Superman Returns: The Quest for Superman

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Superman Returns: The Quest for Superman
Date of Cutscene: 18 March 2020
Location: Metropolis
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Lois Lane
Tinyplot: Superman Returns

Lois has been pouring over numerous documents, newspaper articles and detailed notes, trying to put two and two together over the last few days. A meeting with Supergirl, Thor and Lex Luthor proved immeasurably useful and she has been adding up the clues that all point to one thing: Superman is alive, but being imprisonned in a place called ARGUS. "Dammit.." she frowns, chewing the end of her pen as she types something into her computer, peering at the long and detailed document. "Now I know who has you, approximately where you are..And that you're being cut off from sunlight. Which means...If we dont find and free you soon, you really WILL be.."

She sighs, peering over at her half-drunk cup of coffee, taking another long sip. She's been at this all night, and it's getting late, she's getting tired, but she can't stop now. She is so close! "Alright..I guess it's enough information but I wish I had more. I just need to find some superheroes, willing and able to help me to storm that place and rescue Superman..Cuz if we don't do this soon, he'll be...!"