and flight through force of will. She can travel anywhere on the globe in a short time, moving thousands of meters per second.

Maxima's control over the universe's energies gives her enhanced stamina and resistances.

Maxima has a large amount super strength thanks to her mastery of the energy of the universe. The energy of the universe psionically gives her the power of super strength, to lift and press hundreds of tons of weight.

Maxima has the power of telepathy, to communicate messages without speaking, to plant suggestions and to read the surface thoughts of people, if she concentrates. She has had this power since birth, like her people, so it's second nature. She can communicate tens of thousands of miles at maximum, with her ship in orbit of Earth, for example.


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Maxima is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, skilled at brawling and wrestling. She has royal training in boxing, using her strength to her advantage to overwhelm opponents. She has experience fighting in arenas and at war.

Maxima is royalty and one of the leaders of Almerac. She is a battle leader, able to strategize about the best way to win battles and has directed soldiers before.


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Maxima is from Almerac, where she is a Princess and her family is in power. Most of them are telepathic and led by her brothers, who are Generals or soldiers in the army. The government is mostly sympathetic to the Royal Family, when she can behave and appease them, which isn't very often. She can exert a certain amount of power or influence over members of Almerac society independent of the government, like on servants, guards, senators, and scientists. Maxima herself is equipped with loyal handmaidens, a royal guard, and a spaceship, all of whom orbit around Earth and constantly track her. She has full access to their strength, when they travel from the Almerac I. They don't have the superpowers of Maxima but are telepathic and skilled soldiers, well-equipped and technologically superior to regular Earth soldiers, since they're from Almerac.

Maxima has an endowment of wealth to keep living independently for many years. This is funded by Almerac, who trades with neighboring systems.


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Maxima is an alien from the planet Almerac and might not know many human customs, especially in foreign countries.

Maxima has a big fat ego. She constantly talks about herself and most of her goals center around herself. She wants to create an entourage of followers so she looks important.

Maxima cannot use her psionic powers for more than thirty to forty minutes at a clip without going into psionic shock, and losing her abilities. She is susceptible to dampening fields and strong willpower gives her trouble. This doesn't include mundane or everyday activities.

The Council of Almerac has assigned Maxima to the Quest for the Holy Child, and expect constant progress. She has been given clear directions from the leaders of Almerac. Her movements are tracked aboard the Almerac's flagship and she has to give regular reports on her progress.


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