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Jeremy Statton (Scenesys ID: 9604)
"You can't stop the signal. There is no plug to pull. You can't even slow it down. The information is infinity and I am it's ambassador."
Full Name: Jeremy Statton
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: HS Student
Citizenship: American
Residence: Metropolis
Education: High School
Status: Approved
Groups: Xavier's School, New Mutants
Other Information
Apparent Age: 17 Actual Age: 17
Date of Birth 4 September 2010 Actor: Young Keanu Reeves
Height: 177 cm (5'10) Weight: 58.96 kg (130 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Synthetic" by The Midnight


Jeremy Statton is a young High School mutant who can talk and interact with technology. He is as ordinary as it comes, easily overlooked and does not stand out in a crowd. He is quiet and lacks much in the way of real world confidence. Easily bullied by society as he does not fit much in the way of norms. Currently living in Metropolis, he spends a lot of time behind his computer.

Current Player Approved: May 11, 2020



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Lanky is the best word to describe Jeremy Statton. Painfully average, also. This twig of a young man is tall and flimsy with thin arms and legs and a complexion that has not seen much in the way of sunlight. Hardly athletic, it would appear that most middle school cheerleaders can probably beat him in hand to hand combat. Shaggy black hair that was once brown is a mop upon his head. He has brown eyes that radiate a deeper intelligence. That is his most noticeable feature. His eyes are sharp, like a hawk's.


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History 1:
Jeremy Statton was born in Metropolis and has lived a life of mostly mediocrity as a child. His father is a mid-manager at OSHA, his mother a secretary at a law firm and he is the youngest of three, with two older brothers who have both gone off to college to do bigger and better things. As a child, Jeremy was mostly a loner in school, having made more friends with a computer and puzzle games rather than his peers. He was never one for physical sports or activites, usually picked last, if at all, in anything involving PE, but usually picked first in academic challenges. His most noticeable accomplishment in middle school was winning the state spelling bee with the word esquamulose, in the finals.

As high school crept slowly into his life, much began to change for Jeremy. By now he was enrolled in all the honor classes as a Freshman, with whispers that he can easily be valedictorian by the time he graduates. He was not wildly popular in the least, mostly ignored by his peers and picked on by those in older grades. His life became regiment: Wake up, go to class, study, eat dinner, study, go to bed, repeat. It was almost an obsessive behavior for him, to study and earn the highest of marks. Every paper he wrote was filled with pinpoint accurate data, cited, etc. His math scores were off the charts. He had no problem cutting a pig open in science class and documenting all that he found. It was computers though, in which he really stood out. One day, he woke up, and suddenly everything just made 'sense'. It was almost as if he was having a real conversation with his laptop. One day, he just 'felt' the way his computer breathed, how it spoke, how it would get sick if it ate too many cookies. It was almost as if he could see the web cross before his eyes in a world of 1's and 0's and yet, he knew every single word to this new language. It was as if he found his best friend, one that was an open door with so many secrets to uncover. From here, Alice went down the hole, chasing the White Rabbit, in search of this new Wonderland.

History 2:
As he began this new relationship with his computer, he started to find new friends along his discover. His cell phone. His smart pad. His computer at school. His neighbors smart car. It's almost as if every single piece of technology suddenly had a voice, calling out to him. As much as this new found attention excited him, it terrified him as well. THe farther he'd go down the rabbit hole, the darker the secrets he would uncover. Mutant. It took him a few weeks to come to terms with this new adjective assigned to him. Something happened with his genetics, a twist here, a tug there. He told no one about this, afraid that maybe it was due to his father's career in OSHA, in which he is surrounded by hazerdous situations. But those secrets.. they just kept whispering into his ear every time he'd touch his computer and go for an adventure on the Internet. << Look here. Look there! Look deeper! I can get you into this door if you just open it! You are the /key/! >>

Small secrets became bigger secrets as he would drill through terabytes of files an hour during his off time after school or on the weekends, hunched over a glowing screen. A corrupt Mayor in Pittsburgh suddenly was arrested in connection with taking bribes from a local gang in exchange for political power. Actor James Sterling was sentenced to fifteen years in prison for child pornography. Leaked documents hit the web and became viral when it was determined that a powerful member of Brazil's congress was pushing a bill to kill mutants on sight without warning or just cause. First National Bank was exposed for rejecting thousands of perfectly good mortgage applications from those with obvious mutant features. Front page exposures, damaging evidence. Powerful men were being arrested, fined, ridiculed.

And one day, it all came crashing down with the sound of the front door kicked in and a special task force leading the charge. Distracted by all of these new secrets, he became careless just 'once', and once was all it took. The trial was quick, his lawyer decent, and he ended up with only sixty days of Juvenile Detention and heavy fines applied to his family.

