Superman Returns: Epilogue 1

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Superman Returns: Epilogue 1
Date of Cutscene: 20 April 2020
Location: Washington, DC
Synopsis: Superman confronts Amanda Waller
Cast of Characters: Superman, 330
Tinyplot: Superman Returns


The dark-skinned, black-haired, above average sized woman was sitting behind a desk in Washington D.C. at the Pentagon Office of ARGUS - just down the hall from the SHIELD liaison office, strangely enough. Feeling the breeze hit her while ruffling her hair, Director Amanda Waller knew. Her eyes squinted slightly, the only indication that she was....afraid. "I didn't know that covert operations was one of your strong suits, Superman."

A tall, dark-haired, blue eyed man wearing his traditional blue, red and yellow "uniform" walks into the light from the shadows. "Director. Let's get to the point. You were responsible for experimenting on me these last few weeks. I want you to destroy everything you have in regards to those tests and experiments. Now."

The woman looks up from her desk, and smirks. It was like she believed she had all the power here. "I do not know what you mean, Superman. I wasn't responsible for those experiments. Dr. Zuel was in charge of that operation, all off the books. I had no knowledge of those experiments, and for the record, I want to sincerely apologize. I heard they did not know you were in some kind of Kryptonian coma and was still alive."

"Impressive," the Man of Steel says, taking a step forward. "Your heart-rate and respiration didn't change. You actually lied, to my face, but it was as though you were telling the truth. A skill perfect for your line of work."

Suddenly, Superman's eyes were red, and the suitcase next to Waller was gone, disintegrated in a flash of heat vision. "You think you are untouchable, Director, but I have allies. Friends who will see you brought to justice for your crimes, especially if you test me."

Waller looks for a moment at where her briefcase was, and then back at Superman. For that second, she loses her resolve. For a second. "Very well." Waller taps a few keystrokes, and shreds the folder containing all the information gleaned from the "Kr Protocols." "You can have your "friends" confirm it is gone."

Superman looks at her, and nods, hearing the confirmation from somewhere else, perhaps down the hall. "Oh, I have Director." Superman turns to leave, and stops himself. Looking over his shoulder, Kal El looks at her with almost cold fury. Which was impossible right? This was Superman... "Remember this Director. You better hope you do not cross my path again or threaten those I care about, or our next meeting will not be as pleasant."

Then he was gone, leaving Amanda Waller to consider...was that the man she had heard about, read about? Or was something darker from the deepest pits of darkness or even Apokolips still there, deep inside the Man of Steel...