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Molly Carpenter (Scenesys ID: 1826)
Molly blinked, then looked at Thomas and said, "Wait a minute.... We're his flunkies."

"You, may be," Thomas said, sneering. "I'm his thug. I'm way higher than a flunky."
"You are high if you think I'm taking any orders from you," Molly said tartly.

Full Name: Molly Carpenter
Gender: Female
Species: Magician
Theme: Other (FC)
Occupation: Apprentice Wizard
Citizenship: US
Residence: Sunnydale
Education: High School
Status: Dropped
Groups: Mystic Arts (OOC)
Other Information
Apparent Age: 25 Actual Age: 25
Date of Birth 2 August 2005 Actor:
Height: 180 cm (5'11") Weight: 72 kg (158 lb)
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "W.I.T.C.H." by Devon Cole


Molly Carpenter is from a picture perfect suburban family situation. Her father is an actual carpenter, and her mother stays at home to raise her six siblings in picturesque suburbs of Sunnydale. Molly cares a great deal about her family though lately she's taken to straying from that path by taking on a more punk styling. When not at home she's often times found at a local arcade, the movie theater, or hanging out with that weirdo Harry Dresden.

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Casual attitude wrapped up in sugary sweetness. Somehow she manages to pull off this odd mix with a pair of punk-rock knee high boots covered in buckles, and a casual short black skirt. A dark purple t-shirt emblazoned with the name of a local punk band is worn over her youthfully fit body. Pale skin, just starting to be sun-kissed by the rays of the Summer sun leaves her looking quite healthy if not super fashionable. Short cropped hair is dyed blue and purple. A few piercings are worn in her ears, and one in her eyebrow. It's nothing too fancy but enough to give her a more edgy look.


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Molly Carpenter is one of seven children born to Michael and Charity Carpenter. While not rich, they were always provided for in a loving home built by her father. It's only as she grew older that things began to get weirder. Molly's father was no ordinary man, or ordinary carpenter as it were. Michael is a Knight of the Cross called upon by God himself to fight the forces of evil when necessary. So while her life was ultimately normal, she grew up knowing there is more to the world than what was considered 'normal'.

As she got older her father met and befriended a wizard named Harry Dresden who her mother never liked fearing that he would continue to put her husband and family in further danger. This was true, more cases than either would like to admit, but ultimately they always managed to save the day. It was watching this mysterious, heroic wizard that caused Molly to begin to develop a crush on Harry.

In her teenage years she began to deviate from the blonde haired, blue eyed girl-next-door look to develop her own edgier look. Her hair would often be dyed various colors and she began to get piercings in eyebrows, ears, nose and lip being the rebellious teenager. This wasn't something her parents frowned on as they allowed her to explore her individuality, and she remained a loyal daughter and sibling to the younger Carpenters. Up until she began to develop abilities outside of the usual realm of expectations.

Well aware of how her mother felt about wizards, Molly hid her budding abilities from her parents and siblings alike. Instead she began spending more time out of the house with friends that were of a dubious nature. It was one such group of friends, fans of a local horror convention, that she began to actually use some of her abilities. One of her friends who was addicted to drugs had become pregnant so she slipped into her mind to alter her sensations toward drugs. Instead of feeling what they normally did she would become sick from taking them, and she mentally urged her to clean up her act.

On the outside it appeared that her influence had worked for her friend, but it had caused fractures in her psyche that were damaging as this was not her own will, but one forced upon her. Even though it was for her own good this was Black Magic highly frowned upon by the White Council of Wizards. Molly was on the path to becoming a Warlock.

Such abuse of magic may have gone unnoticed if not for the sudden attack of fear monsters feeding off attendees of Splatter Con, the local horror convention she and her friends were attending. Harry Dresden saved the day, being the local wizard in the area on call, but in doing so he discovered the usage of Molly's magic. Unknown to both herself and Harry, her mother had been a warlock that was rescued by Michael Carpenter and had sworn off ever using magic again. The ability had been passed on to Molly.

With the White Council labeling her a warlock, she was brought in to be judged. Usually this ended in death. Harry Dresden instead stepped forward, arguing on her behalf, and agreed to take her on as his apprentice. Though it saved her life she is still watched heavily by the Council who are just waiting for her to slip up and make a single mistake proving she's on the path to darkness. Since then she's been his apprentice, and her parents are now well aware of her abilities.


