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Nick (Scenesys ID: 9039)
'Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark' - Tagore
Full Name: Michael Nicholas 'Nick' Drago
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Musician / Actor / Songwriter
Citizenship: American
Residence: Midtown
Education: GED / Self-Study
Status: Approved
Groups: Gotham-OOC, Mystic Arts-OOC, Street Level-OOC, Scooby Gang, Highlander, Martial Arts-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 21 Actual Age: 30
Date of Birth 3 June 2000 Actor: Johnathan Rhys-Meyers
Height: 178 cm (5'10") Weight: 68 kg (149 lb)
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: spotify list


With him running around balancing the careers of musican, actor, and songwriter with a dabble of charity work, one could say Nick is an everchanging guy which makes the dream form and dream travel abilities he has all the more suited for him.

So come on in to one of Nick's performances should he be in the area and kick back and relax. You'll be in for a bit of a show. And, if Nick's not careful with his choice of lyrics, maybe more so than he was expecting too.

Current Player Approved: October 21, 2019



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Before you is a young man who appears to be in his early 20s with an angular jaw line. On the underside of his right forearm, there is a long, old scar, the positioning indicating it to be of the defensive variety. A couple inches short of 6 feet, he is comparatively short with a lean, but fit frame. The tired look in his eyes and the way he carries himself betrays a few more years under his belt than his appearance would indicate.

If you see him on the street, his attire will often be at the mercy of three factors: Did he find it at Goodwill, Is it a neutral tone, and Does it fit. He also favors hiding his hair in a knit cap when weather permits.

If you see him on stage, you would find the quality of clothing increased. Chosesn for show and his hair left loose and wild. Dark lined eyes would be looking back at the audience as he strives to entertain.

If you see him at a charity event, he would be at his dressiest possible corresponding the dress attire chosen for the event. Often times black with a brighter color dress shirt to act as an accent.

If you see him as a phantasm, It is because he wants to be seen or is being an idiot. When visible, the form varies but most commonly rotates between a purplish black, 26 inch tall raven with a 3 foot wingspan, a grey wolf, the mirror image of himself, or a black shrouded, clawed figure where the face is obscured but the glow of the eyes and jagged teeth remain.


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From birth, Michael Nicholas 'Nick' Drago's existence has been no stranger to poor decisions. The first ones came from the parents. After a rather quick romance spurned from a chance meeting at a summer theater festival, Eileen Hannigan and Savio Carmine were married, much to the distaste of both sets of relatives. They did alright, Savio's job was well paying but Eileen soon came to realize that the job was less than legitimate. After a couple months, they had an annulment with Savio's true occupation being the unofficial reason. But by then, Eileen was with child.

Michael 'Nicholas' Drago was born June 3rd in Hell's Kitchen. Eileen raised Michael as a single mother with Savio occasionally stopping by. On the visits, he would provide small amounts of money to help with raising Nick. This arrangement ceased after one night where a disagreement over the source of Savio's money led to Eileen acquiring a limp.

Despite the angry protests of Nick's father, Eileen moved with her son out to the Randall neighborhood of Gotham in the hopes of raising him in a slightly less violent and corrupt environment. The choice of location was yet another, AMAZINGLY poor decision. Refusing any further aid or contact with Savio, Eileen and Nick instead lived on site of the hotel Eileen worked. They lived on a small budget. When not heading to school or from school, Nick was kept mainly indoors with stories from his mom about patron saints and the occasional visit to the library for his primary source of entertainment and school (Both the weekday and Sunday variety) being his primary source of social interactions with kids his age.

When Nick was 10, Eileen stepped out of a room she finished cleaning into the path of people who were busy robbing the hotel. The general belief was that she just happened to startle the more trigger happy of the two. The robbers were never found and her tragic death was quickly moved to the cold case files.

After his mother's death, Savio did attempt to gain custody, and quite possibly in the only display of concern over Nick, custody was denied. While not stated, it is likely presumed that the suspected ties Savio had were the reason.

Either way, Savio had a partial victory in that Nick's other relatives lived in New York as well. Nick soon found himself being shipped back to New York, this time to live with his Aunt, Fiona Hannigan. With the assistance of the interest money generated off the insurance payout from Eileen's death, Fiona was a decent guardian. She took care of Nick's basic needs, and even continued with the Library trips, and somehow, like her sister, did not seem to believe in basic cable.

Another change Nick experienced was finding himself being the target of an abnormally large amount of people wishing to start fights with him for no reason known to him. The best he could figure, it was because they were older and bigger. Fighting became practically a daily routine for him. Hospital trips were the norm with little to no intervention from local law enforcements. After enough times of getting no help, Nick and his aunt just gave up on the possibility of police intervention.

Eventually As he got older and more practiced so did the opponents who kept coming out of the woodwork and his confidence in dealing with whatever problems that came with him grew, along with the starting stages of general disobedience fueled by a general sense of anger of being targeted so frequently.

The constant bullying made what would have been a kind of okay childhood (Minus the mom murder) into a less than pleasant one. This was complicated by him developing sleeping problems. His sleep cycles started getting out of whack, giving more precedence to the REM sleep cycles than the deep sleep cycles. This continued for a bit until he was dragged to the doctor by his aunt after his irritated, sleep deprived self got expelled from school for fighting. The doctor introduced him to the concept of sleeping pills to treat the disorder.

He ended up getting home schooling after that and while that did curb some of the fights. They still would occur whenever he left the apartment. Feeling defiant of the community that seems to want to drive him to be a hermit, he did the opposite. He started attending the nightlife around age 16 with the proper fake-ID in hand and eventually started to have fun partying, fighting, and drinking.

The police did finally show some concern regarding one of the fights when one of his former opponents tried a sneak attack from behind with a bat. It's a little unclear what happened to that guy. He wasn't arrested for the attack. He also wasn't seen around the area any longer after that. Oddly enough, the fights kind of dried up after that.

At age 18, Nick got his GED, and soon found himself living on his own, working several low level jobs. One of these jobs was a convenience store clerk position, which resulted in a stabbed arm by a would be robber. At the hospital he meets Rod Donovan, who was in there for a bloodied nose gained from a scuffle with a bouncer earlier. During the long wait, they hit it off and end up hanging out.

Rod and Nick go out on the town for some drinking and run into Wade Shaw and Jack Mantley and hit things off. In their infinite drunken wisdom, they decide to start a band they dubbed 'Silver Round'. When they sobered up, they realized they actually sounded good. Since three of their lives were pretty much crap anyways, and Wade seemed to be pretty alright moneywise, they decided to go share Wade's small studio apartment together in the Hell's Kitchen area and focus on music.

After a few years of songwriting, recording demos, working bars, and developing a fan following, they get a call for a record deal from Golem Records.

After experiencing some promising sales of their debut album, 'Social Disease', three of the band members of Silver Round out to celebrate. Nick, although now of legal drinking age, stayed at the apartment due to some 'sleeping issues'. There was a little bit too much partying, and yet another poor decision occurred, resulting in a car accident which results in the deaths of two members, Jack and Rod.

While Wade stayed in New York, Nick slipped away from the public view, presumedly retreating to Gotham as he worked through what happened. It was during this time of self-pity that Nick happened to strike up a quasi-friendship with a bartender named Leo DiBartenda at a hole in the wall establishment that didn't apparently get any business when Nick was in. At some point the topic went to regrets, and Nick had plenty. And then Leo posed the question: "If you could make things better, even a little, would you?" Nick replied in the affirmative and Leo gave him a drink on the house and a handshake.

"Now you can."

Well, it turned out Leo was not your typical bartender and Nick had the equivalent of a 'Dream Travel for Dummies' book crammed in his head upon the older man touching his hand. Nick passed out Unfortunately for him, Leo did not stick around to explain what he did or give him lessons on how to use the abilities he passed over to him. Instead, Nick woke up to find the bar closed, Leo gone, and to add insult to injury, his wallet empty. Great. Just freaking great.

Pretty weirded out, Nick returned back to New York, moving back in with Wade, who had apparently come into more money since Nick left and switched his focus to starting up and running a small recording studio, named 'Shaw Studios' The studio apartment was gone and Wade now had ownership of a small, small, SMALL condo in Midtown. Being the owner's friend, Nick also got a job with the recording studio, acting as a session musician at times.


Over the course of a year of working behind the scenes and progressing over to other instruments, and occasionally providing backing vocals, Nick starts back up with playing small scale live venues and eventually performing his own music and releasing a new album with Wade. Be it from the press regarding what happened to Silver Round or from those who have heard the music at one of his live performances, the albums are selling and it is generating press.

Several months after the second solo album release, Nick was out bar hopping when he got a call from Wade, or what turned out to be his attempt to dial 911 but instead speed dialing the last number called. Over the connection, Nick could hear the sounds of Wade trying to reason with some home intruders. He managed to get home in time to stop Wade from getting any permanent injuries but not before the intruders got a few good licks in.

Angry at the invasion of his home and the assault on his friend, Nick sometimes finds himself playing superhero from time to time. But, he tries not to make a habit of it. Bills to pay, friend to keep watch over, performances, and stuff.

Along with the occasional guest appearance on TV dramas, Nick has been on several music festival tours, mostly supporting other acts when they were short a player, but a couple involved promoting his own stuff.

After the first series of tours, Nick continues with the busy behavior as he portrays Dominic, an overly sarcastic vampire who views vampire fangirls as morons in a budding independent film turned cult classic, 'Life Bites!' He's also got an agreement to play John Thornton in yet another TV series adaptation of The Call of the Wild but it is not set to start production for a few more months.


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FOOT MEET MOUTH: 'Think before you speak' is a known rule, but when you're too tired to think, this rule can often times be ignored. This 'foot in mouth syndrome' developed in his time growing up in New York, basically the result of the stress of his life being uprooted, incessant fights, and the increasing irritableness of not getting enough sleep. When people got on his nerves, he was apparently too tired to even consider being tactful with his words and often would just speak his thoughts as they popped into his head. By the time the causing factors for this was treated, Nick and those around him were so used to his manner of speaking that there really was no reason to start practicing self-censorship even then.

