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Star-Lord (Scenesys ID: 111)
"I don't learn. One of my issues."
Full Name: Peter Jason Quill
Gender: Male
Species: Human / Alien Hybrid
Theme: Marvel (SFC)
Occupation: Legendary Outlaw / Guardian of the Galaxy
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: The Milano
Education: Ravagers School of Heistcraft & Thievery
Status: Dropped
Groups: Guardians of the Galaxy, Space-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 43 Actual Age: 43
Date of Birth 4 February 1988 Actor: Chris Pratt
Height: 187 cm (6'2") Weight: 79 kg (174 lb)
Hair Color: Light Brown Eye Color: Green
Theme Song:


Peter Jason Quill is a half-human that was abducted from Terra at a young age by a group of intergalactic ne'er-do-wells called the Ravagers. His abduction led to his journey towards becoming the Legendary Outlaw: Star-Lord. After traversing the galaxy on a series of profitable adventures, he found himself wrapped up in some serious business. From there, an uneasy alliance blossomed from jailbreaking buddies into a dysfunctional family that somehow managed to swindle their way into saving the galaxy. Now, as the leader of the aptly named Guardians of the Galaxy, they travel the universe with the intention of doing a little bit of bad and a little bit of good. Ok, maybe a bit of everything.

Current Player Approved: Available for Application



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Yeah, that's probably the bulk of what happens when eyes are laid upon this scruffy looking rogue of a legendary outlaw. His entire demeanor screams charming rogue in an interstellar manner that is punctuated with an attitude and swagger that cannot be denied. Even in this simplistic textual medium, the sheer epic level of sass that originates from deep within the soul of this out of this world outlaw is something that will be difficult to ignore.

Dirty light brown locks are used to solidify his status as a man that lives outside of the galaxy's rulebook. It is cut short but almost always out of place in a way that seems to be purposeful. Anything to get him noticed and on the road to infamy is right up his alley. Average to moderately handsome with a splash of prince charming, this dashing rogue's face is framed with just enough scruff to keep him looking, at least, partially badass. What pulls him back from the land of fantasy are his pleasant green eyes, which may just prove to the cosmos that his humanity is part of what makes him look so incredibly awesome. Tucked behind his right ear is a small piece of alien tech that undoubtedly does something spectacularly cool.

With a body and frame befitting of a scoundrel and thief he has made sure to dress the part. His pique knit shirt is somewhere between steel blue and gray in color, with a wide ribbed collar and mesh panels across the abdomen. It clings to the fit and toned musculature of his body and may present those that are already hooked with yet another reason to drool. His pants are a different ball game altogether as they seem to be a varied combination of different fabrics that all come together for the dual purposes of protection and misdirection. Littered with panels, snaps, flaps and a singular functional zipper, those pants keep him protected and a few steps ahead of his enemies. A pair of dual holsters are at his hips, contained therein are his signature Element Guns, all connected to a fitted belt with a seamless buckle. Black knee-high boots, flavored with brown spats, are home to even more unfancy, but workable, technology.

Finally, putting an end to this over-glorified gloryhound's attire is a short, waist length, red leather jacket that has been deemed to just be standard daring adventurer attire. He also wears a rugged and functional sling bag which could have any number of (stolen) items inside of it. Attached to his belt is a very classic technological marvel rectangular in shape with a blue, gray and orange. The words 'Sony Walkman' are etched into the old school music player's frame The orange foam headphones are often hanging around his neck.

So. You hooked on a feeling or what?


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Born and raised in the midwestern state of Missouri, Peter Quill was a troubled young man when destiny came knocking on his door. Always getting into trouble and fights as a kid, for all the right reasons, a lot of this stemmed from the fact that his mother was sick and dying. She passed away when he was eight years old and unable to handle it, Peter ran from the hospital and was subsequently abducted from the planet by, well, aliens.

While Peter was supposed to be taken to his father, the leader of the Ravagers became like a father to Peter instead. They took the boy in, trained him to be an impeccable thief and space pirate, teaching him everything they knew about being on the wrong side of the law in the galaxy. Peter grew up, traveling from one end of the galaxy to the other and eventually became a Ravager himself. His coming of age present was an M-Ship that he proceeded to trick out and dubbed: The Milano.

