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Noriko Ashida (Scenesys ID: 1435)
"Get the hell away from her, or I will light you up like a #$%&# christmas tree."
Full Name: Noriko Ashida
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: Japanese/American
Residence: Xavier School
Education: Xavier School
Status: Dropped
Groups: Mutant-OOC, Xavier's School
Other Information
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 19 January 2009 Actor: Kyoko Fukada
Height: 170 cm (5'7") Weight: 62 kg (136 lbs)
Hair Color: Blue Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:


Noriko Ashida, codename 'Surge', left home at age thirteen because her father 'didn't believe in mutants'. Enrolling in the Xavier School at seventeen, she gained more control over her powers of electricity absorption, projection, and speed. As a part of the New Mutants squad, she continues to hone her abilities and fighting skills, hoping one day to join one of the X Teams.

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At first glance, the most eye catching thing about Noriko Ashida, Codename Surge, would be her hair. Dyed a brilliant 'Electric Blue' ("How could I /not/?") It's cut in a shaggy bob that hangs down to her shoulders when it's not disturbed by wind or static charge. There's a glint of excitement in her brown eyes, lips split in a cocky grin.
The second most noticeable thing about Surge would be the bulky metal gauntlets that cover her arms up to the elbows. A creation of Forge, they allow her to monitor her charge levels accurately, and also control the level of her discharges. Despite how useful they are, she often laments their bulky nature.
Today, Nori is wearing what passes for her version of a 'uniform': A sleeveless high necked crop top in the New Mutants colors that leaves her stomach bare, and a set of baggy cargo pants with X logos on the knees, held up by a leather belt with matching X buckle. A set of black and yellow sneakers completes the outfit, letting her make full use of the speed granted by her powers.


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Noriko Ashida was born in Tokyo, Japan. Her father fled with the family to America when Noriko was only ten years old, stating that he did not believe in Mutants, despite plenty of evidence that his daughter actually was. Noriko grew up with poor social skills from her fathers inability to accept her unique nature, preferring to home school her away from family and not allowing her to create any friends. By the age of 14 she was already engaging in prescription pill use to slow down her mind when she'd absorbed too much electricity, attempting to slow down her raging, uncontrolled thoughts to something more manageable.

Shortly before her 15th birthday, she was buying coffee at a local cafe and accidentally discharged a massive blast of electricity due to her intoxicated state. Unable to control her abilities, a Barista and several customers were injured, thankfully with no fatalities.

Rather than facing potentially criminal charges, she was taken instead to Xavier's School for Gifted Mutants. For the last couple years she's been learning to control her abilities and get along with students her own age... results vary on both point, but she's come a long way. Set to begin her senior year in 2027, the 18 year old isn't certain what to she'll do with her life, but at least she's starting to realize she has one.


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Despite her tendency to sarcasm and snark, Noriko shows loyalty to her friends and team once she has developed that trust. This is at least partly because of her father disowning her, causing her to keep her distance to avoid getting hurt again. She reacts harshly to anyone she perceives as judging or pitying her, which caused several clashes with her roommate and with the New Mutants when she was first recruited.


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Electric Speed:
This is a natural byproduct of increased energy and something she's only just begun to develop. She can channel electricity into her muscles and create a sharp increase in her speed. This is only about three-forty five Mph now and only for short distances, but with more training..

Electrical Absorption:
The basis of Noriko's mutant ability is the absorption of ambient and active sources of electricity. Obviously static from ambient air is less substantial than would be a transformer box, but she's completely capable of sustaining her metabolic and mental sharpness by just moving around a carpeted room with a pair of wool socks.

Conversely, the use of her power depletes the electricity charged in her body, so she must drain more and more sources to keep herself from completely eclipsing her reserves else there are several debilitating effects.

Electrical Discharge:

Noriko can expel the stores of electricity she keeps into electro blasts from her fists, primarily, but there's nothing saying she cannot do so from her eyes or even feet if the need ever required it. She can create rudimentary weaponry as well or charge mundane weapons like a sword or literally anything made of a conductive material.

Obviously, the more she uses, the less she has. As long as the combat is in some place with an active energy source she could, in theory, fight indefinitely, but she's hardly got the kind of control necessary a fight AND absorb replacement charge.


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Noriko speaks both Japanese and English fluently, with little trace of an accent.

Combat Training:

Noriko has training in basic self defense and some advanced training with combat using her powers in conjunction with more mundane forms of combat. She's also a scrapper and likes to fight, so she's constantly honing her skills, either through tutor or simulation. She has no designs to be the best, but she can throw hands with some of the best of them.


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Created for her to monitor electricity levels, which are paramount to both the use of her powers as well as basic metabolic functionality, these bulky gauntlets also help Noriko channel her blasts and give her a foci for drawing in more power reserves. Worn from the elbow down, they're cumbersome and difficult to hide, but allow a wide range of different settings and options for defensive or offensive discharge.


Noriko is a student at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. She has access to some pretty high tech training, a relatively close knit group of like minded individuals, and a whole host of other resources that are open to all students at the school. This includes Danger Room training sessions and college courses if she so desires. It's a pretty impressive resource for any young mutant to have.


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If Noriko runs out of juice, she's in a heap of trouble. Most of her body functions, from metabolism to brain, are directly affected by the amount of electricity in her body. This is why it's imperative that she never have too much or too little charges. Like all things that run on electricity, she must keep herself within a certain level or risk disaster.

Some effects of having too little or no power: Sluggish brain waves.. The lights are on, she can think, but her reaction times are next to zero.. She's looking at things passing by long after they're gone and can barely track a moving hand.

Metabolic: Food just doesn't digest. It sits there and can cause her to get extremely sick.

Extreme cases can cause a comatose state or potentially death if she's not given some form of charge to keep her spark going until something more substantial can be found.

If Noriko absorbs too much power without discharging, it has a negative effect on her functioning and mental state. Her mind races, she speaks very quickly, and her discharges grow more unstable. Her power gauntlets are critical, since they allow her to control her absorption and discharging to prevent this.

Social Issues:

Noriko is cocky and abrasive to just about everyone she's ever met. She makes fun of people for no reason, brags about herself to excess, and is quick to argument over the slightest perceived insult. It's a defense mechanism because of her own social anxieties, certainly, and something that is a constant work in progress at the school, but it tends to rub people the wrong way.. Especially in polite society where natural inclinations is already to hate mutants, a loud mouth braggart tends to go over poorly.


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