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Charles Xavier (Scenesys ID: 91)
"Any dream worth having is a dream worth fighting for."
Full Name: Dr. Charles Francis Xavier, PhD
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Theme: Marvel (TPC)
Occupation: Headmaster of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Xavier's School (Breakstone, Westchester County)
Education: Columbia University and University of Oxford (DAnth, DBiochem, DBiophys, DPsych, DPsychiat)
Status: Approved
Groups: Mutant-OOC, Illuminati, X-Men, Xavier's School
Other Information
Apparent Age: 62 Actual Age: 62
Date of Birth 13 July 1965 Actor: Sir Patrick Stewart
Height: 183 cm (6'0") Weight: 86 kg (189 lb)
Hair Color: Bald (blond) Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Hope (Xavier's Theme)" by John Ottman


Charles Xavier, to those who know the truth, is a hero. He is a father figure. Most of the world, however, sees him as a pro-mutant Headmaster at a private school, as well as a respected writer and speaker. He has published several books on mutants and toured the world speaking about them. While he runs his School for Gifted Youngsters, Charles is also known to be the figure that assembled what is now known as the X-Men: a team dedicated to make the world a better place for all. All of this goes with his astounding telepathic abilities, which are rarely dwarfed.

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It's most immediately evident that, at some point in the past, this older man suffered trauma which robbed him of his ability to walk. Bound to a technologically advanced hoverchair, he moves as fluidly as one might on foot, and his loss seems to have robbed him of none of his vibrance. Indeed, he seems to be in good health for his years, his fair skin more or less without flaw save for the light wrinkles etching paths alongside his lips and the mild crow's feet extending from the peaks of his eyelids.

That he sits up in a dignified, straight posture suggests he's retained functional use of his upper body. Certainly, a fortunate man for someone who could be in his mid fifties or later. Although his face is often burdened with the weight of something or other, it's featured with eyes that radiate experience and wisdom. Perhaps more peculiar than his physical state is the complete lack of hair upon his head, as though he'd shed every strand well ahead of their time.

The older gentleman attires himself impeccably. From his double-breasted jacket to his slacks, black silk pinstriped with dark grey has obviously been tailored to his figure. Gold cufflinks and meticulously polished dress shoes add a further touch of class to his ensemble. A black silk tie is cinched about his neck, stitched with a pattern of gold diamonds.


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Charles Xavier was born in 1966 in New York City. His father was a nuclear researcher. After his father's death his mother remarried, bringing an abusive step-brother into the mix. Charles had his powers as long as he can remember, and by 16 his psychic energy had made him bald. He began attending Bard College at 16, and had his Bachelors in Biology at 18. He was then accepted to Oxford, where he earned degrees in genetics and biophysics.

While attending he fell in love with another student. Her friends, however, did not respect him and felt he was a lazy and weak man. So, he joined the Army to validate himself in their eyes. He became a legend in search and rescue due to his secret powers. He was awarded numerous medals in his time, but eventually left the military to return to school.

The woman in question left him, and Charles began traveling the world. He had his first encounter with the Shadow King while in Cairo, and also met the wanderer that would become his best the time. Erik Lensherr. The Shadow King incident is what convinced him to dedicate his life to helping good mutants, and fighting evil ones.

While in the Himalayas he battled the Shadow King again, and he had a stone block dropped on his legs. He was rescued by a Mutant who lived in the mountains, and returned to America. He ended up at Columbia University, where he earned a PhD in Anthropology, and an MD in Psychiatry. He returned to his ancestral home and turned it into the School, before gathering his eventual students and X-Men. Since then he has worked hard to be a mentor for the next generation of Homo Superior.


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Charles Xavier is a good man. He really believes in his message, and he practices what he preaches.

He has been through Hell, and faced foe after foe. He has had his back shattered and his mind battered...and yet he continues to struggle for what he believes in. He honestly believes in a world where humans and Homo Superior can live side by side in equality. However, he is not naive. He knows there are people who want to hurt his children, and he will protect them. He believes in secrecy to protect people, and will sometimes keep quiet or even manipulate people around him towards a positive end. He makes hard decisions sometimes, and has even had black-ops Mutant teams to make strikes he would never have his beloved X-Men make. They, of course, have no idea.

When it comes down to it, though, even with the hard decisions, Charles is really a good man. He believes, and he struggles, and he preaches. He shapes the minds of future generations of Mutants...hoping to build a better, brighter future.


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Astral Projection:
Charles can leave his body and enter the Astral Plane. In this realm, he can create ectoplasmic objections and move about freely. He is not capable of long-range astral projection on the Earthly plane, however.

