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Negasonic (Scenesys ID: 281)
Deadpool: "And you are?"
Negasonic: "Negasonic Teenage Warhead"
Deadpool: "Negasonic Teenage...what the shit? That's the coolest name ever!"
Full Name: Ellie Phimister
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: Genoshan
Residence: Xavier's School
Education: In High School
Status: Dropped
Groups: Xavier's School, Mutant-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 17 Actual Age: 17
Date of Birth 23 September 2009 Actor: Brianna Hildebrand
Height: 160 cm (5'2") Weight: 43 kg (94 lbs)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Negasonic Teenage Warhead" by Monster Magnet - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKj5cJ9_KSg


Ellie Phimister was born in Genosha. It sucked. Luckily her parents took her to a real country for her 13th birthday, USA. Spoiler alert: mutants powers tend to emerge on their 13th birthday. Long story short, her parents are dead and she got stuck in the child services system. Newsflash: once powers emerge, they kinda stay there. Foster home didn't last too long either. Twist of Fate: Xavier's crew was able to intervene and take Ellie with them before she landed into real trouble. They been training her in using her explosive powers, and she was allowed to pick her own superhero name. The best one ever in fact: Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Don't believe me? Ask Deadpool!

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Though relatively small at only 160 cm (5'3"), the young teenager before you strikes quite an imposing figure. Not so much scary, as much as goth, and drawing an intentional anti-social allusions with her look. Her black hair is shorn, Sinead O'Connor style, at least she never has to worry about bad hair day. Her left ear is graced with a row of 5 small silver hooped earring, from the earlobe and up her ear. Her nose is also pierced, beset with a ball hoop nose ring. Her makeup befits her goth styling, featuring black eyeliner and black lipstick. All in all she wears a look about her face that says she's not interested. Everything is boring, lame, or otherwise a waste of time.

She's currently dressed in her X-Men outfit, a very New Mutant reminiscent one suggesting she's one of the younger X-Men. It's a black and yellow unitard, black on the bottom and sides and yellow at center and shoulders. There's a tight Chinese collar cinched with an X insignia featuring button. The same X sigil is also present on the shoulders, as some kind of shock absorber. A yellow canvas web belt is cinched tightly around her waist, the clasp also featuring an X emblem. But at least she was allowed some personal touches too, like her black leather fingerless gloves, her knee high black boots, and of course that kick ass long leather jacket, decorated with punkish pyramid studs and spikes along the upper arm and shoulders.


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Ellie Phimister was born in Genosha, and she absolutely hated it. She hated a lot of things in life, actually. She found it hard to make friends, she wasn't very good with social skills, and she saw in movies how much better other places were and how much more fun they were. Movies are what lead Ellie to develop an obsession with going to America, namely the United States of America. Whenever her parents asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she kept telling them she wanted to see America. Eventually, they couldn't say no, and promised to take her there for her 13th birthday.

Ellie's 13th birthday was the first one in a long time she was actually longing for and when the day arrived, her parents stayed true to their promise and took her on an awesome trip abroad!

Sadly, Ellie turned out to be a mutant, and as her powers emerged during a coast to coast drive, she totally exploded, killing both her parents and destroying their ride. Investigators called it a terrorist attack, with little evidence to go by, and Ellie who was now orphaned was taken by the Child Services program, who soon found her a foster home.

Turns out she still remained a mutant, because after a period of keeping her newfound power in control, she once again lost control, and this time an entire house exploded sky high. Oh, and she also killed more innocents. Two times is when investigators start to rule out coincidences, but lucky for her, a team from Xavier's School came to the rescue after detecting her through Cerebro. They had a telepath with them, and they quickly arranged for Ellie to go with them, keeping her free of trouble.

Needless to say, Ellie, who was quite terrified of the inexplicable explosions that started to happen around her was eager to know the reason behind it, and joined Xavier's as a student. She was taught how to use her powers, how to control them, and how to get better at it. In time they even let her pick a codename like all the X-Men had, and she picked the coolesst name ever: Negasonic Teenage Warhead. And so the saga begins...


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From a young age Ellie found it difficult to connect with people, either by other kids being mean, or by not having well developed social skills, she wound up as a loner in kindergarten, in elementary school, at every step it seems it was her against the world. People didn't get her. Maybe the goth culture she adapted for herself, and her manner of dress helped, but she's gotten quite anti-social.

In order to deflect any criticism towards her anti-social behaviour, for instance from teachers trying to get her to open up and try and win some friends, she developed the perfect weapon. Sarcasm and mean comments. Nothing makes a teacher stop concerning about your antisocial behaviour like telling her she'd have far less friends herself if she wasn't such an easy lay. Oh, did I forget to mention rude? Yeah, Negasonic is also rude. Not necessarily to hurt feelings, so much as to distance people from her, it's just easier that way.

Ultimately, though she won't admit it to anyone, Ellie is scarred from having killed her parents, having killed her adopted parents, and at times feeling like she doesn't deserve to live. Her dealing mechanism just happens to be goth subculture, and trying to look tough as nails so nobody ever realizes how damaged she really is.


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Like all mutants, Ellie is immune to her own power, the way her body handles it is by generating a force field around her that is sufficent to withstand an explosion of her current charge level. That's how she can use herself as a super speed battering ram, a launched missile, or just produce and explosion where she stands without killing herself. It's how she survived the explosions she created inadvertantly while killing her parents, and then her foster parents, oh, and their house.

