Red X: Non-Interference

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Red X: Non-Interference
Date of Cutscene: 27 April 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Colette responds to the video from Red X
Cast of Characters: Stardust

Not long after the latest message to the Titans from Red X, Stardust is seen at the Tower carrying a large crate full of dummy security cameras, a bag full of assorted tools and electronics, a roll of transparent waterproof film, several rolls of exterior duck tape, and a stack of paper. A sharpie carried in her teeth is the perfect excuse for her not to explain what she's up to. At least not comprehensibly. She closets herself away with her loot for several hours to do... whatever it is that Stardust does. Late that night, she takes off, carrying a large sack, and flies to Metropolis. To the location of the map Red X had sent them, the area around the First National Bank building.

During the night, she flies from wall to wall in the surrounding area, sticking up an assortment of makes and models of security camera, at least MOST of which are, on close inspection, clearly cheap dummies. They are placed with more attention to making them difficult to reach than giving them a good view of the bank. They are placed in hard to spot areas. The final one she places, at least, is a real camera, streaming an image of the bank over a bluetooth connection, high up on the side of a building, but very easy to find. It's lit up with several LEDs, and for added visibility has been painted dayglo pink. Above it is a large red cut-out paper X. Fixed on the wall below it is a hand written notice which reads:

"Interfere? Me? As if! This isn't interfering, this is just me having a little fun. Is being a pain in the Ass a sin? Then we are both ssinners! Don't worry, x-face. The others are all dummy cameras. No bamboozle! Don't you believe me? I'm hurt. I wouldn't lie to you. If you can't trust me, who's fault is that? Still, to show my good intentions, I've left you a little map to help you find them all. Love and kisses, Stardust. XXX"

True to her word, below the message is a sketched map of the area, with the positions of the other cameras marked clearly on it. All of them? She did say all. She even said 'no bamboozle'. What kind of a world do you live in, Stardust wonders to herself with a wry grin playing across her lips, if you can't trust 'no bamboozle'?

As it happens, the map does indeed show all of the cameras she had placed. And all of them are, indeed, dummies. Each of them is accompanied by a small plastic-coated print out of a simple image: 29940d.jpg

Job done, Stardust flies back to the tower for the SERIOUS part of the night's work. An ongoing project she's put a lot of effort into lately. No more distractions, this is important. She's making decent progress, but interfacing the Tower's danger room holo-projectors to a Playstation is turning out to be less straightforward than she'd originally hoped.