Ready, Set, Fight

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Ready, Set, Fight
Date of Cutscene: 08 July 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Renee Montoya, Roulette
Tinyplot: Fight Club

"You're certain they'll be ready?" The woman, tall, dark haired, in the gorgeous evening gown sat in the opulent room. It had taken money to build this place in the pit of Gotham. But, if her plans were seen through to? It would make a hundred times the investment.

"Quite certain. Our investor has promised the goods. He's reported there were, of course, some initial failures. But, the last report indicates - far more promising results. In fact, the results we were quite hoping for." The other woman in the room, small, Asian, wasp-waisted and corseted, had a far more severe look about her features, her hair tied back in a tight knot.

The woman in red couldn't help but smile, both at the news, and at her major domo. "Excellent," she stated. "And, I trust the invitations have been sent out? And, the channels set up over the secure channels? Everything is according to my precise instructions?"

"Yes. Quite so. The tickets are sold out. And, we've already received nearly our initial investment from subscribers and tickets for our first night alone," the other woman reported.

"Perfect. But do something about those news investigators, would you? Try and find some method to - satisfy their curiosity. And that of the Gotham Police. They're starting to connect the dots, but this isn't unexpected. Put bribes in the appropriate places. And, arrange for our fall guy to do his part. Make sure he understands that failure means that his wife's treatment ends, and his crime record will be open to the public and that his daughter will go into foster care. If she survives the loss of her mother." The dark-haired woman in the red dress then leaned forward, and took the cigarette holder and lit the tobacco on the end of it, taking it to her lips. "And if that doesn't satisfy Batman and his cohorts, we'll arrange for plan B. But, in the meantime? It is time to make some money. I'm going to go down and give the cage a final inspection, before we begin."

"Of course. Is there anything else?"

"Mmmm. Not as of now. Have the report in my computer by lunch, though. I want to review everything." Roulette turned, and headed out of her private room, then, towards the monitoring area where the camera displays, the live feeds, the microphone were. Where the mind of her new Fight Club would be. But the heart? The hart was in the brutal, reinforced titanium steel cage down at the bottom. Where the fights, the savagery, and the blood would be. And that? That was just the start of it.