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Molly is a caring individual who prioritizes family and friends above almost all else. Though she believes strongly in a sense of wrong and right she's well aware the world is made of shades of gray and is willing to do what may be wrong so long as it's to protect or help those she cares about.

Overall she's a cheerful individual that enjoys some fun-loving teasing and joking in casual settings. When she is troubled by something she tends to shut herself away from those she cares about to try and handle it herself rather than letting them be aware of it. It's better in her mind to be silent and strong, bearing her discomfort or pain, than to place it on someone else.


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Molly is a very strong natural empath. Which is to say, while she has the raw talent, she doesn't have the skill or training to use it very well. Being an empath has such benefits as allowing her to be able to feel what another feels, but the drawbacks can be severe. This is ability works mainly with those who aren't fellow magic users, or those with practice shielding their minds. It's not that she feels what everyone feels (in fact she tries to avoid this to begin with), but there are times that a strong surge of emotion can get through to her even when she's not actively trying to use this ability. In some cases, for instance if someone is murdered/killed near her, if she's not properly shielding herself it can cause her psychic backlash which can leave her stunned and vulnerable until she recovers.

***NOTE: I do not intend to use this ability often, or if unwanted by another player. This is just a part of this character's abilities. As stated, she will often be trying to avoid using it to protect herself from potential backlash. ***


       Otherwise known as Battle Magic it is not Molly's forte at all, while unable to create massive lances of fire, and lightning, she is able to manipulate energies to a much finer degree, capable of creating Illusions to make one appear invisible, or to look like another person. These are Molly's bread and butter being able to make veils that her Master can only dream of. These illusions can be both visual, and auditory.


       For Molly her magic wells up from life itself. As such, with the amount of magic available to her body there are several perks that comes along with this. First off when she is wounded and heals, eventually the scars of that damage will fade away with time. Breaks will heal, and eventually look as if the bone was never broken, nerve damage will right itself, and badly mangled tissue will give way to clean unblemished flesh. This also means that once she hits middle age, the years will stretch out ahead of her giving her a long and healthy lifespan in the triple digits of years. While long lived Molly still is mortal and can get sick and wounded, and killed like any other mundane human being.

The Magic that Molly Carpenter wields is that of life itself, it is versatile, and varied. With the right symbology, (Physical, or Mentally Imaged) enough juice, and strong enough will, just about anything can be accomplished.

Molly is very naturally talented with Psychomancy. Psychomancy can be used in two ways: Through objects, and people.

Through touching an object she able to 'read' the history associated with it. If someone were to hand her a ring, she could essentially read the memories off of it to know who owns it, how they got it, or where it was created. She has to focus with intent on which type of memory she wishes to see, however the stronger emotions of the moment, the easier it will rise to the forefront. If it was something carried by or held by someone when they were killed, she will be able to 'view' this moment easily.

By touching someone she can also manipulate their thoughts, though this is considered 'Black Magic' by the White Council. With consent of an individual such usage is acceptable, but it's never easy to guess the ultimate reaction of changing someone's mind as it's a delicate area, and it's tempting to try and meddle for 'the greater good'. This is something Molly is trying to avoid doing as it will bring the wrath of the group overseeing her and Harry.

***NOTE: As with everything, this is consent based. A person might be good enough to fool Molly into believing something she is reading when it isn't the truth. As for reading objects, it is entirely subject to interpretation in many cases depending on what she sees.***

A Soulgaze occurs when a wizard meets the eyes of someone for more than a few seconds. It gives the other a window into their soul. It doesn't relay specific information (you can't use it to interrogate someone), but it does give one a vague impression on whether they're trustworthy or not, or if they've been psychically harmed, etc. Much like the third eye, what is seen can never be forgotten, and this can only happen once per person. Only creatures with a soul can be soulgazed.

This is not something Molly is good at. It requires more raw power than she typically has. It is however a good means of practicing finer control over her magic so she's often put to task practicing with it. She can move things about by floating them around (such as using Scrabble tiles to spell out words in the air.) Doing it too long will give her a heck of a headache, but in a pinch she can snag something small toward her or throw something to someone else this way. She won't be hoisting cars anytime soon but a phone, or knife, or wooden staff she can manage.


       Molly is rather skilled with Thaumaturgy, having been trained by Harry from early in her apprentice ship, this allows her to be able to whip up tracking charms, and to be able to trace active magics back to their source. With the right foci many effects and manipulations can be done with this magic.

