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|Education=High School Student
|Education=High School Student
|Groups=[[Xavier's School]]
|Groups=[[Xavier's School]], [[New Mutants]]
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[[Category:Xavier's School]]
[[Category:Xavier's School]] [[Category:New Mutants]]

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Ted Gammage (Scenesys ID: 9643)
Full Name: Ted Gammage
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: USA
Residence: NYC
Education: High School Student
Status: Approved
Groups: Xavier's School, New Mutants
Other Information
Apparent Age: 16 Actual Age: 16
Date of Birth 22 December 2011 Actor: Logan Paul
Height: 196 cm (6'5") Weight: 113 kg (250 lb)
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


Ted is your typical kid from a small town. Recently he has come into his mutant powers and struggling to figure them out while trying to maintain a normal life at school. With super strength and durability, he's recently become the center of attention after injuring a classmate. From here he hopes to find his place and avoid anymore attention.

Current Player Approved: July 13, 2020



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Ted's tall, broad and athletic. His hair's blond and messy and his eyes a bright blue. Dresses like a normal teenager would dress, t-shirts, jeans, usually wears workboots of some sort or sneakers.


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Ted hails from a small town in Louisiana. It's in the south, but far enough north for him to be more country than Cajun. Parents were farmers, so he grew up doing chores and learning the ropes of tending to crops and animals. Family was pretty well off and he was an only child, so he was doted on a bit, but somehow managed to not let it spoil him. He generally held himself quietly and with good manners. When he was 12, he fell out of a tree. The fall was great enough he should have broken a bone. He began to put things together, discovered he was a mutant. When he realized he "Didn't know his own strength", he took measures to learn control. He asked his parents to get him some sort of martial arts training, which helped a little, and also learned to play piano and the guitar, which honestly helped a little more. Over that summer, he hit a growth spurt and, probably thanks to his mutation, grew tall and athletic.

He wasn't small before, but he was a bit more impressive (Or intimidating) after that. He tried to avoid physical competition, as he felt it an unfair advantage, but when he turned 16, his dad told him he was playing football. Not wanting to disappoint, he joined the local team (Go Grizzlies!). Played most of the season without a hitch, but right before the playoffs, he lost focus for a moment and collided with another player. The poor kid was tossed nearly to the stands and broke his arm. He wasn't able to hide what he was anymore. The weeks that followed were awkward, people gave him a wide berth, wouldn't talk to him. It was quiet, to say the least. He got the offer to Xavier's, though, and was debating on taking it when his uncle, the local sheriff, spoke to his father. Apparently, the town decided he wasn't really welcomed there anymore, and he was then sent off to the new school.


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Ted is friendly, but a little less open and a little more quiet than most teenagers his age of size and stature. His aversion to touching comes off at best as a germaphobe, and worse cold or, when paired with his size, just intimidating. Still, once that fortress he's built up around him has been pierced, he's back to being that cheerful, joking guy he use to be. It just takes Ted a bit longer to open up due to his fear of accidently harming someone through his powers and being discovered as a mutant. For now, he feels that it's best to keep his head on and a distance between others.


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Damage Resistance:
He's tough to hurt. Bullets bounce off of him ineffectively, but a rocket or a projectile with the force of a missile can put him down. He can't be cut, sliced or stabbed with any normal weapons (Although, something out of a sharp diamond based weapon, adamantium or vibranium will cause injury. He's resistant to the harsher elements, cold, fire, electricity, to a lesser degree. Though while a larger jolt will have to be applied to injure him, he can still 'feel' the heat of fire and the jolt of electricity. He could probably hold onto a live wire for a few minutes, but more than that and he's risking severe nerve damage. Same with fire, he could pull someone from a building, but stay too long and he'll start to blister.

Super Strength:

He's strong. He can, with minor effort, lift up to a ton (3000 pounds). Straining and trying himself, he could probably do another half on top of that as well (1500 pounds). For some reason, the added strength doesn't make him run any faster, though he's got a fantastic long jump that he's not quite great at aiming yet. He can leap up to two stories with a running head start.


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Fighting Novice:
Barely worth mentioning. He took some Martial Arts classes for close to a year in hopes it would help give him control of his growing strength. He didn't take too well to them, so he's a novice at best. He knows how to stand and can generally protect his vitals.

He actually does speak a couple different languages. English is his primary, of course, but he also speaks Creole French since he has some Deep South relatives, and can pull of some conversational French which he learned by mixing what he knew of Creole and taking a French course his Freshman year. He also can understand and speak a bit of Spanish he picked up from some of the laborers his father hired through the years.


He plays Guitar and Piano. He took classes in both in another attempt to help him control the growing strength, and it worked better than the martial arts he was trying. Plus, its fun at parties.


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Financial Resources:

Ted's parents are pretty well off and, though he left under strained circumstances, he's not hated or cut off from his family. He gets a small "allowance" each month for entertainment. He's saving it up to buy a car, currently.


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Control Issues:
He's new to his powers and, for the most part he's learned to rein in the strength so no one gets hurt and nothing gets broken. It's not particularly easy for him, however, and takes a bit of focus. Because of this, he's hesitant about getting close to people and usually jumps at any chance to overcome his problems.

His physique is a bit sturdier than anyone his size. Because of this, unless he's actively swimming in water, he'll sink like a rock. No dead man's float for him.

Slower Healing:

Because of his more dense physique, he's harder to hurt, but when he does become hurt, it takes his body extra time to recuperate. Broken bones can take up to two weeks longer to repair and if he manages to get cut, even a simple, shallow slice will take over a week to heal. Added to this, when he gets injured, he's is unable to be able to receive injections using standard needles. It would require specialized equipment, as would any type of surgery should it be needed.


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Title Date Scene Summary
The Wisdom of Wiltshire (Or: The Philosophy of Poultry) August 6th, 2020 Ted and Shannon discuss life, their gifts, and share a bit of wisdom over a good meal.
The New-New Mutants August 4th, 2020 The New-New Mutants meet up and hang out. Friends forever? Stay tuned reader!
Snack attack! July 30th, 2020 Shannon, Jeremy, and Ted meet in the kitchen for some snacks, and talk of gifts and new students incoming. And just how was Going South normal around here, anyways?
Xavier Boys hanging at the pool July 29th, 2020 Jeremy pets a bear. Ted and Adam size each other up. A team is forming.
Always DR With A Spotter July 26th, 2020 A handful of students get the chance to test their strength in the DR. Or watch from the sidelines and be intimidated. Either or.
Snack a'Chat July 21st, 2020 Some of the old guard chat around the late evening dinner table and are joined by a couple of student.
Flying down south to recruit Ted July 16th, 2020 Recruiting Ted to the school.


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Title Date Scene Summary
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