With his own ship, Peter Quill took to the galaxy like a fish in water, exploring and adventuring without a care in the world. Working as a Ravager, he smuggled this, stole that and pretty much did whatever the hell he wanted to. That is, of course, until he stole something that would bring him into contact with some seriously bad individuals. Upon finding out what he had in his possession, things quickly began to spiral out of control. Fights happened. Bounties had attempted to be collected. And before long, Peter found himself locked in the Kyln.

It was there that Peter teamed up with a crazy band of misfits to escape the prison. It was during that escape that they formed a sort of kinship and bond that would start to be difficult to break. Though for various reasons, they worked together to attempt to protect the galaxy from falling prey to the evils of the galaxy. Through teamwork, shenanigans and one seriously one-sided dance battle these misfits had become the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Now they travel across the universe looking to do something good. Or something bad.

Okay, maybe a bit of both.


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Understanding Peter Quill is an effort in simplicity, as he's basically a space faring Everyman type. From a young age he's exhibited a sense of courageousness and bravery, always willing to stand up for people that couldn't stand up for themselves. A consummate troublemaker, he would often end up in fights or the principal's office in school, though it would be for all the right reasons. Nobody would ever give him the credit for that, except his mother. When she died, however, there was an inner sadness that welled up inside of Peter. Something that, to this day, can never truly be replaced or filled. There will always be an undercurrent of Peter Quill searching for something.

That being said, Quill is very visibly emotional. He's a man that doesn't hide who he is and will put it all out there on the line. Whether he's being a cad and flirting with any female being he comes across or he's making a rousing speech about saving the galaxy because he's one of the idiots that lives in it, Peter's charm lies within his honesty and honor. He's a man that has few convictions, but the ones he does have he sticks to boldly. There's always a greater good to be had and Quill's heart won't allow him to not be a hero. Or anti-hero.

With an adventurous spirit, indomitable will and an unshakeable confidence that borders on egotistical, The Legendary Star-Lord is a fitting combination of cocky and brash, but it works for him. He's clever beyond what he looks, even if he comes across as a bit of a goofball or an idiot. His mind is always working and paying attention, which allows him to be unorthodoxly ahead of both his enemies and his allies. His spirit extends beyond his sense of adventure, making him undeniably upbeat, always looking on the bright side even in the face of absolute danger.

Sarcastic to the point of annoyance, Peter Quill, the Legendary Starlord, is not 100% dick. More like 90%.


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Advanced Mental Process:
Quill has been gifted with an advanced mind that puts his mental fortitude at a performance level that is higher than normal humans. His mind is designed to process and parse information at a high rate of speed, accelerating his learning aptitude to superhuman levels. This allows him to learn and master things faster than he would if he were solely human. He's an extremely quick study.

Cosmic Resistance:
Due to his alien heritage, Quill seems to have some sort of mild resistance to objects of supreme cosmic power. While touching incredibly powerful objects of this sort would normally make the toucher explode or die, Quill is somehow capable of handling such things for short stints of time. Perk of being not quite human.

Hybrid Agility:
Quill exists on a higher plane of agility than even the most successful human athlete. His coordination, reflexes, balance and flexibility are beyond humanity's limitations. He's a step or two beyond humans in this as well.

Hybrid Durability:
Quill is more resistant to physical injury and pain than a normal human being. His limits are hard to define but it is known that he's able to remain standing through gunshot wounds or even sound beatings.

Hybrid Physiology:
Peter Quill is half-human and half-alien, though, it isn't exactly known what kind of alien. What is known, though, is that he is a step or two beyond the limits and boundaries of humanity, without actually looking like he's part alien. He does still have a human foundation in terms of his genetic make up, but there just happens to be enough alien in him to make him more human than human. How convenient.

Hybrid Stamina:
Quill does not suffer fatigue in the same manner that humans do. His body automatically eliminates any excessive build-up of fatigue producing poisons in the muscles in his body. In addition, his muscles generate an inconsequential amount of fatigue toxins in the first place. He just doesn't tire out. Quill has a superhuman level of stamina in all physical activities.

Hybrid Strength:
Quill was born at peak level strength for a normal human being. By now, Peter has managed to amass a strength level that puts him beyond that of normal humans, allowing him the opportunity to be something more, something stronger.


Quill's alien heritage is unknown but most aliens have a life span that is vastly longer and superior than that of normal humans. So it is this logic that points to the fact that Quill's aging process is decelerated greatly ensuring that he will look and act much younger than his actual age is.


