Red X: The Third Pair

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Red X: The Third Pair
Date of Cutscene: 29 May 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Robin (Wayne)

Red X appears on the viewscreen. "Congratulations, you were able to figure out my puzzles, winners." Not just the cryptex, but the encryption and the malware. His message was plain and simple. "The next challenge will be Breath. An unknown in this equation. The venue is Gotham Stadium, former home of the Gotham Knights. From what I can tell, you're the most untested of the Titans. What makes you think you can be a hero? Is it vanity? Is it a maligned sense of self worth?" Red X puts his boots in front of the table he sits at. "Are you strong enough? Tough enough? Only time will tell."

Red X straightens up, slamming a fist down on the desk. "Star." A moment. "Dust. The constant thorn in my side. The oh so diligent detective, your time has come. I would say this was a test, but we both know we are just...ITCHING for this fight. So get ready. I've chosen a very special place for us to meet. And just for shits and giggles. Robin, have you seen your companion lately?" A snap of the finger, and a picture of Goliath appears in the foreground.

"Take it from me, it misses you dearly." A sinister laugh is given, before Red X stands, leaning into the camera. "Consider it an insurance policy. NO INTERFERENCE, or the consequences will be dire."

The video goes dark, end of line.