Red X: The First Disc

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Red X: The First Disc
Date of Cutscene: 27 April 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Red X sends a message to the Titans
Cast of Characters: Robin (Wayne), 87, Raijin, Stardust

The disc that was given to Vorpal by Red X plays automatically, it's another video. The red X on his helmet illuminates before he leans into the light. "If you're watching this, then the first of your flock have met me in combat." Red X keeps staring into the camera from behind the disguising lenses of the helmet. "You all wonder who I am, and yet no one is sure. I found your cameras. While I admire your tenacity, I could not let you interfere with a battle that wasn't yours."

A map of Metropolis is brought up, the location: the First National Bank building. "A change of plans is in order. Raijin, you and I will meet at the First National Bank. Prove yourself worthy, and you may find out who I really am. Or simply not show, and let the scattered EMP devices I've hidden around the city bring it back to the Stone Age. How fitting for you, to plunge the city into darkness without electricity which you seem to have in abundance."

"And as for you, Stardust. Like my previous message stated. Every move you make, I'll be watching. Your challenge will come soon enough. Don't interfere again, non compliance will be met with extreme prejudice."

"Do not think I've forgotten about you, Robin." Red X appears back on screen. "By now you've probably deduced what your challenge will be. But I'm just getting started, Son of Batman. For now, you have no choice but to sit and wait. Your atonement will be at hand soon enough."

"To the rest of you, I will have more surprises in store, for now, play nice, and you might find yourselves with another care package." Red X then slips back into the darkness, before the video cuts out.