BLUNT : Although reasonably mannered when working, Nick rarely partakes in the act of 'sugar coating' the truth when off the clock. If he thinks someone is a jerk and he's asked for his opinion on the person, he's likely to say so unless common sense intervenes in time.

FRUGAL : Due to the years stretching the dollar to make ends meet, Nick sometimes drops into 'frugal mode' (this is the type of guy who can tell the difference between stale dollar store and fresh brand-name chocolate and still would go with the dollar store candy when he's just buying for himself.)

LOYAL : A friend in need is a friend indeed. This is one thing that could be said of Nick by those who know him. Once someone has achieved friend status in his eyes, there's little he wouldn't do for them if they're in need.

MOODY : At one point a sweet and introverted child, Nick became the opposite upon his' mother's death. Outspoken, aggressive, impulsive, selfish, not responsible at all, Upon Rod's death he seemed to have blended the two versions of him as his aggression seem to have gone dormant for now as reality has somewhat slapped a sense of responsibility back into him as well as a protective nature when it comes to his friends. Sometimes he can be seen to be a introverted person, but if the situation calls for it, he can easily switch back into his outspoken tendencies.

PROTECTIVE : There is little he won't do for a friend and it's quite possible that had he been at the apartment during the home invasion, Nick would either have had more cuts to show off or there would be a very battered attacker lying on the floor afterwards.

SOCIALY AWARE : Brad builds houses, Oprah gives cars, Nick does whatever. He's not picky. As with a sizable chunk of the Hollywood and Music notables approaching some form of maturity, Nick has provided his assistance with charities. From Make a Wish to United Way to the local food kitchen, if they ask for a form of help, he tends to make some form of accommodation.


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Accidental Spells:
(side effect) Coupled with the dream energy of the phantasm, when speaking or singing in a rhyming scheme, Nick has accidentally performed spells. He's only noticed this occurring with verses from two particular songs he wrote and as a result has opted not to dabble with anymore songs pertaining to religious figures. Or demons. Yeah, nothing good could come of that.

The two songs are:
Raphael's Flask - Song pertaining to St. Raphael, patron saint of bodily ills and mental illness - provides protection against illness, both physical and mental (Including nightmares)
Lucia's Light - Song pertaining to St. Lucia, patron saint of the blind and writers - provides a holy light to deter contact from things of a demonic nature

Call Upon St. Michael:
Imbues banishment magic into a hand held object. Smack the possessed with it. Demon gone with only the object doing smacking causing damage to the person. This would only work on lesser demons. Entities like Lucifer or Mephisto would not be affected. Mid level likely would be affected in a smaller way, not banished entirely. The object can be passed to another for smacking purposes but Nick would have to keep some form of focus on the spell to maintain it.

He can cast the spell into three objects with a single spell, though he usually only does two as he has to be touching the objects or they have to be touching each other while held in his hands. Up to three spells in a scene, but it does take a short time to cast. If he loses focus, the object loses the magical power that he had imbued to it. When used on a creature like a vampire, most times it will destroy the vampire just as a stake through the heart would as the demon within is destroyed. He cannot cure a vampire and turn them back human, even if they are newly created. This spell does not always work, depending on the age/power level of the demon or vampire in question.

(OOC Note: Consent is required for use of this power on PCs. The spell can fail in some form to allow for storytelling.)

Dream Form:
(borrowed from the phantasm) - Nick's body can shift himself (and if desired, things (anything he can carry or have walk WITH him) he is in contact with) into dream energy, allowing for him to basically take the phantasm dream form. This allows him the ability to become shifting representations of himself with varying degrees of tangibility, audibility, visibility, and movement (flight). While in this form, Phantasm does not have the sense of taste, touch, or smell nor can he produce smells. Unless consciously created, he does not produce sounds normally associated with a living being (ie. breathing, heart beats). The total amount of strength Phantasm can use is limited to the strength of what Nick has on his own. However, due to some special applications, this turns out to be more than enough to do needed things (ie. concentrate strength to a small area to provide more oomph to a punch or and even smaller area to produce cutting power). He can not create projectile weapons unless he himself is the 'projectile'. (dive bomb) As with most powers, the constant use of the ability is not a good thing. Nick still will need to give it a rest every so often or risk going into the more aggressive troublemaking mindset of his teen years. And lets face it. That's probably not when he's going to be making the best of decisions.

Should Phantasm get 'injured', he can shift back to Nick and drop the injuries incurred. However, in certain situations, that could be a very risky move considering Nick is much more vulnerable.

REGARDING SHIFTING OTHER THINGS - This pertains to both objects and living things. If Nick lets go or they let go of him, they lose the dream energy and go back to normal. However, living things are so much of a pain to manage as they have a mind of their own and have a tendency to do the wrong things, like letting go of him when they're halfway through a wall (Big no no. That would probably kill them.) So he's not likely to do that unless the alternative is much worse or he can trust the other person will follow his instructions when benefiting from the ability. As for non-living things, whatever he can carry, what he is wearing, and the contents of his clothes (ie. pockets). Cars and buildings are out of the question.

Dream Travel:
(borrowed from the phantasm) - While in dream form, Nick (and anyone/thing he's taking along in dream form) can step in and out of the dreams of others and traverse from dream to dream if the dreamers are within 250 miles of each other. Should a dream he's traveling in is about to end, the phantasm basically gets booted from that dream into another within range or gets spit out into the waking world if there's none accessible. When within the dream, the phantasm can interact with it but he does not directly control the dream environment, just himself within it. If he wants to effect dream elements that are not his making, he has to try tricking the dreamer into doing it for him. If he is bringing along something other than himself, he must hold on to them while dream traveling or risk losing them in the dream when the dream world collapses or them getting dropped outside of whatever dream they're in at the time he lets go.

LOCATING SOMEONE - Currently Nick can not see people's dreams unless he's actually dream traveling. So, in order to enter the dream of a specific person in mind, it helps to be near the person (smaller search area) and it helps if he knows a bit about them so he has an idea to what their dreams typically look like. Otherwise he's going to be popping in and out of a lot of dreams to try and figure out which one is which.

OOC GAME NOTE : Dream Travel within a player character's dream is by player consent only.

Stopped Aging:

An apparent side effect of having a phantasm within is that the aging process has effectively paused on Nick. Sure, he can grow his hair out and still needs to shave, but the rest of his body looks the same as when he aquired the ability.


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Following in the steps of many an established musician, Nick's time on the stage performing music has helped him getting a foothold in other aspects of entertainment. He has made some appearances in some TV shows and movies. Perhaps, if he grows tired of music, he can move fully into this field.

A person who does not fit cleanly into the typical gender roles of society. Although Nick gets into fights, he sometimes allows his hair to grow long which, coupled with the angular features of his face, have lead to some visual confusion for those who see him. Oh if maintaining this look wasn't so marketable in the entertainment industry!

Bargain Shopper:
Yet another part to the frugal nature means he is not afraid to seek out a good deal on something. He's getting rather good at finding good stuff at low prices.

Who says all those years of delinquency didn't pay off? He can hold his own against a thug or two in person. So long as they aren't snipers or other types of long-range fighters

Able to drink large locomotive (engineers) under the table, able to down bottles of beer in a single gulp, he's- a musician. With the head start he's had with underage drinking and the non-stop party that is celebrity and genetics is it any wonder that he's developed quite a tolerance for alcohol?

Escrima Fighting:
When it came time to pick a weapon to learn how to use, the background of working with drumsticks had a major influence in Nick's decision to lean towards Escrima Sticks. He already knows how to handle sticks and they feel comfortable in hand. He's had a couple years of learning and practicing how to apply escrima practices with stick work.

Not really a skill Nick was striving for, this one was more gained out of necessity as Bucky wanted Nick to come along for a mission to help resolve Nick's HYDRA problems. Nick ended up getting one on one training to get him up to passing standards. The one training him was James 'Bucky' Barnes and he sort of lied about how high up the passing standard was.

Exceptional with Drums, vocals, guitar, and percussion instruments in general. Nick works to ensure that he's adaptable in this so he may continue to get an income. Along with this desire to expand on his technical ability, he presents another, more intrinsic approach to his art. Through the manipulation of sounds and setting of the underlining mood of a song, fans have claimed he is able to entice listeners to have an emotional reaction to his works.

Party Sense:
Possibly from all the years of unchecked fun with fake IDs, Nick has been conditioned from experience that he just seems to know when and where the best parties in the city will be. At least, by his opinion. Coupled with his celebrity status, he may actually be allowed IN to these bashes now. Those who tag along with him on these trips are sure to find a good time at some point.

Although no Da Vinci or Michelangelo, Nick's capable enough with pencil and paper to draw people. And not just headshots. Even the accursed hand drawn to scale task is a no brainer.

Yes, it is a song about the horrors of murder and how wrong it is. But darn it all, why can't you stop singing and dancing along to it?! It's not you, Nick's just got a knack for writing addicting songs. He has also made some good money selling the songs he can't use himself to other musicians

Stage Presence:

As an entertainer, it is Nick's responsibility to maintain the attention of the audience, to assure them before a note is even struck that the money they pay to see him live, was well spent. It also makes him a good distraction. Some say that while the albums are good, its better to listen to him live to get the full feel of the music.


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Album Success:
With his current successes with 'Breakout', 'Hell', and the increase in sales of 'Social Disease' due to the release of his solo albums, along with the monetary benefits of his lengthy tours, he does have a bit more money than most. However, if he doesn't want to use the market account, his finances are still a limited supply and is more a means to maintain a comfortable living in his current living accommodations

After the attack on Wade's Condo, Nick has opted to live separate from his friend just in case there's a repeat of the situation. So he now has an apartment in Four Freedoms Plaza. It's still pretty decent sized for one person to be living in it. And it has the added bonus that people might be a bit less inclined to attack his apartment specifically. The building as a whole, not so much.

Escrima Sticks:
Buffy gave them to him. He trains with them, they're not of the stabby variety but they do have wood to their construction. They fit in easily into his backpack and due to a technicality regarding the definition of walking sticks, they are technically street legal where he lives. Yay!