He can project illusions into people's brains. He can make himself look and sound like a young woman, or make the a bicycle look like a tiger. He is very proficient in this ability.

Mass Stasis:
One of Charles' more favored abilities, this broad projection of his telepathic influence allows him to seemingly freeze time, with all around him save those he chooses coming to a complete halt. That's not how it actually works, of course. The aforementioned projection of influence allows Charles to freeze the thought processes of large groups, which is why they seem to freeze in time. It's a selectively targeted power from which some can be excluded, and its range is rather broad, having been demonstrated in places as large as airport terminals and museums.

Typically, Charles uses this power to stop violent situations before they can get out of hand. He 'freezes' crowds of potential witnesses or victims, attempts to resolve the situation, and then releases them. Unless something around the victims of the power has drastically changed, they're left completely unaware that anything ever happened to them and carry on with their business. (As with all of Charles' telepathic abilities, OOC consent is required when used on players.)

Memory Walk:
If Charles is capable of physical contact with an individual, then with their consent or through the application of force against mental defenses, he can literally enter their memories. While within an experience remembered, Charles' telepathic self can walk about normally and explore every detail of his environment. This is a superb tool for investigation, but not an intrusion he cares to make save under necessary circumstances.

Mental Attack:
Should the situation demand it, Charles can attack a target with a unprotected or weakly protected mind utilizing a blast of psionic energy. As with all of his powers, this falls under the typical range limit of 250 miles. Xavier can use this ability to cause paralysis, to inspire fear, or even to cause neural havoc in the brain to the point of terrible headaches. In truth, Charles could cause total brain failure without even leaving a physical sign.

Mind Control:
Charles can reach into unprotected minds and control them, almost like possession. IF he wished to, he could pull mental strings skillfully enough to make someone turn a gun upon themselves and pull the trigger. This is, however, an abhorrent concept to Xavier. The Professor is much more likely to use this ability in order to invertene in violent situations. Even then, when he's had an opportunity to stop such situations by using a 'puppet' to kill, Charles has refused to bloody that individual's hands for his own sake.

Mind Reading:
Charles can read minds up to 250 miles distant without aid. He can read both surface thoughts, and with deep concentration, one's innermost impressions. Extended use can dredge up even repressed memories. It takes someone with incredible, almost supernatural willpower to resist this type of intrusion by a psychic as powerful as Charles. (Or, they may simply say no OOCly.)

The more advanced version of Mind Control. Charles can leave his body and fully enter another persons. Their own mind gets shut down and shoved deep down, and they tend to remember nothing about the actions taken while Charles is in control. He can stay in another body for as long as he wants, really, but his own body still needs food, water and similar. If his own body died, he would be trapped in the new one.

Sense Mutants:
Charles can sense the unique presence of Homo Superior, which is often how he senses newly emerged and existing mutants who may need shelter at the School. This ability is far more powerful when enhanced by Cerebro.

Thought Projection:

Charles can project his thoughts into the minds of others. While doing this and simultaneously reading thoughts, it allows for an easy form of mental communication. Xavier can link multiple minds together in this fashion, forming a sort of telepathic web. In addition, he can pull multiple minds into a fake reality, such as an island paradise or a conference room. This can be used for anything from covert meetings to psychiatric therapy.


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Charles can readily debate and discuss history, literature, philosophy or any other form of academia across the span of hours. It is, in fact, one of his favorite things to do in rare moments of leisure. There are many teachers at his school whose specializations surpass his own knowledge, but the Professor has a number of Doctorates and Masters to his credit, and he commands the implied knowledge expertly.

Charles could be a cult leader if he wished to be. Some would argue that he already is. His words make nations rise and fall, save lives and avert disasters, before his powers ever enter the picture. In short, he is incredibly good with people. Charming and genial when he needs to be, commanding and intense when required. Charles has much expertise with breaking through the toughened exteriors of the callused and the jaded, that he might help such individuals see light in the world. That may be Charles' greatest gift of all, to inspire hope through his inherent charisma.

While he isn't exactly a fighter these days, Charles does lead the X-Men. He has an analytical mind and can approach a fight with the perspective of a skilled tactician. Strategy is something Xavier understands very well, given he often has to direct the X-Men in coaching or on their missions.

It's seldom the case that Charles would need to enter combat himself. However, he would do so without hesitation if his children were endangered or the lives of innocents were threatened. Wielding all of the creativity at his command, the Professor can be a surprisingly powerful foe through ingenuitive use of his powers.

A hobby, really, but Charles enjoys movies. He may not know a great deal about modern film, but he knows a great deal about cinema of the 20th century. Sometimes, to relax, he watches old films and seizes upon the opportunity to discuss their plots and the lessons therein.

