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Sam Alexander (Scenesys ID: 1958)
"Yeah, well, that's kind of a family tradition."
Full Name: Samual "Sam" Alexander
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Forest Hills, Queens, New York City
Education: Midtown High School
Status: Dropped
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Other Information
Apparent Age: 15 Actual Age: 15
Date of Birth 14 January 2011 Actor: Cameron Ocasio
Height: 167 cm Weight: 64 kg
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "The Ballad of the Nova Corps" by Tyler Bates


Sam is the newest human in the Nova Corps. Not that he's ever encountered any of them, other than the stories he heard from his father. He's learning how to be a hero and also how to balance being a hero and a high schooler.



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Sam is an average sized kid, roughly 5 foot 5 inches tall and still growing (hopefully) with messy black hair on top of his head and, his brown eyes flair with imagination as well as his secretly soft smile. He wears an orange t-shirt with blue jeans on with worn out knees and scuffed heels. He wears red tennis shoes. He has a canvas Jan sport backpack on with a skateboard between his back at the bag.


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Sam is the son of a former Black Ops Nova Force member, who disappeared one night and left a message hidden in the black nova helmet. Sam, being a close enough genetic match to access the helmet left by his father where he learned that his father had gone missing and is somewhere in the galaxy, maybe. Sam donned the helmet and was listening to the message before he noticed he was floating. Upon that realization, and in the armor of a black nova, Sam started to explore what the helmet could do and on accident, he landed on the moon. Sam met a large bald mute, that showed him an incoming invasion of aliens. Sam dispatched the aliens with their own tech that they called a 'ultimate nullifier' or some nonsense, that Sam felt was best to leave with the bald moon man. So now with his helmet and powers, Sam is determined to become a hero, and do things right and big. No matter the place or the time, as long as he's not in the middle of class.


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Sam is a young man, still very impressionable, and yet he's grown up in a world of heroes, he knows about many of the larger names, like one would with bands or actresses. But now he has the means he wants to make a name for himself, and is always willing to do the right thing, even though he might need a bit of prodding to do the right 'boring' thing. He will make mistakes, but he will always do what he can to make up for it. He watches after his mother and his sister since his father is still missing, but he does rebel and reconcile with his mother often.


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Sam's helmet grants him access to the Nova Force. He gains incredible strength, able to lift 30 tons, and withstand incredible blows and deliver them as well. He has flight due to the nova force, capable of flying at insane speeds, and when he pushes himself past that, the helmet opens a portal to allow him to cover vast distances in an instant, but he hasn't learned how to control the portals yet, that is still controlled by the helmet. He gains energy blasts of pure Nova Force, a hot and concussive blast from his arms and hands, able to be made smaller using his fingers and larger using his whole body as a conduit. There is also a universal translator built into the helmet as well as a breathing system that protects Sam in the air and water and other liquids.


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Sam isn't fluent in Spanish, but he does know it well enough due to his mother reverting back to speaking it when she gets upset with the young man. He understands it better than he realizes but he isn't fluent, but passable at speaking if he has to. And he has also begun to learn Morse Code, for when he needs to be able to communicate from great distances without modern technology, but he isn't fluent in that either.

Sam was pushed into the chess club by his principal as a way to help the young man, and he's taken a liking to the game, but he's absent enough from the club that he's not developing mastery of the game as fast as the other students.


Sam has been riding skateboards since he was about 7 and has learned how to balance at almost any position on the board, it's natural to him. He never really focused on the board for tricks and style points, but he can do a few moves, but it's mainly a transportation thing for the kid.


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Sam has a black Nova helmet, this where the whole of his powers come from, access to the Nova Force. A sentimental piece of head gear, but also the thing that makes him feel like he's something special.


Sam's whole life is run by his mother, his allowance, as piddly as it is. She pays for the roof above his head, and the walls he keeps his bed in. The phone in his pocket, the backpack and board on his back. Everything he owns is because his mother allows it.


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Sam is a young kid with a secret identity, but he hasn't always been the best about keeping it, his family and friends could be discovered and used against him by a more cunning villain or anyone really. His sister, mother, and even his crush and bully could be used to psychologically control Sam.

Sam's powers are not something he simply has, no they're are only accessible through the helmet he got from his missing father. Remove the helmet and he is just simply a boy. Also the helmet has had some time out in the universe, meaning it's gotten some wear and tear, it has shown signs of being temperamental, and sometimes even glitchy.


Sam is a part of the nova corps and though he may not know it, there are rules built into the helmet that he could be recalled to the headquarters and partake missions that he may not be aware of. At any time. He is a soldier and a member of a greater peace keeping force.


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