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Peter Quill loves music and from there he's got his love of dancing. Dancing is a part of him and it also helps to define what he's all about: Heart. He could probably dance circles around most of the aliens in space, not to mention win a few dance battles, if he really puts his heart and soul into it.

Deal Brokering:
Not going to say that Peter Quill is a master negotiator by any means, because he's not. He is, however, a masterful con artist that is capable of brokering on the spot deals. He can read people (and aliens!) well enough to know what they want and try to make a quick deal to buy himself some more time. Because when you're the Star-Lord, you always need more time.

Distractionary Tactician:
Peter Quill is very good at being a distraction. Whether he's dancing around in the middle of the end of the world, talking so much smack that his enemies have to pay him attention and not continue with their plans or if he's simply, well, just being himself. Quill always more than willing to play the distraction and risk his life for the greater good.

Evasive Actions:
Whether he's on foot or in the Milano, Quill's well versed in getting himself out of situations. While he's not an escape artist, if there's room for him to make an escape, he can and will. He's good at being the chasee in chases, he's dodgy and he's all about making the most of getting the heck out of dodge when such is needed. His evasive tactics are what he normally falls back upon when attempting to get out of sticky situations.

I Love the 80s & 90s!:
Peter Quill is a child of the 80s and 90s. He's well versed in the pop culture from these time periods, ranging from music to television and movies. He's all about the vintage. It is true that he's kept tabs on Earth's progression since then but the bulk of his knowledge stems from the school of old and he will forever use that to any advantage that he can.

Quill is a natural born leader even if he doesn't want to be. He's skilled at knowing what his team can do and making sure they do it to the best of their ability, especially when he's got twelve percent of a plan. He's very capable when it comes to speeches and rousing people to follow him into battle or just follow him. He's got a leader's charm, even if he doesn't have all his followers support. Or any idea what he's doing.

Quill has been training and using ranged weaponry from all across the galaxy since his Ravager days. Couple that with his incredible learning ability and he has become an expert marksman, especially with his element guns. He doesn't have to make his shots count; they already do.

Martial Arts:
Quill is a hand-to-hand combat specialist and expert. Trained in various fighting styles from around the galaxy with a foundation of informal street brawling from his Ravager days, Quill is an unpredictable fighter with incredible skill and potential. This allows him to hold his own against some of the great fighters of the galaxy. Even if he can't best them, he can survive long enough to think of something else.

Quill has been in space for the better part of his life and with that he has been in various starships and spaceships. He's an accomplished and well versed pilot, pretty much capable of flying anything he gets his hands on.

Playing Dumb:
Not everyone can play the fool the way that Peter Quill can. Sometimes, it is actually difficult to know if he's actually playing stupid or if he's just that much of an idiot. This is a survival skill that Peter has acquired and mastered, as it tends to be one of the primary ways he keeps himself alive. Or stalls.

Quill is an accomplished thief, smuggler and space pirate. Trained by the Ravagers, he's got all the makings of a Legendary Outlaw, capable of traversing alien landscapes and hunting down objects, stealing them and escaping in classic Indiana Jones style. He's an expert at breaking and entering, picking pockets and an incredible sleight of hand maestro.

Universal Knowledge:
Due to being raised in space and traveling through the galaxy for most of his life, Quill has extensive knowledge on various planets, aliens, customs, cultures and societies. He's very well versed in as much of the galaxy as he's seen. Which, for the record, happens to be a hell of a lot.

Unorthodox Strategist:

Quill doesn't even know this about himself but he's kind of a genius when it comes to strategy and tactics. His mind works differently and he thinks outside of the box, which allows him to come up with plans and strategies that nobody would even dream about doing. Either they are incredibly stupid, too asinine for words or simply just insane, Quill seems to find a way to make them work.


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Alien Babes:
Alien Babes: Star-Lord has a bevy of alien beauties that he could contact for assistance with places to hide, stay or even information. Granted, a lot of them will likely be pissed off at him or want his head, but this is not a information stream that should be ignored.

Element Guns:
Quill has a pair of Element Guns that are a marvel of technology. The guns are capable of allowing Quill access to any of the four elements: Air, Water, Fire, Earth. The guns are coded to his specific DNA signature and therefore will not work if he doesn't fire them. Limited to his imagination, Quill is able to use these Element Guns in a way that allows him to generate and manipulate the elements as he sees fit.