Whether through the consistent play time on the radio waves, exceptional music reviews, the plastering of posters in most major cities advertising concerts during his last tour, or the supermarket tabloids speculating on his love life, his dealing with tragic events, or the Bro-mance that is WadenDrago. Nick is not exactly an unknown.

Movie Career:
Nick's expanding his career base and he's doing rather well with movies. While not getting pulled for the big budget blockbusters, he's starting to get considered for the more artsy and books to movie style projects as he's reasonably affordable to hire and has a respectable pull to the showings.

Recording Studio:
home to a lot of high-quality recording equipment, the recording studio Nick uses is nothing but the best for the product he wishes to produce. This is one expense he won't compromise on.

Despite the questionable childhood, it turns out that there were several blessings hidden within it. The first was Nick's mother having the foresight to get a term life insurance policy for about ten times her annual salary. The second was his aunt who put the money into a money market account and left it mostly untouched for much of Mike's childhood. Due to the miracle of compound interest and time, it now produces around $112K a year in interest. Mike tries to avoid using the money in an effort to build up the funds even more than that. But it is a nice reassurance that if things go crazy, he could always get a decent place to live in a part of the country with a lower cost of living. Heck, he could even spring for a bedroom plan!

Slightly Better Cellphone:
More out of the insistence of the record company and his bandmates, Nick invested in a phone. Out of the repeated insistence of additional friends he replaced it with one that does not have a broken screen. It's a simple Nokia, candy bar style phone that simply makes phone calls and can send and receive text messages. There is no camera feature on it.

Social Circle:
With the success of his albums, along with the press he has received from the incidents surrounding Silver Round, there have been numerous persons from the wealthy class who have wanted to 'hang out' with him. Granted most of them do it to get a little bit of his press for their own, but there are some who do it out of actual interest. He has managed to hook himself into several social circles within the entertainment and in some aspects, political industry which is beneficial for his career and influence.

Spot Lighting:
Yet another necessary expense. If people are paying tickets, they are going to get not just an earful, they'll get an eyeful as well.

Tools of the Trade:
Not everything he uses for his career are kept in the studio. As with most musicians, he does bring some of his work home with him. In the condo that he shares with Wade resides a drum set, a pair of acoustic guitars, basic maintenance supplies for the instruments, a music keyboard, a tape recorder, practice drum pads, and some sound proofing panels that a nearby studio was 'going to throw out anyways' (Or so the living Silver Round members claim)

Wade Shaw:

With Nick's approach to friendship, Wade benefited greatly from Nick's treatment after the home invasion. Still working to get his hand back up to par post-surgery, he has not gone back to playing guitar professionally as of yet, but instead has focused on the sound production and administrative side of Shaw Studios. Not only does Mike help with the utilities, he is also the first in line to critique Nick's work. In return, Wade lets Nick stay with him and also got Nick his studio musician position as a backup source of income.


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Busy Bee:
An extension of the Frugal, Protective, and Social Awareness aspects, Nick has a tendency to balance multiple projects / jobs at the same time. If he puts too much on his plate at one point, he can get tired out which leads to him not noticing the obvious at times even when he does have all his senses available. Fatigue can also result in mood changes which can lead to poor decisions as well.

Dream Walker:
Although his Dream travel ability incorporates a magic based form of Telepathy and Teleportation, it's a very specific application that revolves around dreams. With them he can enter and interact with the dreams of a sleeping subject and he can only teleport via dreams. If there are no dreams going on in the area he wants to go, well. He'll just have to walk from where he can get to. If the person is not currently dreaming, he can't really go interact with them.

It seems that with certain types, respect for one's privacy does not rank high. Who Nick hangs out with, where Nick likes to go, even so much as what he may like to eat or drink. This is considered fair game for these tabloids to 'report' on, often times making up things as well in speculation. People who keep to themselves or maintain a low profile may not feel comfortable around Nick when these leeches start to show up.

People who don't have time to get to know the real you, will make judgements based off of what snippets they can get. Nick doesn't get to meet all the people who have formed opinions of him. He doesn't get to have a chance to find out just who and how many may have less than favorable ones of him. Nor does he get the opportunity to at least defend himself from these judgements. Such is the dirty side of Fame. Judgement without the defense. And sometimes the formation of an enemy without the heads up.

Those that raised him may be gone but there is still the factor of the father that Nick wrote out of his life. Nick was raised to believe Savio Carmine Drago to be bad news and involved in something questionable. And as he's found out, that is a correct assessment but for reasons different than what he initially thought. It has already caused some trouble for him and there is the possibility it might cause more.

Foot Meet Mouth:
'Think before you speak' is a known rule, but when you're too tired to think, this rule can often times be ignored. This 'foot in mouth syndrome' developed in his time growing up in New York, basically the result of the stress of his life being uprooted, incessant fights, and the increasing irritableness of not getting enough sleep. When people got on his nerves, he was apparently too tired to even consider being tactful with his words and often would just speak his thoughts as they popped into his head. By the time the causing factors for this was treated, Nick and those around him were so used to his manner of speaking that there really was no reason to start practicing self-censorship even then.

Nick recently found out that a lot of his misfortunes growing up could be attributed to HYDRA. The process of finding out has led to his regular life being severely disrupted and friends and family being threatened. While this threat seems to have been handled in theory, Nick is in the process of rebuilding what parts of his life he wants back. There's also that troubling thought that comes after such a conflict.

Are they really done with him?

Protective of Wade:
In Nick's life he's had two people who have reached Best friend level, and both times they have been taken from him. As a result of knowing what it's like to lose them, he treasures his friends and puts their comfort over his own needs. One such example is Wade Shaw. With his track record involving friends, Nick wants to protect this one. He's continuing to live with the guy, basically helping to keep the cost of the apartment down, he's involving Wade with his work. There's likely little that he wouldn't do for Wade.

Vulnerable To Magic:

His powers are born from magic, and as such has a vulnerability to it. Magic has its own set of rules where the logic that may guide the function of his powerset does not apply to spells directed at him.


