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|Residence=New York City
|Residence=New York City
|Education=College Student
|Education=College Student
|Groups=[[New Mutants]], [[X-Men]], [[Xavier's School]], [[Mutant-OOC]]
|Groups=[[New Mutants]], [[X-Men]], [[Xavier's School]], [[X-Corporation]],  [[Mutant-OOC]]
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Roberto was outed as a mutant in his early teens, during a very public soccer match. There was no way to cover it up, not even for Emannuel DaCosta. Now he is such a wealthy and semi-famous man, his mutancy is reported every few days in some media or another. He faces prejudice also from his skin color in Brazil too, but in the USA his mutation is what really gives him more trouble. It harms his business enterprises, too.
Roberto was outed as a mutant in his early teens, during a very public soccer match. There was no way to cover it up, not even for Emannuel DaCosta. Now he is such a wealthy and semi-famous man, his mutancy is reported every few days in some media or another. He faces prejudice also from his skin color in Brazil too, but in the USA his mutation is what really gives him more trouble. It harms his business enterprises, too.
[[Category:New Mutants]][[Category:X-Men]][[Category:Xavier's School]][[Category:Mutant-OOC]]
[[Category:New Mutants]][[Category:X-Men]][[Category:Xavier's School]][[Category:Mutant-OOC]][[Category:X-Corporation]]

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Sunspot (Scenesys ID: 278)
Full Name: Roberto "Bobby" da Costa
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Businessman, Student and Hero
Citizenship: Brazil / United States of America
Residence: New York City
Education: College Student
Status: Approved
Groups: New Mutants, X-Men, Xavier's School, X-Corporation, Mutant-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 19 Actual Age: 19
Date of Birth 7 August 2007 Actor: Henry Zaga
Height: 175 cm Weight: 77 kg
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: {{{Song}}}


Roberto Da Costa is a young man from Brazil. The son of a self-made Brazilian billionaire and an American mother, he was publicly revealed to be a mutant in his early teens. He is a graduate from the prestigious Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, and known in some circles as an associate to the X-Men mutant team. Due to the recent death of his father, Emmanuel Da Costa, he has taken over the family business, Da Costa International, and is one of the world's wealthiest men.



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Of average height, but exotic good looks, this young man sure knows how to cause a good impression anywhere he goes. His ebony hair is naturally wavy and kept at a medium length, usually looking naturally tussled in that 'couldn't be bothered to brush' manner that young men of his age often strive to achieve but rarely do well. He has thick eyebrows over dark, intelligent eyes. Full lips, high cheekbones and a square, masculine chin. He is broad-shouldered, with an athletic, although not truly powerful frame.

His clothes speak of wealth and good taste. A tailored dark blue blazer and matching slacks, white shirt and often a red tie. Expensive but comfortable Italian shoes cover his feet. Jewelry is made of gold, and includes a thin chain around his neck, the crucifix usually hidden under the shirt, and the cufflinks.

===Current Player Approved: May 17, 2019


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The son of the self-made Brazilian billionaire Emmanuel DaCosta and his American archeologist wife, Nina, Roberto was born in wealth and privilege. Nothing was forbidden to him, and he would have been spoiled rotten but for the influence of his mother (a highly moral political activist) and the demands of his father, which although certainly was not a good man, raised him to be diligent and hard-working.

Until he was in his teens Roberto attended the best schools and was privately tutored in a variety of subjects, from business direction, leadership, airplane piloting and anything else he cared to know. His passion, however, was soccer.

Roberto was also a mutant, and manifested rather publicly and violently during a soccer match in which some racist rival players attacked him. The event led to his kidnapping by mercenaries loosely associated with the Hellfire Club, the death of his girlfriend and his rescue and introduction into Xavier's School.

Then followed five+ years as student, member of the X-Men junior team, the New Mutants. Countless adventures, some of them in other planets or even planes of existence. Roberto started as a petulant, headstrong child, but under Charles Xavier's tutoring and with the friendship and example of his teammates he grew up into a true hero.

Among many other events and adventures he had to deal with his father's death, and was forced to acknowledge he had been a ruthless crimelord, not just successful businessman and stern, but loving father. In his memory, and determined to do better, become better, Roberto has taken his father position in the Hellfire Club and taken control of his massive business empire.


