Spears of Atlantis: Prelude

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Spears of Atlantis: Prelude
Date of Cutscene: 02 September 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Sub-Mariner

The Atlantean Fleet moves constantly, but today it has stopped entirely. Thousands of ancient submarines all sit eerily still, their fission engines running almost perfectly silent in the midst of the darkening ocean.

At depths too murky for human eyes to see, the procession sets out from the fleet's flagship: Numenor's Wrath. Wearing protective suits, the Atlanteans swim in two long files, eventually stretching for more than a mile as members of the fleet join the silent, slowly-moving train of blue-skinned people.

The procession moves slowly, befitting the somber nature of the occasion. This is not a time for words, only quiet reflection. It is, after all, the Atlantean way.

Near the front of the procession, every Admiral is in attendance, forming an honor guard for the figure at the formation's head. Their spears glisten even in the fading light of the evening, many fathoms below the water's surface. Warlord Krang, Lady Llyra, Sulumor, and the Logomancer swim with the royal heirs. And with Namora and Namorita, the King's cousins. All remain silent on their journey, respectful of the tradition.

At the front, King Namor swims alone, save for the bundle nestled in his arms. Wrapped in silks from Lemuria, and ornamented with jewels from ancient pirate ships, the bundle seems to weigh almost nothing in his arms. Of course, weight behaves very differently in the ocean.

After what seems like hours, the front of the procession reaches the Old Caverns. There are no monuments, and no defining features save for ancient symbols carved near the mouth, but this is where the royalty of Atlantis have been laid to rest for unknown generations. Namor swims inside, and remains for nearly an hour while the procession awaits his return. When he finally re-emerges from the caverns, he is without the bundle.

Warlord Krang is the first to speak. It is said that he had always loved the Queen, but his first duty was always to protecting Atlantis. The past few days have taken a toll on him, and his black goatee has started to turn gray.

"Would that mere words could convey my condolences, Your Majesty. Queen Dorma will be greatly missed by all of her subjects."

Namor's face is grim, but he will maintain his composure long enough to see the ancient ceremony completed with all the dignity demanded of it.

"You have my thanks, Warlord Krang. The Queen would have appreciated your presence."

The two men shake hands, though it is well known that years ago Krang tried to have the king assassinated. Apparently the two men have nothing left to fight each other over.

"She was always so strong, I was sure the current would flow backwards for me long before her. But the very waters have turned on us. Even now the Old Caverns can not be reached without these abominable protective suits."

There is a momentary flash behind Namor's eyes, though he manages to maintain his grim resolve. "It is not the waters that have turned on us, as you well know. The men of the surface have plundered the oceans too greedily, but they will discover once again what it means to earn the wrath of the Avenging Son."

Namor remains at the mouth of the cavern long enough for the rest of his royal retinue to pay their respects, and then they depart back to the Atlantean Fleet much more swiftly than they came.

Back in the Old Caverns, the corpse of Queen Dorma has already attracted the scavengers.