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Herald of Darkness January 7th, 2024 Betsy swings by Shaw Studios to speak with Nick. She comes bearing a gift, an admission, and questions.
So, how long is a piece of string (theory) January 3rd, 2024 A little post-new year get together, with some dire leanings. But mostly good food and cigars.
Post NYE Shenanigans January 1st, 2024 The Trio if the Penthouse spend the evening of New Years Eve drinking, talking, planning right up to the morning.
Of Coffee and Collaborations December 29th, 2023 Rogue and Sinister have a conversation about quantum devices and her role with them. They're joined by one Nick Drago. Small world.
Seasons GREETINGS! December 18th, 2023 Trukey was given away cops had nothing all is well!
Do It For The Children And the Hungry Hungry Hobos December 13th, 2023 Lucifer and Sinister swing by Shaw Studios to help benefit the charity drives hosted there, book Nick for a few more shows, and have a session in one of the studio rooms.
Festive...from a Distance... December 2nd, 2023 Lucifer, Sinister and Nick enjoy post tree-lighting talk at the Lux Penthouse.
Science Your Way Out Of This... November 26th, 2023 A pair of Angels come to help Nathaniel Essex with a machine problem. Yes. Really.
The Nighttime Nicks November 24th, 2023 Another meeting of the Nick's!
Improbability Drive: Involvement issues November 14th, 2023 The Infinite improbability drive was put to the test and a few things were learned by the (anti)heros. Like, make sure you're dressed when a scenario is started.
New Drink Mayhem November 3rd, 2023 New drinks with old friends. Nick gets drunk due to a Devilish mistake. Then everyone is sent to bed.
Home Improvements November 2nd, 2023 Nick paid a visit and brought chinese food. A bit of a discussion was had on Citizenship and SIN cards.
A stop in for dumplings October 31st, 2023 New and Old friends find one another
Alright, Nathaniel, Let's Talk October 28th, 2023 Lucifer finally opens up to Nathaniel, and then the mind is entered again. The trip find the root to the Devil's mental issue and give it a good Office Space-style ending.
The Visit October 25th, 2023 Nick and Sinister.
Read between the lines October 22nd, 2023 From rare autobiographic notes, lost antiquity scripts to comparative cultural similarities, enlightenment and a mind block in the devil's head. Sounds like a job for the Phantasm and co.
Alky Alky Alky-hol! October 21st, 2023 Sinister, Fate, and Nick.
A Disturbance at Lux October 17th, 2023 Leo pays a visit to the penthouse, Lucifer is more hospitable than Sin and a few bits of information were disclosed about the Phantasm.
Another Weekend and another day at the Shelter. October 15th, 2023 Lucius and Nick caught up as Nick donated to the Shelter Once again. Perhaps in the Future a Halloween Ball is in the future.
Et tu, Betsy October 13th, 2023 Betsy surprise invites guests to Warren's estate. Sinister, Nick and Lucifer join them for dinner where there's updates on the latest problems, a temperamental chef, and a dangerous game.
Exclusivity - and Bad Science October 12th, 2023 Discussions were had regarding the Machinations of Improbability, the Dreamstalker and Fate came a'calling. Apparently riddles bring out the sarcasm in both Sin and Nick.
A twist of Fate October 9th, 2023 Aftermath of Fate discussed, a bit of progress and a bit of straightening of ideas. Nick now has a permanent room in Hotel Lux, too.
Of Devil's Clubs and Angel's Feathers October 8th, 2023 An interesting night at Lux features Doctor Fate confronting Lucifer about a feather. They're joined by Sinister and Nick Drago who help Lucifer defend the decisions made.
Meanwhile in Merry Ole England... October 2nd, 2023 Lucifer and Nathaniel visit Nick in Europe. The Devil gives Nick some truths and then they all take a trip to York.
So lets get the Alibi straight... October 1st, 2023 Behold the aftermath of a cross-wired Wade, the improbability drive and Constantine. It's definitely going to bite everyone's bum, eventually.
Unintentional consequences September 29th, 2023 Science has always got snags along the way. In order to get the Infinite improbability drive up and running, holy relics had to be smelted and infused with the life-force of the Sorceror Supreme. We'll call this a win, despite random portal generation for incoming managers and short, angry irishmen.
Raphael's Lament September 26th, 2023 Raphael comes to visit Lucifer and Nathaniel to discuss glowing Nicks and Apophis meteors.
Back on Stage September 22nd, 2023 Lucifer and Sinister come to a concert Nick is playing in to show support. They end up sharing their box with Raphael and Cecelia. Odd exchanges ensue.
Thoughts and Fainting Couches September 15th, 2023 Some furniture delivered and some thoughts shared, Uriel's feather must be empowered. What they created, was an Improbability drive. And then, to hide it. Also Michael's a git.
Of Angelic Families and Apologies September 11th, 2023 Lucifer apologizes to Nick for grand assumptions. Nathaniel Essex saves a possible...fairy?
Heaven Can't Wait... September 9th, 2023 Lucifer and Sinister go to contemplate recent events and are visited by one of Lucifer's Angelic Brethren, Raphael.
From The Top September 8th, 2023 Sinister runs into a certain old professor when coming to show support for a friend.
Freddy Kruger is NOT your friend September 4th, 2023 The friends and loved ones are briefed about the Kruger-like entity that Sin encountered in his dreaming mind, then Lucifer goes in for a line of questioning. And not of Sin. It turns out, that sometimes, being Godsmacked is a real thing.
Complicated History August 30th, 2023 Armed with a question or two, the devil tracks down the Professor that upsets Sin.
Rainy Days and Long Nights August 22nd, 2023 Luci and Sin travel back to Dublin to pick the Phantasm's brain...and have some good Irish Pub food.
Following up on Scythes and Chicken Snakes August 20th, 2023 Nick keeps Faith and Harry up to date on the Scythe and Shield.
Castles! Castles! Castles! August 17th, 2023 Castles! And explanations abound. Nick Drago deserved something at least. Plus fish and chips.
Down In The Vault August 11th, 2023 Lucifer and Sinister swing by the pub to see Nick. They end up meeting a familiar stranger.
Weird Scythe-ince August 4th, 2023 Nick is led out to a large Warehouse by Natasha and a WAND agent to get a better look at the M-Scythe. Questions are asked
Picking up where we left off.. July 29th, 2023 Faith catches up with Nick and Thomas and inquires about the whereabouts of a legendary weapon..
Just a day at Shaw Studios July 28th, 2023 Nick and Wade go through job offers and take a break when Lucifer comes bearing gifts and Sinister comes bearing security suggestions.
Paging Doctor Strange. Are You Still Alive July 25th, 2023 The mystic trio descend upon Strange's Sanctum once again. This time they meet an interesting woman - and Strange decides to eat an interplanar worm.
Not in the Brood July 15th, 2023 The Brood have invaded Stephen Strange dreams. Sinister, Lucifer, and Nick enter the dream to remove them...
Once upon a time in NYC July 10th, 2023 A sound check, technological upgrades, Fate, Sin, the Devil, the Phantasm and a chickita with a brand new phone on the payroll. Sometimes, life can work out.
A Mystery Dinner July 8th, 2023 Lucifer makes a
Amazeballs July 6th, 2023 It's another round of Nick and Nikki! Coffee edition.
Trying to Catch Up July 4th, 2023 Nick and Thomas go to McAnally's to catch up and meet Doctor Fate
After Hours At The Lux July 3rd, 2023 Club Lux is in a state of flux. While the animals make their leave, Satana shows up to tease. Leaving Sinister in question by a Juggernaut getting his flex on. Lucifer heads up with a cat while Nick has work to get at.
Adopt-a-Fundraiser June 24th, 2023 Lux hosts some truly unique events. An adoption evennt for dogs, cats and a few exotics was a wild success, drawing billionaires and plebian unwashed masses both. What went on between the lines of philanthropy though, was a different story.
The Cockroaches June 21st, 2023 When bad psychogenesis happens, random accidental magic occurs. And whether or not it fixed everything? That is another story entirely.
Soundcheck: Lux. June 13th, 2023 A successful sound check, including the sounds that shouldn't be there.
All Disco with no Panic June 5th, 2023 Lucifer meets Wade Shaw, Manager of Nick Drago, to book Nick for performances at Lux.
Delayed Diner Dining May 26th, 2023 Nick follows through on his promise to take Askante to Fred's Diner. Lucifer joins in. There is talk of careers, forbidden books, and FEEEEELINGS
Burning Off Energy May 23rd, 2023 Nick goes for a climb, when things appear to take a turn he is visited by Lucifer and Sinister. Nick provides valuable information in their quest to find a juice bar
Late Night shopping - and this... May 16th, 2023 When a little mystical herb shopping for your coterie of studygroups in Sunnydale, turns into a quasi family reunion, you know you're in the hellmouth
The Manhattan Project: Brood Edition May 11th, 2023 The cadre of heros trek down under Manhattan island, to the city that came before the skyscrapers, to a the bedrock that was bought for a dollar... and beneath. They found a badly damaged lifeboat pod imbedded in the bedrock in the basest level of the sewer systems and ... Found the Brood...
Of Mutants and Robots May 8th, 2023 Nikki meets Sinister again and a man named Nick. Life is certainly getting interesting for the gamer.
News of the Weird May 8th, 2023 Nick dons his consultant hat and has a discussion with Skye about a Brooding problem.
What Lies beneath April 26th, 2023 So there is a threat that would be right up Sigourney Weaver's alley. There's consultation to a degree and some observations made regarding Lucifer's feathers.
Where the Shadows Grow April 18th, 2023 Lucifer gives Askante a friendly visit and invites Nick Drago along to meet the Daemon of Fear.
Mystics and Mandarin April 16th, 2023 And mahjong!
Anthropomorphization: Why April 13th, 2023 After a day of NORMALITY, erstwhile friends hang out. In a coffee shop. And it wasn't a sitcom.
Unstoppable: Major Offensive April 10th, 2023 Bizarro pre-emptively strikes against the Utrom Base in Queens, and he, the Pink Ranger, and Phantasm fight the forces of the alien invaders with the US Military, and destroy the forward operating base.
Here there be Dragons April 8th, 2023 Nick got to see Dinotopia. That is, the beauty and primordial existence of the Savage lands. And there was a dino-ride and questions asked and answered. And a fish supper.
Walking the Wild April 2nd, 2023 Central park zoo holding pens, usually used for angry bears, or the like. Also, black market trade Ankylosaurus. Sinister, Lucifer and Nick had to sedate it and get it out of there, before there were too many questions asked.
Dare to Dream, Sin March 24th, 2023 Nick and Lucifer play around in Sinister's dreamscape once again. They find a monster. The monster? And let it out to play again.
Loose Ends March 21st, 2023 A pair of tourists pick the wrong station to catch the train in. Fortunately they have Sinister to protect them! And a Nick. Somewhere. Maybe.
The Raging Archangel March 16th, 2023 Lucifer had some energy to spend and Sinister obliges. Nick stays to watch everything up to and including Lucifer flying home. Naked.
Harlem Nights March 13th, 2023 Summary needed
Look what the Harry Drago'd in. March 11th, 2023 something something something
Luck Of The Irish... March 4th, 2023 St. Patty's goes off without a hitch.
The Long Winter: part I March 2nd, 2023 Tripping into the dream state of Mister Sinister, Phantasm and Lucifer get it done.
The Forgotten Ones February 26th, 2023 Faith catches up with Nick
When the Devil and Sin come calling... February 20th, 2023 A dinner and conversation was had. And explanatory life histories also.
The Devil Calls a Favour February 17th, 2023 Favors are pulled, thugs are questioned, and Spidey still gets justice. All around eventful night!
Snake Charmer, or Charming Snake February 14th, 2023 Summary needed
Back To The Swing Of Things February 12th, 2023 Peter's luck presents him with a photographic opportunity involving Rockstar Nick Drago. And some worrisome conversation material from a Winter Soldier. Ah. There's that Parker luck again.
Welcome Home? January 31st, 2023 Skye tries to recruit Nick as a consultant by...telling him what a horrible agent he would make.
Just a walk in the park? January 24th, 2023 Lucifer, Sinister, and Nick run into each other at the park. A lot of questions are raised, some are answered and the resulting vacuum effect draws even more questions out.
A New Start January 20th, 2023 Fred's Diner gets a new grill. Their restaurant grade goes up a letter. Now with 30% less food poisoning. (Also with the assistance of Sinister's deductive reasoning, Lucifer finds out the nature of Nick's injury and grants him a healing feather.)
Away from the office January 19th, 2023 Friends assemble for dinner at a remote cabin, where Bucky introduces Steve to Sarah, the wanted fugitive.
Evening run ins. January 14th, 2023 Black Canary runs into Nick Drago outside the guest suites at the Triskelion. There's talk of her band and workouts.