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Headstrong, stubborn, courageous, and passionate. Roberto is all that, but years of experience as a hero and some tragedies that have shaken him to the core have tempered his impulsive nature some. They have also turned an elitist rich boy into a responsible, altruist adult.

Still, Roberto is full of fire and energy. And not just because of his powers! He thinks big, acts without fear, and has learned a measure of patience that makes him both cunning and dangerous. He is a firm believer on Xavier's dream, although perhaps a little more willing to spill blood and use underhanded means than most of the crowd. Fortunately he has some very loyal friends he trust to reign him and help his moral compass.


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By generating thermal updrafts Roberto has learned to fly. This is a relatively new trick of his powers and he is not a very dexterous and fast flier, although at least he has learned to hover. His top speed is around 150 mph only, and since it consumes a fair deal of power he prefers to stay on ground unless he needs to move quickly a short distance, or flight would grant him an important tactical advantage.

As he can absorb energy, Roberto can also project it away. He does this by concentrating an important part of his energy reserve into a destructive burst of heat and force. He doesn't have much range, but he can cause large explosions and hit targets a few hundred feet away. One of his blasts is about as powerful as one of his punches, and with a large area of effect, plus often setting things on fire. But he can blast only half a dozen times before running out of power.

Roberto's mutant power is the ability to draw energy from sunlight and other sources and transform into the super-powered pitch-black Sunspot. Roberto strength depends on the intensity of the sunlight he has received in the previous days, peaking at about 50 tons under a tropical sun. In the New York area his limit is around 30-40 tons, depending on the season and if it has been a cloudy day. He can be much stronger in places where sunlight is more intense, such as Asgard.

Using his power consumes energy, and although he can remain as Sunspot indefinitely under sunlight, he can store only about 20 minutes of power to use during nights or indoors.

Roberto is one of those 'strong but not invulnerable' types. His skin is not bulletproof, and he can be cut by knives and swords. However his muscles and bones, when he is Sunspot, are incredibly resistant to kinetic impact and pressure, so he can lift enormous weights without crumbling, and can take punches from super-human enemies without getting too badly hurt. This means that usually bullets and blades will make him bleed, but usually they won't reach internal organs or vital arteries.

Moreover Roberto can absorb other kinds of energy, including all kinds of radiation and electricity. He is extremely resistant to lasers, plasma, fire, shocks and most kinds of energy, and nearly impervious to heat and cold (his body regulates temperature almost perfectly). Indeed, as long as he has breathable air, Roberto can survive as Sunspot both in the deeps of the ocean and in the void of space. He can also consciously drain energy around himself, quickly cooling a room to under freezing temperature and even causing hypothermia to those he touches.


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Roberto was considered one of the best soccer players in Brazil's teen leagues. At 13 he was a key player in a team where most players were 16 or 17. It is truth he had the advantage of personal trainers and the best gear. But it is also true that he worked very hard and he was very talented. Even today he plays when he can (unfortunately the Xavier crowd prefers Baseball - Americans) although not enough he could become a professional anymore. But he keeps in top physical shape and is an all-around great athlete even without his powers.

Almost from the cradle Roberto was raised to take over his father's financial empire. Even his dreams to become a soccer star player where based in the assumption he would have to take over the family business when his father got old. Although in truth the DaCostas expected that would happen in his mid-30s.

From his father and the best private tutors money could buy Roberto learned about business management, economics, statistics, playing the stock market, game theory and boardroom diplomacy. By the time he went to Xavier's, he had already mastered the basics. By the time his father died, he had mastered his temper and added a good deal of tactical insight to the skillset. Underestimating his business savvy is easy because he is so young - most people fail to realize he has better knowledge than college graduates with ten years of experience.

Xavier School teach self-defense. Well, and how to use mutant powers at best capabilities. And since Roberto powerset leans towards punching, he learned a lot of boxing, judo, and krav maga. Also Capoeira, because patriotism - although to be honest Capoeira is not well-suited for super-strong people. But it looks good. Dancing is also important and expected from a Brazilian boy.

Countless Danger Room sessions and training with older, very skilled X-Men have made Roberto a very competent hand-to-hand fighter. He is also a very competent tactician, being smart and quick-witted and having learned to stay cool under pressure.

