Sentinels: Genosha Rises

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Sentinels: Genosha Rises
Date of Cutscene: 30 July 2019
Location: Genosha
Synopsis: Summary Needed
Cast of Characters: Magneto
Tinyplot: Sentinels

An alcove within the King of Genosha's private office opened, and in stepped the man. Looking l at him was the red and purple helmet that had become synonymous with him. Hands half outstretched to the ceiling as various pieces of armor attached themselves to the Master of Magnetism. On his face, his eyes shown a measure of determination he has had many times before. Out stepped Magneto, taking a moment to look at the four crowns that remained in the alcove, one blue sapphire, one ruby, one emerald, and the largest, a mixture of garnets and amethyst.

There was time purchased, through the correct channels, of course. Magneto stood in between two posts about waist high. "Sentinels across the first world nations of the Earth have been rampaging against mutantkind with little recourse. Bolivar Trask, a man set on exterminating my kind, remains a free man. Now, the Friends of Humanity are in control of these weapons of mass destruction. I warned you before, and you FAILED to heed my call. Therefore I must do what is necessary to ensure there will not be another genocide.

Brothers, sisters, rise up. Take to the streets, resist. Send these machines to the scrap heap. Do not allow these fascists to rise up and exterminate. As of this moment, we are at war with any nation harboring these death machines. Never again will children be ripped from the safety of their families. Never again will parents have to wonder when they'll come for their loved ones. NEVER AGAIN will a boy be forced to do the unthinkable just to hope to not be gassed tomorrow. I am Magneto, and the Brotherhood of Mutants, will insure mutantkind's tomorrow."

It was then that the feed cut off from Magneto, showing a massive piece of Genosha breaking off and rising into the sky. The fortress, sized about two hellicarriers started to move as the crow flies towards the United States.