Graveyard at moonrise.. January 11th, 2023 Sarah tries to dig up a grave, and disturbs Nick.
Lux, the sublime light: After Hours or off night? January 9th, 2023 Lux really is a haven. And Asgardian ale works on Archangels. Inventory night can be so interesting.
Yule at Lux December 24th, 2022 Festivus at Lux
Fortunate Son: Bright Sunshine in Kentucky December 2nd, 2022 SHIELD and allies raid a former HYDRA site suspected of housing Project Prodigy. Things quickly go wrong, and an elaborate trap is sprung.
A Winter's Hunt November 27th, 2022 Bucky comes by the suite to share with Nick and Skye what he's found out looking into the attack on the shelter. Operation Fortunate Son is reopened and an early flight is planned
Twas The Day After The Kind Of Morning After Thanksgiving November 26th, 2022 In his quest to find out what the heck Bucky is up to, Clint comes across Nick. Some answers are gained and some frustration is eased
Twas The Kind Of Morning After Thanksgiving November 25th, 2022 After the atttack at the shelter, Nick and Skye get back to the Trisk just in time for a wandering Winter Solider to come by and ask what the hell is going on.
Twas The Day Of Thanksgiving November 24th, 2022 Thanksgiving dinner at New Hope Shelter ends with a bang and a peeved off Kryptonian
Thanksgiving Leftovers November 24th, 2022 Skye and Power Girl go to class to find out what the hell is going on with Nick.
Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving November 23rd, 2022 Freezer troubles puts the New Hope Shelter Thanksgiving Dinner at risk. Power Girl swoops in for the rescue and catches vague hints to some background drama between the volunteers
Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving November 23rd, 2022 Freezer troubles puts the New Hope Shelter Thanksgiving Dinner at risk. Power Girl swoops in for the rescue and catches vague hints to some background drama between the volunteers
Early Morning Run Ins November 16th, 2022 A story in which Nick and Henri run into each other. Literally.
Thanks for all the help November 15th, 2022 Shredder gives a nod of thanks to Nick, unaware that he is Phantasm
Mister Yi is expecting you November 11th, 2022 Significant trouble in Little China Town, as Bucky, willow, Nick and Buffy pay a surprise visit to a gang run by vampires. Theatrical vampires. Such a show, they slay it.
=Lovely Night For A Bonfire November 10th, 2022 Summary needed
A Night on the Mutant Town November 1st, 2022 Summary needed
Splattercon!!! Pt.1 October 21st, 2022 Finally time for Splatercon!!!
A Cautious Return October 6th, 2022 Fred's Diner brings the good food and chance encounters
Safe Haven September 20th, 2022 That was an oddness. A haunted house with some rather more psychic overtones. Will this mystery be continued?
Party in the Rec Room, with some planning September 2nd, 2022 Watching BattleBots at the Trisk, and sharing some vital info on lethal threat
A big old bonfire (yeah..) August 28th, 2022 Sarah and Nick burn the latest body, and talk.
Some people just can't get enough of Nick August 17th, 2022 A Terminator comes into the diner where Sarah eats. It doesn't go the way you think. Bucky and Nick probably didn't get their food order.
Everyone is back in time, although a different time for some August 13th, 2022 Willow and Nick travel to visit an old, very old new friend.
A rescue back in time August 5th, 2022 Willow, Nick and Hellequin go back in time to save an innocent.
Chillin' at pool July 21st, 2022 Nick and Clint share a non-violent moment where no one tries to kill anyone.
Can you smeeeeellllllll what the Nick is cookin July 18th, 2022 Bucky and Yaozu swing by Nick's guest quarters to enjoy home cooking. Bucky indicates that Nick's current troubles with Hydra might be nearing a close and Yaozu offers up a chance to train with him
Such a witchy idea. June 23rd, 2022 Willow and Nick propose a time-warp rescue mission to Henri.
The Fourth Came Early June 19th, 2022 Frank and Tim do some surveilance. Things do not turn out as initially planned. Microchip needs to learn to cook.
Trainspotting : The Enemy of My Enemy June 14th, 2022 An unlikely alliance forms when some supernatural threats pick the wrong targets
The Academy June 12th, 2022 Summary needed
There are two sides to a coin. Second Side. June 8th, 2022 Willow, Nick and Lucas go back in time unwillingly. They meet an old, very old, acquaintance.
Boom Boom Boom Tsh... June 7th, 2022 Thea Queen runs into a Sniper.
There are two sides to a coin. First Side. June 5th, 2022 The discovery of a strange coin leads Willow, Nick and Lucas to different place.
Making Friends June 3rd, 2022 Bucky, Leon, and Nick visit and leave Channel Park for various reasons
Monkey business at Little Rock May 28th, 2022 Skye and Nick help Hawkeye with a bikini, a rose and a few coffins.
Roping in some more help. May 25th, 2022 Sharing the best pizza in town, plans are discussed to help Hawkeye's friend.
The proof is not out there. May 21st, 2022 Looking for clues about the Terminators, Clint meets Sarah and Nick.
Rock Me AmaDoomus May 19th, 2022 Doom kidnaps rock stars and respects women.
A Motley Crew May 16th, 2022 Ash stops for a cup of Joe. Nothing bad happens.
Chillin' at Clint's May 12th, 2022 Home made chili, donuts, and a chat at Clint's.
Supply Shopping May 11th, 2022 Nick loses a shadow with the help of Sarah
Barking Mad May 8th, 2022 Sarah informs Bucky he looks like a cyborg assassin in front of Nick. Bucky does not deny this. Wait... What?
Cat and mouse - The hunt begins. May 6th, 2022 Skye finally gets to meet her mother Jiaying and nothing goes as planned.
Closed Session At The Studio May 1st, 2022 Clint and Skye escort Nick to meet Wade at Shaw Studios. There's a lot of talk about Bob.
We meet again. April 26th, 2022 A springtime evening, had Lucas, Nick, and Willow finding themselves in the Apple Park. Willow told Nick about Buffy just before they parted.
Fishing around for information. April 24th, 2022 Skye help the guys gather more information on Sarah.
The Lower East Side poltergeist April 22nd, 2022 Willow and Nick investigate a reported poltergeist in an abandoned warehouse.
Just Another Walk In The Park April 18th, 2022 Sarah ends up giving Clint and Nick more information than she was planning
Sometimes you just want a burger April 16th, 2022 Sarah and Nick have a small chat at a diner with similar results as the last time
Foot In Mouth Syndrome Sufferers Unite April 13th, 2022 Clint comes by to tell Nick he's not going to get tortured. Nick offers him tea.
After AAR reporting. April 11th, 2022 In which a conversation about a pretty face leads to torture.
Night time Nom Noms April 9th, 2022 Wade finds a familiar face in Nick and also causes a diner to change its payment policy
Double-checking some information. April 9th, 2022 Clint and Nick try to get some answers from Sarah.
A game of cat and mouse. April 8th, 2022 A note from one of Skye's relatives kind of breaks the mood.
In your own time, fire at will April 4th, 2022 Real simulated combat. How far can the trainee be pushed? Featuring Goats and Vampires, oh my...
Attack isn't always the best defence. April 3rd, 2022 Hawkeye trains Nick in basic bullet dodging, only to be shown how frustrating it can be for snipers.
Put on your war paint March 30th, 2022 Clint and Nick get a personal arsenal upgrade, and try to recruit Bucky for Team Bird. Shenanigans ensue.
The prodigal pinata March 25th, 2022 Skye, Nat, Nick and Tony all answer the distress call sent by Hawkeye.
El Diablo March 25th, 2022 Clint gets a brief reprieve from the consequences of the warehouse. Diablo likes them apples.
Frank Castle and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Part II March 20th, 2022 Detroit, it's a magi- who are we kidding, it's horrible
Frank Castle and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day March 20th, 2022 Frank's attempts to catch a HYDRA agent covertly turn into explosions.
On the Hunt March 11th, 2022 What better way to spend a rainy day than in the presence of books?
Rec room follies March 10th, 2022 Tony and Steve wander into the rec room and add a third to the conversation.
Triskellion Workout: Better Late than Ever. February 9th, 2022 Insomnia, gym equipment and morality, not always the best mix.
Afternoon Coffee Break February 8th, 2022 Lex, Nick, and Sky find out that The Coffee Bean has some interesting specialty coffees
Give us the power! Pt 1 February 6th, 2022 The team heads over to help save a small nation.
Rain Rain Go Away... January 16th, 2022 Summary needed
In The Service Of Others January 13th, 2022 Nick and Yaozu help out in the kitchen of New Hope. Shen and Co bring in food donations.
Post Training January 7th, 2022 Buffy practises more with Nick and asks more questions
Its The Final Countdown... January 1st, 2022 Nick sneaks out, is caught by Skye, then Bucky. An agreement is made.
All I want for Christmas is some INFORMATION December 27th, 2021 A post holiday discussion between Savio and Frank draws out more details of the Groundbreaker fiasco
Seasons Beatings December 24th, 2021 Nick makes use of the unwanted free time this holiday week. Yaozu provides advice
Picking Up The Slack December 16th, 2021 Nick sneaks over to the Magic Box for some training with Buffy. Also learns to dodge questions.
Hang In There December 10th, 2021 Nick's shadow is slacking off. Skye and Yaozu bring some light to the situation
Ground Level Grub December 1st, 2021 Nick pops in, Wanda pops out, Lex is a recruiting and Pietro goes on a pizza run
Evening Sights November 30th, 2021 Illuminated Christmas decorations in the streets are enjoyed by -- or at least noticed by -- Nick Drago, Diana Prince, and Poseidon as there is a bit of wandering and hijinks by strangers.
Digging Up The Past: A Second Go November 29th, 2021 Clayton finds out why making snide remarks about Frank's family is a universally bad idea
Into The Deep .... End. November 21st, 2021 Yaozu wanders his way to the pool area (a rare happening), and finds Liansong there swimming. Nick Drago comes along with his escort and a sandwich. Some conversation is shares amongst the three.
Fortunate Son: Prologue November 21st, 2021 The time has come to take the fight back to HYDRA and finish the evil that Stuck and Clayton have started once and for all. But first, planning! Who let Bucky name an operation anyway?!
It Aint Me It Aint Me November 21st, 2021 While waiting for Bucky to finish with his side discussions, Nick and Skye have one of their own
Unstoppable: The Liberation of Skye Johnson November 18th, 2021 Bucky, Yaozu, and Phantasm come to save Skye, but recent discoveries cause an unlikely alliance.
Digging Up The Past : Safe House Salutations November 10th, 2021 So you're probably wondering why we've gathered you here... Bucky and Punisher explain what's going on to the Safe House Crew
Friends and paychecks. October 30th, 2021 Summary needed
Digging Up The Past - As You Were October 27th, 2021 Nick and Bucky decide to make it Official
Digging Up The Past - Confessional September 14th, 2021 Punisher finds Clayton to be less than cooperative.
Murphy's Law September 11th, 2021 Buffy, Connor, and Nick's paths intersect.
Digging Up The Past - Late Withdrawal September 10th, 2021 Punisher catches a show and robs a bank
Digging Up The Past - Finding The Baseline September 8th, 2021 Punisher looks through Clayton's home to uncover what secrets he can find
Digging Up The Past : Friend or Foe September 3rd, 2021 Bucky comes by to get an idea to what Wade is like and a get second opinion on Nick
Digging Up The Past : Hydra and Seek August 29th, 2021 There's not many places one can hide from Frank Castle
Digging Up The Past - Laying Low August 27th, 2021 Bucky has a problem and it is staying in his safehouse
A small world. August 26th, 2021 Remy and Nick meet again and do a bit of shopping
SHIELD shorts: Stuck for words August 26th, 2021 Alonso Stuck is finally brought to task, but the HYDRA agent has one last trick in mind...
Digging Up The Past: Stuck between a Rock and a Hard Place August 21st, 2021 Bucky and Punisher race the clock to prevent the dangers that arose during Stuck's apprehension
Digging Up The Past: Thank God For Stupid Bad Guys July 23rd, 2021 Let's compare notes
Prison Convoy Attack July 20th, 2021 Juggernaut and some mercs attack a police convoy on Lex Luthor's command.
Evening Departures July 19th, 2021 Warren seems familiar. Nick does not.
Ghost Ship July 18th, 2021 A cargo ship is attacked by vampires. Fortunately various heroes are on hand to stop them
Digging Up The Past: Back to Cape Coral July 14th, 2021 Bucky lost his job at Door Dash...
The Open Door: House of Illusions June 19th, 2021 The Scoobies search for kids kidnapped by vamps amid a carnival. Deadpool leads them on a wild chase.
Open Door: Once Upon a Time.. June 2nd, 2021 The Scoobies and allies learn of the first Slayer, Shadow men the M? Scythe and a new threat, even as a mysterious enemy thwarts them every step of the way..
Hooked on a Feeling May 28th, 2021 Still buzzed, Bucky sets out to share in his good mood. Hydra has other ideas.
Something Wicked This Way Comes...Prologue May 25th, 2021 The
Digging Up The Past: Salutations, Savio! May 23rd, 2021 Bucky temps for Door Dash. Really That's it. ^________^