Charles plays the piano, as well as various other instruments. This is an extension of his formal education. Perhaps surprisingly, he's quite good and knows various genres.

If anyone knows how the mind works, It's Charles Xavier. He is a near-expert in many fields, but it's here that he truly shines. The Professor understands the intricacies of memories, the subconscious, the ID and ego, among other things. Charles is versed in various theories on the wrkings of the mind, and through his own abilities has surmised the best ways to approach different people. He is a healer when it comes down to it, not of flesh and blood, but of heart and mind.

Before delving into the field of Psychology and related subjects, Charles first became a master of Biology, Genetics, and Biophysics. He is a brilliant scientist, and his understanding of these subjects helps him to grasp the physical aspect of how mutants and humankind at large function.


Xavier was in the Army for eight years, and he earned many medals in that time. He was a master of search and rescue, and due to that, he knows very well the dangers of the wild. So long as the necessary resources of life are available in some form, he can survive in intense wilderness conditions for extended periods.


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Cerebro is a powerful psionic amplifier housed deep beneath the School. When he wears a helmet attached to the machine, Xavier can vastly expand the range of his powers, extending them from the normal limit of 250 miles to the entire planet. The uses of this device are beyond numerous, but certain functions are used much more frequently than others. For example, Charles can use Cerebro to visually distinguish the human population from the mutants. With deeper concentration, Xavier can even narrow down a specific individual's location. It's through Cerebro that Charles often happens upon newly emerging mutants, as it enables him to detect significant releases of power with a mutant signature.

Cerebro isn't without its flaws. It can be sabotaged, in which case using it could do severe mental harm to the Professor. He could also, through other means, be forced to use Cerebro to concentrate intensely upon a person or a group of people. If the focus of his psionic power were intense enough, he could harm or even kill them.

Charles is the Headmaster of his School for Gifted Youngsters. It has been a haven across the past few generations for eager minds, where they're educated and molded to be upstanding people in an environment where they need know no fear simply because of what they are. The school is large, having originally been a mansion, and is publicly known only as a school with a pro-mutant mindset (as opposed to an actual school for mutants).

Charles takes his responsibilies to the School very seriously. He is the guiding hand who leads its students out of fear and into the light of hope, and he is the willing last line of defense against anyone who would harm his children, as he calls them. Charles hopes in every way that the students of his school grow to become the accepting beacons of hope, the next generation which may at last bring about equality.

Charles has access to all of the advanced technology known to belong to the X-Men. The jet, the Danger Room, Cerebro, and all of the facilities linked to the underground corridors.

Charles inherited a great sum of money. Much of it was invested very wisely, and the returns keep both him and the School going. It's because of this that he can take in new students who would normally have no way of affording an education with housing. One wouldn't call it Stark levels of wealthy, but his finances are absolutely considerable. It's necessary not just for the School, but to build and maintain the advanced technology used by the X-Men.


Charles Xavier founded the X-Men from his first students, a clandestine task force intended to push his agenda for peace between humanity and mutantkind. They are loyal and skilled, and he trust in their diversity and judgment. Technically speaking, the Professor is their leader, but he leaves that task more to seniors such as Scott Summers and Jean Grey these days. None would contest his status as the spiritual hand which guides, however.


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Charles is driven. He has his goals, and he can only suffer those who stand in his path for so long. He's much like Erik in this regard, though he'd never admit it. Charles' ultimate goal may be peace, but sometimes - just sometimes - he is willing to do less than honorable deeds to satisfy his stubbornness.

In short, much of humanity hates mutants. Villains of all stripes hate the X-Men. More than a few would cheer if they knew the vaunted 'Professor X' were killed for good.

Some might consider this quality to be a virtue, but it's more often a weakness exploited by those who truly know Charles. He is a forgiving man, particularly for those he is affectionate toward. This is why he's had more than one opportunity to kill Erik Lensherr, for example, only to pull back at the last moment. He sees the potential for people to become better versions of themselves, often when they're unable or unwilling to see the same. Many, Erik included, abuse this aspect of Xavier's beliefs to mislead or even harm him.

Charles is paralyzed to the extent that he's lost the functional use of his legs, though his upper body is unaffected. His legs do still have sensation, but they otherwise serve no purpose at this point.


As good a man as he is, Charles sometimes manipulates people around him to serve his own agenda. Normally, he is forthright and honest, but he's not against hiding information or pushing people towards one another for the good of the School, the X-Men, or the world at large.


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Title Date Scene Summary
The Professor Strikes! February 15th, 2018 Summary needed


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