Guardians of the Galaxy:
Peter Quill, the Legendary Star-Lord, is the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy. They are his family now. Dysfunctional, but his family nonetheless.

Quill's helmet allows him to see the various visual spectrums, things such as ultraviolet, thermal waves, night vision and more. A technological marvel, the helmet can also produce scans and readouts much like a Head's Up Display. In addition, it provides Quill with an internal communications network, tracking capabilities and also serves as a breathing apparatus for the vacuum of space.

Jet Boot Attachments:
Quill also comes with a set of Jet Boot Attachments which can be attached to whatever pants he's wearing at the time, or anything really. They create a self-propulsion in the form of rockets that allow for forward momentum. They work in space as well as on various planets.

While Quill has disassociated himself with the Ravagers, in a way, he's still been part of their family for most of his life. He could, in the right circumstances and with the right motivation, call upon them for some assistance. Maybe. Kind of. Sorta?

Whether it be Units or various items of worth, The Legendary Star-Lord is has a stash of various things that put him in the realm of a well-to-do ne'er-do-well. He's got access to money, if he needs it and can also barter with any of his various conquests. With all this, he's also got a pretty awesome stash of 80s & 90s memorabilia.

The Milano:
Quill's spaceship is called The Milano, named after his childhood crush Alyssa Milano. Classified as an M-Ship, the Milano is designed for scouting and hunting. Lightly armed, but built for speed and escaping pursuit, the Milano is the perfect ship for a legendary outlaw like Star-Lord. The inside is pretty amazing too, as there's various levels to the ship, providing living areas and flight controls and just the whole spaceship gamut. And something about a Jackson Pollock painting. The most important feature of the Milano is the tape deck.

Translator Implant:
Quill has been fitted with a universal translator which allows him to understand the various languages spoken in the universe.

Underverse Contacts:
Being a legendary outlaw has its perks and knowing the bulk of the criminal element of the universe is one of those perks. He knows fences and various other black market types to drop off stolen or acquired objects for various states of payment. He has the galactic underworld pretty wired.

Quill's pride and joy is his Sony Walkman. He would die for this thing, as it is the last thing he has from his mother. It comes with two mix tapes, appropriately titled Awesome Mix, Vol. 1 and Awesome Mix, Vol. 2. There are very few things that are more important to him than this Walkman.

Weapons Cache:

In addition to his trusty Element Guns, there's a small armory on the Milano that houses various weapons that Star-Lord has acquired over his years. From demolitions to blasters to cannons to who knows what else, there's a chance that Quill has enough weapons to keep him ready to fight for years to come.


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Whether it was his time as a Legendary Outlaw or his time as a Guardian of the Galaxy, Star-Lord has managed to amass quite the list of enemies. Some are old friends or partners, while others are planetary authority figures and yet, still, some are just powerful cosmic beings! Either way, there's almost always someone trying to kill him.

While he may be an ex-Ravager and a legendary outlaw, Quill still has an honor system that he lives by. A code that he follows. This is what keeps him in the realm of being a hero of sorts. There are certain things that he cannot allow to happen or will not do. Sometimes, it is this honor code that keeps him from anything but moral victory.

Not Exactly Trustworthy:
Despite all of his (anti-)heroics, one of the facts that still matter is that Peter Quill, the Legendary Star-Lord, is a criminal. Or an ex-criminal. This means he is still probably not as trusted as he wishes he was. Which could always lead to a few problems.

Revolving Bounty:
Being a Legendary Outlaw has its disadvantages and the fact that at any given point in time he could have a bounty on his head is one of them. Quill never knows when or where such things as a bounty will strike but when it does, trouble often follows soon after.

Unknown Alien Heritage:
Peter Quill is part alien and part human. The bad news is that he doesn't know what kind of alien and he doesn't know what that means for his future. This could end up being good or bad, but even Star-Lord himself has only just found out that he's not all human. Who knows what this could mean?


Quill gets very protective of his walkman if it is in the wrong hands. He doesn't particularly like anyone touching it that hasn't had permission and he will fight tooth and nail to protect it from destruction.


