The Professor Strikes!

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The Professor Strikes!
Date of Cutscene: 15 February 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Professor X

Night in New York in one school for the gifted Professor Xavier opened his eyes in bed feeling around to make sure everyone was asleep. Of course everyone did not sleep at the same time, but it was easy to sneak past those late night people with a small trick to distract them. He was the headmaster after all, but he didn't want anyone to see him as he exited bed to enter his floating wheel-chair exiting the school proper. He went below the school to a place not many knew about, but was all shiny, with lots of X's all over his goal one room in particular... That room was Cerebro. Checking one more time so he would not be interrupted he locked the door putting the device on his head he focused his thoughts looking for a proper target far... far away from where he was currently at.

Deep Space on a Shi'ar transport ship, lights and alarms are going off. They had been attacked by pirates who had hoped to board the ship to take valuable items, and people for ransom. They did their best fighting back, but the forces were just too much for them. The captain of the pirate ship was ordering looting, and a last attack against where the people had barricaded themselves in, as no-one seemed to notice one of his lieutenants snuck away by himself. The man who snuck away didn't seem to be out of the ordinary as he searched the rooms, though coming across a kids mask, and using a make-shift blanket to cover his head was a bit... odd. The assault on the ship was carrying on as per normal as the man went back to the pirates, now not recognizable they quickly tried to detain them... This is when everything went bad.

To the pirates, the very ship they stood on seemed to move in a way that threw off ones balance. The guns they had disappeared from their hands as the weirdly dressed man quickly knocked them out moving forward. Of course in reality they ship didn't move nor did their guns, but what they didn't know is they were fighting an illusionist.. One of the better ones he liked to think as he progressed further into the ship. Group fell, after group not being able to tell the difference between reality, and illusion as the weirdly dressed man quickly saved the Shi'ar ship from the invaders.

The people were quite happy to be saved from the invaders, but didn't trust the weirdly dressed man they cautiously thanked him, and at the same time when he wouldn't identify himself told him to leave. The Shi'ar ship already retreating from the pirate ship that hung in space beside them paralyzed as their captain who normally gave orders was now knocked out on the floor, and the second in command was not responding either. Seeing the ship got away, the weirdly dressed man made his way to the escape pod, and stopped turning around.. He looked at the people looking weirdly at him and said, though in English the ones who heard it did so in their own language, "You have been saved by The Professor.. May you get home safely." and with that turned ejecting his pod into space. As he left one of the kids that were saved on the ship did ask his friend if that mask looked a bit too familiar. and would realize later he was indeed missing one mask.

The weirdly dressed man ejected the mask, and the blanket from the pod laying back against the wall he seemed to slump before waking up again startled that he was not on the deck on the ship looting.. The man banging on the side of the pod shouting 'Where am I!' as the pod quietly went through space towards a planet.

Back on Earth, Charles removed the device.. He was very tired, and pushed to his limits as he placed the device connected to Cerebro down again. He hovered back upstairs into the school for a quick bath, and rest as the whole space adventure had wiped him out leaving him in a weakened state. He stopped to look at himself in the mirror with a small smile, "The Professor strikes again.." and gives bit of the nod to himself and his new secret identify that not even the X-Men would know about. With that he did his bath, and slept to dream about space, and the Shi'ar that would never have any idea