***Note: Thaumaturgy generally is something that can't be done on the fly, it takes time, and preparation to do.

Third Eye:
Molly has the wizard ability to open her third eye. This takes a moment of concentration, but once opened she can see the world as it really is without obfuscation or magic involved. People can be viewed as a manifestation of their being (good/beautiful, evil/ugly, etc.). Building, surroundings and everything else also take on manifestations. Such as a house where death has happened can have skulls around it, or a building that might have had a fire can be shown shrouded in flames. Whatever is seen, can never be forgotten as it will leave a psychic imprint of that particular moment in the mind of the wizard.


Veils are a magic that Molly is stronger in due to her skill with intricate, delicate weavings of power. Casting a veil can hide individuals from the sight and senses of others. It's a type of obfuscation which diverts the eyes and attention and subtly urges them to avoid the area they hidden are in. The last is a must because while veiled they are still physically there. Attacks can still hit them, if someone knows where to throw them. Molly's skill level in this far surpasses her mentor. Unless she takes damage (physical, mental or magical) her veils will remain in place until she wills them to release.

Her veils have successfully covered multiple people to hide them from creatures with heightened senses, such as vampires, and fae. With more time to prepare her casting she can veil an area around the size of a single story building, though this has a far higher risk of being broken if someone within were to step out of the range of coverage.


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When you come from a family of seven kids, you learn how to shop on a budget. Most of Molly's clothes are thrift store finds, and she cooks more often than not. While she's not rich by any stretch of the imagination she knows how to work with what she has. It's mundane but useful.

Molly learned how to cook at an early age. She's no chef but good old home cooking? She's got you covered. Now if she could only get her mentor to eat more vegetables.

Like most adults Molly is familiar with how to drive. She can even use a stick shift, and ride a motorcycle.

Enchantments are power imbued into an object for various purposes. This can be to store up extra energy for later to use as a 'battery' to provide some extra oomph, storing battle magics to be triggered at a moments notice, a shield ready to protect, etc. The uses are invariably limitless. The power in these enchanted objects however is not limitless. Once the power that was stored in them runs dry, it's just a regular every day object again. Enchantments aren't permanent, but with upkeep (recharging them) they can keep going indefinitely.

With the amount of times that weapons have come into play on investigations, occult or otherwise, it soon became apparent to both Harry, Karrin, and Molly that knowing how to use a gun would be a great benefit to her. Molly's hardly a sharp shooter by any account though she can hit a target. She's also been taught how to field strip a gun, clean it, and re-assemble because Karrin is a very thorough teacher.

First Aid:
Like her mother, Molly has often assisted in helping to patch up her father as she grew up. Charity ensured that Molly knew first aid beyond the basics to help take care of herself, and siblings as well. Given her time working with Harry-the-ever-injured, she's had plenty of time to practice this skill.

Molly has been apprentice to Harry since she was sixteen when her magic first manifested. While the majority of this is based around being his apprentice as a wizard, he is also a private investigator. Many of the investigative skills required of a PI are similar to the ones necessary to solve occult cases, and so Molly has picked up quite a few tricks along the way.

Jawa Wrangling:
Jawas are how Molly affectionately refers to her younger siblings. Being the oldest of seven she's had more than her fair share of experience in babysitting. Dealing with children is something she's good at

Karrin Murphy is a blackbelt and she often runs training classes for her fellow police officers, and Harry to keep him in shape. Molly began tagging along shortly after becoming Harry's apprentice. While she's not officially ranked in any way, she's learned to defend herself capably in unarmed confrontations. She's by no means an expert or master of any martial art however.


Molly's mother often spars with her father to help keep him in practice. When it became apparent Molly would be in the same, or similar 'line of work' as Michael, Charity began to teach Molly as well. Though she really doesn't expect her to be wielding swords (she hopes) the practice keeps Molly strong, limber, and in shape. It also means she knows how to react to someone who may actually have a sword.


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.45 Glock 21:
As a birthday gift, Harry bought her this handgun. With Molly being a younger wizard than he she's able to use a semi-automatic hand gun without risking it jamming. Much to Harry's chagrin. Given their line of work though, a mundane weapon can be a blessing. No one expects a wizard to pull out a gun.