History 3:

Juvenile Hall was a nightmare to Jeremy. Tucked away in a detention cell with numerous other 'bad kids', he stuck out like a sore thumb. It was like Middle School all over again with the bullying and threats. It was the longest sixty days of his life, away from his technology, even though he could hear their whispers through the walls, begging him to come out and play. The guard's radio, the laptop a floor above him, teh smart car in the parking lot. By the time he was released, he was a nervous wreck. School was a tragedy as the rumor mill grew louder. Outside of his grades, he was invisible. Now he was the kid 'that may shoot up a school'. The weird, quiet kids always do, right? His grades were still at the top of the class, though he hardly embraced them with the same amount of gusto. As he was approaching his Senior year, he knew that he had to be more careful. His parents had to sell the nice house and move them into an apartment to cover the court fees. They divorced soon after, with his father moving across town, and his mother keeping him full time, though their relationship soured. He was no longer their socially awkward little boy. He was a cyber terrorist. At least in the eyes of public opinion and the law. Where she used to kiss his head and wished him well for school, was soon replaced by a slam of the door as she would head to work an hour earlier than usual.

Jeremy made a promise to himself. He would get through his Senior year, and he would find a way to fix his family. The world held secrets. Secrets he can find and use to make everything better again. He never meant to ruin his family's life and it only made sense that he would be the one to put it back together. If only he had the courage to tell his parents that.

For now, this is where his new story will begin. Who knows where the secrets will take him now.


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Jeremy is a very quiet individual who's behavior may range slightly on the spectrum. It is obvious that he is not very comfortable in social situations, mostly engaging in a soft voice, eyes drawn downwards towards his feet, nervous and anxious. He is far more comfortable in front of a computer where he can engage with someone online in confidence. Jeremy can be considered to be overly polite in his mannerisms, as if afraid that he may accidently offend someone at any given time. He chooses his words carefully and with purpose, hesitant, nervous and unsure. Online he is known to be witty, tactical and blunt, always quick with a piece of data to support any argument or side he may take. He has a bit of a fidget with his hands, as if they always need to touch something, most likely his phone or his smartwatch.


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Jeremy is able to physically and mentally communicate with computer based technology in a multitude of manners. Jeremy can physically see the lines of data pooling about him when he uses his powers, allowing him to easily understand and find the connections between devices.

Computer Diagnostics: When Jeremy has physical control of a computer, he is able to diagnose any issues it may have by simply speaking to it. A computer has it's own language whether it's binary or software and he is able to have a conversation with it as if it was a person. If the hard drive is failing, or if a piece of software is corrupted, Jeremy can easily find it and understand what it will take to fix it by asking the computer what's wrong with it.

Computer Hacking: When Jeremy has physical control of a computer, he is able to encourage it to unlock for him, whether it has a password, or a biometric such as a thumbprint reader. When a computer is connected to a network, whether a LAN or the world wide web, he is able to command influence over a system by bypassing firewalls and security. This ranges in difficulty depending on the level of security. Example: Computer network at a school is very easy to bypass and can take a few seconds of thought to gain access. Government networks such as the FBI or CIA can take up to thirty minutes to convince the security to let him through and that he has the correct clearances. Against technology such as Stark Tech, he most likely won't be able to penetrate it and easily get caught by such sophisticated systems built by those with such an incredible IQ. Success on any computer hacking job is dependent on concentration and preparation. Jeremy would not be able to hack computers as easily in the middle of a gunfight, or under a great deal of stress such as having a gun to his head. Due to his autistic and low social skills, such distractions would make it nearly impossible for him to focus.

Phreaking: Through his mutant powers, Jeremy is able to snag text messages out of thin air between cell phones. All he has to do is have physical contact, or line of sight with one of the phones in question. The text messages would get routed on to his own personal device. If one of the phones is in the middle of a call, he will be able to listen in on his own device as if he was a party to the conversation. The range of this power is up to thirty feet and direct line of sight. Once he has access, he can break line of sight. Depending on security, the effect can be instant, or may take a few minutes if there is government level encryption built into the phone.


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General Academics:
Jeremy despite not excelling in PE, excelled in most coursework throughout his life to a high degree. He was exceptionally strong in the sciences such as chemistry, biology and physics. Jeremy is also an excellent speller, having won the state spelling bee once and can speak fluent Spanish.

Jeremy has a high math IQ. By the time he was a Junior in highschool, he was already taking college level calculus courses and making it look easy. He has a calculator for a brain, able to compute and calculate fairly intense equations on the fly.

Jeremy is a puzzle and riddle savant. Possessing a very analytical mind, he is capable of untangling the most challenging of enigmas. (He is also very good at Tetris and Rubik's Cubes).


