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|Occupation=Special Forces
|Occupation=Special Forces
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|Residence=New York City
|Residence=New York City
|Education=College and OTC
|Education=College and OTC
|Quote="I don't need an escort, and I'm sure as hell not your baby!"
|Quote="I don't need an escort, and I'm sure as hell not your baby!"
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She is a very capable woman that was often underestimated. As such, she has often felt the need to prove herself. Further, her partner was killed early in her career. As such, she really prefers to work alone and rarely asks for help.
She is a very capable woman that was often underestimated. As such, she has often felt the need to prove herself. Further, her partner was killed early in her career. As such, she really prefers to work alone and rarely asks for help.

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Sonya Blade (Scenesys ID: 7862)
"I don't need an escort, and I'm sure as hell not your baby!"
Full Name: Sonya Blade
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Theme: DC (TPC)
Occupation: Special Forces
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: New York City
Education: College and OTC
Status: Dropped
Other Information
Apparent Age: 28 Actual Age: 28
Date of Birth 15 August 1998 Actor:
Height: 178 cm Weight: 65 kg
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: {{{Song}}}


Sonya Blade is an agent of SHIELD in the WAND division. Originally a Marine, she was recruited into them at a young age and would later go on to take part in the Mortal Kombat Tournament.

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Dirty blonde hair is braided back with a few loose strands allowed to fall around this woman's ear. Her sun-touched skin unhidden by the mid-back length hair that is kept tamed within that braid. Her blue eyes are dark, though have a piercing look of someone who has seen real hell. Her nose has a slight upturn and a bare hint of previous breaks that doesn't steal from natural beauty and symmetry, only breaking it up ever so slightly. She lacks any obvious form of make up, her lips only a slightly deeper pink than the rest of her skin tone, with cheeks that are more often touched by dirt than blush.

Her neck is thicker than one might expect, going to shoulders that are stiffer and broader than most, covered in a black leather jacket that thickens them even more. Her arms, when visible, show a form of whipcord muscle that only comes from constant working and/or working out. Her fists have well defined knuckles that come from constant impact, hidden under tight leather gloves that have a thick metallic plate on the back with guards on the fingers.

The black jacket has pockets at chest level as well as at the waist with flaps to hide the contents. A blue shirt under the jacket hides much of her body further even when the jacket is unzipped. A thick weave belt comes with several pouches and holsters at her waist for various gadgets and the like. Her legs are covered in dark, black tight jeans that are further covered in leather wraps at the thighs and calves with a belt at each thigh that holds a holster with pistol. A pair of thick black combat boots completes her look.


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Sonya grew up idolizing her father, Major Herman Blade. A marine, her father would often spend time away from home but often made a point to come and see his daughter when he could. She appreciated his job was important and hoped to one day follow in his foot steps. Unfortunately, he'd end up going on a mission and never returning. No one said what happened to him, just that he was gone and now they were without him. This would become the driving force behind her life from that point forward.

She'd go on to become a Marine herself, not making a great deal of friends but showing a drive, determination, and skill that would draw many eyes. She wanted so badly not only to honor her father's memory but also to find out what happened to him. She pushed herself to raise in ranks until, at the age of twenty, she'd get recruited into SHIELD. At first she was tentative but she realized such an organization might actually be able to get her the info about her father she sought. SHIELD proceeded to continue her training and finish her college education in botany (you gotta have some kind of degree to be an officer and she liked plants. Wanna fight about it?!)

One of her first assignments was to pursue a criminal group and its leader that would later be the death of her partner. Upon one mission pursuing them, her partner would be captured and brutally murdered. The man that did it became a thorn in her side for a long time to come. Mentally, she could not get over this situation and wanted to rectify it. Upon return and recovery, she threw herself into finding out more about this man but went through partners like paper. She kept requesting none and things were going south until she was approached about an upcoming tournament...

Her skill and determination was something that had caught the eye of those who put together the Mortal Kombat Tournament. This tournament was technically for residences of Earth to face off against those from another dimension called Outerworld. If Outerworld ever won ten in a row, they'd actually be allowed to invade. Even with the changes to Earth, the tournament was still held and was considered important. Someone wanted to see Sonya Blade compete but warned her that she'd need an edge. She wasn't sure of this but then it was revealed to her that Kano would be there.