Michael Carpenter: While one wouldn't necessarily consider a parent to be an ally of any influence, Michael Carpenter is a Knight of the Cross and wielder of the Sword of Love, one of three swords crafted with a nail from the cross in the hilt. Molly has been hiding that she's a wizard from her parents for as long as she can but she knows, should she need it, she only has to reach out to her father for assistance. If he doesn't show up himself due to divine intervention.

Charity Carpenter: Molly's mother is rather skilled in a great many things that one wouldn't expect of a suburban housewife in Sunnydale. She's on par with an EMT in her first aid abilities, including stitching, suturing, and setting bones. In addition, due to her husband often fighting supernatural creatures, she sought to assist him by becoming a blacksmith. She tends to his weaponry, and armor, as well as assisting him with swordsmanship training. Molly's mother is far stronger and more durable than one might expect. If she needs assistance, she's just as capable a fighter as Michael in her own right.

Father Forthill: Often an ally of both Dresden and Michael Carpenter, Father Forthill is also one of Molly's allies. He's known her since childhood and baptized her himself. He's a member of the Order of the Knights of the Cross and offers support to those affected by the supernatural when he can. Often he provides shelter in the Catholic Church.

Harry Dresden: Molly has known Harry for years. He was a friend of her fathers who would often go out with him when he had to perform his duties as a Knight of the Cross. As time went on, Molly began to develop a crush on Harry. It was a childish thing up until he put himself on the line to save her from being branded a Warlock and executed. She still has deep feelings for him though she's been refuted, but he is both friend of the family and her sensei who she knows she can always turn to for help.

Mouse: Mouse was one of a liter of puppies suspected to have Foo Dog ancestry by a group of Tibetan monks. They were stolen by traders, and Dresden was hired to get them back. Mouse however hid to avoid going home and adopted Harry as much as Harry adopted him. Mouse seems to possess an extremely high intelligence, able to formulate complex plans and understand instructions. He is a capable fighter and fast runner, and in combat will occasionally emit a nimbus of pale blue light. His bark is capable of breaking people out of an enchanted sleep, and spur them to action. He also seems to possess an endurance and healing ability far beyond mortal dogs; a few hours after being hit by a car, he can fight supernatural creatures again readily. While he is ultimately Harry's dog, Molly seems to be a benefactor of his protection as well.

Karrin Murphy: Lieutenant Karrin Murphy of the GCPD Specter Division (Spook Squad). Though her association with Karrin is mainly through Harry Dresden, Molly knows that if she should need assistance she has Karrin on speed dial.

When Molly turned eighteen, Harry surprised her with a paycheck for her apprenticeship as a wizard bleeding over into his job as an investigator. Though there's no official title for her, she's basically his Girl Friday making sure that the basics get done around the office. Like actually filing paperwork, and helping to roll him out of bed on time by ensuring a steady supply of Starbucks.

A foci is an enchanted item used to either store power or help to focus and fine tune it into a particular result. Usually this is an object one can carry with them, or wear like a piece of jewelry. Molly has three foci available to her. opted to enchant her tattoos (or more accurately, the ink which they're made with) to use as her foci. They can't be removed from her or lost this way. They do still require upkeep to recharge their enchantments like any foci.

Forearm tattoo: On her right forearm, elbow to back of her hand, is what appears to be a tribal design tattoo. It's slightly different in it's appearance though; more coiling like waves or plant vines than the sharp spikes of most tribal designs. This one is enchanted to cast Veils. Given her affinity for such intricately woven magic this is one of her strongest foci. The veils themselves are the same as she can normally cast, though with the extra stored power in her foci she would be able to cast a larger one without the preparation time. i.e., by tapping into the stored power she could quickly cast a veil large enough to cover the area of a one story building.

Collarbone Tattoos: Mirrored scrollwork tattoos are on each side of her collarbone. They're simplistic designs in black ink like her other tattoos. These foci are for aid in casting illusions. One side is for visual illusion, the other for auditory. They can work in conjunction with one another to create a far more realistic illusion to fool more than one sense. These have enough magic enchanted to cast two illusions before being drained.

Leather Jacket:
A gift from Molly's father when she got her motorcycle. It's a well-fitted black leather jacket in a modern racing style. With Harry's help, it's been enchanted to be far more durable than regular leather to help protect her further. It's tear and cut resistant and bulletproof thanks to the enchantment. That doesn't mean she won't feel any impact. It's more like a Kevlar vest magically created. Additionally the lining has been enchanted so that when it's zipped up she'll always be a toasty seventy degrees no matter the current weather. The limits to how much this can protect her against something, such as fire, has not been tested. She'd rather avoid that. It's become one of her most prized possessions and she sees to it's upkeep daily.