He also visits Nick's father.

Digging Up The Past - Visit to the Studio May 22nd, 2021 Punisher swings by to give Nick some information on his father
Morning After May 20th, 2021 After patching up Spike, Buffy leaves with Chinese takeaway, then bumps into others who want a piece of her..Or something.
Last Second Visit May 18th, 2021 Bucky swings by to give Nick an update, and asks for a referral
The Open Door: Phantom Train May 10th, 2021 The Scoobies and allies investigate a train disappearance and uncover a secret vampire cult..The battle is over but the war has just begun!
Post Practice Catchup May 4th, 2021 Post training chatter between Nick and Buffy
The Reckoning.. A monster approaches! April 23rd, 2021 Deadpool makes new friends in his standard way. It works out well for everyone except the fruit bar.
The Open Door: The Neverending Night April 20th, 2021 A rare sighting of a solar eclipse is prelude to an army of vampires attacking the park, in search of something important..
Room for one more April 3rd, 2021 Nick pulls Megan in to the search for Joey
A little Scooby Meeting March 28th, 2021 The Scoobies have a meeting and catch up on recent events.
Brand New Day March 21st, 2021 A lot of questions are raised. And Henri and Nick share a pew during mass.
Talk of Clowns, Ghosts and Dreams March 20th, 2021 Buffy catches up with Nick over scones and coffee. a Talk of Killer clowns and Fear gods is had.
A drink and a chat. March 19th, 2021 And more look for little Joey
Who's Who: Sealing the Rift March 5th, 2021 The evil portal is sealed and ghouls are cleared out of the old site of dark rituals..
Just another night in Hell's Kitchen March 4th, 2021 What happens when you take a questionable deal in the kitchen? Captain Vincent Xydias is about to find out.
Social at the Fred's February 26th, 2021 Just an impromptu meet and greet at the local diner
Happy Birthday Thomas! February 14th, 2021 The Scoobies celebrate Valentines and Thomas' birthday!
Just Another Morning In The Park January 31st, 2021 Impromptu Flute Concert In The Park!
The Cure: Raising Spirits in Mutant Town January 26th, 2021 A number of Xmen and Popstars bring a message of hope to a shaken mutant community.
Whatever you do. Don't mess with the hat. January 23rd, 2021 Thugs crash, Remy and Riana Bo Staff, Nick dodges, and Hulk Smash
The Cure: The Antidote January 18th, 2021 Various heroes team up to stop the Reavers from assassinating Dr Brightman and his family. Meanwhile, Beast steaks through a forest.
Who's Who: Battleplan January 15th, 2021 The Scoobies meet to discuss a new looming threat.
Dinner Served At New Hope January 11th, 2021 A day after the attack in Mutant Town, a trio of persons show up at a Mutant friendly shelter to help out.
Digging Up The Past: A Meeting with Santan January 7th, 2021 Summary needed
Who's Who: Ghosts and Vampires January 6th, 2021 A Red Order member shows up at the Blue Lady and stirs up trouble.
The Cure: Assault on Mutant Town! January 4th, 2021 The Xmen intercept an attack on mutant protestors by DAMT.
New Years Explosion January 1st, 2021 Ringing in the New Year with music and explosives
A very late Christmas present! December 29th, 2020 Buffy meets Nick and Nolan as her memories slowly return. Gifts are exchanged.
A Very Scooby Christmas! December 19th, 2020 The Scoobies celebrate christmas at the Blue Lady.
Big Trouble on Little Hala: Part 2 December 16th, 2020 That's no donut, that's a donut-shaped space station!
Digging Up The Past: Say Cheese II December 15th, 2020 Bucky fills in Nick and Steve on what he found looking into Colby Schmirler
Hunting for Fish Monsters: Part 2! December 10th, 2020 The Scoobies brave smelly sewer tunnels to rescue-missing kids and fish monsters/former swim team members.
Big Trouble on Little Hala: Part 1 December 7th, 2020 It's not really called 'Little Hala', but there IS Big Trouble there.
Ghosts and Fishies December 1st, 2020 Buffy meets Nolan to discuss a ghostly problem..
Digging Up The Past: Say Cheese November 22nd, 2020 Colby Schmirler gets paid a visit by the Winter Soldier
Coffee November 21st, 2020 Nick is not all that informative when Priss asks if things are okay
A Quiet Afternoon In Westchester November 8th, 2020 Buffy meets Nick at Harry's to find out what happened at the condo
What A Mess October 30th, 2020 Bucky comes by the condo to assess the damage. Nick has to make an important decision
Digging Up The Past: Meeting of the Minds October 25th, 2020 Punisher and Savio discuss DHS
Digging Up The Past : Poor Wade October 20th, 2020 Buffy asks Wade what happened at the condo
Digging Up The Past : Revelations October 19th, 2020 Punisher comes by with some news for Nick. Others come by with gunfire
Digging Up The Past: Slaying the Dragon October 2nd, 2020 Punisher sets out to end the Savio Drago story the best way he knows how
Post Audtion Review September 19th, 2020 Megan finds out how her audition went
Summers' Twilight September 17th, 2020 A summer BBQ turns to chaos when *someone* opens a Pandora's Box!
Trail of the Technovore! September 14th, 2020 Action! Adventure! Animatronics! Bucky blows up some stuff! Hawkeye gets goop everywhere! Everyone else is there too!
Homeward Bounds 3: All Dogs Go To Heven September 13th, 2020 Our Heroes follow Lockjaw to Heven. It's strange there. They don't like it. They come back.
Homeward Bounds 2: The Incredible Journey September 12th, 2020 After a quick pit stop, Lockjaw takes Our Heroes to an active battlefield... IN SPACE!
Homeward Bounds September 9th, 2020 Avengers and Co. get swept up in a dazzling story of romance, intrigue, and... actually they just get teleported by Lockjaw to a supervillain bar.
Who's that playing in the park September 5th, 2020 A walk in the park turns to chaos as demon hounds target Megan. Fortunately her friends come to the rescue!
the Postman cometh... or actually the Fed-Ex dude... September 4th, 2020 The Scooby Gang talks about monsters.
There's a reason you don't sit at the counter September 1st, 2020 Three celebs run into each other
Killing time at the coffee shop August 27th, 2020 A tale of too much expresso
A Thief, a Pianist, and a trained monkey walk into a bar... August 25th, 2020 Remy and Nick have a few drinks, the Aussie get's a bit drunk on the loud-mouth's money, the monkey is the designated driver.
Late night visit August 23rd, 2020 Nick came to see Duncan to ask about some old weapons and new threats in the world.
Belated Beer Birthday August 22nd, 2020 Nick and Karrin meet for a beer and steak sandwich. He gives her the rundown about the current wizard problem. She doesn't entirely dodge questions about her love life.
Digging Up The Past: Schwizer Is Not Happy August 21st, 2020 Microchip calls Schwizer with a warning
Resupplying August 17th, 2020 Nick and Bucky encounter art supplies and run into paparazzi
Overdoing it Again. August 16th, 2020 Mercy and Castiel seek shelter from the rain. Larry gets a CASscan.
The Conqueror Cometh: He Speaks August 13th, 2020 Conan briefs mighty heroes on the foe they face! Shawarma is enjoyed by all.
When the Music Stops August 13th, 2020 After a Nick Drago concert, a couple people sneak backstage
The Conqueror Cometh: He Arrives August 9th, 2020 Conan and the evil Sorcerer Supreme travel from the Hyborean Age. When a giant monster is brought forth heroes from this time team up with Conan to destroy it and save Manhattan!
Digging Up The Past : Finding Malcom Moretti August 7th, 2020 (implied torture warning) Moretti was going to have a bad day. His mouth made it much worse.
Here Have Some Junk-I Mean Artistic Pieces August 1st, 2020 During a lovely day at the museum, things go awry. Not surprising.
Digging Up the Past: A Few Questions... July 30th, 2020 Karrin has questions. Nick has a grenade.
Digging up the Past: Karma Comes For Schwizer July 28th, 2020 The questions don't come as nicely for Schwizer
Digging Up The Past : The Burden of Gaylord Green July 27th, 2020 Frank seeks out the accomplice
Blood of the Ancients: The last stand July 24th, 2020 The Scoobies rescue the prisoners and shut down Armastus' camp for good.
Digging Up the Past: Old Colleagues, New Questions July 23rd, 2020 Karrin is called into GCPD by her old Captain, Bernie Ohls, to talk with the most annoying DEA agent in the world.
Digging Up The Past : The Ballad of Dective Anderson July 22nd, 2020 Punisher heads to Gotham to speak to one of the investigators
Sunday Brunch With The Aunt July 19th, 2020 Zach curses out Nick's aunt and then expects to get invited to Brunch
Looking for Trouble July 15th, 2020 Subways are not that bad Dunc- Ok maybe they are.
A bit of tea July 14th, 2020 Hot drinks are purchased and knowing glances are exchanged
Train spotting July 12th, 2020 Grant now knows about vampires and we all know what percentage of the battle that is
Presto! Change o! July 12th, 2020 Prue comes by seeing a Buffy and a Bird. She gets Nick instead
Blood of the Ancients: The Scouting Party July 9th, 2020 Willow and Nick defuse a magic barrier while Buffy and a new ally engage ghouls in a thunderstorm,
Drinks after hours... July 8th, 2020 Nick and Thomas laugh, talk, and drink entirely too much that Thomas makes the musician stay the night rather then let him drive home.
