Red X: The Response

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Red X: The Response
Date of Cutscene: 07 April 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Stardust

The cameras Stardust carefully set up around One World Plaza have had their feeds cut, and a message sent (+bbread 11/98). All the work of the mysterious Red X. Stardust was expecting exactly that. She is however a little annoyed that he managed to find the other cameras that were on a separate, private feed. One even the other Titans didn't know about. This isn't over, though.

In the crime lab, Stardust prepares five more cameras. Four of them are being modified with four different types of shielded casing, and a glue pads, so they can be stuck in very inconvenient and hard to reach places. Hard for anyone who can't fly, that is. The task takes her a while, but she shoos away any offers of help from the other Titans, refusing to even explain what she's up to.

That evening, Stardust places the unmodified camera right next to the one which Red X had used to send his message, and connects it to the same feed. In front of it she places a card. On the card is a picture of a watch followed by the words "...more closely then. You missed three. No bamboozle."

Stardust flies from that vantage point to others, positions on walls well away from any convenient sills, ledges, hand holds or dangling points. Places anyone who can't fly is going to have a miserable time reaching. Lots of them, to make it harder for anyone watching to figure where the cameras actually are. After doing some camera placement, she shoots up in a steep parabolic flight to make keeping sight of her difficult, that brings her back down to earth at Brooklyn Bridge, where she perches on a stanchion. She gets a can of soda out of her pack and takes a drink as she watches the sunset.

Does she think Red X is *that* gullible? That he'd locate the three, and then stop looking, so the fourth stays in place? No, she does not. She opens her pack, removes two of the carefully modified cameras and drops them into the East River. Only two of those modified cameras were ever placed. Stardust smiles to herself as she thinks of the fun Red X is going to have looking for cameras 3 and 4. Two can play at being annoying.