Not all who seek the help an urban wizard/investigator can pay their bills up front. In one of Molly's official 'cases' after turning eighteen the client (a mechanic whose shop was besieged by gremlins) couldn't pay much due to the damages he would have to recoup from what the gremlins did. As a trade off, he paid for his debt by giving his prized, fully restored 1950 Indian Chief Black Hawk. Molly, having done the brunt of the work with the gremlins in this situation, scooped it up. It's a perfect vehicle for her given it's age (less electric items to eventually fry out), and it fits her rebellious style.


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Molly is a very strong natural empath. Which is to say, while she has the raw talent, she doesn't have the skill or training to use it very well. Being an empath has such benefits as allowing her to be able to feel what another feels, but the drawbacks can be severe. This is ability works mainly with those who aren't fellow magic users, or those with practice shielding their minds. It's not that she feels what everyone feels (in fact she tries to avoid this to begin with), but there are times that a strong surge of emotion can get through to her even when she's not actively trying to use this ability. In some cases, for instance if someone is murdered/killed near her, if she's not properly shielding herself it can cause her psychic backlash which can leave her stunned and vulnerable until she recovers.

***NOTE: I do not intend to use this ability often, or if unwanted by another player. This is just a part of this character's abilities. As stated, she will often be trying to avoid using it to protect herself from potential backlash. ***

According to the White Council, Molly has fallen under rules which label her a Warlock for misuse of her magical ability. This is the same group that oversaw Harry Dresden during the emergence of his own powers. For using her abilities in ways they consider Dark Magic (i.e., mind control, murder, etc.) they've labeled her a Warlock. The only reason she had narrowly escaped execution was thanks to Harry Dresden taking responsibility for her to show her the right way (according to the Council) of how to use magic.

Loved ones are always a flaw in that they can be used against someone who wants to protect them. With a family as large as Molly's this means that there's quite a few ways that they can be used to influence her actions. It's led her to distance herself from her family for their own good, but that doesn't mean she wouldn't risk anything to keep them safe.

Being a wizard is cool and all but it doesn't change the fact that Molly is still a regular old human. She can get sick, she can get injured, she can be killed. Everything that can hurt a regular human can hurt her.

Inherited Enemies:
Due to her father being a Knight of the Cross, her mentor being the infamous Harry Dresden she has more than her fair share of enemies. Far more than any fledgling wizard ought to have when just starting out. Below are listed some of those that may cause Molly issues.

The White Council: The white council as a whole look poorly upon Harry Dresden for his own history with them. For Molly's own introduction to the group, having been cast as someone who uses Dark Magic by their rules, she's just as much an issue for them. Though just starting out there are many in this group who feel that Harry is a loose cannon. With Molly under his wing she's not seen in any better of a light in their eyes.

The Order of the Blackened Denarius: Bound to 30 pieces of roman silver are some of this worlds most dangerous beings. Alive when the universe was created, beings that have stood in the presence of God. Their leader is Nicodemus Archleon and they would like nothing more than to bring about the end times in their favor. Given Molly is the daughter of Michael Carpenter, one of the three Knights of the Cross that stand in their way, she can be as much an enemy to them as a pawn. (See also: Harry Dresden 'Rogues Gallery')

The Leanansidhe: While this is Harry's actual honest to god Faerie Godmother, due to the twisted views of this particular Fae, she's more someone to be avoided than a potential ally. It's more than that though in Molly's case: Should Harry fail in his duties to mentor Molly, then by Faerie custom the Leanansidhe, as his godmother, must step in to fulfill his obligation. That's not really something to look forward to.

Laws of Nature:
Her magic is subject to the nature of the environment she is in so she has to keep in mind the laws of physics. While she can bend them she cannot break them entirely.

Technological Pariah:

Due to the nature of magic that Molly practices, it can often cause electronic devices to short out, explode, or just stop working. Due to Molly's young nature she hasn't gotten to the point yet that she can't use most technological devices, though if her magic spikes due to strong emotions, it will cause severe issues. She's already beginning to adapt to what she knows will become a necessity as time goes on.


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