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Abduction April 8th, 2019 Nuala is kidnapped by Lobo and Star-Lord! Suzanne, Black Panther, and Hal try to stop it.
War of Light Pt. 3 March 12th, 2019 AFter an explosion and all out battle, our heroes defeated a trio of villains: Arkillo, Fatality and Despero. But the real threat was deep within Takron Galtos, as an Avatar of Darkness and Death was potentially discovered!
Deep Space Legislation March 5th, 2019 The Guardians of the Galaxy and a fleet of space rabbits fight off a dozen Legislators.
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Are you not entertained April 9th, 2018 Bjorn fights Thor while the Guardians, and friends, eat popcorn
Salmon Fishing in the Celestial's Head April 8th, 2018 It's all about the Green Ball, just like in Heavy Metal, except less violence and nudity
Sailor Venus and the Pop Culture Caper March 26th, 2018 Bjorn, Quill, and Yondu land on a planet, and a rave breaks out!
A Warlock is welcomed February 27th, 2018 Summary needed
A Knowhere check in February 20th, 2018 Summary needed
Attack on Knowhere February 17th, 2018 Vicky is attacked by an army of drones on Knowhere. Fortunately, friends new and old come to her defense.
'Routine' inspections February 14th, 2018 There's a hole in the cargo hold where Peters Booze was. Rocket may or may not be to blame.
This'll Work February 11th, 2018 The Guardians of the Galaxy rescue Peter and trash a Prison Ship along the way!
Burnout Paradise February 10th, 2018 Summary needed
I'm a Believer December 31st, 2017 Peter and Gamora go on a mission, talks are had, a lot of guys die. I mean a /lot/.
A Not-So Quiet Drink December 28th, 2017 Summary needed
Peter. We Need to Talk. December 3rd, 2017 Gamora and Rocket hold an impromptu intervention for Peter. The topic? Leaving Earth. Arguments are had but in the end they head out for the stars.
Just Dropping By November 30th, 2017 Peter pays a call on Lara before he heads off into the stars. He does leave a phone though, should she want to get in touch.
Creative Shopping November 8th, 2017 Summary needed
I'll think of something clever later. October 25th, 2017 Summary needed
Taking Care of Business October 24th, 2017 Summary needed
Uh-Oh, Darkseid-i-ohs October 23rd, 2017 Quill starts out with Spaghetti-Os, detours around Darkseid, and ends up with a Kinect
Mess With the Bull... October 16th, 2017 Summary needed
A Visit With Old Friends October 15th, 2017 Summary needed
Log 2832 October 14th, 2017 Summary needed
Spirit(s) in the Sky October 13th, 2017 Summary needed
Log 2793 October 11th, 2017 Summary needed
Picking Up Indigo October 10th, 2017 Summary needed
It's A Small 'Verse After All October 6th, 2017 Summary needed
A Little Errand September 22nd, 2017 Summary needed
Log 2483 September 16th, 2017 The Guardians and Star*Drake team up (loosely) to capture a criminal.
Picking Up Gamora August 26th, 2017 The Guardians pick up Gamora, whom they kind of left when they got distracted with Brainiac.
Log 1896 August 9th, 2017 Summary needed
Brainiac ResURreXIon: Execute August 5th, 2017 To rescue Indigo from Brainiac 8 and save the universe, how much will the Guardians risk?
Brainiac Res/U/Rre/X/Ion: Start Program July 30th, 2017 Summary needed
The Happiest Day of Our Life July 28th, 2017 Summary needed
The Wrong Kind of Attention July 25th, 2017 Summary needed
Guess Who July 16th, 2017 Summary needed
He is Groot July 9th, 2017 Summary needed
Hip To Be Square July 1st, 2017 Summary needed
Battlesale Galactica June 8th, 2017 Summary needed
Choose Your Own Adventure June 5th, 2017 Summary needed
Ravager Down June 4th, 2017 Summary needed
Get Him to the Galadorian May 26th, 2017 Zardu Hasselfrau is Missing and Due At A Show. The Guardians must fix this. Yondu ... is not helping.
The Maltus Falcon May 19th, 2017 Summary needed
The Princes' Ride May 13th, 2017 The Guardians of the Galaxy have been hired to kidnap a Prince. Or save him. Or something.
We're Not Gonna' Take It May 7th, 2017 Summary needed
Breakfast in Bed May 5th, 2017 Summary needed
Deep Space Distress Signal April 30th, 2017 Summary needed


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Title Date Scene Summary
Harafax: The Prisoner February 18th, 2018 Summary needed
Ain't No Sunshine May 6th, 2017 Summary needed


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