Roberto is bilingual in English and Portuguese (with a strong Brazilian accent, of course). He is also fluent in Spanish, and can read and write classical Latin (he can also speak Latin, but Amara thinks his accent is the worst!).

Emmanuel DaCosta firmly believed laws and rules do not apply to a DaCosta. Which is why when his very young child told him he wanted to learn to fly, he immediately arranged piloting course for Roberto several years before any normal kid could qualify for them. Roberto was able to pilot small airplanes and helicopters by the time he was twelve (of course without a license). And with the X-Men he learned to pilot jets, including the famous X-Men Blackbird. Well, he has a license for small craft now, and he is pretty good, although certainly not the best among the Xavier's crowd.


Like many of Xavier's students Roberto has been trained to resist mental intrusions and control, as well as hide his thoughts under a facade of calm nonsense. It won't deceive a determined telepath, but he is certainly able to pass a casual exam. He is much harder to influence psychically than most normal humans. He is also very willful and stubborn, so outright mind control and memory alteration against him is possible only for the most powerful and determined telepaths, and unlikely to last for long.


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Roberto is one of the five original members of the team of mutant kinds Xavier gathered while the X-Men were missing. Those five and a few more young mutants that joined the next year or two have formed an unbreakable bond born of deep friendship and shared tragedy. They were part a student class, and in part a platoon of kid soldiers constantly thrown into impossible situations. For Roberto, a single child, the New Mutants are more family than friends. There is nothing he won't do for them. And there is little they won't do for him.

Emmanuel DaCosta managed to raise a financial empire in a few decades to rival the greatest fortunes of the world. He was called the 'Brazilian Lex Luthor', going from a poor teenager to Brazil richest man in thirty years. When he died he left Roberto one of the largest fortunes in the world.

And a horde of enemies and vultures. Roberto has spent over a year fighting, rebuilding and finding reliable lieutenants to manage an empire built with a foot in the mud. He had to do a massive house-cleaning, closing profitable but inhumane and anti-ecological ventures all over the Amazon basin, and cutting ties with criminal gangs, terrorist groups and predatory corporations. All in all he can say DaCosta International is... mostly clean. Perhaps somewhat leaner than it was under Emmanuel. Ultimately Roberto has not cut all criminal ties, because he has decided he wants to know what the bad guys are up to.

Keep the enemies closer and all that.

He is still insanely rich. He has mansions in all Brazilian major cities. Owns a million square miles of farmland and mountain valleys rich in minerals. Hotels. Private beaches. Luxury condos. Whole buildings all over South and Central America. Also in some African nations. Malls. Transport ships. Factories and power plants. Pretty much half of Rio. Also a couple private jets and some helicopters. In New York, he has a huge apartment overlooking Central Park and DaCosta International offices are in the Empire State Building.


Roberto is an alumni from this School for Gifted Youngsters in Salem Center. He knows most of the secrets of the mutant refuge and knows well, and is even friends, with some of the most powerful, and skilled mutants of America.


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Roberto has been raised to become a leader by his father and he has always strived to be the man his father wanted him to be. Even knowing his father was not the perfect businessman and visionary he believed in his childhood has not changed his expectations. If anything, he feels more pressured to strive towards greatness. Now not only he needs to be the man his father wanted, he also needs to make up for his father 'mistakes'.

As such, he can't become one of the idle rich. He needs to change the world for better. He feels he is one of the few trained to do it, and with the resources to do it. That he is also a powerful mutant is merely another tool. But he is not going to change the world because he is a powerful mutant. He is going to change the world because he is Roberto Da Costa.

He has a lot. His father didn't become rich by being a nice person. His death was not an accident either. And when Roberto took over, he had to clean house. His father would have done it through murder, but Roberto was less ruthless. He fired some, and had a few others jailed. And now faces quite a bit of opposition in Brazil, both in the business and the political arena. There are many that would like him dead, and some of those he doesn't even know.


Roberto was outed as a mutant in his early teens, during a very public soccer match. There was no way to cover it up, not even for Emannuel DaCosta. Now he is such a wealthy and semi-famous man, his mutancy is reported every few days in some media or another. He faces prejudice also from his skin color in Brazil too, but in the USA his mutation is what really gives him more trouble. It harms his business enterprises, too.


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