Negasonic core power is to charge up and generate kinetic energy within her which she can unleash it at any point. The more she charges, the greater the kinetic explosion that ensues. When she starts charging up, flames will start to erupt around her body, from a certain point her eyes gain a fiery glow, and in time a small explosions start to erupt around her.

The most common use of this power is to detonate in any given direction to harm enemies, shatter concrete walls, send vehicles flying. She can also direct it all around like a sphere, with the place she stands being the center of the explosion.

On a low level charge, she can knock people through walls, on a higher level she can destroy a car, on even higher, a tank. As a general rule she can increase the force of her explosions by 1 ton per 1 second of charge. In Xavier School teachers have theorized that her limit is likely at the level of a nuclear explosion, but for obvious reasons, she was forbidden to ever try and reach her full potential. If anything, control is stressed over pushing higher limits of damage.

By using the technique for Missile Launch power, and exerting the energy immediately, she forms a streak of flames behind her much like Cannonball does, allowing her to achieve flight. The problem is that the sheer force of the thrust from constantly releasing the kinetic energy as she charges it leads to very mediocre maneuverability, so she can't turn on a dime, and more often then not winds up crash landing.

When charged up with kinetic energy, Negasonic can deplete it in the form of shooting herself like a bullet, accelerating her running speed into superhuman levels. She most often uses this to turn herself into a battering ram and directly crash into enemies. She usually tops at about 300 MPH with sufficent charge. She totally comes in like a wrecking ball.

One of the uses that Negasonic has for her powers, is to shoot herself into the air with one of her explosions, and using the resistance resulting from the launch to super charge her kinetic energy, effectively turning herself into an actual warhead. By the time she comes crashing down at her target, she forms double the destruction for her charge. So generally 2 ton per 1 second of charge. The only problem with this feat, is that it tends to exhaust her, and more often than not she'll knock herself out from exertion. Oh, and she tends to leave a crater just like a real warhead.


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Ellie had been a subject to bullying in school, she never had any friends to stand up for her, so she had to learn to stand up for herself. Developing an abrasive personality aside, she became really good at mean comments, insulting quips, and generally finding a way to push a button on any given person.

The most precious device in Ellie's life is her smartphone. She has been using these things for years, and she knows everything there is to know about them. The best apps, the hacks to get the most out of them, and precisely how social media works. If she actually choose to apply herself, she could do some kickass SEO and Social Media campaigns for companies and probably make a good earning. But she couldn't care any less, so it's a wasted potential, still, she knows her stuff in the online world. She also texts at record pace without needing a superpower. She's pro, yo.

Athletics: As a student at Xavier's, Ellie gets regular exercise and is constantly pushed to better herself physically, so she can perform on X-Men missions she's allowed to join. She does exceptionally well at sprinting, as she regularly uses sprinting in the battering ram application of her powers.

Combat: As a student at Xavier's, Ellie is a competent hand to hand combatant. While she may not be challenging Iron Fist anytime soon, she can hold her own in a street fight. Naturally, mostly used for self defense, her go to offensive is to go Negasonic Teenage Warhead on people.


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The one device that makes Ellie feel alive, unlike this world filled with douches, the smartphone has a plenthora that connects her to the internet, where she can surf social media like a pro, find likeminded people who can feel like a good substitute to real friends, and of course, offend idiots who deserve (mostly at least). Woe to the person who confiscates her phone.

As a student at Xavier's there are those who genuinely look after Ellie and care about her, and she can also use some of the resources the school makes available. She may never admit it, but she's happy being in a place she can call home.


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When Negasonic uses her powers, everyone in a pretty wide radius can tell. They're not exactly subtle, so if anyone who knows about her is looking for her, it'll be a dead giveaway. If Friends of Humanity type goons are looking for a mutant to pick on, using her powers will be a beacon for them if they're around.

While some may scoof at the notion, Ellie is addicted to the online world of the internet, she constantly checks her facebook, twitter, instagram, etc'. She needs to know what her online friends think, and if she were detached from it all and forced to live in the real world, where she has no friends, well, she wouldn't like it very much. Her phone is her refuge for a reason, it allows her a place to feel like she's just like everyone else. As opposed to the real world, where she feels like a freak and tries to push everyone away. She'll go as far as to delay a fight to finish one last post on twitter.

While Ellie keeps to her goth affinities and presents herself as a bleak, unlikeable person with how she tries to offend everyone with her mean comments, it's all an act. She wants to be liked, she wants to have friends, but early in life she failed in all those things and got a lingering emotional scar from childhood. She believes she can't have all those things, so rather than acknowledge what lacking social skills she has, she instead pushes everyone away. She mitigates some of her loneliness through her phone and social media, but for the most part she feels alone in the world, and she hates it. This is made all the worse when she sees some of the other teens who are social butterflies, nothing annoys her more.

Having been responsible for the death of her parents, ruining the family's dream vacation, and then also killing the nice foster parents who looked after her, Ellie suffers from regular nightmares. She sees their faces, sees the incidents of their death, and drowns in guilt. Perhaps it is these nightmares that made her settle all the more into the goth culture. Maybe part of why she isolates herself has to do with these nightmares. She rarely gets a good night's sleep.

Funny that she choose that codename for herself, because Negasonic is just that even without her powers. She's an angsty teen, who thinks she knows best, and has major issues with authority figures -- grown ups in particular -- trying to tell her how to behave and what to do. She is often rebellious and gives a world of headaches to her teachers and chaperones when she either refuses to play along or explodes in anger. Which to be fair is much better than actual kinetic explosions she can produce with her powers.


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An X-men Wedding August 18th, 2017 Two X-Men getting married... what could go wrong? EVERYTHING!
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