A Box full of Surprises. July 7th, 2020 Buffy, Nightwing and Nick talk about mysterious vigilantes
Post Church Run Ins July 5th, 2020 Deciding what to do is a walk in the park - zoo
An Opportunity Arises July 5th, 2020 Hey folks Katsumi is legal now
Blood of Ancients: A Scooby Meeting July 5th, 2020 The Scoobies plot their next move to rescue unknowing victims from Armastus' clutches.
A wild Morgana appears! June 28th, 2020 Ivory and Nick meets Morgana
Click Clack June 27th, 2020 Vampires try to pick off an easy meal. They pick the wrong targets.
In Dreamssssssssssssss June 27th, 2020 Phantasm comes across the dream of Snake Eyes. They rewrite the ending.
And all that Jazz June 23rd, 2020 What starts of as an evening of people watching becomes an evening of recruiting
Did not see that coming June 22nd, 2020 Nick and Duncan run into each other in Midtown
Nick just flew on in and BOY are his wings tired. June 21st, 2020 Who do, Voodoo. Do what? Gets some odd mental imagery from Nick.
Just Phoning It In. June 12th, 2020 Two grumpy people on a phone call
Post Practice Tea June 11th, 2020 Time to catch up over a hot beverage
Night Time Food Run June 6th, 2020 Duncan and Nick grab something to eat after practice
Stopping in June 6th, 2020 Dean seeks an audience with the Nick but must first get past the three guardians.
A Fallen Angel, a Wizard and a Slayer walk into a Cemetary... June 2nd, 2020 A Wizard encounters a Fallen Angel and things go awry.
Training in the Box June 2nd, 2020 Buffy introduces Duncan to her training room.
Hot Drinks lead to steamy encounters. Because the drinks are hot and creating steam. Get your mind out of the gutter people. June 1st, 2020 A Wiccan, A Slayer, an Immortal, and a Phantasm walk into a coffee bar...
A Time for coffee a time for lines May 31st, 2020 Hangover, Self Doubt, and voices of reason
Self Defense Part 2 - Buffet of Butt Kicking May 30th, 2020 Duncan trains Nick with some new tricks.
Dean Ded Drunk May 26th, 2020 Dean visits the condo drunk and passes out. Willow and Nick have a bit of fun.
Sometimes Karma Runs Late May 25th, 2020 Muggers chose poorly. Babs and Nick get to kick butt
Morning Time Training May 25th, 2020 Duncan and Nick train over at New Hope. Lucius stops by. Punisher is discussed.
Who Do-Voodoo-Do What - Filming a Video May 24th, 2020 Priss meets Wade Shaw. A brief recording session becomes an all day affair
Who Do-Voodoo-Do What - Order Some Gummbo May 24th, 2020 Chatter in the Lounge area of Shaw Studios
Angels, Phantasms and Slayers oh my! May 23rd, 2020 What happens when a Slayer, a Dreamer and a Fallen Angel walk into a bar..?
A Purrfectly Feline Encounter at the Museum May 22nd, 2020 Duncan and Nick met up at the Museum of Natural History. They saw Ivory pass through. Nick ended up getting a hisory lesson on Native American culture and the old west era. Duncan agreed to train him in self defense and the duo managed to get a following of middle school aged kids following them around listening to Duncan talk.
Digging Up The Past: Old Memories May 21st, 2020 Punisher has questions. Nick has answers... kind of.
Sometimes You Just Want A Grilled Cheese May 20th, 2020 Who do? Voodoo. Do what? Knows about the Phantasm
Zounds! A Grilled Cheese Getaway May 20th, 2020 Sam gets hit with a grilled cheese sandwich
Pizza, Pasta and....pretty Kitty Pride May 19th, 2020 Kitty, Nick and Duncan meet up while waiting for pizza. Staring contests with Lockheed happen.
Monday Madness May 18th, 2020 Nick's past comes back to annoy him. Duncan takes care of the ensuing headache
Post Fight Refreshments May 18th, 2020 Nick gets Duncan a drink as a thank you for bailing him out in a fight. The pair meet Bobby
Trapping an Octopus May 17th, 2020 Otto gets caught up in an explosion at one of his apartment hideouts, and just barely manages to survive with the help of the Phantasm. Meanwhile, Grifter watches, debating the cause of the explosion... and what Phantasm is.
That's not a parking spot! May 16th, 2020 Cole tracks down a demonite (with help) and doesn't make a good first impression on Thomas
A time of Goodwill May 16th, 2020 Cole and Nick run into each other at the Goodwill
Lessons for Little Sis. May 12th, 2020 Buffy meets with Dawn to teach her self defence skills
Peacekeepers: Desperation May 10th, 2020 Thor, Buffy and Phantasm assist Team Luthor in dealing with a combined mercenary and robotic attack on a LexTech facility, with the LexKnight providing support.
The Exchange May 10th, 2020 Nick makes a delivery to Babs. They then start another food experiment
Maticating on a Saturday Evening May 9th, 2020 Nick and Dean have food.
Practice Ponderings May 5th, 2020 A late night sparring session between Buffy and Nick
Family Obligations May 3rd, 2020 Nick heads home from his aunt's place. A man attacks Grifter. It ends badly.
And it just keeps getting worse May 3rd, 2020 Nick and Grifter prevent Creed from abducting another guy... For now.
Time for a Break May 2nd, 2020 Grifter learns patience by ordering the quickest to serve drink
Hyperion Hype April 26th, 2020 Buffy introduces some allies to Angel. A mysterious visitor makes another appearance.
Weird Sleep Locales April 26th, 2020 Phantasm shows Dean how to fly
Red Hook Coffee Shop Stop April 25th, 2020 Barbara and Nick conduct an experiment in the middle of the food court
Chillaxing at the Blue April 23rd, 2020 Some Scoobies relaxing at The Blue.
Demon Tag Team April 22nd, 2020 Buffy and Dean beat up Ghouls, then meet Nick for drinks after.
Invitation To The Hyperion April 19th, 2020 Nick and Cordelia talk about their last gig together and play with kittens
At the Library April 18th, 2020 Alek has gifted Morgana with pain. Morgana regifts
Harry in the Box April 13th, 2020 Magic talk at the magic shop.
Easter at the Shelter (Food and Conversation) April 12th, 2020 Little bit of intel and little bit of showboating.
Easter at the Museum April 12th, 2020 An Easter trip to the museum has much weirdness
Checking Up On The Tabloid Fodder April 11th, 2020 Murphy Checks up on Nick. Buffy swings by to introduce Katsumi
The Monster Men: Snatched April 9th, 2020 An attempted kidnapping goes wrong. Cloak and Dagger intervene and The Punisher gives chase.
After The Errands April 9th, 2020 Nick runs into Kitty... literally
Noise Solution April 7th, 2020 Katsumi just wanted to share something nice with Buffy. But it seems nothing ever goes right.
Books Books and more Books April 4th, 2020 Nick brings one more into the Nokia cult
Airport Pick Up April 2nd, 2020 Karrin picks Nick up from the airport
Post Recovery at the Summers' March 25th, 2020 Nick babysits Dawn. Buffy brings pizza, Thomas brings something better.
Working out with The Slayer March 24th, 2020 Buffy gifts Nick with a shiny new weapon.
Questions March 23rd, 2020 Nick comes by asking about Strange's school. Strange takes a break from ... something else to answer.
Following up with Spike March 23rd, 2020 Did you know Spike lives in the same building as Buffy? Yeah. Just found that out
Time for Coffee March 22nd, 2020 Mina and Nick meet. Nick is too tired to be having discussions of this nature.
Is this really an emergency March 20th, 2020 Karrin has had a little too much to drink
The Witch And The Steak Sandwich March 20th, 2020 Willow and Nick have really good sandwiches.
= The Eavesdropper March 18th, 2020 JUST WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE WITH BUF- Is that tea?
Sweet Dreams Aren't Made Of These March 18th, 2020 Buffy comes by to ask Nick to take away her nightmares
Sleeping Beauty.. March 15th, 2020 As Buffy recovers, a new problem threatens her relationship with Thomas.
Saturday Morning After The Rescue March 15th, 2020 Karrin tells Nick that Buffy is still missing. They discuss what to do.
Good and Cheap. Not Fast. March 14th, 2020 Cheap and good food does not come quickly
The Case of the Missing Slayer March 12th, 2020 Buffy is rescued. Thomas is angry. Nick makes a confession.
Taking a break March 11th, 2020 Remy and Nick meet and Nick ends up losing out on some money
Even More Questions March 11th, 2020 Karrin has questions. Buffy gets answers. Nick does a magic trick.
Pizza For Thought March 11th, 2020 Fame stinks.
Joining the Hunt March 11th, 2020 The scoobies search for clues as to Dawn's whereabouts, Thomas is forced to make a deal with a vampire.
The Scarlet Lounge March 11th, 2020 The Scoobies race to an exclusive Vampire feeding club to try and rescue Dawn..Unfortunately their victory is not without consequences.
Training for Trouble March 10th, 2020 Buffy invites friends over for some much needed practice and donuts.
Tell me if you heard this one before: Three Mystics walk into a bar... March 8th, 2020 Urge to Kill RISING- Oh hush you, Witchblade. Have some Chocolate.
More Questions March 6th, 2020 Pez has questions about a reported homicide. Wade spills coffee.
The afternoon after the morning before ... March 1st, 2020 Dean, Buffy and Nick meet up to chat
The afternoon aftre the morning before... March 1st, 2020 After a drunken text gone wrong, Buffy stumbles in on a hungover Nick and Dean and jumps to the wrong conclusions..
Alcohol, A hunter, and a Music Exec. What's the worst that can happen March 1st, 2020 LANGUAGE - Wade and Dean are hungover. Nick is treated to TMI.
