Ragnarok: Funeral Pyre

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Ragnarok: Funeral Pyre
Date of Cutscene: 17 July 2018
Location: SHIELD Helicarrier Iliad
Synopsis: Asgard and their allies say goodbye to the fallen
Cast of Characters: Thor, Iron Man, Lara Croft, Wonder Woman, Superman, Spider-Woman (Drew), Nuala Duvall, Sister Reinhardt, Psylocke

The rain falls heavily upon the deck of the SHIELD helicarrier, the Iliad. Even though it is the middle of the night, and the moon hides behind those storm clouds, there is an eerie glow that limns the shape of the giant vessel in the sky. Far below, the burning remains of the Asgardian ship Frigga's Mercy burns with an azure blaze, providing that illumination that turns the night such a strange shade.

Several dozen figures stand upon the edge of the carrier's flight deck even as the ship flies away from the remains of the liner that had served the Asgardians in their time of need. The silhouettes are strong, heroes all who look upon the pyre for what it represents, for the ending... and the beginning that they all can see there in the way the flames lick at the sky.

There is the golden armor of Iron Man standing there with the soldiers and agents of SHIELD who had contributed so much to the safekeeping of those from Asgard. Melinda May had a place before them, unmindful as to the weather and her features as somber as the other worthies. Lara Croft stood with them, watching the ceremony from afar though she had earned her place there with them as well.

Behind the line of Asgardians the Justice League held a place of prominence as well. Diana of Themyscira's eyes were distanced as she stood there with the Man of Steel and the normally jovial Flash. All of them looking on in silence for this dour occasion. Other heroes stood near them, on this occasion not separated by membership nor loyalty, but instead united by shared experiences. The Spider-Woman stood close to Flash, her eyes straying at times to the other hero in red and gold. And beside her, the strange alien woman known to the Asgardians as Lady Duvall was once again observing something strange despite her heritage.

Yet in all this grief, there was the blue ring wielder who was known as Reinhardt to some, Suzanne to those she granted the gift of hope. She stood around the Asgardians she helped overcome what preyed upon their feelings at the loss of their home. Elizabeth Braddock was there as well in the company of Asgard's warriors, accepted as one of their own for the aid she had given against the predations of the Svartalfar's foulest weapons.

At the head of them all, however, was the one who had led them to this point. Thor Odinson, ruler of those who still were that of Asgard. At one side was his leader of the warriors who still drew breath and some who did not, Vintridr. And on the other side was the outspoken Astrid who had taken to the Earth as her new home like a fish took to water.

For long moments there was only silence save for the sound of the rain falling upon that large deck, and the distant hum of those heavy engines keeping the ship aloft as it carried Odin's people to their new home. But it is against the dying light that Thor lifts his voice, raising it loud enough to carry even over this storm that he had no small hand in creating. And as he speaks, his voice is joined by the others who share such sentiment.

"Lo, There do I see my father."
"Lo, There do I see my mother."
Other voices lift to add softly, "My Brothers and my Sisters."
Thor's voice grows stronger. "Lo, There do I see my people back to the beginning."
And then the voices of the Asgardians soften as they add, "They do call to me. And they bid me take my place with them in the halls of Valhalla."
"Where mine enemies have been vanquished."
"Where the brave shall live Forever."

Then Thor turns slowly to face his people and those who have aided them, his one good eye looking from face to face to face. Then he says firmly as a single lightning bolt lashes the stricken ship behind him and so far below, "Nor shall we mourn, but rejoice for those that have died the glorious death."

OOC: I wanted to thank all of the people who took part in the plot of Asgard Fallen. This chapter is closed as another opens. I look forward to seeing you all there.