SHIELD, for their part, was on board as well but agreed that the people she'd face were something a step above human. Working with the agents in the WAND division, they determined that Sonya had everything she needed to draw upon her own internal energy or chi. They offered her technology that would draw out her latent chi and training to help her integrate it into everything she does. They were eager to get an agent into the Mortal Kombat Tournament and report back on what they found. Sonya was their perfect opportunity.

The tech and training put her on a more level field with the people in the tournament. While there she'd keep an eye open and she'd pursue the man that killed her partner at the tournament. She did not win the tournament but that was hardly her goal. She'd return to SHIELD and be put into WAND. From there, she'd continue her work though now she was given new responsibilities involving otherworldly threats. Especially given the amount of technology and the like that was taken from Outerworld by that criminal organization. Since then, she's been working hard as usual, putting forth effort to increase her position and find out more about both otherworldly threats, about her father's situation, and where the man that killed her partner is.


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She is a laser focused machine that will not take crap from anyone with a somewhat short fuse. She takes on missions, does not give up, and faces off against odds that are astronomical without blinking. She is fiercely loyal to those she considers family and a brutal problem for those she considers enemies. She doesn't really have friends. You are either someone she knows, someone she hates, or you're family. End of story. While she might broker getting mocked, even smirk or roll her eyes at you when you do...do not mess with her family unless your goal is to make her enemy list.


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For all intents, Sonya has stared down gods. She is, even with the treatment she undertook, still basically human. She does not give one damn if you are a god, a dragon, a demon, or whatever. She'll look you square in the eye and then kick you square in the balls (if you have such). One can't really call her truly fearless, but if there were a next best thing to being fearless, she'd be it.

The training granted her by SHIELD's WAND division helped her to draw out her chi. As such, she is capable of drawing a pink energy to her hands and send it out from her hands. However, without some way to direct it, the energy simply unleashes from her hands in a sort of close range blast that dissipated quickly. It comes out very hot and anyone within a few feet of her would likely receive some nasty burns. However, past that point it mainly would feel like ambient heat. Besides her hands, she also found she could actually push her energy out through her mouth as well. She can sort of push it into her breath and breath it out. The range is very short though she combined that with her knowledge of poisons to actually infuse it into various powders to devastating effect.

Sonya Blade was already tough. She was, a marine and went through all the training that comes with it. Later she'd move up to a SHIELD agent and during that time she'd find out a target of hers was getting involved with something powerful and magical. For this, she'd undergo even more training in order to draw out her natural chi and energy that would push her body even further. As such, she's basically about as strong and tough as any human could get.

Strong enough to lift around a quarter of a ton, capable of running around 30 mph for several hours without rest. Her reflexes and agility are enough that she can catch an arrow mid flight. She's tough enough to get thrown through a stone statue and still get back up (though not without injury). She continues to maintain this capability with training of her mind, body, and spirit.


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Her athletic skill is easily at Olympic levels. She is capable of flipping from a standing position, balance on one finger, perform feats of parkour, and is even good enough to flip on to her hands, grip an enemy with her legs, and flip them over her body without losing balance or pace.

She is skilled with most any form of gun. She is most skilled with pistols, capable of hitting a bullseye with most any pistol at 30 yards consistently, even if the target were moving. Any other weapon would be secondary to this, however, she'd still be considered highly proficient.

Her fighting capabilities are a mix of military CQC, Gymnastic skill, Kenpo, and Tae Kwon Do. She would be considered a master among masters in any one of these arts but she's taken them all and rolled them into her very own style. She mixes this style into the use of her tech and gear in order to face down opponents with a form that very few would expect. She is, at the least, recognized capable enough to join in to the Mortal Kombat Tournament.

She's a sort of dabbler in poisons. She's particularly talented with powdered poisons that she can infuse with her inner energy to attack enemies. She is not a true expert but she knows well enough how to mix the few powders she keeps on her person and not get sick doing so.

As a former member of Marine Special Forces and a SHIELD agent, she's trained in stealth both in urban and natural environments. She is not a master of disguise but knows how to blend in well to her environment as well as move without creating much sound at all.

She has a mind for tactics. She is capable of seeing a battlefield and making solid decisions for both herself and others that can lead to victory. She is what one might call General Material. She is not the best of the best but she'd still be a fierce opponent in a chess game.