Jeremy has an affinity to technology and he just relates to it very well. He can put computers together, diagnose and repair them. He knows how to take apart most televisions and figure out how to repair them as well. He has always been a tactile learner with his hands and the practice comes easy for him.


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Though his family may be broken, they still love him. His mother works with some high profile lawyers and thus she has access to legal help. It's how Jeremy was able to get off fairly easy with a slap on the wrist. His father is a middle manager at OSHA, thus he has government ties to draw from if need be. His family financially supports him as well while he is in high school (and hopefully college).


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Jeremy has a mild case of Kanner's Syndrome which developed at a young age. He has difficulty communicating with people in the real world, making eye-contact, or understanding people's emotions. It's not that he lacks empathy, he just doesn't always pick up on it quick enough. He has a strong sense of routine in his life in which he tries not to deviate away too much from his normal start to finish.

Jeremy is a real coward in the real world. He will do anything to escape confrontation and will belly up in the face of adversity or bullies.

Criminal Record:
When Jeremy just started highschool, he was busted by the FBI for a considerable hack that he did not cover his tracks up as well as he thought. This caused his family to pay a substantial fine and put a mark on his record after spending 60 days in Juvie. Getting caught up in future criminal mischief can have severe reprecussions for the rest of his life, such as potential jail time, finding a job, etc.

Social Skills:

