Red Hood: The Taste of Blades

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Red Hood: The Taste of Blades
Date of Cutscene: 03 May 2018
Location: Abandoned Subway Station - 1PP Gotham
Synopsis: Jason has a nightmare - that will start him on a quest.
Cast of Characters: Red Hood
Tinyplot: The All Blades

He'd never know what the warehouse would look like in ruins. He was dead after all.

But in his dreams, that never happened. As Joker brought up the crowbar to strike at him, Jason's legs moved suddenly and he was able to strike, bringing the Clown Prince's legs out from under him, causing him to fall. With the crowbar nearby, Jason was able to force it into the ties and snap the bonds. And then he was upon the Joker. Striking.

Time and time again.

It was Joker left in the bloodied pile this time. Then the Bat arrived. He had hoped for approval - that his mentor - no his //father// would look upon what he had done and realize that this Robin could do what Dick could not - take out the bane of Batman's existance. Instead, the Bat shunned him. Pushed him away. Locked him into the darkness.

And it is from there that he rose. He would do it his way. Penguin. Hatter. Freeze. They would all be purged. And he would do it the only way he knew how. His rampage was swift, horrible. The body count rose quickly. And when it was done, when Jason turned to look at the damage that he had caused - a Gotham that was clear of criminals.

Instead, that was Barbara Gordon's body at his feet. Tim Drake's. Koriand'r. Roy Harper. Sandra Billings. He had not just killed villains - friends. Loved ones. They were all dead. Jason's path of destuction ran him through so many. Not just those he despised, but those that he was close to. Rose, even Damian. Their bodies were piled, scattered, so many.. the blood on his hands wouldn't go away.

Then he realized he was no longer in Gotham. He was in the Himalayas. It wasn't just Gothamites. It was the All-Caste. Their blood. All of them. The monks. The initates.. he realize in horror as he ran up the stairs, past the gilded lions carved out of the mountains themselves, as he entered the chamber. Upon the floor laid the bodies of Ducra - Ducra, who had taught him to find himself further after Talia had pulled him from his catatonic state and found his rebirth in the Lazarus Pits - her body was before the high chair of the ruler. And sitting in that chair. He laughed. That horrible, horrible laugh..

"AH HA HA HA HA HA. Oh Jacie, you're GONNA GET A LAUGH outta this!"

Except it wasn't the Joker. It was him. Jason Todd, in his Robin costume, beaten, crushed, pummeled and bloodied, with his eyes wide in death - that smile - the Joker's demented, painted, gaseous smile on his face as he started to laugh harder and harder.

That is when Jason felt the twin pains in his chest, as if both his lungs had collapsed at once. He screamed out in pain as the flaming blades pierced through him and the voice he heard in his ears was familiar.

'The time has come. A lesson is yet learned.'

Sitting upright in the bed, Jason found himself back in the abandoned subway station he had made a home. It has all been a dream. A terrible nightmare that brought about the cold sweats and trembles.

Then why was the front of his shirt ripped into thirds, exactly where the blades in his dreams had pierced him?