She is capable with technology, having a base understanding of how all of her tech works as well as a strong understanding of computer use. She is no expert hacker but it is unlikely that typical security could stop her.


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Her drone, named BUD-E, was something granted to her originally by SHIELD given the loose rules of the MK Tournament. She can control it via a hand computer built into the end of her left gauntlet glove. The drone is capable of flight speeds of up to 100 mph (though this is very draining on the power source), has a built in stealth function that hides it from both radar and the visual spectrum, has a small compartment capable of holding some extra supplies, and has a couple of weapons of its own. The drone has an onboard machine gun capable of unleashing a torrent of bullets that can put dents in tank armor as well as a single shot RPG. Typically it holds within its compartment an extra set of grenades as well as a couple extra clips for her pistols. In a pinch, a small explosive planted in the drone itself can be detonated or set to detonate upon impact with a target (which of course means, she'll need a new drone).

Within her gear, she keeps a variety of items. In the thumb of her left glove, she keeps a steel garrote wire. She keeps a variety of grenades on her person, three of each at a time typically. Flash bang, frag, and smoke. She has on her two high caliber pistols at her hips and her drone keeps a machine gun, shotgun and long rage rifle stored for her. She has a collapsible pinwheel of blades that can be thrown like a boomerang. She keeps collapsible kali sticks and a bo staff.

Her gloves are unique to her. They are heavily modified gauntlet like gloves that are designed to help her direct the energy drawn out by the experiments performed on her. The fingerless gloves have a heavy metal and specially treated plate on the back of it that helps her to draw her energy up into it and send it out through an opening right at her knuckles. With the gloves she can focus the energy into a super heated, focused plasma that can launch out up to five feet from her. At five feet the blast would feel like getting hit by a car going one hundred miles per hour focused into the width of a single punch. If she releases it with a punch, it'd make her punch feel like getting hit by an RPG. She is also capable of using this energy slower as well, releasing it slowly for up to five seconds causing it to come out at a range of only six inches and be like a super heated plasma torch.

She has several different type of poisonous powders she keeps on her person at any given time that have different effects depending on how she uses them with her power.

  • Kiss of Distraction: She can blast out a kiss that irritates the eyes. It doesn't last very long but it can cause someone to be temporarily see double.
  • Kiss of Paralysis: This blast of poisonous powder causes someone to be paralyzed though it is possible for someone of tough endurance to either only be temporarily numbed or be unaffected at all.
  • Fiery Kiss: This powder simply ignites upon hitting the air and creates a blast of fire similar to a flamethrower that reaches out to roughly ten feet.
  • Kiss of Death: While not always truly deadly, this powder (if inhaled) causes internal bleeding, especially in the stomach and lungs. It's likely that someone could recover from the poison (or only receive mild to no effect if they are the tougher types) but it is very likely to incapacitate a target at the least unless they resist it.


Sonya is a member of SHIELD in the WAND division and has, as such, access to SHIELD Intelligent up to her rank/level as well as resources of the same. Not to mention they can offer her repairs for her tech when it is damaged.


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Her partner died at the hands of a man who she still has not captured (or killed). While she prefers to capture this man, she wouldn't mind seeing him dead. The problem with him, though, is her obsession with him. While he isn't always on her mind, he's always at the back of her mind. She would likely give up on a mission if it meant a chance to go after him.

Sonya's gloves, especially, are designed to help her draw out her power and she was never given full training on how to use her inner energy efficiently. Excessive or constant use of her power can be quite tiring as well as damaging. Even with the gloves, excessive use of her gauntlet blasts can burn her hands as well as drain her physically. Further, without her gloves she can at best unleash her chi through her poisons (or a kiss) or risk burning her hands badly to unleash it from her bare fists, not to mention it would simply come out in a wide arc rather than be focused.

While being focused might actually seem like a good thing, it can get in her way. She tends to get laser focused upon a target or objective and this can sometimes lead to her missing out on details or even dangers.

Sonya's temper is well known. She acts calm a great deal of the time but she is somewhat easily pushed. Once she's angry she can become very dangerous but also very reckless. It has on more than one occasion gotten her in trouble with her superiors as well as gotten her into bad situations.


She is a very capable woman that was often underestimated. As such, she has often felt the need to prove herself. Further, her partner was killed early in her career. As such, she really prefers to work alone and rarely asks for help.


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