Parade of Wonders February 24th, 2020 A cosplay parade turns into a fight for her life as Megan and Nick encounter real vampires.
Due Diligence February 23rd, 2020 Dean tracks down Nick for ANSWERS... and to make cheeseburgers
Waking up is hard without brew February 23rd, 2020 Nick and Pez patch things up
Reunions and Introductions February 20th, 2020 Dean gets his car back. Scoobies get a Mystery.
Making a Connection February 19th, 2020 Airports are hell.
On the Road Again February 17th, 2020 Dean gets a bacon cheeseburger and steals a car
Airport Drop Off February 9th, 2020 Karrin gives Nick a ride to the airport. There is awkward conversation.
Friend Drama February 8th, 2020 Friends old and new chat
The things that go Bump in the day February 7th, 2020 Diana, Megan, Nick, and Thor save the day. Felicia watches.
Post Lesson Pick Me Up February 6th, 2020 Kara and Nick will probably regret this motivational speech
Things go bump in the morning February 5th, 2020 Phantasm, Rogue, and Strange try to deal with a problem that's haunted Rogue.
Street Meet II: Wow There was a Street Meet I February 4th, 2020 A failed mugging attempts leads Phantasm to meet Zipp-err, Remo
QUESTION! February 2nd, 2020 Pez finally tracks down Wade to ask him about Nick. The office gets set on fire.
The Fire Fumes February 2nd, 2020 Pez finally tracks down Wade to ask him about Nick. The office gets set on fire.
Cars go Boom February 2nd, 2020 The Punisher arrives disrupting a peaceful evening
It's a smallish world, after all... February 1st, 2020 Karrin, Chimp and Nick meet up for drinks and sandwiches (at 10am no less)
A Meeting Amongst Old Things January 29th, 2020 Summary needed
Absolutely Petra-fying January 27th, 2020 A phantasm takes a tour of a Petra-fied forest and ends up at a castle.
Saint Patricks Cathedral shenanigans January 26th, 2020 In line for the confessional
A Word Of Warning January 25th, 2020 Selene Grills William Wilkenson. Just with less fire.
Nighttime run-ins January 25th, 2020 Bean learns several things in the Midtown Night
Science or Magic - You Decide! January 24th, 2020 Summary needed
Its a Small World January 22nd, 2020 Karrin runs into a familiar face. Turns out she knows the guy too.
Overdoing it January 22nd, 2020 Do you think this sketch is too detailed? Nope!
Something Sketchy Going On At The Sanctum January 21st, 2020 Sketchy business going on here.
Sanctum Visits January 20th, 2020 It's a busy night at Sanctum Santoroum.
Musical Tables and Coffee January 19th, 2020 Nick, Kid, and Mercy run into each other at a cafe
The Doctor Makes a House Call January 19th, 2020 Nick's feeling worn down. Strange comes by and drops off some homework
Check-In At Shaw Studios January 18th, 2020 Pez and Bean swing by to see Nick. Some concerns are shared.
Mutant Mayham January 18th, 2020 Calibur, Phantasm and Kid end up fighting some mutant hybrids :D
The Rumble of the Train January 17th, 2020 Nick runs into some old 'friends'
A Change of Scenousery January 16th, 2020 Summary needed
Bear Good Dog. Bear Walk in Park. Good Bear. Good. January 15th, 2020 Walkies and Talkies in the park.
Rootop Collision January 14th, 2020 Kaida meets a certain raven on a rooftop
The Bean Dream January 12th, 2020 Phantasm happens upon one of Bean's nightmares. He helps.
= Evolution is Boom boom boomin' January 11th, 2020 Nick comes in to rest, ends up with the makings of a classroom
Engaged to the Vanishing Man January 11th, 2020 Stephen returns to the mortal plane and Felicia and Nick are stuck with the clean up duty.
In the police bar, the mighty police bar, the courier drinks tooooniiiiight... January 11th, 2020 Selene tracks down a courier with some questionable finances
They Got The Meats! January 10th, 2020 They came for the meats, they left with a few lessons
Bargain Shoppers Unite! January 9th, 2020 Instead of stumbling on bargains, Nick and Mary stumble on something else at the Goodwill.
New Patient Referral January 6th, 2020 Nick comes to see Doc Samson to decide whether he might be a useful replacement for Nick's retiring therapist.
Running Errands January 5th, 2020 Potato Recipes, Selfies, and Foreboding
Swashbuckler Sings in Shaw Studios January 4th, 2020 Hector and Nick bump into each other. A coffee was lost in the encounter.
Quoth the Raven, Drink Some More. January 3rd, 2020 Nick reconnects with Cindy and Indy.
Grabbing an Early Dinner December 31st, 2019 Betty expriences the crowd at Katz's the hard way
Battling Fafnir December 29th, 2019 The great dragon Fafnir attacked Midgard. While he was defeated and sent, not back to his own realm, but Limbo...both the Sorceress Illyana and the Hulk also entered Limbo with him.
Another Time of Thanks December 29th, 2019 Nick swings by Danny's office to offer thanks for a generous donation
End of the Road - Five Times Novel December 28th, 2019 Sara comes to a concert and ends up with a few surprises
A Time for Giving December 24th, 2019 Nick brings toys, Tim brings clothes, Shannon brings in the spirit
In Dreams, You're Mine December 23rd, 2019 Nick helps Iron Fist break out of Ringmaster's mind control as he attempts to extort a one-hit wonder.
Crimes and Punishers December 22nd, 2019 Selene meets Punisher, things go south and lycans join the party. The warehouse gets a new red paintjob.
Reunited And It Feels So Good December 22nd, 2019 Sara gives Nick his hat back and a few things she didn't intend
Christmas Exchanges December 21st, 2019 Nick is waiting at the bar and Selene approaches. Selene is not a subtle person.
There is a disturbance in the (Magic) force December 16th, 2019 Hogarth is sent to investigate a Night-Mare like event and instead finds an exhausted post-Phantasm Nick
Bank Robbery in Progress December 16th, 2019 The Disney Gang Robs a Bank. It goes poorly.
Getting Ready For The Jump December 14th, 2019 Nick and Indy chat after waking up in the Air Base dorm
Dreamscapes of the Immortal Mind December 13th, 2019 Dreams and reality collide.
P3....2....1....rock! December 12th, 2019 Piper scouts acts for P3, books one, and gets an agent's card for more acts
Waiting is so hard to do December 9th, 2019 In a VIP lounge, Magneto makes an offer Nick can't refuse.
Kittens are totally a thing December 6th, 2019 Angel, Nick, and several kittens enter a bar...
Taking a look around December 4th, 2019 Nick tours the Sanctum with Hogarth and manages not to touch anything destructive
I'm trying to watch tv December 4th, 2019 Nick happens upon the Sanctum where he is directed by Stephen to talk to Hogarth.
Drago's return November 28th, 2019 Bruised and exhausted, Nick heads home in the early Thanksgiving morning to find a familiar face as a new neighbor.
Thanksgiving @ The Shelter November 28th, 2019 Thanksgiving Done. Christmas Next. Politicians Ooh Boy!
Agent Bob is not going to live this one down November 27th, 2019 Hellboy comes to tell Nick he has nothing to worry ab- Oops.
Jazz Job Interview November 26th, 2019 Nick is hired as the temporary pianist for the Blue Lady.
Sneak Peek November 24th, 2019 Roxy sneaks into the closed practice session of Five Times Novel
The Unseen Underbelly of the City November 22nd, 2019 Strange things are afoot on the yellow line
Drinking Your Worries Away November 17th, 2019 When drinking your troubles away, you sometime meet people with more trouble, but then there's usually a friend that surfaces sooner or later. It's that kind of night for Jessica Jones.
The Stan Of Salem's Lot November 12th, 2019 A letter is found, a circle is drawn. But seriously, did Steely Dan really record here?
Using the subway alone at night. What could go wrong November 10th, 2019 Bob the Mugger picks the wrong person to go after. Rave meets a talking raven.
Autograph by a Star November 5th, 2019 Signatures and rays of sunshine at Rain Day Books
Where's The Half-Blood Prince's Chem Book When You Need It October 30th, 2019 Stephanie and Nick bump into each other at a bookstore, and hear of Poison Ivy's taking over South Channel Island.
Halloween Eve Bash October 28th, 2019 the Van Dyne Halloween Party is a great success!
Seeking out Supplies October 28th, 2019 Strange and Nick have unusual shopping lists
Tricksy Business October 27th, 2019 Mercy holds a garage sale, and confuses mind readders...and then runs away from animal control.
Drinks at Luke's October 26th, 2019 Sara scopes out a bar under cover. She and Nick have a conversation about relationships.
Balor's Domain October 23rd, 2019 Hammerhead and Nick have a chat in a bar owned by the Wailing Banshees MC


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Title Date Scene Summary
World on Fire August 21st, 2021 Not everything was mentioned in that text message Micro found
After The Park January 15th, 2020 Nick is made an offer he seems to be able to refuse. After a waiting period.
After the Bank Robbery December 16th, 2019 Nick tries to catch up on sleep after a very tiring morning.

OOC: Language warning

After The Bar November 17th, 2019 Nick is losing patience with Wade's BS
What Died in Bere November 12th, 2019 Nick asks Wade who the new guy is. And experiences the horror of Hellboy's candle choices
Rude Awakenings November 6th, 2019 A man sits down for family game night but things are off.


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