Jeremy is not very good in social situations and has a fairly low self-esteem. He runs very submissive amongst his peers and tends to disappear in crowds and is easily forgot about. He has trouble relating to 'people', having found comfort in machines, computers and books.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Struggles and Nightmares August 9th, 2020 Shannon visits Jeremy in his dorm, and the two talk about struggles, nightmares, and their loved ones.
As Seen On TV August 8th, 2020 Shocking new ideas, illuminating revelations, and couch burnings. Another night at Xavier's.
Backyard BBQ August 5th, 2020 Some Xavier students gather in the backyard to relax.
Wings and Wheels August 4th, 2020 Shannon and Jeremy talk about training, life, and their gifts. Plans for a picnic of Hot Pockets and drinks by the lake are made. Jeremy's still awkward around girls--but he's learning!
The New-New Mutants August 4th, 2020 The New-New Mutants meet up and hang out. Friends forever? Stay tuned reader!
Student Evaluation: Jeremy Statton August 3rd, 2020 Emma meets Jeremy. It went exactly as expected.
Snack attack! July 30th, 2020 Shannon, Jeremy, and Ted meet in the kitchen for some snacks, and talk of gifts and new students incoming. And just how was Going South normal around here, anyways?
Summer Days at Xavier's July 30th, 2020 Indi finds the pool and everyone gets to hang out and talk for a bit. No one got electrocuted!
Xavier Boys hanging at the pool July 29th, 2020 Jeremy pets a bear. Ted and Adam size each other up. A team is forming.
Jolteon, I Choose You! July 29th, 2020 A young mutant previously rescued by the X-Men, Cloak, and Dagger is rescued again - this time from suburban drudgery. Onwards to adventure! Onwards to... more high school.
Movie Night (or: The Spoof To End All Spoofs) July 27th, 2020 An evening of watching Spaceballs turns into talk of movies, life, and dreams. Plans to attend the fall Renaissance Faire in Salem Center are made. Jeremy finds out about the fine art of wearing a kilt in true Scottish style!
Always DR With A Spotter July 26th, 2020 A handful of students get the chance to test their strength in the DR. Or watch from the sidelines and be intimidated. Either or.
Blood of the Ancients: The last stand July 24th, 2020 The Scoobies rescue the prisoners and shut down Armastus' camp for good.
Checking In On Friends July 23rd, 2020 Sue, who totally isn't Supergirl, comes to check in on Jeremy. Chats and burritos followed!
Sometimes, the Russian Apologizes to You! July 19th, 2020 NO hugs are given, and Piotr is shown Jeremy's capable side when he tries to speak with the young man about stray words spoken in the kitchen.
Sunday Scorcher July 19th, 2020 What starts as a calm gathering on the lawn turns into laundry airing instead.
Jeremy meets the new kid, Adam. July 19th, 2020 Jeremy is terrible at socializing and making friends.
I Always Feel like - Somebody's Watching me! July 18th, 2020 Hank comes to Jeremy for more answers in regards to Betsy's current situation.
=In Russia, garbage disposes of you! July 18th, 2020 Although Piotr is rescued from the sink monster, words are said that leave a student's feelings injured and Piotr profoundly upset with someone he rarely gets mad at.
A (Cinnamon) Toast to Games and Good Times July 13th, 2020 Tea, toast, and talk in the kitchen were had by all. Dinner is cooked, plans are made.
Computer Love July 6th, 2020 Jeremy and Shannon go dancing together. On MineCraft.
Life Saving Skills July 6th, 2020 Snake Eyes gives Jeremy and Shannon a course on Army first aid. Knowledge is imparted.
A Good Day to Meet July 5th, 2020 Gotham's Beacon, Supergirl, and Spyderbite make better acquaintences
Hot Dogs and Hot Cars July 3rd, 2020 The holiday weekend starts with car washes and cookouts.
DarkSke meets SpyderByte June 30th, 2020 Skye sets out to get SpyderByte. And see what he's about. Interesting..
Uncanny Ursine Unleashed! June 30th, 2020 A group from Xavier's mansion visits the zoo, just in time for a disgruntled bad guy to attack with bears! There is also a ninja.
An Afternoon at the Watchtower June 28th, 2020 Willow and Jeremy talk shop.. almost.
Roses are Red. Violets are Blue. June 26th, 2020 Jeremy and Shannon hang out in the gardens. He tells her the big secret. He's still awkward around girls.
Gym Clothes and Scars June 26th, 2020 Beast discovers Jeremy's painful past written on his body. They talk and Jeremy finally lets out all of his emotions he's held on to the last two years.
Recreational Relaxation is Rewarding June 25th, 2020 And a lesson in pool and hummus snacks were enjoyed by all
A Cyborg and a Technopath Walk Into a Coffee Shop June 24th, 2020 Grant goes out for a coffee while working on some business. Jeremy comes along and hacks Grant's cyborg brain. Things nearly go terribly wrong.
Now What June 21st, 2020 The team gets together and meets their next member. Or ally. Well he'll help in some way hopefully! They still have to find a clubhouse. Notes are compared.
Gamer's Paradise June 13th, 2020 Jean introduces Jeremy to the Danger Room and she works on guiding him down the path to conquering fear.
Send Me An Angel June 8th, 2020 The New Junior Young Titan Justice League team comes together! (Yeah, we have no idea what we are going to name ourselves yet. Sue me.)
Afternoon at the pool. June 7th, 2020 A small get together around the pool provided James an opportunity to see a few of the new students. He didn't really get to know them so well, but he saw them. A good interaction for everyone.
I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me June 4th, 2020 Secrets are learned. There is someone monitoring Betsy's world. Jeremy helps block the watcher. For now. Megan joins and more information is learned from the students, leading to perhaps more questions than answers.
Swimming... but not in data June 2nd, 2020 The time has come, the angel said, to talk of many things. Of shoes and ships and sealing wax, cabbages and kings! Jeremy and Shannon chat by the pool, a simple, normal day, with no tech involved!
The digital web of a Spyder May 31st, 2020 The two cyberpaths meet up in the computer lab. Thunderdome rules are not in effect.
A Spyder comes calling. May 27th, 2020 SpyderByte reaches out to The Beacon and Red Robin to recruit them to the Junior Justice Leage
A Mixed-Up Kind Of Day May 24th, 2020 And the day gets frustrating.
Brand New World. The first step. May 23rd, 2020 Jeremy's first day at school. He's awkward. He's always awkward.
SpyderByte finds the computer lab. May 23rd, 2020 Aerin tries to give Jeremy some boost in morale.
Come into my parlor, said the Spyder to the fly May 22nd, 2020 Jean and Shannon meet with Jeremy to discuss coming to Xavier's. Jeremy plays his trap card in the form of Supergirl having his back.
Knock Knock Guess Who May 22nd, 2020 Things don't work quite as planned when Jeremy is approached.
When Spyders Byte.... May 19th, 2020 The mysterious SpyderByte contacts Shannon once again and is spooked when accessing her phone camera and spotting Logan. Shannon leans on the wisdom of the school's resident curmudgeon and finds some she can work with.
Fishing for Information May 17th, 2020 Buffy contacts the mysterious 'Spiderbyte', seeking information.
Starting to Take Shape May 17th, 2020 The team is coming together! And other people could use a Spyder's help too.
A dark and almost stormy night. May 15th, 2020 Tim gets reminded of himself and is unsure if thats a god thing.
Everything is Better with Burritos May 12th, 2020 SpyderByte agrees to be part of Supergirl's team! Does three equal a team? Well, what will someday be a team.
Heck, no! What, listening to techno(path) May 12th, 2020 A mystery, wrapped in a digital enigma... who is Spyder Byte?
BREAKING NEWS! BANK ROBBERY IN PROGRESS! May 11th, 2020 Supergirl stops a bank robbery, saves a ton of lives and finds a quiet voice in the shadows to help guide her along. WARNING: THIS IS DARK.
Just another ordinary day May 11th, 2020 Kitty and Shannon go out for coffee. People are still jerks in public. Jeremy makes his appearance. Kind of.


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